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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Chris and Kim pt 03

fetish silklust 2018-07-22

Chris just watched him walk, the tight yoga pants were hugging Kim's ass in all the right way, and it was already making him start to stir. "I am just giving you a hard time" Kim giggled as he put a hand on Chris' chest "Don't stress so much. "I'm sorry, I just feel so defensive, Kelly and I were yelling at each other all day yesterday and I am still a little on edge." the anxiety and stress was so evident on his face that before he knew what he was doing, Kim slid over and hugged Chris again. "That was amazing Kim, seriously." his hands squeezed her ass for extra emphasis "I wish Kelly gave me blowjobs even half that good, she puts about as much enthusiasm into them as she does her cooking.

Walking in on GF and Obeying Commands

fetish NursePoundCake 2018-07-22

I keep teasing you about it and saying "oh baby imagine if you came home and found another guys cock in me. You quickly obey and get behind me and start plunging your tongue deep into my ready asshole and while you do I say "oh I bet you can taste his precum in there baby" [ you've never licked a fucked asshole before ;) ] As your fondling his testicles you're getting more and more turned on and you begin stroking your own cock without my permission so once I realize that I decide it's time to punish you. Once I get you really close I stop and say and now baby you're going to cum while you watch another man fuck my ass.

Sylvie Shares Me

fetish BonViv 2018-07-22

"Lick me from my clit to my asshole." I moved my tongue all the way down to the crack in her ass and then back up. Behind me Sylvie said, "He's learning to be a pretty good cunt lapper." I felt her finger on my asshole, rubbing a lubricant around and inside it. Just as I moved up to do that, Sylvie pushed the end of the dildo into my ass. Sylvie reached forward and started pumping my cock. Sylvie kept stroking my cock and then started fucking me gently, pushing a little deeper with each stroke. "If you want something really nice," Sylvie said, "let him lick your ass. As I pushed my tongue into Maureen's ass, Sylvie picked up her pace, fucking me.


fetish johnfromjax 2018-07-22

“Now watch what I and my girl are going to do to your slave wife.” I made the wife bend over the bed and in my bag I pulled out a strap on dildo. “Now slave girl, jam that thing into that slut before you”…..The husband was about to jump up, but I ordered him to sit his stinky ass down and watch your wife slut get fucked by a professional. “Ok slave girl, bend over.” Meanwhile realize she is fucking the wife hard now with the strap on, but I managed to come up to her anal and got it wet and slipped my cock into her anal.

A Mistress for Valentine's Day

fetish theoncomingstorm 2018-07-22

Clinton moaned as he pushed the slit of my dress apart to reveal my bare pussy framed by the garter belt. I shuffled forward, forcing his throat open and pushing the strap on into his mouth all the way to the base. "Yes ma'am." Clinton did as he was told and I couldn't help myself as I leaned forward and began eating out his ass, nuzzling my nose in his crack as I darted my tongue into his ass, moaning as I did so. As the last spurt of cum shot from his cock I rammed the strap on into his ass as hard as I could before pulling out with an audible pop.

Blind Date

fetish Willailla 2018-07-22

She snapped open her attache case on the bed and took out a leather harness with a bit-gag and metal tongue depressor; attached were a blindfold in the shape of a domino and a pair of hard-shelled sound mufflers. There were several jarring bounces, then she felt hands on her knees, weight being balanced; hairy thighs brushed against the insides of her smooth legs, as the man positioned himself to fuck her. While he kept his cock balls-deep in her cunt, he mouthed first one tit then the other; licking, biting and sucking on the nipples until they felt as large and as hard as thimbles.

Kathy's Smelly Stains

fetish Paradiggler 2018-07-22

It felt absolutely incredible to be sitting naked on Kathy's toilet seat with her dirty underwear in my hands -- I kept stopping to inspect those brown discharge stains, sniffing them deeply and sucking the deeply stained crotch panel, imagining how these knickers had been riding between her legs all day long. It felt totally wicked to be masturbating with two pairs of Kathy's soft, dirty undies wrapped around my penis, whilst sniffing the brown discharge stains of another and sucking hard on the brown discharge stains of a fourth pair and all whilst she was out at work -- sitting at her desk, hopefully soiling yet another pair of cotton bikini panties for me with her delicious fanny discharge combined with her typical daily groin sweat.

Rumspringa and the Nymph

fetish EmmaCummings 2018-07-22

She started striking more suggestive poses: standing between the two cabin seats and lifting her already obscenely short skirt ever higher, exposing her leg all the way to her hip; kneeling on the chair while leaning back, causing her dress to ride up just enough to show where her two thighs met; and finally escalating to her on all fours, face pressed against the seat of the chair as her ass pointed upward, while looking back with her, "oops," face. Emma grabbed Brooks rod in her soft, warm hands and again, starting striking poses she saw acted out in her magazine.

