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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Pregnant & He Likes It!

fetish mseaking 2018-07-20

"You know I am getting pretty big and that I am going to start wearing summer dresses all the time so I don't have to buy a bunch of close" Sherry moved up letting my cock move so the tip was at her open entrance. "It's just that if I let him put the cream on my belly like I have been I am going to be pulling up my dress not my shirt and well you helped me pick out the panties I have to wear." She lifted up moving all the way to the tip of my dick then slowly let it slide back deep into her as she spoke.

Strange Thursday

fetish klammer 2018-07-20

I knew it needed release, but I knew Danielle's hard cock was going to release its load of sticky cum deep in my hole, before I came. I watch as Danielle stroked her cock and filmed Andy as he possessed my body over and over. Danielle filmed the contortions in Andy's face as his cock injected cum into the deepest recesses of my body. With the sweet taste of her cum in my mouth and with Andy's cock completely filling me, I let go. When I finally left, I was wearing my black satin panties and bra, a black garter belt and fishnet stockings, the red lace top, a big smile on my face and a lot of dried cum.

One Fine Day Ch. 01

fetish hisemerald 2018-07-20

She comes around to sit on his desk a little, one hip settling there, that foot dangling as her shoe slips to hang from her toes, “So what are You doing this weekend?” Tony is completely lost to her smooth manipulations, (and hs foot fetish), “Sooo pretty.” His eyes glaze over. Tony clears his throat, “Check…yessss.” He caresses her foot, strokes the shoe. She slips her shoes off, letting them fall to the floor with a small thud and slides her feet back into his chair, cupping his cock and stroking…stroking with her toes. Jenn leans back again and strokes His cock, running her toes over the head. Tony finishes with his cum and her toes then looks up and smiles.

Independence day

fetish ianloanson 2018-07-20

I have followed my Mistresses instructions, from wanking over Anna’s erotic pictures and stories to sharing my wishes to suck cock with my friends on Xh…what a turn on, I wanked long and hard for hours without cumming because this was my Mistress M wishes and I am her slave  I awoke this morning around 4.30am GMT to look for messages from Mistress to see if later today I was to be instructed to cum. I image my Mistress has seeked into the station in the early hour and is standing by my side stroking my cock slow and hard at first here to claim here cum, here to feed it to me!

Riding Magenta

fetish Nate_Walis 2018-07-20

Only when the seal was in place did the harsh white illumination flicker into life and reveal that the limousine was parked in the centre of a large room devoid of any kind of feature save for the doors through which it had entered and another, smaller door in the adjacent wall. Two made their way to the screens and began to interact with the data via a touch screen interface, two leant over Magenta as if checking the work of the men who had left the room and the final two pushed a sealed box of stainless steel into the room before them. One thing that was certain about the leotard was the fact that it was intended for Magenta and the men wasted no time in slipping the garment on over her head as soon as it was brought to the table.

She's a squirter

fetish razrricky 2018-07-20

As college life went on we had different classes and saw less and less of each other, until one day several years later we ran into each other and exchanged phone numbers and made plans to hang out the next night. My cock was balls deep in her throat and her pussy juices were dripping down my chin. She continued to gush as I licked her dripping pussy. I worked her shaved pussy with my cock, and rubbed her clit until she exploded with another enormous gush of cum. Before I knew it she had thrown me to the floor and was slamming her pussy onto my cock as she rid me.

Sis Piss Ch. 05

fetish RabbitPrince 2018-07-20

Think you can keep it up?" She had such a wicked gleam in her eye as she glanced back and forth, then catching a break where no one would see, led me into the change room while Leslee and Marion looked on, smiling. Save a mouthful, we can share it maybe?" My cock, already rock hard and raging, began absolutely pounding with fury at her words! We kissed madly, passionately; Marion's urine sloshing and flowing back and forth between our open mouths, past our sealed lips, washing over our tongues and tastebuds, as our tongues met and sought each other, our mouths mashed together in longing and lust.

Bound and Trained by Panties Pt. 01

fetish Subtext 2018-07-20

Tom never liked Dave's younger sister, Darcy. But Tom never let it come to anything, until he saw Patty over there one day. The next day he went over there with fear and jealousy in his heart; jealousy for what might be going on between Dave and Patty and fear that Darcy would make an even bigger fool out of him than she had during his last visit. I just heard something about this girl Patty." Tom blurted as he tried to think quickly. After this Tom felt better about the Dave and Patty situation, now all he had to do was neutralize Darcy. You're right!" she replied, perking up suddenly, "I like the way you think, Tom!"

