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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 16

fetish fursmoke11 2018-07-23

"Get the fags out mum" , Martin Coombes said from gritted smile placing his arm around his mother's waist and burying his fingers in the sumptuous faux fur; clawing at and wanting the real thing. "You are though aren't you mum?" said Martin, this time in a whisper close to his mother's ear, and taking one of the cigarettes from his mother's gloved hand as they stood at the bus stop in Kensington High Street. Martin smiled as he looked into his mother's eyes, looking to see if there was any objection as his cock stiffened through the new jeans he had just bought, against her exposed 10 denier thigh, and both his hands caressed the fur over her pert backside.

Black Escort Makes Him Her Toy

fetish Brian1 2018-07-23

As she was rubbing my hard cock she leaned into me and said "I bet your one of those white guys who want to be a nasty little slut for his Black Mistress aren't you?" Well she was exactly right, but even though I was rock hard, I still had some will power and told her that I thought she was beautiful and that I would love to enjoy her sexy body. After she finished cumming, and having me clean her pussy to her satisfaction she told me that I was very lucky, that if she had more time that I would find out what it was like to have her black cock up my slutty ass.

Panty Consequences No. 06

fetish PantiesAndPies 2018-07-23

But when he got back to his bedroom he was sure his masturbation sessions, with nightie or slip now in place, would be fantastic having spent a few hours, or all day, with his short plump niece who looked so much like Joanne. In fact, he decided to use one of the four free passes he allowed himself per year and cum tonight sucking that cock as he imagined Karen using one of Joanne's toys on herself in her room ... Neil got even harder as he saw Karen's hand slip under her nightie and gently begin to touch herself through her panties.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 15

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-07-23

Less than five minutes after Rose had gone, keys turned in the lock, and Clark and Bradley barged in, locking the door behind them. "That's better," she said, tossing the flannel back to Clark, who held it at arms length between her finger and thumb, screwed up her piggy nose, then tossed it into the washbasin and crossed her arms behind her head again. Exercises like this were usually second only to rubbing-off in my hierarchy of daily pleasures: but leered at by Clark and Bradley, with no control over what I must do or how long for, I found them hateful. "I'd put it down to what Clark and Bradley did to you," said Rose.

The Landlord

fetish husband101 2018-07-23

They seemed happy together, but on a couple of occasions I'd walked into the building as Maya was leaving our landlord's apartment, much like Jess. "Come on, babe," she said, "why do you think I was gone so long when I went to 'talk' to Jethro about the rent check? They fuck me whenever they want, and they want it all the time, isn't that right little missy?" he said, and Jess nodded. "Fuck my pussy with that big cock of yours, Jethro, you own it now." And she came hard on him a second time, while he leered at me. "Maya says Tom loves sucking her pussy when it's full of Jethro's cum load, and I want you to give it a try, too."

A f****y Friend Indeed...Part 15

fetish Croozer 2018-07-23

"Lore has told me much about you...she says she couldn't keep her business going without your help," she said, following with, "she really loves having you living with her." I mumbled something in reply, but was fixed on looking at her face and her breasts. I know the things which turn him on." Helen then said, "I wouldn't mind trying my luck at that, Lore." To my absolute shock, my aunt said, "just wear a sexy slip and heels for him...then see what happens." Helen said, "shit...I always wear them, but didn't bring one...never thought I would need it." My aunt replied, "I've got dozens, we are the same size, look through my drawers and take whatever you like." At this point, my erection was about to blow through my jeans.

Self Seduction

fetish darktwin 2018-07-23

Blue green eyes drinking me in, a closed circuit of self lust. I lean in , lips parted, eyes open, and we kiss, deep and hard. As my eyes travel longingly along his smooth chest, down his taut stomach to his delectable hipbones, my mind races. Our eyes meet, and all those silly concerns evaporate as I slam up against the mirror hard, arms akimbo, torso grinding, face mashing. Now, here I am, staring straight into my iridescent eyes, hard and slippery, undulating flush against my Gemini twin. His hair fell playfully across his sculpted face, and he looked back at me, hungrily, from the giant mirror in the living room. Then my angel twin opened his eyes.

Make it a Double, Neat

fetish anonymous3 2018-07-23

Upon hearing her niece greet me by name, the massage room door opened and the customary muted light spilled out as Monica exited. She'd gotten that to help Monica run this place, and was obviously successful, and would likely continue as long as her theraputic career wasn't a crazy demand on her time. "Thank you," she said, turning and walking across the room to the bath area door, saying she'd try not to be long. Every day at work the next week, until quitting time and my appointment with her on Thursday, I thought regularly of my upcoming dinner with Monica.