Pleasure Room... The Breeding Ch. 01

fetish MischievousMissi 2018-07-22

I'm pushed over the edge and dive into my climax, my pussy squeezing down onto the vibrator, my body shaking as I moan, "Fuck, that feels so good, please more, I want more, please..." I want to know what it feels like to be a complete cum slut. Jason thrusts in and I scream into the mattress: his cock completely stretches my pussy, I've never had anything so big before. He begins talking to me as he quickens his pace, sending me closer to orgasm, "Now the first load of cum I'm giving to you by fucking you like a bitch, you know, a female dog.

Isabella's Reversion Pt. 04

fetish silverbackteddy 2018-07-22

Isabella found it hard to awaken, and honestly didn't care to, for she was dreaming of Jennie, dressed as a gorgeous little girl, was fucking her and suckling her nipple for the sweet nourishment it possessed, while Jade was face humping her after having filled her diaper with morning lemonade and brownies. After having soaped it with the body puff, Isabella took Jennifer 's rising cock into her free hand, and began slowly working it up and down, making her become harder with every stroke. After warming up a couple of bottles filled with Jade's breast milk, Isabella went into the play room, hung up her dress, and began organizing everything, before putting the large My Little Pony by the child's table, and began sewing as she slowly humped the pony.

The Wrong Bus (Part 1)

fetish curiouscuck 2018-07-22

well I looked like a man in panties and bra. the way I looked and how my lingerie made me feel like a little I got on my bus as usual to head home and read a sissy story and forward you will at all times wear a bra and panties. pretty little mouth of yours?" I shake my head no and begin to beg going to be a good girl and suck a real man's cock unlike that For the first time in my life I feel a cock pass my lips and into my pushes into my throat and I feel him begin to spurt his cum down my pull my pants on feeling my still wet panties squish against me and

Deb Does Her Boss and I Eat Deb

fetish JustJimColo 2018-07-22

About a week later, Deb called me to say she was going out to dinner with Mike and would be a little late getting home. Out of nowhere, Mike asked me what I thought of him trying to have sex with Deb. I told him I thought it was hot and to go for it if he wanted and as long as Deb wasn't too uncomfortable with it. Afterwards, the room got quite except Mike saying a few things to Deb. A few seconds later, Mike came to the window and told me she was passed out from the booze and sex. She just kept saying, "Keep eating me Mike, don't stop!" When she finally came, it was like a dam bursting and almond syrup filled my mouth.

The Shaved Slave: Susan's Story

fetish jPhoenix 2018-07-22

Actually, I'm happy to be how I am, but it took me a very long time to get that way. But I didn't waste any thoughts on stopping there, and I was almost giddy as I turned on the clippers and took the first long strip of hair from the top of my head. I started slowly, rubbing my tits with one hand while the other explored the sensation of the stubble on my head, but it wasn't long before my hands found their way below my waste and slowly spread my lips apart. Even as aroused as I was, I knew that it was going to take a long time to cum with just my fingers, but I made it last longer still by picturing Brad standing over me and stroking a wonderfully thick cock.

Eleanor's Lustful Spell Ch. 03

fetish TentaclesFTW 2018-07-22

Bekka started to stroke Eleanor's cock with her arches and worship her feet at the same time, causing Eleanor to start to moan loudly. Bekka kept going at it with her arches, trying to get Eleanor to cum, so it would go all over her socked feet. Some oozed down onto Bekka's left arch, but most of her cum seeped through Bekka's socks, especially at the toes of her right foot, that was scrunching over Eleanor's cock head. It seemed like such a long time before it was going to be over, Valerie just kneeled there with Eleanor's cock constantly sliding in and out of her mouth, waiting in suspense for her to cum.

Kate's Heavenly Hell

fetish Duke567 2018-07-22

Alexa came up behind her and started running her hand over the red lace bra, easing the cups down to expose Kate's nipples. I started sucking her hardening nipples while Alexa slid her hands into Kate's pants. Kate was on the bed panting while watching the action; my cock was aching, and felt like it was going to burst, trapped in its cage. We moved over to the bed; Alexa started kissing Kate like she meant it, while fondling her tits. As Alexa kept her assault going, Kate started cumming again with a loud scream. As Kate started lining up the strap-on to my hole, Alexa knelt over me, and lowered her pussy to my lips.

Anything for Lindsay Ch. 02

fetish allaboutcontrol 2018-07-22

Jason opened his mouth to enquire further, but Lindsay just looked him dead in the eyes, smiled her amazing smile, and nodded her head. About 15 minutes into the movie Lindsay began to gently stroke Jason's cock. This starting and stopping went on for the next 45 minutes, until finally the movie ended and Lindsay said, "God am I horny, your mouth ready, baby?" Lindsay frowned, and then began to slide her body down to the ground, stopping when Jason's penis was aligned with her goddess like breasts. "Just say yes Jason, and then you can jack off into my mouth, and soon enough I will suck your little dick into the back of my throat," Lindsay offered.

