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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Let's Play a Game Pt. 01

fetish Vassal0 2018-07-19

"Well," she said to herself, "I might as well try to pee into this, its either that or the floor." Not ready to clean up a big mess (yet) Kim placed the glass on the tiled floor and pulled down the sweatpants and panties she was wearing in one swift motion. Giving her husband's now limp penis one last clean up lick Kim pulled up her pants as she stood up, not caring for the wetness of her messy wee, she knew that this would be the new routine for her when ever she finished peeing. Lets keep playing this game!" He put his dick back into his pants and zipped up his fly as he grabbed two clean glasses and filled them with water, handing one to Kim.

A surprising invitation

fetish 2018-07-19

Her lips are painted deep crimson, her mouth is slightly open, and her eyes are closed, probably deliberately. Are you sure you've sent this to the right person?" I press send and rejoin my friends at the bar but moments later, my pocket buzzes again. This time it's a long shot, of a latex clad body lying on a bed, legs spread and with a spreader bar between the ankles. There's a TV on a small ledge in the top left hand corner of the room that I can see as I come in, and on it, I can see a hooded woman clad in black latex slowly penetrate herself with a large, thick cream coloured double dildo.

A Fetish Discovered

fetish biisgreat 2018-07-19

I was naked on all fours wearing stockings and a sexy thong which had been pushed aside to make way for the 8 inch plastic cock that was, at that moment, buried in my ass. Sue got off the bed and started to strip. She joined me on the bed and we kissed, Sue was really turned on. Soon she was cumming, then she asked me, or told me, to fuck her. Sue enjoyed being taken anally but didn't know that I wanted it too. She asked if I wanted to wear other things such as dresses and skirts. She told me that at first she was absolutely gobsmacked but had quickly come to accept that it was something I liked and she openly admitted that it had turned her on that afternoon.

punishment for going to work

fetish harmrm 2018-07-19

thought i would come home watch collage football. well when i got home man i was in for the punishment of my life. i sat on the couch watching football and the wifey walked in and went to the bed room to put on a teddy and bring a pair of thongs for me to wear with all her toys in hand.we made out on the couch and as i got my bj she told me to play on the puter. which i did got chatting withanother couple when i felt her lube up my tail and inserted her finger so i keep chatting then other toys started to entering my rear.after a while she put me in the corner sitting on a vib.

Alice Pantyhose in Wonderland Ch. 01

fetish nylonleglover 2018-07-19

While being a personal secretary for the CEO of a major hosiery company wasn't the most glamorous of professions she could have chosen, she loved having to dress in skirts every day and of course the near unlimited supply of pantyhose, tights and stockings from consumer samples that just so happened to make their way into her purse almost daily. Rubbing her knees together, the sudden reminder of how it felt to slip on a supple pair of nylons over her already silky legs made her pussy wet. Running two fingers between her legs over her sheer, double pantyhose encased pussy, Alice began to rub her clit slowly with long circling strokes that were like lightning with each touch.

30 Days or Bust: Day 09

fetish l8bloom 2018-07-19

Two or three times she looked long and hard at her work, taking notes of some kind in between each visual inspection. It was kind of like a pine, only the needles were greener and softer-looking. "No. But I'm sore, and if you suck me I'm afraid it will hurt, but if you don't, then it won't be every day, and it might not work, and I don't want to screw this up. She would impale herself on my raging cock, her hands around the back of my neck, and I would look up at the sweet tableau of her breasts, her hazel eyes ... Twisting my head this way and that, again I barely gave suck, letting my tongue do most of the work.

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 09

fetish Sodomite 2018-07-19

My neighbor looked at me as she walked towards the door and simply stated "you might want to start recording now," as a wide smile graced her face. Suzanne started licking my Neighbor's anus holding her ass cheeks and pulling them apart. My neighbor applied a bit of lube on Suzanne's ass hole and slowly pushed her finger into her tight anal ring to make sure nothing was left dry. I slowly lowered my body until my neighbor grabbed my cock and pulled it to point straight down and started to suck on the head. As I fucked Suzanne's ass my neighbor grabbed her dildo and started plunging it into her pussy matching the speed of my strokes.

When You Gotta Go...

fetish Surrenders2you 2018-07-19

I told him the oil leaking down the cleft of my ass made me want to feel his hot pee in that same way. Jay took my ass cheeks in his hands and started to move me up and down, but I needed to be still, to concentrate on peeing. I pulled back from him a bit, leaving only the head of his cock inside of me, and taking a deep breath, started peeing again. But when he felt the heat of the pee on his cock, he started thrusting wildly, moaning, grunting, saying, "OH GOD!" I continued to let it go, hearing it splash over his cock and into the toilet bowl. He pulled his cock out and using the juices, pussy mingled with pee, he pushed forward into my ass.

