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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Smaller than Average Again

fetish runtz4 2018-07-21

Angie then clicked on the next video, this one was a cuckold video that showed a small dicked white husband being forced to watch his wife take a big black cock in every hole she had. "So, I emailed her and she helped me plan this evening" Angie said, "Tonight I think I deserve to fuck a big dick" she commanded. "I want to watch a real man fuck while I play with your toy" she leaned over and started playing the DVD again, it was several scenes of Amy fucking the giant dicks she had measured. I get to be fully satisfied with a real cock if you want to fuck my pussy." Amy clapped and cheered Angie on.

Stephanie's Toy Ch. 05

fetish cuckoldwishes 2018-07-21

"No, like this," Stephanie said taking the brush from my hand. "Little girls like being on their knees, don't they?" Stephanie brushed the hair out of my face. Then Stephanie said "Would you guys like to come over to our place for a drink?" My heart sunk. Stephanie thought for a minute and then said "I dare you to take your shirt off." Then Stephanie did a seductive dance, Matthew took off his pants, Jake did push ups while singing the star spangled banner and I told everyone about my first kiss. Matthew and Jake rose and said they should probably leave, I got the feeling they were looking for an invitation to stay.

Face Down, Ass Up

fetish Strapontaken 2018-07-21

"I want to eat your ass, baby. "Your ass tastes so fucking good baby, I want more". As I inserted another finger in his ass, I stroked his cock using precum as lube. I stopped stroking his cock and eased my fingers out of his ass. "I'm going to fuck your ass until we both cum", and I shoved my cock in balls deep in one thrust. Reaching down, I started jacking his cock as I pounded his ass. "Cum in my hand", I said, still giving his ass small thrust with my cock. "Baby, that was incredible", I said offering him his cum to taste with my cock still in his slutty ass.

Switch Hitter ( He gets hit on by a guy and my gir

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-07-21

"Both of us licking and sucking his giant cock until he cums in our mouths then sharing it in a nice deep wet kiss." Rob stepped behind my beautiful girlfriend and rubbed his hard 7 inch prick over her wet swollen pussy lips as Mandy tried to fit John's cock into her mouth. Rob entered her from behind and began fucking my girlfriend with long slow strokes as Mandy licked his roommates giant cock like a Popsicle. John's cock began to piston faster and harder into Mandy's pussy and she came hard as my tongue flicked over her sensitive clit. John grunted as he filled Mandy's pussy with buckets of warm delicious cum and then pulled his giant fuck stick from her sloppy pussy and shoved it back into my mouth.

Love and Death in the Nursing Home

fetish fertiegladwyn 2018-07-21

Now that he was fully erect his cock looked like a pepperoni stick, Liver spots marking their territory all the way up and down his member like clusters of tourists on the Great Wall of China. Arnold looked magnificent his old cock standing erect, defiant of god's will, hair sticking out of his ears and nose. Arnold loved the way the toffee treat tasted, "It's no use," Marge yelled, "I can't feel shit anyway. Arnold Thought back to the time when he worked at Mr. Smith's Corner store when he was nineteen. Arnolds hips protested to the continuous thrusting as he fucked Marge for all he was worth.

at sophia's feet

fetish 6inch02 2018-07-21

As I started to walk away, I realized she must've tracked dirt through the house with her boots, while she was walking over to the couch. I dutifully started licking the rest of her boots clean. I was still kneeling with my face right next to her feet, so I didn't have to move much as I slowly pulled each boot off. I got down on my knees once again and started licking her right after she pulled her shorts down. I started licking, since I realized that's what she meant by clean. Once I got home, I realized how much my life had changed in the past few hours, and was glad that I was given the chance to worship Sophia.

A Dog's Life Ch. 03

fetish Compliant1 2018-07-21

Without another word, she ruffled my hair and left me chained to the center of our backyard with my own private doghouse, the house with my name painted across the top of the door. She could probably listen to me because she always said "Good Night, Lucky," to me over a small speaker installed in my new house. The problem with staying inside the doghouse was the chain, which stretched from the center of the yard to the collar around my neck and became so hot that to touch it was to be branded. "To tell the truth, Gretch, it looks better than satin, but I like the way satin feels when you stroke me with the panties to get me off."

she pee's

fetish 2018-07-21

Shirley took a final sip of her drink then placed the glass very carefully on the bar. When Shirley opened the door, I wasn't sure she was the same woman I had met in the bar. I want to know how it feels." I had slid my hand up her skirt and Shirley opened her legs slightly. Would you love to watch me open my mouth as your stream splashes into it?" Shirley nodded her head as she tilted her head back. Shove your fingers up my pussy." Shirley didn't exactly whisper those words and a few people turned to watch us. I continued to suck and lick Shirley's pussy until she opened her thighs and pushed my head from her cunt.

