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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mona Woke

fetish derfaust 2018-07-21

She was naked, they were men, Mona started to pull on her nipples and instantly felt her pussy flowing. Mona stroked and rocked back and forth on the dicks at hand (no pun intended) and felt the guy pounding her pussy as he pulled out and walked / ran to her head shooting his cum in her hair and on her face and nose. Neither man had even grasped the fact that their piece of meat had cum so hard that she lost consciousness and more importantly, it made her insanely hot to know that she was a true slut – someone to be used to satisfy the desires of her husband and anyone else he so choose.

Summer Rain

fetish Strapping Young Lad 2018-07-21

You smile up at me and let go of your legs and bring one hand down to you clit rubbing it in circles, the other hand returns to your breast and the nipple where you procede to milk yourself, your lactation running down your skin wetted with rain. Your pregnant belly round and firm beneath you, I snake a hand between your legs and caress it, running the pads of my fingers all over the stretched flesh. Dragging my tongue down over your sensitive clit from which you gasp, over your swollen pussy lips and the juices from our initial fucking, then lower to the cum still leaking out of your ass.

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 05

fetish secretsubmissive22 2018-07-21

"Claire, I want you to go to daddy Evan and apologize for being a bad girl, then lift up your dress and ask him to spank your bottom." "I insist you smack her bottom with your hand a few times for her rudeness after Evan is done, then you may instruct her to strip naked and touch and look at her, the only stipulation I have is you may not penetrate my baby wife" said Mark. After a few minutes he told her to stand up and took her by the hand to go to her room, he was going to spank her with the spoon and show her the new furniture he also made a mental note that he should probably order a second play pen and some type of timeout spot for the downstairs.

I Can't Wait To Show My Wife!!

fetish TripleExtreme 2018-07-21

"So, this means that you're going to rock my world tonight right, baby?" Stephanie asked in her most sultry voice as she reached out and trailed her index finger along his hard member. Kneeling down on the floor in front of him, she reached up and removed the Blackhawk Weight Set from Peter's hard cock before surrounding his girth with her hand. Please fill up my tight little pussy with your cock." Peter obliged, he grasped her hips and pulled her back into him, fucking her hard, just the way she liked it. Inspired by watching him work out his cock earlier, Stephanie began to squeeze her cunt tighter as Peter continued to pound her hard.

Beth Takes a Risk

fetish Niceguy454 2018-07-21

I would be busy taking her panties to a quiet server closet and, after using her sent to get my cock erect I would shoot a nice heavy load of cum into the crotch of her sexy little panties. If it hadn't of been for all of the other people in the room at that moment I probably would have bent her over the desk right there and fucked her brains out until I shot a load of cum right to the back of her hot twat. It really turned me on to no end to think about Beth wearing these very garments shortly and smearing my cum all over her wet and hot pussy.

Mistress Jones Ch. 02

fetish TF2123 2018-07-21

She wore the full student nurse uniform, a short-sleeved white dress shirt, the aforementioned short black pencil skirt, her legs encased in dark, sexy pantyhose running down to black, open toe stiletto heels. "You girls can go ahead and start setting up the exam room, Chelsea and Chloe can handle the preliminaries," I heard a voice, which I recognised as Miss Willow Jones's, say. I stood in the corner, I imagined my face was a dark shade of red, it definitely felt like it, looking at Chloe as she slowly walked towards me, my eyes travelling down from her pretty face, to her swaying lab coat, to her short yet slender legs, encased in sheer dark pantyhose, then travelling further to see her small, petite little tootsies.

Putting Sandy's New Toys to Work

fetish authorsandra 2018-07-21

“It will be worth the wait, like I told you before,” she said, as she lubed the inside of the toy and then slid it on him, snapping the rubber strap over his tight balls. “Oh my God,” Carby moaned, lowering his legs, “Oh, I think I’m going to cum.” He wriggled around on the bed in frustration, Sandy now astride him again. “You know,” she said, while teasing the toy out of him, “It seemed like you took this rather easily, like maybe you’re accustomed to things in your ass. “Yeah, and it’s not going away because every time I move it tugs on my cock and every step I can feel this ball sliding a little in and out of my ass.

Neighbor Lady Tells Me About Her Foot Fetish Story

fetish retcntryboy 2018-07-21

What it is I find that turns me on, and most of the young male population that I come into contact with is my use of my 5 or 6inch high-heeled pumps or using my black nylon stockinged feet to massage their hard cocks. You should see the wide eyed looks on their faces when I come into the room wearing nothing but black nylon stockings and spike high-heeled shoes. He was so into foot and shoe jobs that I jerked his hard young cock off into my 5inch suede high-heeled shoes making him cry out loudly as he shot his cum into them and later messing up my nylon stockings with a huge load.