Corrupting Amber Ch. 10

fetish GuyintheTV 2018-07-22

She reached my open window and took two final strong drags on her cigarette before leaning down and kissing me deeply, forcing her dirty, ash flavored tongue into my mouth as well as basking my face with her strong, full-flavored mentholated smoke. Finally, with a look of pure satisfaction Amber pursed her perfectly painted pink lips and exhaled an almost endless stream of smoke into my car, making sure to look right at me as she did it. Amber seemed to have the mind of a fortune teller because she looked down at the bulge in my pants right away, taking another drag and exhaling smoke right onto my crotch.

Vengence Is Piss

fetish wyldechylde 2018-07-22

She grabbed her crotch and held her legs together trying again to hold back the urge to piss long enough to start the car again and drive down the road some more. On her way out the door she felt the urge to pee but decided that she could hold it until she got home, forgetting that it was a forty-five minute drive down a long empty road just to get back to her hometown. Grabbing a pair of jogging shorts she had left in the trunk she got back in the car and drove for a few more minutes hoping to find another gas station that might actually be open.

Femdom lifestyle

fetish RangerDave 2018-07-22

Nancy controls the money, makes all decisions, sets household rules, administers punishments, assigns my work, and establishes a social agenda. I live a very structured lifestyle and carryout a prescribed routine of housework that includes cleaning, washing, ironing, and generally looking after the needs of the women. It may be no sex including masturbation, or she may prohibit my smoking or drinking, she may confine me to the house, or she may have me do additional tasks for her relatives or lady friends. Like Nancy, Sue can wield the leather paddles and also assigns penance; this in addition to anything she might have done at the time to the transgression.

The Interrogation Ch. 1

fetish casper33 2018-07-22

Agent X’s eyes were riveted to the motion of her hand as it slowly made its way to the inside of his thigh, her long red fingernails living light trials down his straining body. Agent X’s mind began to stop worrying about the feared torture that was to come and to loose itself in the incredible pleasures that Sonya's touch was sending through his body. Agent X’s overloaded brain tried in vain to gain control of his senses, but his eyes kept tracing their way from Sonya's small delicate and very sexy feet, up her long, tanned thighs, across that firm flat stomach to those small, round, pert breast beneath her tight skimpy top.

Hard Worker Ch. 10

fetish tzael2003 2018-07-22

I'm working undressed like this in a fancy accounting firm on my first day at work, sitting at a large glass and steel conference table with my semi erect seven-inch cut cock that is surrounded by a wisp of honey blonde hair that is like soft down covering my nice handful of hanging balls. Other guys just keep stepping up and with guttural groans of fuck yes, they pump out their warm wet cum loads on me from all directions. All I can feel is the vibrations in my ass, the stiffness in my tired arms and hot throbbing cocks in my mouth. Then I realize how quiet the room is, the only sound is the guttural moan of the guy whose big stiff one is pumping his warm spunk down my throat.

Games We Play Ch. 02

fetish Cynthia_D 2018-07-22

My wife has seen me naked a thousand times before but now standing in front of her in this position while she was fully clothed sipping wine and looking me up and down made me feel more exposed than ever. I dug out my wife's bikini from her dresser drawer (yes, I know which drawers hold her lingerie and other clothing I might want to try on when she's not home) then I got out my women's shorts with the pink stitching and white polo shirt. While my wife and I were standing there I couldn't help but wonder if the saleslady behind the counter could tell I was wearing a bikini top or if the patrons behind me in the waiting area could identify the lump under my shirt as the knot of a string bikini.

The "Me Date" Ch. 02

fetish highpowererot 2018-07-22

I knew I had only one chance to use those wonderful panties, and that if I expected to be able to "perform" I would need to abstain from having another orgasm until Saturday night -- almost five days! My thoughts ranged from visions of her glorious breasts and the incredible sent of her soiled panties to fantasies of the different ways she might order me to "perform" for her at the Me Date. I guess it didn't take a genius to figure out what was on my mind because then my mom said, "Honey, if you don't want your dessert, I think you can be excused."

Neighbourhood watcher (part 3)

fetish HonorAnneDObey2 2018-07-22

I lit a soothing Black Sobranie cigarette, and gazing at the thick red sexy, shiny outline of my lipstick on the gold filter, pondered my next move. I exhaled seductively at the window in his direction, my throbbing cock, still bursting, inside my red rubber miniskirt, almost making a hole in my kitchen sink. It took about 8 or 9 excruciating minutes to smoke that ciggie, and I checked 3 or 4 times that he was still watching. Sheer wanton lust made me light another 120, but this time in a long 10 inch cigarette holder, and I unlocked my back door, leaned against the door frame, gazed up at his window, and resumed wanking my big fat cock, in full view of my perverted, wanking, neighbour!