A Catholic Girl and Contraceptives

fetish louise7033 2018-07-21

But when they got to know I was having sex, a lot of friends had suggested to me that I ought to take precautions against getting pregnant, especially as I'm only 19, but I was completely innocent and didn't know where to get contraceptives of any kind - let alone the pill. It wasn't until I chatted to Edelita about how it didn't feel nice with him wearing a rubber kondom that I learned a lot of the girls in the village took a pill called Dianette. But once we'd done it a few times without kondom, and hopefully without fear of me getting pregnant, I discovered that the pill had some very practical advantages.

brenda needs renards big black cock and i still lo

fetish goodwifebad4black 2018-07-21

Well she heard all the stories, multiple orgasms, affairs BLACK COCK VS white dicks renard got up and lay Her on the couch, he called me over and told me first time in my life, sucked on my wife's pussy. renard pulled me out of the way as he mounted my wife, I watched mesmerised as his big black dick entered her pussy. dick out of Her cunt and squirted cummmm onto my face. renard said that it was my turn and I was really looking Since that first night, we have both become renard 's sex slaves. about 6 other guys and then made me suck his dick clean and lick her

Leg Worship Soul Mates

fetish Eroticsensualist 2018-07-21

They were smooth and flawless and my mind actively imagined what it would feel like to be able to kiss, stroke and lick them as much as I wanted. She slept for awhile and that gave me unlimited time to stare at her legs, imagining what it would feel like to kiss, caress, nibble and then cum all over them. She parted her legs so I was able to put my hands between them, and I slowly caressed her warm inner thighs. While kissing those luscious legs I started to rub her pussy through the material of her panties. On my knees again, as she parted her legs I started kissing her inner thighs, working my way up to her panties.

Thank you, Doctor: The Second Visit

fetish votumspecialis 2018-07-21

Are you ready for your second session?" Cindy struggled to keep her voice steady, "Yes, Doctor, just a little bit nervous." The doctor looked at her with honest, gray eyes, "There is no need to be nervous, Cindy," he walked over to her and put his hand on her knee, "You know you can trust me." Cindy nodded and he continued, "Okay, before we get started, today's session is going to focus on your control over your body. The doctor grasped her one of her pink, shaved outer lips between his thumb and index finger and massaged it vigorously for a moment before sliding one of the white clamps over it. "Please, let me come, Doctor, please, please," Cindy bit her lip, her eyes were clenched shut.

Twenty Years Later

fetish footshrimper 2018-07-21

I was stroking my cock and got so excited I could feel my cock throbbing and I started to cum almost as soon as I tasted her warm pee. Her pussy lips thickened and her tiny peehole opened up, as stream of her glorious salty piss came at my face. With her ass facing me and her glorious pussy still dribbling with pee I mounted her. I spit down onto her ass and then slid one more finger inside and began wiggling them around, stretching her asshole, and feeling my cock inside. As soon as my hard on started to subside I pulled my cock out and fell to my knees behind my wife.

Fulfilling Fantasies Ch. 04

fetish sxylegs 2018-07-21

Frank then leaned over a little and started lightly blowing on my engorged clit. I started unbuttoning my blouse, when Mike came over and took my hands in his. He poured baby oil on my butt cheeks and started to rub that in. Mike started pouring baby oil all over my chest. He spread my legs and poured more baby oil on my clit and pussy. After making sure that it was nice and slick, he took the blue vibrator and inserted it into my waiting asshole. I put down my electric vibrator and got my hand all slick and started masturbating myself with my fingers.

Black Babies Matter

fetish JoyGrrlSyn 2018-07-21

As you know, Candy, with her husband Jack Khannov, are big benefactors of the SFLRC, and so many other charitable events in the community. "With that," Anita Seamen said, "and with your permission Big Daddy, I invite everyone to help themselves to a cocktail or three, before we break into discussion groups. "Big Daddy," said Anita, "I'm not on birth control." He thrust it hard deep down inside her, pushing it all the way until his balls bounced against her. But, It's been a hard year for Jack," Candy said turning to see him in the corner, with his red, bruised and blistered ass on display; a sign of female authority to the women in the room, and a warning to the FLR men.

Creampie Trick

fetish creamypussylover 2018-07-21

She was already quite wet, and Erik lying beneath them watched as his wife’s pussy spread and Greg’s freshly sucked cock slowly slid inside her. Erik started earnestly licking Greg’s cock as he fucked Beth. Erik got on the bed too, his own cock dripping from fucking Joanne, and aching for release. Beth quickly lay down beside Greg and said, “So you want to clean up cum too? Well, that makes you my nasty little cunt eating bitch, now get to work.” She lay the same way as Greg, her knees bent and her pussy displayed, cum was plastered in and out of her, and now that she was on her back it started to run down the crack of her ass.

