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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My First Blind Date Ch. 04

fetish rmlooker 2018-07-24

Jack said good evening to Sue and asked her to join him in bed. Jack asked her if her glass eyes felt ok and Sue said yes, she was getting used to them and hardly knew she had them. I asked April to take Sue shopping and help her find a dress as I wanted to take her to dinner that night at some place nice. Sue worked her hands forward and started rubbing April's breasts and nipples. April did her legs and as she worked her foot up the inside all she said was spread as he got to the top of Sue's thighs.

Fly On The Wall

fetish DJBlax 2018-07-24

He was signing up for what they called a "flight training session." Tina didn't even know what that was, but she immediately added her name to the list and handed over a credit card, signed a waiver and was in a "jump suit" in moments. They managed to do a rotating 69, by somersaulting through in one version then flipping sideways in another, all the while the rushing air adding more to the experience, the constant feel of it supporting her body made Tina tense and squeal over and over! Tina only rarely looks at the tape of that session, since reliving the experience in her mind, from her point of view, was so much more incredibly intense.


fetish spandexman 2018-07-24

I found poor Roxy Hart, the 5'5", Barbie doll faced gorgeous, 43-year-old, mother, with high cheekbones, big almond shaped hazel eyes, thick just below her shoulders curly fiery-red hair, and the most remarkable 36GG-24-38 hourglass figure her overstuffed leopard print bra, matching spandex full-cut panty, and suntan controltop pantyhose hugged like a second skin, struggled on the plush red livingroom carpet, her well-manicured hands secured behind her back, her pencil thin ankles taped together, (I wondered how such dainty looking ankles could support so much woman), and a worn pair of pantyhose had been stuffed in her luscious mouth and two 3" wide strips of stretchy flesh colored tape had been plastered over her pouty red lips!

The Life Ch. 01

fetish Mixedwritings1993 2018-07-24

I said sternly, as stern as I could while trying to imagine what it would feel like to be dominated by her, 'Get down on your fours, you little dog.' Enjoy your lonely life and crawl to the most hideous corner of the world that you can find and die there.' Her slap was so dominant and her words were so cruel, for a submissive boy like myself, I couldn't help but drop down to my knees, lowered my jeans and underwear down to my ankles and started to masturbate after she left the room, reviewing the scene in my mind over and over again till my little cock was ready to shoot.

Sundays' Tonic

fetish absolutlye 2018-07-24

“Do you need a firm hand, Frankie?” I said, now reaching for the leash and collar. “Frankie, I told you to call me Mason, If you don’t listen this is going to be a very hard lesson.” I said, in a warning voice. I pushed his face and he landed heavily on the chair behind, not even bothering to respond to his protest I grabbed his chin, pulling his face upwards, forcing him to look me in the eye. I pushed further, feeling his throat close around me, watched his eyes flutter, felt his hands beat against my legs frantically. I held his ass cheeks apart with one hand as I slowly drizzled a fair amount of extra virgin oil onto the boy as he squirmed again.

Coffee Shop Encounter (final chapter)

fetish dubious-one 2018-07-24

Looking directly into the camera, she did nothing for a second or two then she smiled and ran one of her hands slowly over her chest. Her eyes never left the camera, which meant she was looking directly at you, but her hands continued to move. Slowly they moved towards the top of her panties, and gently she slid a finger up behind the fabric to rub herself softly, all while steadily glancing into the camera lens. Her video doppelganger was now clearly masturbating, rubbing her clitoral area and occasionally spreading her lips with one hand, while the other played with her hard dark and needy nipples. The real Sophie leaned forward with her eyes fixed on my engorged cock, then up to look to my face.

Spunk On My Panties?

fetish RobynG 2018-07-24

I know my ex-boss and current lover Lin has slipped his hand down the back of my pants or skirt and marveled at the feel of them, and he loves when I run around the room in his shirt and these cotton undies. I knew them, and the three were looking at me with my hands on the box, my ass pushed out and cum all over my polka dot hip hugger panties. Kevin slipped up my skirt, and told the guys to "hit the bulls eye." I think Lawrence was a little timid at the whole affair, but even he soon rocked and spewed out a dozen dollops of sperm onto my ass and skirt.

A Day in the Lifestyle: Pee Play

fetish secondsamuel 2018-07-24

It didn't matter that my little cock ached for relief inside the cage, I had to wait on Mistress. A few minutes before, Rebecca had been telling me I needed to wait until she was ready and hold my pee like a good slut. Rebecca gazed down at me, forgetting for a second that I would wait until Mistress gave me instructions about what to do with my mouth full of pee. It's also a little hard to piss through both the cock cage and the panties, as it isn't a very natural way of going. Then Rebecca took the bowl and poured more pee onto my cock, slowing down my orgasm.