She's a Strange One

fetish fflover58 2018-07-21

However, the moment ended with her turning her head slightly, apparently to look around to pick up another smelly pair of shoes belonging to their drunk owner. "Soooo, since you know my little secret now and you're into feet as well, wanna go through all the girl's shoes while they're busy puking?" she asked in a devious tone. As reluctant as I was to cum in a stranger's shoes, the idea of Kelsi's feet on my face sent my hormones raging. Knowing I was fucking her shoes was quite a pleasant thought, combined with Kelsi's own foot musk. It was a thick, decent load, so both shoes had quite a bit of white cum inside when she got off my face and let me look.

Cheating College Girlfriend with 12inch BBC Part4

fetish luvdemwhitegirls 2018-07-21

I heard Matt say "Geeez Lizzie do you think you could have on any less clothing." Elisabeth replied "It's just Trey, he don't mind, besides this mild for him, Marley dresses way sluttier than this." I started laughing when I heard her say that. Where do you want me to cum Lizzie?" " I want you to cum in me Trey, I want that creampie inside my little white pussy." "Fuckkkkk ughh I am cumming Lizzie ughhhh mhhmmmm." We fucked a few more times that night, I slept over there, wokeup the next day, went to class. "Are you sure Lizzie, there is no way this thing is going to fit inside you." "You might be surprised babe." Elisabeth was really getting into it as Matt was fucking her with this huge cucumber, to Matt's surprise Lizzie was taking all of it with ease.

Another Night With Kathy

fetish 2018-07-21

I kissed her a little more and then told her, "Cum now you fucking sexy cunt!" I felt her pussy contract on me and start squeezing me as she started gasping for air. How do you know?" I think I grew even harder as I was stroking...what Kathy was saying seemed like a dream come true and I was picturing Suzi on me. I started thrusting into my hand and Kathy put her face against my cock and was letting me fuck the side of her face as I beat off. Kathy kissed me good night and she went back to her room as I laid there thinking about what it would be like when Suzi comes home....I couldn't wait.

Footjob Jodi

fetish sexualrelief7191 2018-07-21

He wasn't really a jerk, but he didn't like other guys around Jodi and they were so high on the popularity chain that it was more about being cool than having feelings for each other. I wouldn't have come if I knew it wasn't gonna be fun," she said laughing. "Look, I may have missed a lot of things, but I know that you had a crush on me," she said, with a polite smile. Jodi had a very dreamy look on her face, so I knew I was doing it right. You pleasured me, now it's my turn." She put her arm against the wall, took her right foot and started rubbing where my boner was.

My Job as a Tester Ch. 03

fetish dreamer_of_urges 2018-07-21

"Why do I have the feeling that no matter how fast I drink my coffee it won't be quick enough?" I ask knowing full well that they want to put me in the stroller and allow them to set me up to soak my diaper completely. "It's time for a drink little one!" Rosa says as she places my cup of coffee to my lips. Tell me do you remember what the dress looked like and be specific I want to know all the details because I want to be able to see just how cute you were in my mind!" Rosa says as Rachael takes a seat behind me and Cindy has me finish the one cup of coffee.


fetish SECRETPHATBABY72 2018-07-20


JD, Punish Me!

fetish celestija 2018-07-20

I would love nothing more than to suck your cock, and feel you fucking my ass like the naughty little whore I am, but I will do anything you ask of me. He watched as the girl slowly stripped in front of him, her hands lingering over her breasts, fingers gently circling her nipples until they stood hard once again. When he thought this chick might actually be starting to get off on her ass fucking JD picked up the pace and started thrusting as hard as he possibly could, one hand wrapped firmly around each of her tits so she couldn't move too far.

The Disabled Fuck that Never Was

fetish kittycalamity 2018-07-20

"Do you need help?" I asked, cocking my head to one side, remembering that this guy was too weak to get stuff out of his own pocket, so if he wanted to touch me, he might need a little assistance. I removed his hand from my pussy, but before I let go, I brought his fingers to my lip and sucked them, then kissed the pads, and lowered his arm to the bed. I admired his musculature, just as it was, appreciating the unique way his condition had shaped him across the years, I kissed down his bare, boney chest, caressed his shoulders, felt his soft stomach, then finally guided the head of his dick to my opening.