Vessa Ch. 01

fetish L86L86 2018-07-23

I stopped fingering her pussy and asshole because I wanted to devote all my time into making sure she came with my mouth on her. That's when I realized that my previous bet had backfired: she was going to make me play this game all day, even around the couple we were supposed to meet today... You can see fifty gorgeous girls walk past you in the span of ten blocks going up or down that avenue and today I wanted to show Vessa off amongst them. Once I saw her two things occurred to me: 1) Vessa would look better wearing it and 2) I wanted to show her off doing so.

Steph's Descent Ch. 04

fetish 62_goo 2018-07-23

When Fitz told Steph this, they looked at each other and, without speaking, kissed and undressed each other. Steph thought that Amanda felt something too. Amanda looked Steph in the eye. Amanda pushed a nipple bar through the tube and took the tube out. Amanda adjusted both nipple bars a little more than was really necessary but Steph didn't mind. Amanda got a wipe out of its packet and tenderly wiped around Steph's nipple. Steph's hands went to Amanda's tits. Then they kissed again, Steph tasting her sweet juices on Amanda's hungry mouth. And she'd had great sex with two wonderful partners, Fitz, who she was falling for, and Amanda, who was the perfect female partner.

Mrs Smith - avery hot wife

fetish DirkDastardly 2018-07-23

I reminder her that she need to ask permission to orgasm, she is now screaming, please can I cum, I don’t reply for a couple of seconds, instead I rub her g spot faster and with a little more f***e, she is now screaming please master and her legs and stomach are shaking uncontrollably, I say yes and she cums all over my hand, she then collapse on the sofa still shaking. Another quick photo for Mr Smith and then I ask Mrs Smith if she is ready for her spanking, being the good slut she is, she says yes without even thinking about it.

Hannah's First Play Exam

fetish Katalanta 2018-07-23

"Please have a seat on the exam table, Hannah," Dr. Scott said. Hannah sat on the exam table (bed) and tightly crossed her legs again. "Hannah, you're going to feel my finger on the outside of your anus now. "You're doing great Hannah, just try to relax," Dr. Scott said softly. Finally, after a few minutes he said "Okay I'm going to remove the thermometer now." She felt his hands part her cheeks and then felt the thermometer slide out. "I'm going to start with the right breast," Dr. Scott said. This might produce an intense sensation, but let me know if it hurts." Her eyes opened, just in time to catch his fingers press down on and then firmly pinch her nipple.


Betting on One Night

fetish JamieRed 2018-07-23

"You want to know why no girl hangs around me for very long." He crossed his arms and looked down at me, his dark eyes almost pinning me in place. Jason's grin turned wicked, and he grabbed my arm and propelled me toward the long leather couch in the living area. The raw force of his actions had left me hot and aroused—pinning me to the couch was like reading my mind, and the first blow on my ass made me whimper with pleasure. I screamed, my body rocking with the climax, cumming so hard that my ass arched up off the table and Jason had to drop the crop and grab me so I wouldn't slide off.


A Night at The Museum

fetish nopjans 2018-07-23

The other night, a major fundraising event was held at the museum, and it drew one of the biggest crowds I've seen in the time I've worked there. A statuesque blonde (tonight - her hair has been different colors at different times), wearing a jaw-dropping red dress that accentuated her figure in all the right places. Since the restrooms were a bit out of the way from where the gala was being staged, and most of the museum was roped off from visitors at events like this, I was curious where she was headed. She moved gracefully around the room, taking her time and admiring some prize bits in the museum's collection. It was her right and privilege to pee anywhere she wanted to, even on the floor of a world-famous art museum!

Ad Infinitum

fetish lordosis 2018-07-23

Brambles and twigs snag my clothes and skin as i work my way into the brilliant and rich glow of headlights, feeling a tender throb in my blue jeans as my 7.5 inch penis awakens from its slumber, uncoiling into a rock hard serpent of bilious vengeance. I pull myself up to her using my arms (the feeling in my legs is gone) and drag my chest over hers, until our chins meet. Her long black hair is thrown about her head like a large halo, glinting razor sharp shards of obsidian. Without hesitation my hijacked body begins to plough away, and I am sent reeling by a second wave of ecstatic nausea and a return of the colorful blotches that cloud my sight.


fetish jkjkram 2018-07-22

During class, I often fantasized about me fucking her pussy and then her licking the cum from my dick.  "Oh, I think we both know I didn't ask you to stay so we can talk about the test." she started to unbutton her blouse. I licked for a few minutes until I took my tongue away, and stuck my fingers back into her pussy to feel for her g-spot. "I bet you would have never guessed your fat, old, teacher could do this...!" She took my dick into her mouth and swallowed all right inches until her lips were against me. She took my cock out of my mouth and started sucking my balls, but she kept pumping my dick with her hand.