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 04

fetish gbr2004 2018-07-24

"Of course you can pretty boy," Mistress tells me as she lifts my head up till im looking right at her cock. So scared, not wanting to endure pain like that again, I begin, "Mistress, please let me suck your cock. "Yes Mistress," I tell her and she moves forward and I stick my tongue out and start licking all over her cock head. "I want your black cock in my mouth Mistress, please," I tell her looking at her then opening my mouth wide. "Mistress like to video stuff to make sure slaves behave, she really doesn't want to have to send them to your boss or parents if you just behave," she says. "You look like are really love her black cock," she says as she releases me.

Black King Snake

fetish 425olds 2018-07-24

His big black cock had been twitching in his tight pants for some time just waiting for the right time to get into this stuck-up, cute little blonde girl's tight panties. Marilyn was wearing a strapless white dress so it was easy for Reggie's searching black hand to slip underneath the top of her dress. Marilyn laid her head back on the seat and the black football star feasted on her smooth, white neck. The pretty blonde Queen guided her King's monstrous black cock to her quivering pussy. Nothing had ever been stuck in her tight white ass before and the black star football player wisely decided to wait until another opportunity to teach this beautiful blonde creature the wanton pleasures of anal sex.

Stealing Bras and Sniffing Panties

fetish SuperHeroRalph 2018-07-24

With the both of them leaning in their car trunk together, he took that serendipitous occasion and most opportune moment to steal the bra and sniff the panties of his boss's wife and daughter. Today he was masturbating over Miss Richards, his old English teacher, Audrey and Jenna Brown, his ex-boss's wife and daughter, Mary Jane Robinson, his unrequited love, mouthy Michelle and Angry Amanda, his ex-sisters-in-law, and Phyllis, his ex-mother-in-law. The perfect crime in a time of political unrest and economic hard times, something that these targeted women would never report in a million years because of the personal embarrassment and the public humiliation, Carl was having the time of his life stealing their bras and sniffing their panties.

Friends meet to explore thier kinky desires. P4

fetish OpenDesires 2018-07-24

As we walk from our table, you notice the attention you craved before, some of the others in the bar are watching you as you walk past...collared, hands cuffed and your dress open to expose your bra encased breasts (wishing I had removed your bra, so your breasts were fully exposed to them all)...their attention causes no embarrassment, just arousal and some thoughts of what they are thinking. Even though not locked, the feel of your position is wonderful for you, your mind instantly imagining what it would be like for real....naked with the stocks locked, holding you as everyone sat around and watched, then began to use you, cock after cock filling your pussy and arse, hands landing on your arse.

Timmy Stiles Ch. 07

fetish Franco Pauli 2018-07-24

"Hi, I'm Shauntay and I am delighted to finally meet the man in Thelma's life." She grinned at Timmy with a smile that melted his awkwardness away completely. Timmy realized he needed to divert his thoughts quickly as he felt that tingling in his loins as he cock began to swell. Timmy smiled back and moved towards the living room taking a seat on Thelma's huge overstuffed sofa, pleasantly sinking into the soft cushions. A loud chime thundered across the quiet town reminding all of God's watchful eye...a fitting though ironic punctuation mark to the pulsations of Shauntay's huge shaft spewing forth the heady streams of hot sticky cum into Timmy's cock sucking ass.

Licking her nylon feet for the first time...

fetish lvfemfeet 2018-07-24

"Stop it Peter, don't use that word, you don't love me and I am certainly not beautiful, but thank you for the thought - I like you very much and I always have, I only want to free you from the pain of not being able to have what you seem to need so badly. But she sucked my cock gently, every so often telling me that it was lovely and tasted good, massaging my buttocks with her leather gloved hands - She was in no rush as she kept on sucking as if it was a delicious treat, she started to moan softly, and that was too much.

Mall sex

fetish rangerwalker20022002 2018-07-24

I see you walk towards a stairway, I let you get a head start, then go in the stairway and walk down, I don’t know this, but your hidding behind stairs, you see me come down, as I’m headed towards the door, you whisper to get my attention, I look back, and see you flashing your legs, so I follow and go see. I slip your hose partly off of you, to expose your hot and wet pussy, I rub your clit and lick you inside, you grab my head and push me inside you, as it’s so good. Again we change position, I take you from behind, grab your waist and pump away, I’m close to cumming, you get back on the table, and tell me to cum on your hose, I do, and leave a nice big load.

Jenny Ch. 02

fetish The Needler 2018-07-24

It was damn wonderful, I'll tell you that, letting the warm, gooey goodness melt in my mouth while my dick was getting rock hard in hers. Jenny was wearing a similar outfit under her coat, putting on a hat similar to Mom's, and I started fearing for my life. After dinner, we went into the living room, lit only by the Christmas tree and a couple of candles on the fireplace, and Mom brought out a red bag. I took the feather and looked at Mom. Her tits were turning a very light red, but when I rubbed the end of the feather across her nipple, she let out a little yelp.

