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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Agent Jada of MOCOC

fetish 2018-07-24

I’m gonna get your big cock so hard, you’ll feel like you’re going to grow right out of your skin! Feeling my toes curled around your great big cock-head-stroking your long shaft? She gives his swollen cock-head a sloppy, wet kiss & then continues to slowly kiss up & down the length his long shaft - tracing her tongue along the thick veins that ran along it. After he feels like he can take no more & is about to explode his jizz, Agent Jada looks him in the eyes while clamping the base of his pulsating hard-on tightly to assure that he does not cum. As she walks away, still in her barefeet, Agent Jada looked back on her bound prisoner-admiring the sight of his stiff johnson in full view.

Candid Fetish Interview

fetish Learningfast 2018-07-24

I always liked the feel of support stockings as well especially when they came available in nice colours and thinner fabric but didn't really wear suspenders during my first marriage. The long bra over the girdle gave me a specially tight waist - and a nice shape over my hips. I've bought a firm long-leg high waist panty-girdle from London, made to measure and really tight over my tummy and round my waist. Sometimes I stick to a tight girdle and long bra and pulI up my stockings really short so that they hold my thighs and the tops of my legs right up to my lips.

Exposing Louise Frechette as a Filthy Cumslut

fetish fisterguy 2018-07-24

fisterguy: you will complete this task or else I will expose you to the world as the giant cumslut whore that you are. loufresh: tell you what.......what if I send you TEN more then IF you don't get hard you can do what you like on here or on tumblr; but if they do then you won't? fisterguy: If you would like to see Louise Frechette's profile, it is here: If you would like to see the first gallery I showed her, where she freaked out that I found her Facebook page, follow this link: If you would like to see the final gallery of her, click here:

Creampie Vignettes

fetish rick_oh 2018-07-24

There is a characteristic that all the women share - they all like me to perform oral sex on them after I ejaculate inside them. After I turn them on to the joys of creampie dessert, as I call it, they spread so easily for me, and they can't wait for me to ejaculate inside them. Once I got to working on her pussy in earnest, she climaxed in almost no time. When the sweet carress of her womanhood on my erection has me close to ejaculating, all I have to do is focus on her excited smile and the passion in her eyes. Later that night, in bed, she got me to ejaculate inside her a second time, followed, of course, by my pleasuring her with my mouth.

Imitate and Elaborate Pt. 01

fetish aardvarkarkadi 2018-07-24

"You were so sexy, I loved watching you squirm." She grabbed my needy cock in both hands, "put a bit more lube on, will you?" I did as I was told, and she began a slow two handed stroke over the length of my cock. The feel of it, in my pussy, my mouth, my hands – all hard and hot." She was maintaining a firm but slow pace, methodically sliding over every square inch from base to tip. "I want you to moan for me," she said as she moved her hand to my nipple and stroked it teasingly, "let me know how good you feel." "You can do better than that," she said making short hard strokes on my cock head.

And So to Bed

fetish mshsrfc 2018-07-24

The mother steps back and nods and the maid then takes hold of the shoulder straps and pulls them tight dragging the taut breasts high up onto the daughters chest, nearly level with her shoulders and generating a louder squeak from behind the mask. This prodigious close boned corset is lifted by the maid (with some difficulty due to its size and weight) and carried over to the lacing bar, the daughter releases one hand and then the other and slips one gloved arms and then the other through the shoulder straps of the corset and shrugs it on like a heavy coat.

Smoke Break

fetish Kdiggler 2018-07-24

There's something so sensual and sexy about a women holding a cigarette, taking long drags from her soft lips as the white aromatic smoke billows from her nose and mouth. She bean to whimper and let out a few moans as I gently caressed the back of her head through her long red hair and kiss her lips. I asked her if she would light another cigarette so I could watch her smoke my cock the way I liked it, without hesitation she reached to the coffee table. Placing the cigarette between her full lips she lit it, taking in a long drag and holding it as she made her way back down to my cock. She worked my cock like a pro, taking a break every few moments to smoke her cigarette.


fetish blondbombshelluk 2018-07-24

I take turns stimulating each nipple, feeling the downy hairs of his chest on my face. I make to close my thighs to hide myself but when he enters the room he is completely naked, his cock bobbing as he walks towards me. He knows the answer and tells me to take off the shoes, taking me by the hand he pulls me nearer to the bath. I feel his cock hard underneath me as I sit on it pressing it to his body. He reaches around in front of me, his arm resting on my hip as he places the heel of his hand on my cropped curls and rubs my pubis in a downward motion on my bladder, slapping my pussy at the same time and bruising my swollen clit.