The Secretary and Finance Director

fetish LovelyDolly 2018-07-20

That morning as everybody took their usual seats, Mr Steamed Salmon stood over the Finance Director and said 'my Secretary sits there from now on'. I then looked directly at the Finance Director and said 'he's a Cunt you know, he shouldn't have spoken to you like that'. As I walked into Mr Steamed Salmon's office and presented him with the now cold mug of tea that the Finance Director had rejected, a dribble of my juices escaped my thong and dribbled down my leg beyond the cover of my dress. I heard another noise and I couldn't place it, but as I felt it cold and hard pushing against the entrance to my lubed cunt, slowly inserted then twisted, when I heard the clunk as he opened it I knew that he had just inserted a speculum inside me.

Flirting with Strangers (cuckold)

fetish bbwgirl101 2018-07-20

That night when my hubby came home he could tell something had happened, I said wait until later and he would know it all, after dinner I ran upstairs and connected my phone to the large screen on the computer and dressed as you can see in my pictures and laid on the bed (dying to fuck) he opened the door and said "well what did you get up to", at that I put the first picture of me kissing another man on, he was surprised and very turned on, he whipped off his clothes his cock was already hard at the site of me kissing another man and in a little cute voice I said "wiffey has been a very naughty girl" we fucked 3 times that night as the first time I showed the video of me sucking another mans cock and swallowing his cum, hubby and I came with extreme intensity.

Meeting in the Mountain Part 1

fetish amazon_modern 2018-07-19

I walked for a few more miles then glancing at my watch, figured I should start back to the main trail and the cabin before it got dark. As I turned the final crook in the trail toward the cabin I heard a branch break behind me in the forest. He tossed the robe aside and with one hand toppled the large wooden dining table and before I knew it was standing with his arms tightly around my waist pulling me toward him. I couldn't stop myself from placing my leg over his huge broad shoulder and running my hands through his hair. He put one hand under each hip and lifting my ass off the tables buried his face between my legs and begin licking at a faster pace.

A surprise welcome home part 5

fetish 2018-07-19

"What are you doing right now you dirty little fucker?" Johnny quickly replied "Playing with my big hard juicy young cock." Barbara told Johnny that she loved the mum/son videos he had saved as favourites. She asked Johnny "what would you do if your mother walked into your room right now and lay on your bed?" Johnnys reply came fast "I'd slide down her knickers and kiss and lick the insides of her thighs, till she is dripping wet and begging me to lick her cunt." That was exactly what Barbara had wanted to hear.

The Halloween Hump

fetish thehalloweenhumper 2018-07-19

Their family was just like ours, parents married in India but the kids born in the U.S. While I had known Marzia since I was little, we hardly ever talked until I was in high school and even then she was a bit timid. After the party, I just couldn't help it and began thinking of Marzia sexually. As I tried to hide it the best I could, I wasn't paying attention to my own words and ended up asking Marzia if she wanted to join me on the dance-floor. When she left, Marzia quickly reached into the pocket, pulling out the napkin with her number and the other Halloween condom.

Food for Thought

fetish sensualwhispers 2018-07-19

The village is a really boring place to live, granted it looks all picture postcard and yes the birds do twitter, believe me it gets boring pretty dam quick suffice to say me and the other twenty something's put our glad rags on and take a taxi into the nearest town near enough every Friday night. I wanted short and sexy not come and fuck me because I look like a prostitute. For what seemed like forever nothing happened then I felt something against my mouth opening it up I was delighted to feel the gooey creamy texture of a cream cake, biting I chewed it slowly swallowing it before taking another bite.

Indulging Sin

fetish JamesCognito 2018-07-19

"So, you like mocha, huh?" Janet asks. Listen, um, what are you doing tonight?" Her lips were full and looked as if they could show a cock a good time. "I'm fine, Doctor. "I'm good, but I'm not a Doctor," I explained. "Well, how about we go tonight?" Does she want to see me...naked?" The shower curtain didn't really reveal a whole lot, but enough to where anyone with a good imagination could speculate what the person looks like. Janet and I sat in front of each other as we had to pretty much speak loudly through the music just to get a conversation in. It almost looks like they are having sex!" says Janet.

Her Assignment

fetish PKong 2018-07-19

He told her he wanted her to cum in them throughout the week, never washing them, putting them on when she felt especially horny and needed release. She remembered her assignment and moved her fingers to the outside and began to rub the panties into her slit, coating them with the juices. She slid her hand inside again and began a fast circling of her clit, sending her on a ride for release. "Keep rubbing your sweet clit baby, rub it for me, make it feel good," he asked. She was breathing hard into the phone now her fingers furiously rubbing, her hips rising to meet the need.


fetish Leslie 2018-07-19

Crystal smiled as she gazed at the picture of the blonde guy above her mirror, his right hand wrapped around his thick cock, his head back, seeming to love how his tool felt in his hand. As she smoked, she walked around her apartment, looking at every picture of those men, and their hard cocks. Crystal walked into her closet, and knelt in front of the stacks of magazines on the floor, rubbing her hands slowly over them, deciding which ones to look at. Crystal drove the fake cock deep into her pussy, and her eyes widened as she felt it enter her. Her pussy latched tight onto the cock, and Crystal squeezed her muscles hard, her entire body tensing.

