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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Sharing A Dildo

fetish ILuvAnal 2018-07-18

I smiled and headed upstairs where I found a pair of black pantyhose, dog collar, blindfold and Walkman (complete with headphones) laid out on the bed along with another note. "Good," she said and she placed the headphones back on my ears and turned the music back on to once again deprive me of being able to hear what was going on about the room. My cock was growing hard despite the constraints of the nylon and felt a hand stroke it teasingly, again the object withdrawn and replaced. After a few minutes of riding my mouth, Martha grabbed a full head of my hair with her hand and pulled my head completely into her crotch.

My b*****r (Part 9)

fetish 2018-07-18

-Sorry.- and quickly tiptoed to my bedroom, hoping he would think me touching him was an accident, after all, it didn’t last that long. I quickly got under the covers, and maybe from the stress or the rejection, felt tears drop down. Suddenly I heard the door open. I quickly dried my eyes and popped my head from out of the covers. He carefully walked towards my bed, trying not to bump into anything, and then sat on it’s edge. What a hell that’s too bad means? I was trying to make out his face expression, but that was almost impossible in such darkness. Suddenly he got up… But I chose to stay silent, hoping that he will reveal the meaning soon.

A Son's Curiosity

fetish Sion Sierra 2018-07-18

I began playing with my ass thinking of my mother's collection of dildos. I looked at the dildo bending slightly realizing I wanted to deep throat it. I entered my Mother's room feeling like such a naughty little girl. I spread my legs fingering the tip of my ass under my Mom's panties. The dildo went fully into my ass. I felt my mom's presence looking in on me. I watched rubbing my dick through my Mom's panties. After each question he replied "Yes, Mistress." Half way through the questioning I began to cum. I was embarrassed and felt guilty that I was watching this man suck my mom's strap on between answering.


fetish Ed0613 2018-07-18

I think the client will be very pleased." I started to leave but when I got to the door I had a thought, turned around and half joked, "By the way if you need some help with that spanking let me know." She grabbed me by the arm and pulled my ear down to her mouth and in a conspiratorial way whispered, "You can spank me anytime." She stuck her tongue in my ear, gave me peck on the cheek and left me standing there in the hall, watching her beautiful bottom undulating sensually down the hall, away from me and my hardening dick. I was using my hand on her very red, hot, beautiful ass, spanking it hard, delivering a clout with it each time I thrust the paddle into her.

Retweet Surprise from s*s

fetish bigboy91 2018-07-18

After about another minute of tongue lashing I felt her pussy begin to squirt her delicious juices into my mouth, luckily for me as her orgasm hit she took my dick to the base just as I felt my balls tighten and the cum race straight up to the head and filled her mouth with what felt like a gallon of cum. I started pumping my dick in and out of my s****r with slow rythmic strokes while Candice began licking her pussy. With that Candice grabbed my balls and gently but firmly squeezed and pulled on them while I slammed into my s****r and began filling her delicious pussy with my hot cum.

Carol's Lactating Breasts

fetish Kip Carson 2018-07-18

Heather sucked the milk from Carol's large nipple. Carol moaned as she felt Heather's hand move closer to her wet pussy. Carol moaned loudly as she felt Heather take her swollen clit into her mouth. Carol bucked her hips, meeting each thrust of Heather's wet, hot tongue. Heather continued sucking Carol's hot pussy causing her to cum yet another time. Heather sucked the warm mama's milk hungrily, as she stroked Carol's hot pussy. Heather straddled Carol's face and lowered her hot, wet, tight pussy onto her open mouth. Heather rode Carol's face, grinding her wet pussy against her probing tongue. Carol could feel Heather's warm, soft thigh as it rubbed against her hot, wet pussy.

Solving My Little Problem Ch. 04

fetish KarlMartinK 2018-07-18

"That's good, but like I said, she doesn't want you to know who she is, so this is the part where it's going to sound a little weird, okay?" I thought girls were supposed to be more emotionally attached and that kind of thing, but I guess Angie and whichever one it was who was going to come suck my dick were both just free-spirited and didn't abide by that rule. I gripped Angie's ass with both hands and pulled her pussy down onto my face, instantly aware of her state of arousal, which gave me the idea that setting up a blowjob for me from her friend was also a turn-on for her. I was hard and ready for her friend to come suck my little cock, but Angie stroking it didn't feel bad either.

A Memory from College

fetish mugs101 2018-07-18

"I want to start at your toes and kiss and lick my way up your hosed covered leg, kissing every inch then moving behind your knee and kissing that spot in the back then slowly working my way to your thighs and to your sweet pussy." "I want to start at your toes and kiss and suck each one through your hose then work my way along your arch to your ankle twirling my tongue around your ankle bone then make my way along your Achilles up the back of your calf taking my time enjoying your hose covered legs slowly making my way to your sweet pussy."