You Will Not Forget This

fetish ova9bbc 2018-07-24

"I know I already told you this, Alexandria, but you look super hot tonight baby girl," I say with a look of absolute approval. "Turn around and face the room, slut...and keep your eyes open!" I growl. I bet you can feel my hard, black dick pressing up against your firm ass. You right now long to feel my skilled tongue on your small nimble fingers in your snug ass as my length of black dick pounding into needy cunt. Before you lay over my familiar lap, I shift my chair so that when you are in proper position, your full ass will be facing outward towards the bar. You feel your pussy open slightly as my hand quickly finds its way to your sopping slit.

Melissa & Her Socks Ch. 3

fetish dirkpitt 2018-07-24

I slid my hands down her legs to her ankles, where I got a good grip, and then I started fucking her again. The position we were in gave my dick a different angle in Melissa's pussy, so she started moaning again right away. The smell of Melissa's socks filled my nose, while I watched her toes curl up and up until I thought they couldn't curl any more. I pulled my swollen cock out of her pussy right as I was about to cum, and as I did Melissa moved her right foot down to my crotch. "Oh, yeah, baby, that was amazing," she said, then began licking my cum off of her tits while she still rubbed her foot on my balls.

A Bad Day at Work

fetish big_time_gamer92 2018-07-24

You obediently suck at my finger and when it's wet enough I resume kissing your clit, and I pull your thong down to tease my wet finger in your ass. I start sliding my finger in and out of your tight ass, still sucking and licking at your clit and pussy. Your continued obedience pleases me and I stand up to kiss you, letting you taste your juices on my lips as I finger your pussy with one hand and your ass with the other. You feel me step away for a minute and you obediently stand there, hands above your head, bra covering your face, tits out for me to see, pants and pink thong around your ankles.

Ashley's Panties

fetish carters_fury 2018-07-24

As we talked about the exchange the desire for the panties continued to grow and our discussion soon turned into a much more erotic exchange than just a hand off. As I continued to watch, touching through my jeans was not enough, I was soon unzipping my pants and pulling my cock out so that I could stroke it. Ashley continued to play as she watched me moving my hand over the length of my cock. I let go of my cock, taking her panties into my hands as Ashley sat back down on the couch. Soon, I lowered the panties from my mouth, and watched Ashley's eyes as I wrapped her panties around my cock, ensuring that the wetness of her panties was against it.

Fort Whore

fetish oggbashan 2018-07-24

The son, known as Ahmed the Reckless for his propensity to rush in where fools feared to tread, challenged his father to declare that the eldest son should inherit the whole of the tribe's meagre assets and the large area of infertile land they controlled. Ahmed tried to persuade Suleyman that the chief wouldn't be so unreasonable as to set an obviously impossible task. At same time as Ahmed was being told the terms of his task, the fort's commandant was re-reading a letter he had received with the supply delivery. Anne-Marie explained what she had learned, the discussions with James, and produced the written details of the task set for Ahmed.

Thul Pa Ch. 06

fetish Smother 2018-07-24

He saw a hand slip out of the frizzy mound, it's fingers outstretched and quivering, and slowly disappear back into the inky cloud, pulled back into the lushness by long curly strands that slithered out from the side of the heap of fur. As he focused on her, and as his head cleared, he noticed the same black fur that had enveloped him, caused him to basically rape a complete stranger simply because she was wrapped up in the lusciousness of its curls, rocked soothingly across the foot of the bed. She smiled and wrapped the silky black hairs around him, pulling him closer, and tenderly pushed her tongue past his lips, forcing his mouth open, filling it completely.

Demanding Satisfaction Ch. 2

fetish kyriele 2018-07-24

With visions of his huge black cock splitting open my pussy, I came heavily onto Austin's mouth. I went to a lot of time and effort to make you look like the slut you so desperately want to go BE IT!" Austin ran his hands down over Amber's breasts and started to play with her nipples through the material of her dress. Austin moved down to the floor and spread Amber's legs open, licking up from her knees to her panties. I looked over at Austin who had pulled down the front of his panties and was jacking at his cock like there was no tomorrow. "Do you want another sissy bitch to suck your cock, Austin?

30 Days or Bust: Day 15

fetish l8bloom 2018-07-24

Of all the times I made love to Mark that night, clearest in memory is the moment when I was on top. It was kind of kinky, I guess, but it was erotic, feeling that connection, the place where our bodies locked together. Mark's face gathered tightly as my orgasm squeezed his cock. We didn't speak much; our bodies were still talking, with little touches: with fingers, palms, lips, we caressed one another, reveling in the freedom to do so. If Mark hadn't been anywhere near Doris for over two weeks, why would the cops be wanting to talk to him? This was the thought my mind had been circling around, trying to avoid: maybe I was dating a homicidal nut job.