Golden Showers My Addiction

fetish solitarys_one 2018-07-22

'God, what a fucking turn on this is,' I thought, 'here we are in the park, in the bushes and this woman is sucking my cock and drinking my piss.' She started to finger fuck and rub her clit vigorously; moaning, she whispered, "I want you to piss on me!" The combination of tasting her piss, the sight of her bald pussy over my face and the warmth of her tongue all over my cock got me hard again. Between the heat of her piss and the spur of the moment it sent me over the edge, making me cum for the third time that day, without me or her touching my cock.

myself and 2 very naughty pensioners

fetish stevestockton 2018-07-22

Once we started talking on Skype she realised what a dirty little guy I actually am and she loved me trying to shock her with the dirty things I'd like to do with her. Not in my P***y she said, I want your C**k to be the first thing in my Ass. Wasn't sure how truthful this was so I licked my middle finger and started rubbing her back passage gently. Still unsure I was dreaming lol, I spu***d deep inside her body and licked it all back out before spitting it into her naughty mouth as she lay on the beach exhausted and panting.

B(r)e(a)st Woman for the Job

fetish AnonymousPerv 2018-07-22

James stayed silent as John continued, "So when the flasks get full, the pumping will stop automatically. The strange thing was that Mindy couldn't hear the device whatsoever, silent as a stone, yet the pumps obviously worked with some degree of force. Mindy found it difficult to focus on Jame's words as the nipple attachments continued to stimulate her tits, and her clit was craving for something, anything. Once Mindy sat back down, she snapped the tubes back in place and the pumping immediately went back to work. "Mindy, do you need the room to yourself?" asked James. Mindy's tits bounced erratically from the forceful pumping, her exposed nipple spraying milk everywhere across the table, floor and several chairs. "And maybe James is right," said Mindy.


Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 02

fetish 1explorer 2018-07-22

Not surprised that James would just want to shut it down for the night given his stress over Alan, Mark said he'd tidy up downstairs before meeting his friend in their room. Breaking contact to climb up, James turned his head and looked at him for the first time since they had touched that night in bed and said "No, Mark..." "Come down here for a sec." Mark complied, laying flat against his friend's body and sliding his hands down James's arms, resting his pecs on his shoulders and sandwiching his cock between their bodies. Mark looked down at James, his mouth right beside his ear, decided to show him how he enjoyed touching him this way.

First time

fetish 2018-07-22

I'm confused." "I want to watch you covered in tights playing with yourself as I rub my cock and enjoy the show" I said. returning my hand to my throbbing dick and let her pull the tights over her head and enjoy seeing her trying to contain She then got off, and started to kiss my cock through her mask, rubbing it against her cheeks and head and then easing my bellend against the nylon that covered her mouth. She found her composure and knelt in front of me, rubbing my cock with her pantyhose clad hands until I felt the spunk rush from my manhood and cover her purple face with my manjuice.

Life With s*s: Pt 17

fetish 2018-07-22

I stepped to the rail, as they watched, lifted my skirt, assumed the position, used two fingers to open my pussy and lift my urethra up a little and started to pee, a very fine arc right off the stern of the boat. I put my skirt down and headed down to the main deck, as I was going down the stairs, I was passed by one of the boats crew and I heard him as he got out on the top deck asking which of those men were peeing off the deck, that wasn't allowed. As he was thrusting in and out of her pussy, I started playing with his balls and telling him what a fantastic cock he had, I leaned in and kissed him working my tongue into his mouth and that did it.

A sons dream cum true

fetish 2018-07-22

With in 5 min of coming thru her door he first strip us naked then hold my head in-between her legs with my face buried in her pussy for 10 min. Last but not least, lift my face from her pussy and place my cock-head directly between her pussy lips and thrust my hips until I feel her pubic hair grind on mine. And It has been so long since those days, I cant remember why we never fucked. I feel like crap when another man gets her hot but I have to listen no matter how much it hurts my heart because my cock gets so hard when I even think of that cunt between her legs.

On The Couch

fetish HelenHall 2018-07-22

So, like I explained, I just collected it in empty perfume bottles, kept them, watching as, over time, the contents turned a sunset yellow. I am accomplished at description which always sounds good on the tape: 'Lovely to feel your monster going in', 'Ready for the big thrusts', 'Oh, I can feel you're right up'. But forget all that, right now though, right this minute I want Douglas lying on top of me, thrusting in and out of me, getting ready to deliver his gift of lovely sweet smelling, sticky semen. Look doctor, I like myself the way I am and if there are kinks in my personality – and I'm not admitting there are – I bet Douglas will fuck them out of me.