Blink Once for Yes

fetish denny_micum 2018-07-20

You can't feel the coolness through the blankets, but the heavy weight of the icepacks on your cock starts making your erection grow. You start feeling the desire to cum, and you buck your hips against the icepack for pleasure, but your back is too sore to continue for long. The soap glides the sponge over the tip of your cock, and the warmth from the water makes it feel exactly like a pussy. Nurse Amy returns after some time to find your balls and cock still tied snuggly with a tourniquet. Nurse Amy returns from the sink with her sponge bath in hand and begins washing down your pubic area.

My Cousin Faith- Part 2

fetish 2018-07-20

When we were done,as I got up and shut the dishwasher door, I slid my hand up from her ass to her neck. "Are you?" I asked as I started feeling and squeezing her tight ass. After I stopped smacking her ass, she asked "What are you gonna do now?". I started rubbing her asshole with my thumb while I still had my other finger( on my other hand) in her pussy. I got up and she turned around and we sloppily kissed for a few seconds while she felt my dick through my pajama pants. I started playing with her hair while she had one hand on my dick and another on her pussy.

Cum Sweet Cum

fetish thinktankwriter 2018-07-20

Hajera then took off the sweatshirt she was wearing, and while I didn't even care the slightest at the time, when I saw that underneath was just a light blue tank top, my eyebrows raised just a bit. I don't know what liked more, the nose piercing that gleamed in the sunlight or that long smile she had, with her upper lip curling ever so slightly. Back on the lake, I looked at Hajera, her hair slightly messed by her sweatshirt coming over her head. My eyes flickered like channels back and fourth from her smooth lips around my penis to her breasts, swaying ever so slightly.

My First Meeting With Denise

fetish Chrs_Straight 2018-07-20

“You get your camera ready and just watch me,” I said, not knowing exactly what I would do next, but determined not to let this chance slip away from me. “Denise, “ I said, “You’re going to pose for your boyfriend and let him take all the pictures he wants. As the whipping continued, Denise’s moans of pleasure changed into little cries of pain. By concentrating on hitting Denise’s tits with just the tips of the leather tails, I began to see faint red lines marking the outside of each breast. But I didn’t go all the way in yet, because I wanted to feel Denise’s lips and tongue on my cock. I had a great time, riding my hard cock into and out of Denise’s mouth and throat.

A Barbecue

fetish drsalt 2018-07-20

When Cindy looked at Melanie and began a story about what her little girl had done that week, Stella rose from the table and moved next to Annie at the counter to fix herself another drink. "Honey," Stella looked at Annie and got right to it. If I win, you -- not Annie -- will get your own beer and my drink." Hank digested the idea, taking a couple of silent minutes. But of the eight people around the table, possibly only Hank, Stella and Annie realized she had tweaked his manhood by beating him. She returned only a minute later and Hank saw her out of the corner of his eye handing something to Stella.

Sissy Dani CHAPTER 4

fetish 2018-07-20

mind the personality of Sissy Dani, a simpering, submissive male "Bind me into your service as sissy Dani." Jennifer handed me the dress Sissy Dani was to wear to the party I I looked down at my feet, and the Sissy Dani persona with the sexy yet virginal white of my outfit, Mistress Jennifer hypnotic effect of Jennifer's commands combined with the "persona imposed female persona were Tammy, Little Miss Mandy and "her" mother Carla, and Busty Barbie and "her" wife- mistress, Maria. Normally, Carla kept Mandy dressed in sissy-boy attire (velvet or Bob, when released from the Barbie persona, was compelled to gaze transformed self." The entertainment complete, Mistress Jennifer Such was the effect of the Sissy Dani persona upon me.

Saying Goodbye

fetish stac2918 2018-07-20

I moved my hands down on to my lap trying to cover the bulge that was forming in the front of my jeans which I'm sure Joanne was aware of as I sat on the bed in front of her. Joanne then did something I didn't expect, she jumped on to my lap so that she was sat facing me and pushed the crotch of her cream thong in to my face pushing me backwards on the bed, forcing me to lie down with her sat on top of my cock, she must have been able to feel it through my jeans, she was only wearing a thin skirt.

Rose colored Panties

fetish Raven_Moon 2018-07-20

He was beautiful, achingly so, and it was hard to resist the urge to tear those panties off of him and thrust my fingers into his ass as hard as I could. I reached between his legs with my other hand to gently rub the head of his cock. I wanted to see his eyes, kiss his perfect pink lips. He moaned, his head back with clenched tight eyes, and begged me to let him cum. "Please, cum again, I need to taste you Miss." And at that I was there, lost in a violent explosion of deep colors, the rose of his panties, the pink of his lips, the creamy white of his cum. Dreams of a Boy Slut in his rose colored panties.