How to Totally Emasculate a Man

fetish flumpermunch 2018-07-19

2. Make fun of him, tease him, and belittle him… especially in front of others (like your girlfriends, people you meet in public, his friends and f****y) Send a close girlfriend to his office to inspect his chastity device, to make sure it’s locked up like it’s supposed to be. Let him “accidentally” catch you in bed with a black man… like when he gets home from work, or whatever… then look over at him and tell him to “get the fuck out and close the door”. Tease him afterwards about how good the guy was in bed, that “at least he didn’t cum in two minutes, like someone I know”… and that the guy was “a lot bigger than you, much longer and thicker”… and that “he wants to fuck your wife again next week”.

The Perfect Applicant Ch. 5-8

fetish Archaic68 2018-07-19

Caroline could only survey her mistress for a moment at a time, and had learned the inherent defeat of looking her in the eyes; but God, she was so beautiful. "Oh," Tristen said, "oh, mistress, this is a fine bitch." She ran her finger tips through Caroline's dark hair, tracing the braid to where it fell along her back. Tristen grabbed her at her shoulders, and shook her: "Do you want to cum, bitch!?" Caroline's head drifted backward from her ordeal, her eyes still closed. . ." And Tristen began to hump back, pulled Caroline's hands onto her shoulders to brace them, started sliding her crotch up and down those girlish pink tights.

The Librarian Ch. 03

fetish leaky_one 2018-07-19

Not wanting to risk peeing over the floor or into a sink bowl Melanie contented herself to facing the opened toilet lid and whilst her bum cheeks were facing the cubicle door, had started to take a long squirting piss. She then took great delight in subjecting the toilet roll to a shower of hot pussy piss flowing out of her muff and drenching the absorbent paper with her pee stream. Between her thighs her pussy lips suddenly parted as her pee hole opened just long enough to allow a brief new stream of piss to momentarily shoot out of her vagina and patter downwards over a previously untouched book.

Mary Louise Ch. 04

fetish mlyn 2018-07-19

Mary Louise watched as Rowdy opened the suitcase. Her mother had suddenly produced a suitcase, announcing that it was Mary Louise's, and there was room if Rowdy wanted to put a night and day's clothing in it. Mary Louise saw Rowdy open the door, but there was no delivery guy there. Stepping outside, she was surprised to find not only Rowdy, who was in just his trousers, but also Donny, who was dressed in a ridiculously patterned pair of boxer shorts, and peeping out the door of the room next to theirs and wearing an over-sized t-shirt was Karen. Mary Louise looked at Rowdy, who was still facing her.

Caught at a Peep Show Ch. 03

fetish Anal Slave 2018-07-19

I couldn't wait to get home knowing my wife was going to use a strap-on dildo to fuck me. I could tell he was about to cum because I could feel his big black cock swelling up in my ass. My wife pulled his cock out of my asshole and made me squat down over her belly and let the black man's sperm leak out of my ass and land on her belly. It was embarrassing, he had fucked me real hard and when my ass got loose he shoved a lot of air up my asshole and it sounded like I was farting when the cum was leaking out.

My Leggings Fetish Narrative

fetish Mr_C1976 2018-07-19

So, if you WERE wearing a pair of nice, tight black (or other coloured) leggings, and we WERE (hypothetically) together, I'd no doubt pull you in close to me, getting to grips with each of your arse cheeks (Quite roughly), and, giving them a good, tight, hard squeeze I'd pull them apart slightly, squeezing...feeling....truly appreciating....while our mouths connnect, and our tongues explore each others' excitedly. As my right hand continues in its quest to draw your pussy juices out into your leggings, I bite your left nipple...clearly visible as it protrudes through your top, and simultanteously, my middle finger of my left hand pushes its way between your tight arse cheeks where it finds yout tight bum hole.

She Gets Bored And Takes Control

fetish Une_Erotique 2018-07-19

Second, you will do as I say." As she slid up my body and placed her cum filled pussy on my face, she began feeling my tongue enter her and clean out the mess I just left. She told me that I was such a good cum-slut cleaning her out that I must love to be fucked too. She introduced me as her new girlfriend and he laughed as she told him that I was a cum slut and loved to be fucked in my ass. I heard my mistress ask, "He looked like a good cock sucker, how does he feel?" He finally pulled out as she came around and saw my pathetic tears and cum covered face.