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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish RayCathode 2018-07-22

The middle-aged man stared at her silky beige panties, and though she tried not to look, Marianne thought she saw him caressing his bulging crotch in the darkness. The girl stood arms akimbo, circling her pelvis provocatively in front of the enraptured man; staring at his long hard cock, as he masturbated to her legs. Gripping his long cock through the cotton material, the man used the girls' pleated miniskirt to masturbate. Still jerking himself, the man guided the head of his penis into the girl's tight wet slit, then grasping her slender hips, he thrust his long cock deep into her warm cunt.

Unimaginable Heat

fetish MSTarot 2018-07-22

I feel it near my skin before it even touches. "I think that's probably enough." I hear the branding artist say. I obey my master crying out as the front of my legs touch the padded table. I settle into whimpering fear waiting for the feel of the hot wire on my flesh. Like a line of white agony the hot wire is touched to my skin. As I feel myself start to cry out in orgasm I bite down on my lip to keep it silent,then I'm again touched with fire. I feel a raw sting of pain as my juices dribble down over one of the new lines of branding. I feel his hand come to rest on my head.

A first-time rendezvous turns into much more

fetish tarheel90 2018-07-22

"Well hubby, you didn't come all the way out here to stroke your own cock, I want you to fuck this bitches ass until you cum deep inside him so he knows that he is our bitch." I could almost see him kneel behind me and squirt more lube on his hard cock before he put one hand on the small of my back and used the other to position his cockhead at my virgin hole, his wife told me "Just relax slut, it hurts more if you fight it" as he started to push his thick shaft into my tight ass.

Cuckold Fiancé my Future Husband's Res

fetish paulb4fun 2018-07-22

In our last episode, Sue had blown and drained her hot new young Latin lover while her fiancé was racing to join her in Toledo. Her hot Latin lover, Raffael, was her first of many lovers she took after becoming Paul's fiancé. Susan awaited Paul's arrival with a healthy load of Raffy jizz all over her face. After her entire face was clean, Sue started kissing his neck and wispered that her big dicked lover wasn't man enough to fuck her, so Paul had some work to do. Sue smiled, came, and decided to push Paul over the edge. She slid from beneath her fiancé and dutifully licked her pussy juice and his come off his spent, but still, but still hard cock.

The Great Day

fetish Julia7642 2018-07-22

She was wearing a tight blue shirt and a very short black skirt that blew in the wind and gave me such a good look at her in her green satin panties. I looked out a window and I saw a very sexy woman wearing a short black skirt with nylons and a very tight blue velvet shirt. While she was walking to the door I gave her nice ass a firm grasp and slowly moved my hands to her tits and started to rub them and then my lesbian fried left. She was wearing very tight black pants that had no panty lines and a very tight grey button down shirt and I could see a small piece of a red lace bra that covered her huge firm tits.


fetish Kirk482002 2018-07-22

Only one car is allowed on the course at a time,” said Trooper Malloy, in a very deep voice. Trooper Malloy stuck his monster back in his pants and said, “When you come again to take your test, ask for me.” “What were you two discussing so long after the test?” asked Mrs. Lopez, as Violet drove home. She had devoted so much attention to passing the test, she failed to notice that Trooper Rollins had opened his pants and his fat cock was waving in the air with the movements of the car. As I hit the door, I turned to look over my shoulder and said quietly, “Next time try the Officer’s club and at least go into a back room or something.”

Louise Sexploration Ch. 03

fetish doverKink37058 2018-07-22

Besides I look at it this way, if I get to watch one guy fuck another up the ass, I would be so hot I will have to jump on and get some myself," Gina replied, still watching the action playing out on the TV. I was pretty sure she didn't see the other video I rented and I really didn't want her telling Louise or worse mentioning it in public that I was curious about cuckold action that I am being drug into with very little of my own input. But they ignored me totally and Gina was out the door and Louise, who now had her back to me as she said her goodbye's to Gina semi bent over and I noticed that her panties are soaked not just in her crotch but half way up her ass crack.

The Sperm Donation Ch. 06

fetish scorpionicus45 2018-07-22

For the past fifteen minutes the older woman had been doing her best to excite the little Asian girl and by the time Jack entered the room she was hot as a fire cracker. The little Asian girl pushed herself down as far as she could go to drive Jack's cock as deeply into her pussy as possible. Finally the orgasmic contractions faded for the couple on the treatment table and the girl dropped exhausted into Jack, his slowly softening cock still within her pussy. But after a moment of quiet gentle persuasion the little oriental girl was persuaded to get up, get dressed, and leave the room quietly, leaving Jack still sleeping on the table.