Fulfilling My Wife's Cuckquean Fantasy Again

fetish JackTheCrackAttack 2018-07-18

Jenny giggled then said "okay." She worked my cock faster with her breasts and I moaned, I got up to shower and I wanted Jenny to join me, but she decided to cook breakfast in the nude. I could feel Jenny's asshole accept my tongue as it began to open while I forced my way in. I got to my feet and Jenny immediately turned around to tongue my mouth. We both smiled and held each other for a few minutes, enjoying the touch of each other's bodies and that post-sex feeling you get after a nice long fuck. Jenny and I headed up to go shower together, but when we got to our bedroom, I ended up diving onto the bed.

Cuckquean - Ellen, the Honest

fetish QueanLeah 2018-07-18

He was a young, bronzed, hard-body, the few inches added to his waist in the last quarter century invisible through the eyes of a girl in love. Try exposing the deepest darkest most humiliating secret to the one you love more than life itself, knowing it would shatter his view of you, and perhaps lose him forever. He who gave his life for over two decades to make sure I wanted for nothing, that I was safe, secure, loved and protected. The way her hand brushes against me whenever she gets the chance, the manner in which she looks at me, I know I only have to ask." He nodded, grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me with a passion that buckled my knees and flooded my panties.

Fuckmeat 14

fetish RobynBanks 2018-07-18

I remove my jacket and fling it aside, fingers at the buttons of my blouse as the young man fucks my mouth; then I stagger to my feet and unzip my skirt, shimmying to get the thing past my hips. "If you lot don't stop coming inside me I'm going to get pregnant for sure." It's a lie of course, I'm not capable of conceiving, but some of the men seem to like the idea of leaving me knocked up. Two or three are repeaters, I'm not sure of exact numbers, it all gets too confusing, but I think some of them have squirted into my pussy as well as dumped a load on my face or breasts.

Magic Hands Ch. 02

fetish Frozenhero 2018-07-18

She had this totally hot guy's cock in her hand, but it wasn't turning her on like it did when she jerked off Mr. Anderson and his two pervert buddies. Sloan stared at him for a few moments and found she couldn't stop thinking about Mr. Anderson's hairy balls or the way his cum smelled when the old pervert sprayed it all over her. Taking a moment to pinch and play with the nipples of her barely B-cup breasts, Sloan got her pink little buds nice and erect; she wanted the men to have something to see, which would help her get them off quickly. "I'm a nasty whore, Mr. Anderson." Sloan panted, inhaling the scent of cum all over her body and lost in the bliss of orgasm.

My Future Mother in Law

fetish lovethemold 2018-07-18

With trembling hands I opened the lid and there sitting on the top was a pair of Kathy’s brown support tights with the large panties still inside them. I looked in the laundry basket again and found another pair of tights with the panties still in them and one of Kathy’s bras. I started to rub my cock through her tights and panties I was wearing imagining she was rubbing my cock and that I was rubbing her pussy….slipping the shoes off and rubbing my feet together and wriggling my toes, all the time thinking of her doing it….smelling and sucking the gusset of her soiled panties, trying to suck any of her juices from them…..

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 06

fetish Freddyj881 2018-07-18

Katie looked at me and smiled as she pulled her hand out of my pants and lifted it up to her mouth. "Oh fuck I'm cumming..." Katie's body feels like its convulsing as her legs are like pythons wrapping around me as her pelvis rises from the bed against my mouth. Katie released me and looked up, "Are you going to cum already baby," she whispered as she continued to stroke me with her hand. I don't want you too accidentally cum." Katie sits up as I look at her in disbelief, "If you jack off - I will never suck your dick again - our sex life will return to the way it was." Katie leans in and kisses my forehead, "Do you understand baby?"

The Bondage Whore, Chapter 14

fetish thongcutoffs 2018-07-18

As Rachel arrived for her shift on a mid-June day, Monica directed her to Jimmy's office. "Hey sweetie, how's my best girl doing?" Jimmy stood and gave Rachel a kiss on the cheek. Rachel always melted when Jimmy said things like that. Your contract ends in thirty days, but there is a renewal option in it. If you choose to continue employment, you can renew your contract for two or four more years. "The deferred money will remain unavailable until the renewal is also successfully completed, but the amount you have as of the contract termination would become vested. Its right here." Rachel, still remembering her mistake in signing an unread contract, repeated the mistake, and happily.

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 13

fetish cuckcpl4play 2018-07-18

Master was excited to remedy this situation as he ordered me to fully absorb my doll's cock deep into my ass and then for me to subsequently and expeditiously pull my eager slutty boy cunt off the tranny's phallus. Sir Jeremy never wasted an opportunity to torment me and spoke loudly, "The fact that slave had an orgasm while being fucked by a tranny doll and while his wife's ass was being pleasured by her Master speaks to what a sissy faggot he truly is and desires to be." Though small, it was evident and worst of all, my wife commented, "Oh how cute," she said, "Look at how cucky's boy clit has become hard at the thought of cleaning his own cum and boy cunt juices from the tranny doll's cock."

