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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Heaven and Hell

fetish Quickhands 2018-07-20

She pressed another button, which caused the paddle to start rotating, and pushed the attachment right between my legs. Through all the pain in my balls and the ache in my abdomen, it was hard to do anything other than moan and groan, let alone swear at her. Either I apply lotion on your balls and you can lay there all you want, or I will tie you up to the machine again and I will set the frequency to ten times a second,' she said. As my balls burned, I rubbed them as hard as I could to try and get the IcyHot off, but the rough treatment meant my balls started to ache again.

Reel Love's Lesson

fetish tdallyn 2018-07-20

"I looked at a lot of the posted videos, and I mean a lot, before I ever thought about putting up one of ours." Barbara reached out and stroked my arm as if to soothe me. The scene in the video was one of my favorites and I thought it was Barbara's best work at the time, filled with erotic passion. "You'll recognize this one, I'm sure." Barbara quickly scrolled through what looked like a very long list, stopped the screen, and clicked on one entitled "The Bet". The video started with a black screen and a woman saying, "I won fair and square." I remembered the words, but didn't recognize the voice and I looked at Barbara quizzically.


fetish The_Lady_Within 2018-07-20

She even disobeyed my order and started dating a boy from the school's football team, and when I tried to teach her a lesson and slept with the boy, she acted like a bitch and stopped talking to me for weeks. We keep that up for some more times, and finally, Mark tell me one day that he have rented an apartment for me. I call Mark the first thing in the morning, and tell him that I would get the piercings if it makes him happy. I cannot imagine what a K sized breast exactly looks like, but I tell myself what the hell, the bigger, the better. After some days of begging and insisting, I manage to convince Mark to pay for the new surgery.

Rosy Cheeks

fetish cranfordmason 2018-07-20

Then I started spanking her again, letting my hand push upward against her cheeks with each swat and watching them bounce back into place. I stopped spanking and began to rub her rosy cheeks as she continued to hump and play with her clit. My two middle fingers easily slid inside her pussy, and she arched her backed and pushed her ass up to open as wide as she could. In less than 15 seconds, I felt her body began to tighten, her ass cheeks clinch, and her pussy contract around my fingers. She hastily pulled my pants down my thighs, even scratching the side of my legs a little, and grabbed my thumping cock in her hand.

She Hire's Ted The GayMaker

fetish 425olds 2018-07-20

"Susan said you could use a little tension release..." As he said this, I felt Ted grab my ass cheeks and kneed them with his hands, pulling them apart. Susan said you are just a good little pussy boy who turns into a twink as soon as you get anywhere near cock." He started to slowly fuck my ass, giving me the full feeling of his cock in me, seemingly knowing exactly where my prostate was, and dragging it back and forth across my pussy's magic button. I felt the rush of the poppers again hit me and just as I started to slide down his cock, my body opened up and took him in like a true slut.

A Weekend Together Ch. 02

fetish Drew Carroll 2018-07-20

I start kissing the back of your neck and your left hand reaches behind you to grab for my cock. I push you back so that you are under the warm pressure jets and stand, licking up from your pussy, over your belly and tits to your mouth where I kiss you hard. You stand and lead me into the lounge, Emma follows leading Jon. I slip off my boxers and sit down, my thick hard cock jutting out for you to stroke. As you line up your dildo to Emma's arse and fuck hard into her hole, I force my hard cock right into your ring piece. Greedily you playfully push Emma away and grab Jon's hard meaty cock.

My Neighbor Ch. 04

fetish jeffss45 2018-07-20

And, almost before I'm ready, I'm close to cumming and the machine starts it's cycle of tease and denial. As it's done so many times before, it changes the vibration pattern and intensity as I feel I'm about to cum. I am instantly ready to cum and, for the first time tonight, the vibrator on my cock stops. About a minute later, Peggy removes the vibrator from her pussy, puts her legs down and smiles. "Sorry Jeff, but you are going to have to wait a little longer for your orgasm" she tells me as she leans back in the chair, puts her legs up, and starts masturbating again. The vibrator keeps changing pattern, intensity, and speed making me need to orgasm more than I ever have before.

Musclegirl Starstreak

fetish Desiremakesmeweak 2018-07-20

And then he got into that damn low gleaming red automobile -- that hot automobile -- and when he powered up the engine it really did sound like the goddamned batmobile as he drove away pretty fast from the curbside and took off away to wherever Bruce Wayne goes when he just doesn't give a damn about the sick chick that he's left in her dismal pool of sweat and drool on some pavement out there somewhere in nowhere'sville. The smiles I give when I like the people looking are really coming down from a high place.

