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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish 2018-07-19

The sight of that enormous swollen belly made my head spin and sent me scurrying into the men's room more times than I care to remember. I rose awkwardly and was relieved that the vest I was required to wear hid my erection as I went to help Carla up from her chair, accidentally catching the leg of the table with my foot and nearly sent our food splashing down on the floor. With a single tug of the draw string the black sweat pants which she was allowed to wear because of her advanced condition now slipped down her slim legs and into a soft heap round her feet. This might have turned most men off (like Carla's husband) but it had the exact opposite effect upon me and I ran my hands over her fuzzy legs.

Sari Bound

fetish oggbashan 2018-07-19

In the final scene I'm supposed to marry the hero but as I am about to change into my wedding dress Mary ties me up and takes my place at the hero's side, intending to stay veiled until the ceremony is complete, but her evil plot is foiled at the last minute. That afternoon we were alone at the society's clubhouse sorting through the large pile of saris, salwar kameezes and dupattas, long Indian scarves. I had to admit defeat and accept that I was completely helpless, mummified in sari silk, bagged in a silken top, tied with long scarves, silenced by layers of dupatta, just waiting for my boyfriend to release me. "I don't think Mary's bondage is practical for the pantomime," Ralph said.

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 04

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-07-19

"If you listened to classical music, my slave," she said stroking his meaty cock, "then you would certainly know who she is." She peered up momentarily looking at him with those big brown eyes and smiled. "She seems really nice," Bobby said quietly although I take it she doesn't like guys all that much." He stroked her arm feeling the silky smooth skin of his mistress. And as to your girlfriends" he paused, "Even though Ty wanted to play with me, I felt like she was also flirting in a friendly sort of way if that makes sense; the same with Lisa although she made it quite clear she wouldn't do anything.

Black Femdom Sex Ed Class Ch. 01

fetish Dunn81 2018-07-19

What I want to show you today is that we all have a role to play and being your true self will give you more excitation in your sex life," Said Ms Washington looking at the students interested by what she's saying. "Why do you think you are submissive Leyla," said miss Washington? Ms Washington quickly asked what her name was and she said Sophia. "Why do you think you are Dominants Sophia," asked Ms Washington? Ms Washington asked Sophia to go in front of the class too but told her to kneel in front of Leyla. We need to understand that Sophia pussy is boiling right now she'd love to remove Leyla pants and licked her asshole," Said Ms Washington.

The househunter and the estate agent.

fetish scipio205 2018-07-19

You run one hand down to my trouser leg and begin to rub the bulge underneath the fabric, gently but very firm. You put on some black silk gloves and begin to stroke my cock, working your hand slowly form its base, up its shaft, when you reach the tip you notice a small glisten of sticky pre-cum in the end of the tip. Your pussy grips my cock hard and a small trickle of your juices begins to run along the top of my shaft. I feel a finger slip into my arse and a hand squeezes my balls. Your finger moves faster in my arse, plunging deeper and you squeeze my balls so hard that I cum .

Special Dinner for Megan

fetish Master of Perversion 2018-07-19

Slimy diarrhea sprayed from my asshole, splashing Megan’s mouth and plastering her pretty face with runny brown shit juice. The foul squishy logs of diarrhea pushed their way past Megan’s open lips, packing her waiting mouth full of hot brown sludge. Hearing Megan talk like the dirty shit lover she was while she chewed up another big piece of her own fat turd was enough to send me over the top. Stroking my long, stiff cock hard and fast, I let out a groan as I came violently and began pumping rope after rope of thick cream all over her shit-covered face. I watched Megan as she swallowed the thick wad of cum in her mouth and then started rubbing the cum-shit-piss mixture on her face deep into her pores.

Wendy's Unusual Relationship Ch. 02

fetish Tappy_McWidestance 2018-07-19

Between thinking about last weekend, trying to imagine what really happened at the poker game and wondering what perverted task Jim was going to send to me, concentrating on my job was not in the works. I don't care if it is inside or outside, but again using the camera timer I want a picture of you holding your coat open like a flasher. I began to wonder how much they knew about my special arrangement with Jim. I'd never heard of his previous admin doing special duties, but I got the sense that they could see right through me like they knew I was going to walk practically naked into an adult shop tonight.

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 04

fetish milfleglover 2018-07-19

Brett could not believe his eyes as Susan wiggled her fleshy rump on his mother's mouth, watching her tongue shoot out and deep into the elderly woman's sticky, wet rectum, digging with mad passion, her eyes closed, her hands pulling at the meaty flesh, pulling the cheeks open to get deeper, her hips coming off the floor of the shower, humping air, cunt electric and alive. "Yes, Brett, dear boy, you see how much your dirty little mother LOVES eating my filthy bum and drinking my pee and smelling my nasty farts!" Susan laughed, running her hands up and down her piss-soaked torso, twisting her thick brown nipples in her bony old fingers.