Sis Piss Ch. 02

fetish RabbitPrince 2018-07-18

In the blink of an eye, my mouth was full; I gulped down my first wonderful taste of her sour piss and began chugging, opening my throat to consume the torrent of nectar she was cascading into me. I opened my eyes to grin at Marion, who looked like a ten-year-old girl who had just gotten a pony for Christmas. Marion's cheeks were flushed and her nipples hard as diamonds as she masturbated, the wetness of her vagina clearly obvious, reflecting even in the dim light of Leslee's living room at night. Kathy's eyes looked like they would bug out of her head as she watched her older sister and younger brother orgasm right before her. Kathy, Marion and I awoke still snuggled together, both of their heads raising sleepily from my chest to focus on our eldest sister.

Angie's Desires

fetish Southerncharm48 2018-07-18

"Which beautiful lady does Daddy's Baby Girl like?" Scott asks Angie. Stardust puts her hand inside Angie's top and caresses her breasts and just loves her big nipples that are hard as rocks. "No, Baby Girl, Daddy needs you to take care of his hard cock that is throbbing right now." Scott tells Angie as he takes her hand and helps her up. As Angie walks by him to look at the toys Scott grabs her by the arm and jerks her hard and tells her that she is his little slut now and that she will be his for as long as he wants. "Baby Girl loves Daddy's cock very much." Angie says as she hungrily sucks on Scott's hard cock.

Exhibit: Lettice

fetish Clemstra 2018-07-18

"Yes, a fine work, shall we examine Lettice more carefully?" The second man's voice was more reedy, but full. "Why yes Michael, her heel is very well shaped, and the ankles..." She felt his hands smoothing over her foot, then both hands moving over and touching her ankle. The finger stroking her clitoris continued even as the tongue continued working on her Vaginal hole, licking, sucking up her juices. "yes, next time let's also lick her clean, and examine her entire body, shall we?" Others looked her over, stroked her, prodded, smoothed their fingers over her, kissed, fondled, licked and sucked on her that day. They stroked their fingers through her long dark hair, telling her what a beautiful work of art she was.

Becoming Hers Ch. 01

fetish fpat97 2018-07-18

A few hours later, as they were settling into bed, Karen grabbed Alex and kissed him deeply. "Well then, let's see how your 'reserves' are now." Karen said as she leaned back on the bed, bringing Alex with her. They were both naked and Alex could feel how wet her pussy was as his cock rubbed up against Karen's opening. Karen kept moaning as Alex worked his magic, taking his time and building her up. When Karen started bucking her hips so he would fuck her harder, Alex knew his orgasm wasn't far behind. Alex started fucking Karen harder now, knowing his orgasm was close. With another deep kiss and a slight grunt, Alex came deep inside Karen as she moaned into his mouth.


fetish lustybard 2018-07-18

It didn't make any sense, this sudden obsession with her legs; it wasn't anything he'd ever felt for another woman, and certainly it was far from the only thing he'd admired in this one; they had made love several times since meeting in person, and he had spent hours kissing her breasts, her neck and shoulders, even the soft rising curve of her belly – then sliding into her embrace, first above her then below, and while he'd enjoyed her legs he'd never particularly focused on them. It was like being inside a building thunderstorm, and it couldn't help but affect how he touched himself – his hand moving faster, clutching tighter as the shaft became slick and slippery, feeling the heat rise through his body until he moaned softly against her thigh in between kisses.

The Long Way

fetish echelon991 2018-07-18

It didn't take a lot of time to meet people, it's the way things work, but after coming out from a serious relationship, emotionally crippled, my lust for sex was at its highest. My mind went blank yet again, my senses reached a level that I never felt before and we continued kissing passionately. When the time came for our goodbyes, I asked, with great fear, would she like to come over to my place. Natalie said with her sweet voice, almost with some shyness: "You know, I never told you the things that truly turn me on", to which I had no response, I waited for the next part,"I love some weird stuff, and I know you're really in your place, I wasn't really comfortable telling this you yet".

A letter for my lover!

fetish simonenglish 2018-07-18

You roll over to face me, your lips meeting mine frantically trying to undo my jeans and belt to free my cock. You let me slide out unveiling my cock covered in your spit, it’s such a turn on for us both. Before I know it, you place both your hands on my arse cheeks and I begin thrusting my cock back into your mouth. I remove my lips from yours and begin kissing down the side of your neck, beneath your still covered tits to your panty line. I slowly begin to pull down your g string, exposing your glistening pussy. You’ve have really started to fuck my cock with your mouth again.

A Surprise Party with Daddy

fetish LittleTemptress 2018-07-18

Suddenly you pull me to you and kiss me harshly and grasp my hair while your other hand slides across my stomach and starts to pull up my shirt. I try to pull away from you and stop you because I know people will be looking, wondering what's going on but your hold on my hair becomes firmer and I stop struggling. I can feel every ones eyes on me as they try to figure out what's going to happen. I feel your rigid cock begin to pulse and know I will taste you very soon. Closing my eyes and preparing myself for you, you pull out and your hot cum covers my face in thick streams just to show me that I really am Your little cock slut...