Secret Wetting

fetish kyaraLuna 2018-07-20

The overall was to hide the obvious layers of clothes I was wearing underneath, I also wore a hoodie to make sure no one notice the coverall. After finishing it 25 minutes into the lecture, I definitely felt bloated in the stomach and also a little desperate as my bladder was pressed down by my belt. It normally takes around 15 minutes from home to bus stop in walking pace, but I was probably twice as slow as that as I took small steps and stopping once in a while. I just wore my overall after the shower, I quickly took the wet clothes and hung them in the closet.

Being Better

fetish ticklechambers 2018-07-20

Tom rolled his eyes and shook his head, "you have no idea Jenny, so tucked away in your own version of things that you just don't know what's actually going on." He pointed at me, perhaps a little too hard, because he poked me in the collar bone- and it hurt. I began to ramble in excited tones; "Nelson is a very professional and successful man, I guess just I didn't realise he was taking such a serious stance on his career." Anxiety bubbled at my surface, "I can't believe I hadn't even noticed how serious he was, I really should have, what with all the hours he works, and all the time he spends talking of it.

The Transfer

fetish CFNMtickledguy 2018-07-20

As the door closed behind Katrine, the Mother Superior looked up at Jason and said "I understand you enjoy serving as a footstool, so let's start there shall we?" As she took Jason by his cock and led him to a low padded table, Jason laid down on his back and placed his wrists and ankles next to the table legs as the Mother Superior touched the control to activate the electro-magnets to pin his arms and legs to the table, making it impossible for him to use his hands. I look forward to showing my devotion to the Supreme Goddess every day." He took a clean-wipe and tidied up, then he knelt in front of the Mother Superior and kissed her feet in thanks, then he stood up and walked to the door to begin his new life at the colony Temple.

Current obsessions or Fantasies

fetish 2018-07-20

Some men will say a good blowjob is where it's at while I say a fine, natural smelling pussy on my face is pure ecstasy. Having a woman ride my face and grind her pussy and ass up and down my nose, lips, tongue and beard. I love the idea of a warm summer day, some light work in the yard or a fresh workout and putting that sweet sweaty pussy in my mouth as it is just becoming juicy and ripe for the tasting. Or, having that day and sneaking to some privacy to finger herself for a few moments, rubbing her clitoris to a near level of excitement, only to find me wherever I may be and run her fingers on my upper lip or nose in suggestive motion.

Emancipation Ch. 06: Gloaming

fetish LitEroCat 2018-07-20

Lois gleamed and practiced, just a little too hard, more lusty language, "I'm going to squeeze this beautiful cock and suck it deep into my mouth. Looks like Joe wants Sue to hold his dick too. Feel what it's like when I pull my fingers in, around your clit, [124] to open your lips and steer back and up to clear the hole. Covering my dick for warmth, Lois studied her man as he pushed a finger into Sue's wet pussy. Sue clenched his dick harder and he pumped her cunt several more times before slipping his pussy-wet finger gently into her asshole. He satisfied two more fantasies with Sue. Lois said she wanted to feel more pussy fingering, but still wasn't ready to let her ass be invaded.

Slim Girl to Fat Bitch Ch. 04

fetish robin35 2018-07-20

Bev quickly scurried along the bed and placed herself at the feet of her new Mistress Gladys. Gladys removed her finger from Bev's pussy and was pleased that she had made her cumm and then she said. She found a new packet of razors because she thought that she was going to need quite a few of them and then she went to the bedroom and plugged her waxing machine in and left it to warm to be used once she had shaved Mistress Gladys. Gladys stood and checked herself including her pussy and was happy with the job that Bev had done and she felt sure that David would be happy with her new look.

My Toy

fetish naughtyman2012 2018-07-20

You kneel in front of me and take my cock in your mouth.This is your act of submission, telling me that you are ready to pleasure me and allow you to use you for my pleasure…. I struggle to hold back my own orgasm as my cock moves within you, bringing you the pleasure you crave and I reveal in the power I have over you as I make you cum. This time I can't hold back either, I feel the tightening of my balls, I push deep inside you and hold it as my cock throbs, each pulsing movement releasing a jet of my hot cum within you. My throbbing cock pushes deep inside you once more and I hold your shoulders to steady myself and get us moving together.


fetish karakb 2018-07-20

I wander into your office, ask you if you would like a drink and then return to the kitchen to make your tea. Normally, I would have noticed the mistake when I was preparing dinner, long before you were home from work. You decide that you will take a look while I place the glass in the dishwasher. I ask you if you think you will be hungry for dinner at our regular time of six thirty. Although this is not the first time I have made my way to your office on my hands and knees, it is not a frequent occurrence. "I'm sorry to mess this up, but I really need to pee." I pull up to sitting, waiting for you to say something.