A Shoe Store Fantasy

fetish morninwould 2018-07-24

I'll be 37 years old this year, married with two young kids, and yet as I walked into that shoe store all I could think about was making a beeline towards the sneakers so I could look at and talk to the incredibly cute ginger that was at least 15 years my junior. My mouth would enjoy the trip from those cute little feet of hers, sucking and kissing their way from her soles, arches and toes, all the way up her legs to the inside her thighs, finally covering her clit and pussy. "Uhhhhh...I think you're the way this fits, sir" she said, moaning, as she slowly and deliberately pushed the heel inside her tight little pussy, taking all five inches.

My Best Friend's Mom

fetish Sender 2018-07-24

After about two minutes Mrs. Michaels said, "And now, please do the other one." She raised her left foot and placed it on my shoulder so I could catch a glimpse of her white silk panties between her spread legs. My pants felt like they would tear apart every second and so I took Mrs. Michaels hand and guided her to my crotch. After about five minutes of this horny piece Mrs. Michaels turned around spread her ass cheek wide and asked, in kind of a cute way, "Would you please be so kind and lick my asshole, dear?" Mrs. Michaels stood up, turned around showing me her gorgeous butt, stuck three fingers into her pussy and then rubbed the cunt juice over her asshole and the head of my cock.

Stupid Weak Men

fetish mysterymanva 2018-07-24

I stroked his now fully rigid cock waiting to feel the slippery pre-cum ooze from the head. Once his balls had tightened and I knew that he was close to orgasm I removed his cock from my mouth and smiled wickedly at him. Foolish man, I pulled his head forward and rammed my cock in at the same time causing him to gag. I forced him to suck my latex cock for a brief period of time, amused that he was struggling so hard doing something men routinely expect from women. I squeezed harder and rammed my cock deeper in his ass at the same time. I started stroking his cock again, feeling it grow harder in my hand than it was before.

Carol Finds The Club

fetish mlyn 2018-07-24

To be honest, she did wonder what it would feel like to run her fingers over his head if Max did get his hair all sheered off. Carol shifted on her "new chair" and didn't feel at all comfortable with the word "induction" or with the fact that he was talking full frontal anything! Carol nodded her head and Max removed the ball gag from her mouth. Instead of them using the clippers, as they had on the first two, one of the slave women picked up a scissors and began snipping off tufts of Carol's pubic hair, setting them on the small table. Carol turned her head to watch as Max read, wondering what was going on.

girls next door

fetish 2018-07-24

“We saw you watching porno on your computer, you’re pretty fucking kinky.” Lisa was sucking on Karen’s tits. I worked the dildo like a real dick, sucking and licking, nibbling on the head. “I want you to be ready because you’re going to suck a real one for us, right slut.” I muttered yes, Karen was working her hips into my mouth and she was getting off. Karen had stopped working her dildo into my mouth to concentrate on my dick. Lisa then bent over the desk and Karen began to fuck her very wet pussy. Lisa let out a scream when she came, my dick was hard once again and I wanted to see if she would suck it for me.

Maggie Ch. 03

fetish smiles1277 2018-07-24

He started with her neck, and worked the washcloth over her shoulders, and over her swollen breasts, paying special attention to her sensitive nipples. Justin's mouth moved to suckle her right nipple, and he pinched her left nipple, again causing her to cry out in pain. He covered her swollen belly with kisses while his hand, with the washcloth, moved up and down Maggie's legs. When she finally settled down from her wild ride, Justin moved back up her body, kissing her belly and her tits on his way up. As his cock softened in her mouth, Justin laid down beside his beautiful Maggie, wrapping his arms around her.

The Walk of Shame - In a slave's Own Words

fetish questionmark1 2018-07-24

it quickly obeyed all commands from its Mistress and her friends, including the command "Worship," which required it to orally worship female shoes and boots, "Display," which required it to bend over, stick out its buttocks, spread its cheeks with its hands and fully display its buttplugged anus, and the command "Present", which required it to present its cock and balls for torment by pointing them forward, remaining still, and not attempting to protect them by pulling back, leaning forward, bringing its thighs forward, or wiggling. 'Display,' which requires it to bend over, stick out its buttocks, and slowly turn around and around to fully display its buttplugged anus, and the command 'Present,' which requires it to present its cock and balls for torment by pointing them forward, remaining still, and not attempting to protect them by pulling back, leaning forward, bringing its thighs forward, or wiggling.

Such a Deal Ch. 02

fetish Angelscuck 2018-07-24

My hair, which was long, was styled into a feminine do with feathered bags and twin pony tails on each side of my head held in pace with tiny pink ribbons. Mistress Ilene and her niece Pam were dressed identically in matching black leather thigh-high boots and elbow high leather gloves. Pam walked over to where I was kneeing, looked down at me and said, "I thought you were going to bring me a man, auntie, not a faggoty little girl!" "Well, my dear Pam," Mistress Ilene returned, "He may look like a sissy, but inside he is still a bad little boy and it is up to teach that little bad boy how to be good and we can start with some unfinished business."