A New Job for Prof. Davis Ch. 02

fetish tabber 2018-07-19

As she stepped toward me, nude from the waist down, Kacey looked me in the eye and did that magical "girl crosses her arms in front of her and pulls her shirt up over her head" move. I took in a deep breath of her aroma and when I pulled the shirt down, she was twirling her bra around her fingertips. I pulled my hand back and came down hard on her ass. I gave Kacey a few thrusts and she felt so damn good that before I knew it, I was quickly pulling out of her. She was standing just inside of the exit door, her cheer skirt pulled up and her fingers were working her pussy.

Solving My Little Problem

fetish KarlMartinK 2018-07-19

Follow me." The prospect of fucking a hot girl like Angie had me so excited, I had to force myself not to take the stairs two at a time. First question: Do you think this bathing suit looks okay on me?" She untied the sarong skirt and held it loosely in one hand as she turned to show me her near naked ass. Angie didn't seem to be alarmed at the small size of my cock, at least not yet, but if she touched it or pulled my shorts down, I know she would notice. I couldn't face that kind of embarrassment, so I sat up a little and reached for Angie's hands.

Chris & Jenn

fetish cbf316 2018-07-18

"I was barefoot for 2 days waiting for to come down and lick them" Jenn purred as with those words Chris began to lick with the fury of a man who had won a million dollars as his tongue and mouth went to work like a man eating his last meal. "Well I am glad I got it first and Chris I will be gentle, please let me know if it hurts I don't want to hurt you ok" Jenn said and Chris nodded yes and Jenn rubbed some oil on her hands and then hopped on his back and moved between his legs. "Chris if I am hurting you in any way let me know" Jenn said as she slide 2 fingers in and began to rub around his hole and his entire butt.

Panties Dot Cum Ch. 01

fetish JustPlainMerrie 2018-07-18

I thought about some anonymous client trying to shove his hard cock through my cotton panties and I shoved my vibrator deep inside my slippery cunt. Many times I would cum in my panties just looking at the pictures that were sent to me or reading the comments. Inside, I found an envelope and a zip lock bag stuffed with a pair of black silk panties with a cotton crotch. I opened the envelope first which contained a money order for a substantial amount and five photos of Tom. I hadn't expected Tom to show his face and a part of me didn't want to know what he or any of my clients looked like but Tom was pretty average looking.

While You're Away

fetish footshrimper 2018-07-18

I originally wrote this by hand but my handwriting got so sloppy and the paper I wrote on got stained because I was trying to write while I played with my pussy. What I really need now is a nice long, wet tongue to lick my tits and snake around my pussy. Mmmmmm I need a big, fat, stiff cock deep inside my hot wet cunt!" Stretching and sloshing around my wide open cunt I reach deep inside, churning my juices, rubbing and pressing hard against my swollen clit. I have four fingers of my left hand stuffed deep inside my cunt and I'm enjoying each and every fucking second....oh wait.....I feel a decision cumming on.....

Desk Duty

fetish flutterbykiss64 2018-07-18

While you are on the phone still tending to the business at hand I start to unzip your trousers and release your mighty trout. He is still soft so I massage and caress him and then glide him into my mouth slowly……I feel him getting harder as I suckle him. Moving my hand up and down your staff licking the underneath soft skin that connects your penis to its testicles. As you enjoy my womanly juices and suckle my nub, your hand glides up to caress my breasts that lay bare beneath my blouse. I feel your fingers glide into my throbbing vaginal canal and move in and out as you suck my clit.

One Wild Night

fetish egirl1212 2018-07-18

He pulled her panties down and dove into her cunt like a sex-starved god, making her clit quiver and her pulse race as he licked and sucked and lapped at her pussy's dripping lips. He forced her ass cheeks apart so he could watch his cock slam in and out of her little cunt and see the delicate pink star of her asshole. Alice's eyes widened as if she might protest, but Carter forced his cock into her mouth and down her throat again. As she jerked his cock with one hand and sucked his balls, she circled his tight asshole with one finger and edged the tip of one manicured finger up his ass.

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 06

fetish Suzanne James 2018-07-18

As Jack's arms encircled me and his mouth went to my breast, I could feel his big cock pressing hard against me. My job was to let Jack feed me while I enjoyed his mouth on my tits, licking and sucking my hard nipples. His hands strayed from my neck down my body, cupping my breasts, feeling their weight and tweaking my nipples, and the proceeded to stroke my belly. I'd gotten on my knees and given Jack a long blow job as he leaned against the shower wall, savoring the sensation of my wet mouth licking and sucking his big cock. "It's a bit snug with that lovely belly of yours, but I think you'll grow to like the feeling", he murmured, as he fondled my waist and ass.