Veronica and Mr. G. Ch. 01

fetish kyle2 2018-07-20

Before my boss had the chance to formulate an excuse for why his pants were at his ankles and his dick growing in his hand, I spotted the only reasonable place in the entire building to pee. Strangely enjoying the exhibitionist aspect of what I was about to do with my boss watching, I tugged the crotch of my black lace panties to one side and let golden urine explode from my body. My hand reached down with a mind of its own to finger-fuck my dripping pussy as I kept shoving my ass further onto my boss's rod. "Take your boss's big dick in your ass, little whore!" boomed Don in a room-filling voice.

Cruel Bitches

fetish chatbug 2018-07-20

As soon as Bert leaves the room, Holly turns to Shauna, laughing. Holly opens her eyes and takes her foot from Bert when she hears Shauna command, “That’s enough slave. Holly and Shauna grin while they watch Bert struggle to stand up. Holly lies beside Shauna, watching her fuck Bert’s face. Holly gawks in silent amazement watching Shauna fuck the dildo on Bert’s face. Bert enjoys the smell of their scents and watching Shauna and Holly pleasure each other. Shauna and Holly light a cigarette and blow smoke in Bert’s face. Holly takes Shauna’s arm, and they go back into the bedroom grinning, leaving Bert softly crying, standing in chains, his back and bottom stinging, his nipples screaming in agony.

Ice Me Up, Baby!

fetish AmethystMare 2018-07-20

And he wouldn't have the time to ask as he picked up the first ice cube and ran it in a slow, slick circle around her breast, the ice slowly melting and slipping beneath his fingers. Ren smothered her lips and neck with kisses, the ice cube slipping between his fingers. He yipped softly and nuzzled into her neck, his russet tail wagging as he let the nearly melted ice cube just barely touch the lips of her sex. He ran the tip of his tongue over the softly scaled lips of her pussy, working her up to a frenzy of need, and only then did he swap the sensation out for the glorious ice that sent pleasurable chills up her spine.

Sow Primer Ch. 03

fetish InYourDreams 2018-07-20

Katie was still having trouble taking in the sweeping takeover of her life; her mind reeling, trying to focus upon Carl Hansom having her keys. She saw a way out, of keeping her job, earning the respect of her boss as well as experiencing the scintillating excitement as she worked through this sow primer of an evening. The image of Katie lifting her short skirt and letting the guys I the office see her sow mark came crashing down over all her senses. You will need to get some tight fitting shorts to wear under your skirts to protect your modesty around the office; but we will need to make sure they do not cover your sow mark.

Sensitivity Training Can Mean a Lot Ch. 06

fetish JimAner 2018-07-20

Jumping jacks and pull ups so that I can watch chests and biceps, thighs and asses, as well as your eggs (she grabbed his scrotum and rolled his balls in her hand as she said this), and your sausages, especially when the bush is still there but so trimmed (she now moved her other hand to his pubic hair) So this whorehouse is designed to let the women watch you play, and when they decide that they want to feel the goods as well as watch them, they press a button and a number comes up, and the boy with that number on his ass goes off to get fucked.

The Strange One

fetish RumbleyStomach 2018-07-20

I stumbled out of the rain through the door of the apartment building from a night out with the girls and headed up to the second floor. I walked through the kitchen and down the hallway, I thought it was just my head pounding, but there was a dull thudding noise that got louder as I approached my room. What I want you to do is go to the kitchen, have some water, and sleep on the couch. He never told me what he'd do if I did tell anyone, but I just took his unspoken word for it, had some water, and went to sleep on the couch. Now, standing in the kitchen, water spilled all over the floor, standing still, and staring into nothing, I remember.

How I was made a sissy. True story

fetish chubbytoo 2018-07-20

She was lying on the bed naked when I walked in and she said, "take me!" I quickly undressed and climbed between her legs and slid my dick in. There's no point in using your little dick there, it doesn't do anything for me." "Okay" I said as I took the toy and began pounding her with it. They make plastic pussies..." She said, "but those are made for real cocks, not little tiny clits like yours." She walked over to where I was lying on the bed and said "lick it." I reached up and grabbed the massive shaft. Her thighs slapped my ass and I felt a sensation, like electric, go from the base of my dick to the tip and I let a moan.



fetish magmaman 2018-07-20

That time a car had stopped, the man inside said something, then drove away when she shook her head. "Tea sounds nice." She answered, so Andy went into his kitchen and began heating some water. Andy led her to his car, drove Carly home. Andy reached up and began to undo the buttons on her blouse, Carly just stood there. Carly smiled as he reached down and forcefully pushed her knees apart, bringing her loins into his view. "I said, suck my cock!" Andy reached out and grabbed her hair, almost instantly she slid off the bed and engulfed him. Four days later, Andy came around the corner to his apartment, there Carly was, leaned up against the concrete wall again.