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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Unaffordable Vacation

fetish 2018-07-23

After a brief time longer, Henry now rubbing her legs and feet, Janet rose to her elbows, took a drink from the bottle of tequila, paused for a few seconds as if trying not to puke and said "Gosh, you are the massage master buddy, how long has it been that you kissed a woman?" Just as the head of his cock went inside her, she arched her back and moaned deeply "Oh my God." This must have driven Henry out of his mind, because right away, he began really pushing. Janet replied "Settled, let's go get some things, and come back." Janet gave Henry a big hug and said "Thanks for having us on this trip buddy." As she did, she gave that beautiful smile, and put her gorgeous feet on his left leg.

David's Friend Vivian Ch. 02

fetish Thorilla 2018-07-23

"Your 'willy' does look terribly swollen and painful; are you s s sure that it doesn't hurt when you do it to yourself Davy?" said the long legged girl now squatting over my face. "Rub me Davy," she said as if I were best friend or even her mother, although to be honest I couldn't imagine Mrs Lloyd providing any body heat; on the contrary she had the sort of face which appeared to be able to freeze water at twenty paces. "Aren't you going to make, make me feel all wet?" said Vivian opening one eye and placing one foot on the floor and the other foot on the back of the leather sofa.

Big Timmy: The College Years

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-07-23

His hands found my cheeks, and he began to massage his own lip-stretching balls through my mouth, rolling the musky fruits all over my tongue, his rippling veiny cum cannon grinding its shaft against my nose, forehead, and about nine inches of desk as he worked. Smaller blasts, easily the size of ordinary men's whole day's loads exploded and burst all around me; but he spared my face and tits, instead letting glancing shots barely hit my thighs, stomach, hair, and left hand. Timmy enjoyed the show, rolling and massaging my sweater bombs in hands that had clearly dealt with many tits my size; in truth, he played my firm fun bags like a skilled musician, coaxing a dripping ovation from the audience that was my pussy.

Yes boss my boss fantasy

fetish Miss1993 2018-07-23

I wanted him to now, i took my top off and let him touch my small breast, he removed my bra and started sucking my nipples! I zipped down his pants and pulled out his hard dick it was waiting for me i could here my boss moan as i teased his dick putting it in and out my mouth! I stood from my knees and i he told me to sit on the desk he licked my pussy until i was drenched i couldnt take it no more i wanted him so bad he put his hard dick into my tight little pussy and fucked me so hard and fast.

The Sewing Class

fetish Classygloves 2018-07-23

I loved shopping for pretty dresses and shoes and of course my kid leather gloves and boots, and of course leather skirts and coats. I always wore my kid leather gloves and would wear my leather skirts and knee high boots as often as possible. When she came in the kitchen, she had to mention the beautiful satin nightgown that was on my bed and asked if I wore nightgowns all the time which of course I told her I did. I asked her what kind of help she wanted from me and she took a sip of her wine and smiled and made me promise not to tell anyone but she had bought a satin corset online and was having difficulty putting it on.

Only the beginning!

fetish U4ic 2018-07-23

Each time I strike your ass you will thank me & promise not to forget to say sir yes sir. As you are sucking my cock & I have your hair by the roots thickly in my hands holding your head to permit me to fuck your mouth & slide my cock deep down your throat. I play with that hot clit & slide a couple of fingers into your dripping box. I snap my fingers & you assume the position as I rub your sweet round cheeks tenderly until I launch another five blistering & stinging cracks to that ass! A garbled cock filled sir,yes sir as the slut inhales my cock! I pull my cock out for her response, sir, yes sir!


A Polish Encounter Ch. 02

fetish jon47m 2018-07-23

Ali said that Lisa was thirsty as I took his cock to suck off my gooey arse slime. I don't know if it was wishful thinking or just my imagination, but her little fuck hole did taste really sweet and her arsehole didn't smell of poo, (I guess Lisa had already licked that away), but it had that awesome musky aroma that only an arse can provide. Atina let Mal's now flaccid cock slip from her mouth as Ali stepped off his sister, and replaced it with his. Feeling my tongue in her arse Lisa pushed to help me, she managed a short spurt of piss from her cunt which I quickly slurped up, but her well of cum had sadly run dry.

MILF Hunter

fetish chris429er 2018-07-23

When she emerged, she was stark naked and asked: "Would you be interested in lunching on any of this?" Etta offered an erotic display of her lovely, tan-lined tits, slender hips and dirty blonde bush, cropped in a neat triangle pointing down to, and inviting entrance into, the folds of her pink pussy lips. After Etta had licked the remnants of my love juices off my cock with her tongue, and wiped her face clean with the edge of a bed sheet, she gave me a warm smile, told me how much she had enjoyed feeling my cock "grow in my mouth” and "swallowing your cum." She asked if I was still a virgin.