The Interview

fetish black saphire 2018-07-19

"Your friend over there is mighty quiet." Richard said to Clara as Lynn felt his hand move to her foot to remove the panties before softly pushing her foot away. "Or maybe she's got exactly what I want." Richard smiled as he pulled Lynn's panties out from his lap and dangled them in the air. "I most certainly will not!" Clara practically screamed as she walked over to Richard and grabbed Lynn's panties from his hand. Richard started to grunt harder as Clara suddenly screamed out, grabbing hold of Lynn's nipples and pulling hard on them. Richard stayed inside a little while and started to pull his cock out as Clara clambered off Lynn's face.


My Lady Grotesque at her Toilet

fetish istanbulnoir 2018-07-19

However, I had yet to sample the pleasures of piss drinking, but if I can happily kiss Lady deeply and feel our saliva mingling on my tongue, and lick her pussy out and receive her juices; or even perform analingus on her fetid old arsehole, as I had at one of our earlier meetings; I can most definitely take delight at feeling her warm piss cascading into my mouth. When my cock had been sucked cleaned, she stopped and moving her head upwards, and running her tongue up over my stomach and chest, and lapped up her piss as she went, until her face was level with mine and she rained kisses all over my face and my mouth, savouring every last drop of her golden champagne.

Threshold of Desire Ch. 4

fetish Cuthbert 2018-07-19

You had all but given up trying to read the signs when I stopped while going out the door, and gave you the terse instructions, "Be ready at six, and shave well this time." You knelt before me, as smooth as a girl, in your humiliating, yellow punishment panties, denied your deepest cravings, and being coerced into being a sissy maid for an entire evening. I directed you to sit at my feet and open the box, which was full of all sorts of things for foot care, including a little rack that held ten different colors of nail polish. For the first time that evening you got a peek up my skirt, enough to tell that I was wearing peach-colored panties again.

My Friend's Mom

fetish arizonatekoki 2018-07-19

"I want you to know how important you have been to Greg and I, I have never thanked you for being there for him; playing sports with him, helping him with girls, all the stuff I couldn't do when I wasn't there and his father wasn't there at all" she said while smiling and almost tearing up at the same time. "If you feel OK about it, you should just take off your pants and sit on the couch with one foot on the floor and the other one down the couch and I will sit in between you legs." She was smiling the whole time, talking slow and constant from the effects of the joint. The lotion was cool as it crept down, she slowly started pumping and rubbing it all over me "you feel great" she said.



fetish Smokeybluexx 2018-07-19

With my mouth occupied on your chest, my index finger on my left hand would trace slowly down your body, it gently touches the tip of your moist cock . Tracing round the outline of your firm cock my fingers stroke your balls, pulsing from my touch my hand gently grips your smooth skin, and i bite your right nipple again, you groan, and swear at me. Teasing my finger strokes your tight bum, as my lips slide round your cock, moist and warm, I slide the full length of your shaft and clamp my mouth firmly, per cum runs down as my tongue plays with your silky head

The Power of Higher Learning Ch. 03

fetish lickerwell 2018-07-19

Apparently they felt that the bulk of their relationship should be hidden from my sister and I until we turned an age where we might understand better and Mom had decided 16 was the right time for me to know the truth in order to start living within it. As our food arrived Jessica continued, "My sister, however, relishes the power she was suddenly given and loves to torment him endlessly," she laughed as she took a sip of her wine, "Mom and I now threaten him that we'll get Megan to punish him if he doesn't meet our expectations.

Chantal Rose

fetish Coeur de Dragon 2018-07-19

Normally they have pink soft nubs but this morning, your nipples are fuller and longer than usual with an incredible darker red colour that contrasts with your skin. My hand leaves your breast, brushes the stray wisp of hair from your cheek to behind your ear, traces down along the edge of your ear, lingers on your earlobe. Your nipple is long and hard and plump and I circle around the edges of your areola with the hard tip of my tongue I notice the first tiny drops of milk. The engorged warm nipple slips between my lips and your hand cradles the back of my head holding me to your breast and I suck gently.

A Whore Wife's Story Ch. 03

fetish Anal Slave 2018-07-19

So sit back and pull your cock out and shoot a big load of cum for my wife. Also you ladies that like to read my stories get your favorite toys out and insert one in your ass and cunt and make yourself cum real hard. Well, I drove home from the auto repair shop my pussy-soaking wet with Ben’s hot thick black cum leaking out of my asshole. I told him that if he was good that I would remove both handcuffs and let him play with his cock while I fucked him. I lie down on my back and I order my husband to get on top of me and impale my cock up his ass and fuck it like a good sissy slut.