A Creamy Friday Night

fetish RedHairLuvr 2018-07-18

My hard cock presses into the crack of her ass, my hand wrapped around her, holding her tit, I nuzzle up to her neck and gently nibble a bit. She can feel my cock throbbing against her ass and by the way she's rubbing against it, I know she's getting hot too. Driving someone wild can go both ways, so while I have her foot in my mouth and her ass against my chest, I reach down between her legs from behind and slowly rub my finger across her hot pussy lips. I am licking and tasting all I can and I can feel my cock throbbing with excitement and at the same time, a flood of juices runs out of her now wet pussy, soaking my fingers.

Daddy and Babygirl - Foot Fun

fetish daddysgirl83 2018-07-18

She took Daddy's hardened cock in her hands and licked it with her tongue from his balls all the way to the tip of the head. Babygirl was so excited to see how much pleasure Daddy got from that, she took his whole length back in her mouth again, using her fingers to play with his balls and back to his ass. As she leaned forward she took Daddy's dick and placed it between her tits, pushing them up and around his cock, wrapping them tightly around him. Daddy's powerful hand slid up and down his cock a couple times and then he let out a loud groan as he came all over her face, some of his cum sliding down her chin and dripping onto her tits.

caught by daughter inlaw

fetish mytomg4u 2018-07-18

She tasted so good I got hard fast just thinking She looked at me and said I was going to pay big for this. I did as she said and stood before my daughter inlaw nude. said she didn't ask that, then do you like them? said , you've got a big dick and its not real hard, stroke it now. ! She then said jack off and shoot my load up my chest ! I did as she said , licking her fingers clean . She said well bitch you better get dressed, leave the bra and panties She said she has always wanted to try some Its Friday, my son is gone for the week and she said to cum over, she has

Menopause & Pizza

fetish canadiancougarr 2018-07-18

to find what I am looking for and laugh as I ask him to turn his head so I might get the money out Scott feels a slender hand caress the throbbing bulge he tries Licking her lips as her eyes dart around the room ...she lowers herself down to his cock watch out the corner of my eye as Victoria starts to unravel. is weak He opens for me as I pump them in his young boy mouth, his big lips close on my fingers over Scotts face and cascades down the toy, dripping into the corners of his mouth, giving him As I face fuck him and grab his head with both hands, I bury him deep inside my

Her Panties

fetish PrincessErin 2018-07-18

Kyle stood at the door of his bedroom watching his fiancé get ready for the party. Kyle was practically drooling and as she glanced at his crotch she could see the outline of his cock against his dress pants. The evening continued and without realizing it Sammy was slowly giving signs to Kyle of how horny she was getting. Sammy giggled as she entered the woman's washroom and slowly removed her panties. Kyle entered the washroom and getting into a stall unzipped his dress pants, pulling out his long thick cock. He finished cumming and zipped up his pants, holding his fiancé soaking wet panties in his left hand. Sammy grinned as she reached for his left hand, grabbing her panties.



fetish felixxander 2018-07-18

I opened the door to see my s****r, Nicole, and her friends Linda and Katie watching porn on the TV. As she did Katie leaned over and grabbed my hand and brought it to her face so Nicole's panties were at her nose, and took a deep sniff as she looked me straight in the eye. At this point Katie grabbed my s****r's panties from my hand, wrapped them around my cock and started wanking me. I looked away from Nicole to see if Linda had noticed (she had) and Katie stopped wanking me. This went on for some minutes before I felt the grip on my cock relax (as Katie let go of Nicole's hand), and quickly tighten again as my s****r took to wanking me without Katie's assistance.

Solving My Little Problem Ch. 03

fetish KarlMartinK 2018-07-18

I'm a late sleeper, though, so I wasn't too surprised to wake up and go down to the kitchen and see my sister, Linda, and her hot friend, Angie, already laying out by the pool. Either that or one of the other girls could come out and discover me being naked right there and I'd have to explain it, but then again, Angie did say she'd make it worth my efforts and I had every reason to believe the woman who had already made me cum three times within the first few hours of meeting her. "Okay, whatever," Linda said, pulling her hand away from my leg and putting her head back down on the deck chair.

Full Fledged Suck Puppet

fetish 2018-07-18

I like being stuck in a toilet cubicle on my knees, in my white pantys, two or more men and their cocks pressed up against me, their cocks slapping my face and forcing their way into my mouth, no room to move in such a cramped and confined spaces. I scooped up the lung batter and rubbed it onto my cock while he sniffed on more poppers, I had some again, two very long sniffs in each nostril, I wanted to feel as passive as possible as I had my throat destroyed by this mammoth cock. I sat there masturbating sniffing poppers for the rest of the day, even sucked a couple more cocks, sat in and caked in bodily fluids, thinking about that alpha cock r****g my throat, using me like a piece of meat.