Lingerie Does Make the Man

fetish lingerielover 2018-07-23

As the women were leaving the house, my wife turned around and said to me that I better not change clothes or masturbate while they went back to work, otherwise I would have hell to pay. "Looks like he has been a good little sissy" said my wife "look at that tent he has in his gown and since it takes him at least 8 hours to get hard again, I know he didn't masturbate and he is still wearing the same clothes." I don't know how long Stacy went at it but my ass was on fire and I wanted to cum so bad that she must have hit the right spot because cum started going all over my stomach and my chest.

Mountains of Rubber Ch. 02

fetish jessicablank 2018-07-23

Daniella showered in an erotic haze, not quite sure what she was doing, but hearing MzDominica's voice every moment, telling her how big her breasts were growing, feeling Mistress stroking her nipples, her neck, the side of her face. Watch me cum!" Dominica began stroking faster, her other hand flying from nipples to clit and back, her hips bucking -- all the time, watching her frozen slave, who knelt in front of her, eyes glazed, mouth slackly open, even drooling a little. Pumping and pumping the dildo, furiously, into her cunt -- then holding it in, tight, as she spasmed with wave after wave, eyes finally closing, right hand circling, wiggling, her voice almost humming as her orgasms continued, minute after minute, while Daniella watched, frozen, her sex swollen and dripping.

My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 04

fetish Pro_Ball_Player 2018-07-23

I do some of my best thinking in the shower and it was there, relaxing under the warm water after our strap-on session in the ruffled panties, that I began to see and understand everything that was happening between Julie and I with more clarity. Even the strap-on session following the shopping trip where Julie started calling me "Little Girl" is all resolved in my eyes. The way she worked with Cathy to force me to try on the ruffled panties – more information for the data base. "No, not at all," I said, "I'm loving it, but, I just want to know that you're enjoying things, too."

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 09

fetish leaky_one 2018-07-23

Seconds later a thin stream of clear urine was squirting from her pee hole and proceeding to fall in a fountain of piss to the expensively tiled floor below. Even though she couldn't see Laura's pee as it squirted from her lower lips, Annabel got an immense thrill from knowing her lower was having a secret piss at the table. From between her fleshy lower lips, a thick stream of fast flowing, squirting piss was now forming a continuing fountain over the electrical items below Annabel's bare bum. "Boss!" shouted one of the men over his shoulder whilst his eyes flickered nervously between the barrel of Laura's pointed guns and the naked display of Annabel's exposed flesh.

The Panty Club Ch. 04

fetish nikki_2021 2018-07-23

"Mmm, I don't think what you're wearing quite meets the school's underwear policy," Claire laughed as she pulled the skirt up to reveal the yellow thong that she'd taken from Teri. Anne handed Amber a pair of skin coloured briefs that she said she was looking forward to seeing get wet at lunch time. "Oooh, I am so going to enjoy lunch time," Amber said, "'cause I get to be the one to pee in those." She pointed at the pair of panties that Teri was wearing. Amber walked out wearing the yellow cotton panties with daisies on them, Abby with the blue satin briefs, Terri with the skin coloured ones and Anne with the white cotton boylegs.

Cum on car door handles of woman....

fetish xlove123 2018-07-23

The 1st time i tried it, i headed down to a local quick shop in town, parked my car and waited for a woman driver to pitch up, this 4*4 bakkie pulls in lovely blonde in the passenger side, husband driving parks right next to me,my drivers door was nxt to the lady's door. They both got down and went in the quick shop,i decided to i jumped out my car i see they have a young daughter laying in the back seat,id say bout 6yrs old, as i walked i thought in my mind it wudnt be hard to pour my sperm over the handle coz the girl was asl**p...

My Best Medical Ch. 1

fetish sister_licker 2018-07-23

You're a bit early so find something to occupy your mind while you wait." Patricia added a friendly grin as I turned and headed for a seat. Patricia gave me a tiny little grin before turning back to the telephone, "Yes he's here. I took a seat and wondered how much longer I would have to wait, my thoughts drifting back to Patricia's beautiful face, her long, well-tanned, silky smooth arms and legs. God only knows exactly what fantasy was in her mind right now, the thought that it could be me was too much, I walked silently in front of her and slowly dropped my trousers and shorts, my cock pinging out inches away from her.

My Mistresses, Their Strapon And Me

fetish pantysissyslave 2018-07-23

It made me gag, but Mistress Janet grabbed the back of my head and thrust her hips toward me, forcing this giant cock all the way down my throat. With Mistress Janet's dick in my mouth, I got on my hands and knees and she started face fucking me. "Slave, we never said you could cum." Mistress Emily told me with her cock still in my ass. "I know it won't, Slave, because we are going to find a way for you to never cum unless we can control it." Mistress Emily said from behind me. Then, just as quick as before, I felt Mistress Janet plunge her giant dick into me and started fucking me harder and faster than Mistress Emily had, something I didn't think was possible.