Grocery Store Creampie Ch. 02

fetish lovestosuck2007 2018-07-24

We waited two weeks to make sure she wasn't already pregnant and then she called Ty. Bobbi explained to Ty that she wanted him to fuck her again this time with me watching. Watching this black teenager kissing my wife while his hands roamed over her body, pinching her nipples and squeezing her ass was making me harder than I've ever been. Bobbi turned, looked at me and asked, " Are you sure that this is what you want, once he puts that wonderful black dick in me there's no way I'm stopping until I'm carrying his baby?" Watching his enormous black shaft pumping my wife's pussy drove me over the edge and I came on my stomach; but I never went soft.

Dream Come True

fetish whosewhose 2018-07-23

After all, we did little invasive surgery on your Penis, only an incision on top, near the base to receive the scrotal skin where it enters your Scrotum, and that is mostly external" He paused "If you've no more questions for the moment I'll see you again in a couple of days and if everything continues to progress as it is now we can remove the catheter and sutures and think about discharging you. Having said all that, your penis is quite small, and maybe as a result of the hydrocele from which you suffered a couple of years ago stretching the tissue, your scrotum is quite large, so everything is in your favour." After a pause he continued "Well Mr Soames if that's all for now I'll leave you."

Hand Job Slut Ch. 01

fetish Carnevil9 2018-07-23

Then his teeth clenched and his shoulders heaved, and a large spurt of white, pearly cum spat out of his cock slit and landed on the floor in front of Nancy's chair. He slid off the bar stool, took Nancy by the hand, and dragged her toward the men's room. Before long, to Nancy's surprise, the fat man's prick turned a bright shade of purple, his cock head swelled, and his dick slit opened wide. An hour later, Carl, the ancient bartender, came into the men's room, ready to close up the bar. Nancy was sitting on the floor, her knees under her chin, her face in her hands, her eyes still streaming with tears.

Making Kristy Ch. 5

fetish Royal_Prince 2018-07-23

I allowed the couple a little privacy and decided it was time to turn my attention to my date. I leaned into him and took his soft warm cock into my mouth. Andy returned his attention to my breasts by gently biting and sucking on my nipples, eventually however he worked his way down my stomach and came in eye contact with my enlarged clit-cock. Slowly he allowed his bulbous mushroom-shaped head slip inside her lips while I continued to tickle her clit with the tip of her tongue. Andy briefly looked up at the action and then took a deep breath and took my cock into his mouth. Loraine cuddled up a little closer to Richard but turned to face me.

Jason is Discovered Ch. 1

fetish Dragonia 2018-07-23

Jason jumped a mile, "shit" he said looking at his mother stood in the doorway, just as he sprayed a stream of cum all over her panties and stockings. "Come on arms by your side, head up, don't slouch, be a pretty little girl for me" she said as she started to touch his legs, inspecting them closely, "mmm not much hair, that's good." "Next thing," Mistress Rebecca said as she went back to her case again, she pulled out a matching white bra. Mistress Rebecca stood back and took a look before slightly adjusting Jason's left sleeve, "perfect" she said before turning back to her case. "Very nice," said his mother looking up at Mistress Rebecca who had taken a seat to the left of the room.

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 01

fetish Scribler 2018-07-23

When I arrived in San Francisco I found the rental car I would be using for my stay and drove over to the company I was going to be working at for the next two months. At least I could tell you were looking at my eyes and not my bottom the whole time you were staring at me in the mirror." A blush came to my face at these words mainly because I was caught checking her out. "Are you serious?" She asked before realizing I was, then she said, "A cross dresser is a guy or a girl that likes to wear cloths of the opposite sex." "I'm not a cross dresser I know that some women like my hair long so I keep it that way.

Dinner is Served

fetish TwistedPlayr 2018-07-23

"What time are you leaving work?" Tory asked with a hint of mischief that Steve was very familiar with. Eva has been telling me about a recipe for some time now, and I want to see if you like it." She said, her voice still holding that special something. Eva told me a few tricks of the trade and I want to try them." Tory said, her hand rubbing absentmindedly up and down her thigh. "Okay, like what?" Steve wasn't going to turn down sex, and he could tell from Tory's speech and movement that she was already excited. After all, I know you'll want an after dinner drink." Tory said with a smile that was far more toothy than usual.

Jessica at the Finishing School Pt. 04

fetish MALIBUMAN666 2018-07-23

Helen's legs were so tired she could hardly stay upright, and every movement of her head only served to rattle the chain that tormented her beyond endurance, but then she felt the headmaster's cock buck wildly and the first spurt of cum erupted into her throat. Claire sighed as she felt him work on her aching clit, she grabbed the back of his head and ground her cunt against his face, then abruptly she pulled away leaving him panting for breath and licking her juices from his lips. The cane clattered as it hit the desk and the owner felt her move behind him, pulling the dildo out of his arse and pressing the tip of her lubed-up strap-on against his hole.