Two Cheerleaders, One Footboy

fetish fflover58 2018-07-19

Jensen was never good looking to begin anyway, having a chubby face, perpetual dark circles around his eyes, and basically no neck to speak off. However, I was often told I look more like my daddy, with my light blonde hair, heart shaped face, and flat, thick eyebrows. Meanwhile, I began to notice Jensen's eye contact breaking whenever he could without detection from mom. Jensen did seem like the type of guy to be into feet, and perhaps other dirty things too. I could tell Jensen was paying attention now, his eyes glued between mom and I. I accidentally made a creaking noise that alerted Jensen, who turned around with one of my mom's running shoes in hand.

Dating Service Dilemma

fetish Phoenix Arrow 2018-07-19

Sally encouraged me to take this seriously, so after studying each question, I choose: Very Successful, Moderately Attractive, Let me order for myself, A compromise, and Romantic. So with both of us giggling the whole time, she choose: Success not important, Looks aren't important, order for me without asking, For him to always win arguments, and for him to be Rough in bed. He was well off and very successful, but his work never gave him the time he wanted for dating. With me seemingly being the luckiest girl in the world by finding the perfect guy, I wanted to see what the other end of the spectrum looked like.

Mistress Tanya Ch. 04

fetish Palancar 2018-07-19

Tanya looked my way and told me that Sam was one question ahead of me. She finally collapsed on top of Sam. I pulled my tongue from her ass and began to lick her juices from her still impaled pussy. She asked Sam if I'd done a good job sucking his cock. After a few minutes for her to catch her breath we then moved to the shower where she sat on the bench, spread her legs, pulled me to her pussy, and told me that she need to pee and that doing so in my mouth turned her on immensely. Moving up to her clit and sucking it into my mouth sent her over the edge again as orgasmic pleasure wracked her body until she slumped down spent.

The Best Face Fucking Slut

fetish 2018-07-19

"I don't know if I can do that Sir." Her mind quickly filled with pictures of her legs spread, her pussy wet as her fingers played up and down her slit, Bill instructing her what to do as she sucked his cock eagerly, holding her breath as she waited for the inevitable time when he would cum in her mouth. "What a lovely hot mouth Cindy, your hot breath is making me want to cum." He pulled her forward more, eager to feel her lips around his cock. "Yes, suck hard Cindy," he moaned in pleasure as his cock banged against the back of her throat, his hips driving his cock with pounding thrusts, her sweet lips wrapped so tightly around his cock.

Girl's Night Pt. 11

fetish DifferentBreed 2018-07-19

"Fuck it," Sophie said thoughtfully, "maybe now, since you want to be a pathetic little bitch, and since you already told Eve you wanted more, yeah I fucking heard you, you sissy fuck, instead of just a cock in your mouth, you can cum when you have one buried in your sweet virgin ass... "Hiya cutie," Fisher said, leaning into the stranger, his cock twitching as he attempted to flirt, "I'm sissy cocksucker Candi, I'd be happy to let you see how much of a cum slut I am." The group went over to railing, following Sophie's pointed finger to the side of the dance floor where Eve and Fisher were gyrating atop the laps of two smartly dressed business men in their booth, neither seeming to mind as the men's hands roamed freely over their bodies.


fetish dna27fog 2018-07-19

We texted back and forth about very mundane stuff the rest of the way home, intermittently as traffic stoppages would allow. I went in, and told my wife that I was going out with some people from work, and she didn't question me further. It was also a place where my wife, her friends, and tons of people we know frequented, but as always, I couldn't say no to Heather. "Sure" I said as I got back in and started to North East. We started driving around the back roads in Cecil County looking for a place secluded enough to fuck without getting caught. "Have you missed this?" she said with the tip of my cock waiting to gain entrance, poised nearly touching her lips.

What Did You Do Last Night, Miss? Ch. 02

fetish Arsehole Addict 2018-07-19

Just spit on my arsehole and ram that big brown monster up my shitter." Emma's delicate forefinger located her throbbing shit-ring and began plunging into her anus, as if scratching the itch which only Shafiq's tool could soothe. We'll all take turns fucking your arse until you have to shit out the biggest load of jism you've ever been given." I return to my licking of Emma's humid butthole, savouring its earthy taste, covering her puckered rim with my lips as I drive my tongue as far into her rectum as I can. I want to see what your beautiful arsehole is really made for; see a big fat turd slither out of your brown-hole and then ram my cock into your rectum while it's still hot and moist with your shit." The last taboo has been reached.

Stocking Stuffer

fetish Runtz3 2018-07-19

Standing together their size difference was jaw dropping, Angie's breasts looked are like large coconuts and in that bra I could almost see the areola around her nipples peeking out, while Carry's humble breasts created no visible cleavage at all. "I..." Angie blushed coyly, "sorry about that" then turned away, but lost her balance and fell back on Jack's lap his cock pinned between his stomach and her thick ass, only barely covered with a thin fabric flossed between her cheeks. Jack took Carry's face in his hands and lifted her ear to his mouth; his cock pointing right at my wife who let out whimpers looking at his bulbous head.