Mary's Revenge

fetish Mary0258 2018-07-23

So I told him, with a dead serious look in my eye, "Tonight, you are going to give a facial like never before, you big dicked fucker. I looked him in the eye while I stroked his thick member and said, "Tonight you are going to dump the biggest, thickest load of cum in your life. "Okay Josh," I said in my very sweetest, most innocent voice, "Are you ready for your facial?" I looked at him from my knees with my wide, blue eyes and rubbed the pre-cum from the tip of his member across my upper lip. And now I'm going to give you the messiest facial of your life." Josh looked up at my face and the throbbing dick that was about to dump its contents all over him.

Potty Training

fetish Naughty_Misty 2018-07-23

Want to guess who got a very wet ass this morning at a very ungodly hour?" I said as I let the key dangle from my hand. well let's just consider this your potty training" I told him and smiled as he shifted from foot to foot anxiously. He stood there with his both hands covering his crotch, but the look on his face told the story. The filled bottle of water was thrust into his hands and he was told to drink. I was already turned on as hell and watching the warm urine gush from between my legs and over my husbands cock nearly had me cumming. I told him to kneel between my legs and put the tip of his cock over my clit.


Black Cock Quickie

fetish 2018-07-23

looked over at Jonas and said, "I need a cigarette, want Jonas put his hand on my ass as we walked out to a As I lit my cigarette Jonas put his hands on my waist Jonas ran his hands down my waist and quickly Jonas placed the head of his cock on my tight damp pussy Jonas groaned, "Fuck Sandy, you're so tight." thrusting cock, "Fuck me like you own me," I begged. Jonas began thrusting harder and deeper; pinching and "Keep fucking me, wash my insides with your hot cum FUCK!" Jonas wrapped his arms around me and pulled me Jonas pulled out of me and smiled. watch me spread my legs for Jonas.

The Operative: File 05

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-07-23

Natalia's lithe body was an instrument The Specialist knew well, and he expertly played his heavy, long organ all over her slick quim, sometimes slapping it, at others grinding away between those thick lips, and at other still rolling his cock along her sex, not quite touching her clit but getting close enough that surely she could feel it. By the time he'd sunk maybe 8 inches he was clearly touching places inside her that she'd never felt; her mouth hung open, her tongue lolled from her mouth like a panting dog, he hips bucked erratically, sometimes meeting his penetrating prick, at others pulling away slightly, body instinctively afraid of the new and clearly wonderful sensations.

Goldenrod Ch. 01

fetish rlmmike 2018-07-23

At the time I had no reason to believe I needed to know anything about her (there were always random people milling around the professor) so her appearance completely fooled me. Again I caught sight of the mirror, and saw a simulation of gay sex: the white tube socks and white shirt mixing with her smart haircut and bright, serious face; the tyrannical, indulgent lapping of the long cock in and out of me; the veined length sliding menacingly; the consistent maleness of the image of the two of us together; the absolute surrender of my eagerly exposed ass to her; the bed shuddering; the strength and height of her trim frame as she worked; the relentless repetition of her sexy hips moving in, in, in, in, in.

A New Person

fetish Reecer 2018-07-23

A large black guy came over and sat next to me, and watched me for a second before he pulled his huge cock out. He said “Suck it you little white bitch!” slapped me across the face and grabbed my head and forced it down on his cock. “The little white whore makes a good was machine!” the guy said as he worked his dick in circles inside my mouth. She whispered in my ear in a sexy voice “You don’t like what I’ve picked out for you?” She walked me over to the clothes by the mirror, “Put these on, then come out into the living room."” I started to protest, but she slapped me, hard!

Panyhose Fetish

fetish hardstroker44 2018-07-23

Several minutes later I would wipe the jizz off my cock and return the hose to their temporary home in the dresser. Before my eyes were several beautiful pairs of hose and sexy little panties!! I quickly went through her stuff, and decided on taking a white pair of hose and a couple pair of sexy panties. I decided to try on my new panties first, choosing the black pair with white trim. I kept stroking till I had drained my balls and my cock was coated with my cum. It felt so good to be laying naked on the ground out in that field.....wearing only some hot bitches panties and hose. Simply wrap the hose around your cock and balls and tie as tight as you want.


fetish oggbashan 2018-07-23

Jane looked startled but picked up the thread "I told George that Thomas had been practising lifting me on his shoulders from a seated position. Candice finished her forward roll by pulling the drawstring tight round his knees, locking and knotting it. Then I undid the knot and drawstring, pulled the dress's skirt up, his trousers and pants down, and mounted his erection. Closing the zipper so far had forced my upper thighs against his head and now his shoulders and upper arms were inside my skirt. As I had pulled the zipper the skirt had expanded around Thomas' body but had been straining to get back to its normal slimline shape.