How I Like My Men

fetish susansnow 2018-07-22

His perfect mouth parted and the most curious, long, and tenacious tongue darted between my lips. I looked up and watched his mouth, lips parted and moving slightly. Brushed my hair and pretended he wasn't in the chair, moving my body across his and over closer to the mirror and back to near his legs. He smelled like woman's perfume and looked that plain but glamorous canvas look as I opened my eyes. I noticed his big eyes travel as far as they could reach inside his head. He sat still; his cock, beneath my wiggling, grew harder with each stroke of my brush. I sat again on the piece as he slowly opened his eyes.

Love and Trust Ch. 01

fetish simplyme 2018-07-22

Whomever the person was they knew what they were doing, after a few moments with the cock buried deeply, as deeply as anything had ever been, inside him the man started fucking him in long slow strokes. Mick could feel the thick head of the mans cock strain against the ring of his ass hole before being pushed all the way back. Again and again the man fucked into him, the noises seemed to drive him on as he pounded the full length of his cock harder and harder into Mick's ass. Just as Mick's eyes rolled back in his head after a second huge orgasm rolled thru him he felt the man slam into him and stop, the warm, nearly hot feeling of cum filled his ass.

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 08

fetish cuckcpl4play 2018-07-22

We quickly located and reviewed the items...the spandex had bright red lips on the front just above where Miss Jenny's pussy would be while wearing them, and on the back, less bold, but still clearly visible was red lettering spelling out Master's Toy. The white top had dark and bold black lettering spelling out "HOTWIFE". slave is also required to wear his chastity device and should thank me for that given his little boy clit seems to be getting excited so easily these days...we would not want him to be too much on display at the gym with his miniature hard-on. The thought of me being in chastity with the white spandex had me fluttering like Miss Jenny...I knew that the device would be visible quite easily through the thin and tight fabric.

Fantasies Do Come True

fetish heavenkitty 2018-07-22

She let one little giggle escape & then, he scrabbled & danced his fingers, making her lose control, bucking & laughing. Lightly he returned the feather to tickling her inner thighs, bringing forth more sweet, sexy giggles. Soon, in spite of his tickling fingers all over her feet, she tired & lay limp on the bed, panting & laughing soundlessly. Even though he wasn't trying to tickle her with his tongue, she giggled & moaned, shifting her hips, thrusting them forward in a vain attempt to have more contact with his tongue. Her moans increased a little but soon, the giggles got her again as he abandoned the feather & went to her feet.

Practicing Cuckold Ch. 01

fetish Anal Slave 2018-07-22

After that she dropped down on her knees and started teasing my cock with her tongue licking and sucking on the sensitive cockhead making me jump and squirm. I felt my cock getting hard against the bed and I started dry humping the bed while I licked and sucked on her puckered asshole she had orgasm after orgasm and pussy cum was leaking out of her cunt. Amy reached down and grabbed me by my hair and shoved my face into her slick wet cunt and I licked her clit and sucked on her pussy lips till she couldn’t take it any more. Then I told my wife that this is the surprise I had waiting for her, I lifted my hand up to my mouth and licked the cum out of my open hand.

Self Portrait

fetish vixen_deb 2018-07-22

Hard strong thighs push into the soft tissue of my stomach and abdomen as his warm strong hands adjust my position sliding my head low to the floor and raising my bottom high. The sound seems almost deafening in this quiet room as my hands squeeze gripping soft thick carpet fibers between grasping fingers, my muscles bunch and clench in response to the stinging heat of his sharp slaps to my bottom. My bottom lifts to meet the warm caress of his hand as he kneads and rubs my flaming cheeks while his finger moves in and out of me, stroking my inner tissue.

A mother and her daughter tease and tease and teee

fetish 2018-07-22

"bye sweety im heading off for work" my mom said as she came over bending down in front of my and kissing my forehead putting her huge boobs in my face, she was wearing a low cut shirt giving me a full view of her cleevage, i could feel myself getting wet, i tried to resist but was almost impossible. My mom went over and picked up my laundry basket and left my room closing the door, i was panting, that was close i said to myself as my hand started to go up my top again heading to my left breast.

The Swallow Queen Club Summer

fetish worstvacationever 2018-07-22

"It's like the moment of total victory when a guy shoots a big hot load in your mouth," grins Eve, "and the look on his face when he sees you gulp it down. But, if you want to, like, really make an impression on a dude, you'd better be catching cum every chance you get." Cristina can hardly believe she's hearing this from Eve, the book worm. I mean, ninety-eight percent of porn scenes end with the dude blowing his load on the girl's face, and in all the ones where she doesn't actually swallow it, she's acting like that's what she was trying to do."