Confession of a cum eating slut

fetish suckingsailer 2018-07-21

But weather is long or short suck I love pleasing cock and making in cum by only the use of my mouth. I enjoy all kinds of oral servicing; from having the guy laid back and let me do all the work and fuck his cock with my mouth, or have him take control and face fuck me real good. Be verbal and tell me what to do to pleasure you more, or not and let me fuck your cock with my mouth, face, throat, lips, etc. I just love it when a cock squeezes past the narrow area at the back of my mouth and the head pops into and then out of my throat as he or I work in back and forth right there.

Punky's Diary, 3/2/07

fetish Selbryth 2018-07-21

I kept going on like this, loving the look and feel and sounds of it, knowing I could go all night if needed, but then Charlie's gasps and groans got more intense, more anxious. Then we sat facing the raised walkway and waited, and this ceremony started up and we stood for the French anthem and stuff, then sat while dignitaries and shit were introduced, and I was thinking if the guy points to me and says 'Welcome Mizzz Joan Jeht!" I was going to jump up there and strangle the fucker with his own tie. So then I watch as Charlie does her cutesy thing three more times with three different dresses, and she's so graceful and so gorgeous—as well as completely sexy and fuckable—I suddenly realize I've made a wet spot in my seat.

Boots and Birthday Suits

fetish WrestlingQuill 2018-07-21

This was the time that Madison's good friend, Susan, decided to share how her and Dave were surviving hard times. That is all she would tell Madison, but said if we were serious about saving our home, her and Dave would meet with us and give us more detail. Susan began by saying, "Madison and Max, you are our dear friends and we know you like many others are struggling with what is happening these days. "Madison and I discuss a lot of things and I know how you found women wrestling and mixed wrestling more than a turn-on.", she continued. My brain went to the thought of wrestling other hotties like Susan naked or watching Susan and Madison go at it gave me a serious hard-on.

One Last Time

fetish lvs2lck 2018-07-21

Natalie had always loved to suck on my cock and this night she was giving it her best. Up and down she slammed her ass and squeezed her pussy around my cock until I just started to pump my come into her wet pussy. I ate her messy pussy, licking and sucking up all of my come as she came herself, all over my face and tongue, covering me in her hot juice. After cumming in my face again with my finger in her ass she had had enough and climbed off my face but continued to suck my cock. In the morning Natalie got dressed and headed back to her house, but I was left with great memories of this night and others we spent together.

Step s****rs knickers

fetish 2018-07-21

One weekend i came home to visit my mums house, and by chance my stepdads daughter was staying over too. She had driven the long road up to our house from london so that night she went straight to bed. Her bag was sat in the corner neatly zipped up, not a problem becaise i remembered what it looked like. inside i saw a purple thong with the words "sweet girl" printed on and her socks from the night before. I thought about her curvy arse sat in her car for the three hour drive, these were going to be good!! They had a white streak, still damp on the gusset and i could smell her pussy so well, the thong smelt strongly of asshole too!!

Jazmin's Worn Panties!

fetish sureguy4u 2018-07-21

If you have a fetish for buying worn panties or real amateur pictures and video you need to read this! I came across and decided to order a pair of her worn panties. The thong was still moist and had definitely been worn for more then a day, which was as long as the others I bought from would wear them. I asked some of the sellers I bought from to wear their panties for 4 days and they thought it was too much to ask but Jazmin was more than happy to fulfill the request! is her website and has lots of photo galleries that will turn you on and enhance the experience of buying her worn panties!

Katy Masturbates in Public

fetish MichaelandKaty 2018-07-21

Believing I'd come up with a solution, before my next trip out of town I asked Katy to buy a pair of 100% cotton panties. Needless to say, Katy was less than enthused when I called from out of town asking if she was wearing her new cotton panties and if she was ready to masturbate in them for me. But as she is often prone to do, my wonderful wife surprised me one day upon returning from a trip to the mall, informing me she'd picked up a new pair of cotton panties from her favorite clothing store. She pulled on a mini dress over the leotard, turned the vibrator on, told me she loved me but was hoping she wouldn't hate me by the time she got home, and headed off to buy groceries.

Glory Hole First Timer

fetish yourtoy 2018-07-21

All of a sudden I became so curious as to what a cock in my mouth would feel like. One day I just happened to stumble into a dirty video store, got some tokens, sat down and noticed the hole in the wall. I pulled my pants down and started stroking my cock. The guy came in and stood in front of the TV screen, dropped in some tokens and pulled his cock out and started stroking. I didn’t know what to do so I held his cock in my mouth. I let this guy that I didn’t even know, not even what he looked like, cum in my mouth while sitting in a dirty video store.