Caroline and Ivy Ch. 02

fetish GooDoughnut 2018-07-21

Caroline raised an eyebrow and with some difficulty, got over on her hands and knees, presenting her ass to Ivy. The combined weight of her massive breasts and swollen belly swayed her back a little, but she widened her legs and kept herself up. Ivy followed Caroline's lead as she brought the hand up to her mouth and let out a liquid, gurgling belch, filling Ivy's palm with her own cum and several bits of chicken. Caroline moaned as Ivy's cock began to pump an amount of cum into her ass that was larger than the load she had swallowed. "I have to fart," she said, looking at Ivy, "but when I do, it's going to cover everything behind me in Ivy juice." She winked at the blonde woman and patted her massive cock.

Pornography Punishment Ch. 02

fetish adoration 2018-07-21

"I think she'd be about 20, Annie," I said, as I gazed at one of my favourite wank pictures - a lovely blonde, with a sort of Mona Lisa smile, was sitting back in a large brown leather chair, her widespread high-heeled feet resting on a coffee table, her thighs wide. "You'd like to be in that sulky, whipping her lovely buttocks, wouldn't you, wanker?" said Annie. Look, she's laughing at you, you pathetic wanker," shouted Annie, as I gave up the totally struggle and spent my second spunk shot on the towel, all the while gazing at Theresa May's imperious pussy! "Well done, Wanker," said Lorraine, jerking the towel from beneath my hips, "you've earned the right to fuck Annie."

Hey guys it's Kari! :o)

fetish sweetkari18 2018-07-21

Everybody always asks how I got started with this, so here goes: I'd never had any modeling experience, but it was something I always wanted to try. So, one time I went along with one of my friends to her photoshoot and ended up getting in front of the camera myself...This guy Felix saw my pictures and liked what he saw - and a few days after I turned 18 we met and started talking about making a website. Since then, we've been working really hard together to make videos and pictures that aren't only hot and sexy - but fun and cute too! I love making this website - it's probably the coolest job a girl can have just getting out of High School!

Bachelorette Party: Preparations

fetish slinky_kitten 2018-07-21

Leia thumbed on the switch and Julie felt the little vibrator jolt to life against her clit. Leia switched the vibration to a higher intensity and Julie's head thrust back in shocked pleasure. Julie slid her eyes shut and gripped the edges of her seat while Leia toyed with the speed control. Leia's blue eyes pleaded with her, and Julie felt her inhibitions fade as her pussy began to throb. On the bar like she was, Leia's breasts were bobbing in Julie's face. Julie pressed Leia's tits together, bringing her nipples close enough to fit in her mouth at the same time. "Oh my God, girl, you make me so hot!" She kissed Julie again, this time plunging her tongue into her friend's mouth.

Mountains of Rubber Ch. 01

fetish jessicablank 2018-07-21

Dan felt himself drifting into Daniella, moment by moment, feeling just a little too warm, even under the umbrella that shaded the table. Feeling so fuzzy and warm, Daniella placed her hand near Dominica's, palm downward, just like her Mistress'. Feeling like she was moving in slow motion, Daniella turned her head to look at her Mistress, so focused, awaiting her next command. Dan shifted the handle of the overnight bag, pulled open the door, and followed Dominica inside. Dan didn't dare spend any time staring around the room, but set the suitcase down on the floor by the bed, then walked out, turned, and went to the other door.

B4 Squad (Big 4 Squad)

fetish knobbythegreat 2018-07-21

I hadn't been with a man in six years and I'm only 26(black), Lisa(Asian) five, Rebbecca(white) three, and Monica(latina) seven. He said with a strong manly voice, "You girls don't want in on the fun?" He was this omg handsome tall black young man with pretty brown eyes and a bald head. Monica blurted out, " you better take that deal mamacita." All the girls were smiling and wet, when we go out nobody really come over and talk to us lucky night it might be. Now Kim to describe her she was about 5'6, dark creamy caramel color thick legs and a big bubble ass very nice size tits around a D size with long black hair with a little stubby belly.


fetish klammer 2018-07-21

I ran the cold water, cupped my hands, and in one mighty gulp, washed Lori's hairs down my throat, coughing and gagging the whole time. Lori left my office while I worked putting corner "A" into slot "B." She returned just in time to see the results of my handiwork. Lori took the two free ends and tightly knotted them behind my head, wedging the shoe deeper into my mouth which cut into the corners of my lips. "Good night, my pet," Lori said before she shut the light and closed the door. I waited on my hands and knees, silently, for a half hour before Lori finally strolled in.

Subway Surprise

fetish peebudy 2018-07-21

We usually talked about simple stuff, such as where my office was, and what other places I go for lunch, but the whole time I would find myself swimming in those huge deep brown eyes of hers. Since I wasn't going to be chatting up Mona on this trip, I turned my attention back to my phone, and the amazing watersports story that I started reading before leaving the office. The place was pretty much empty, and I had nothing to hurry back to, so I just stood there and made small talk with Mona for about another 15 minutes, hoping my cock would return to somewhat normal so I could walk away from the counter without embarrassing myself.