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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish badger1 2018-07-18

She allowed him to tongue fuck her for a minute, before informing him, 'I think your enjoying that too much, Mr Simms.' She pushed his head away from her gaping cunt her fingers now kneading her clitoris. She moaned even louder at this new pleasure, He started slowly with elongated strokes, he watched his cock enter the pussy he had dreamt about for months and nearly spent his sperm straight away, but managed to control himself. She humped his head now, he could scarcely breathe for pussy, cum and fanny juice, his tongue licking frantically over her lovely sloppy hole, tasting her and his own thick spunk.

Food In Bed Ch. 01

fetish dmbloco41 2018-07-18

After an eternity of kissing and licking all around my genital area, Becke’ finally allowed her tongue to flick across my balls before gently sliding it up the underside of my cock. With that, Becke’ engulfed my entire cock in her mouth, slowly sliding down to the base, then sliding her tongue along the underside of it as her lips slowly slid back to the head. Becke’ shifted her head slightly to one side and the carbonated bubbles began to release from my cock and float upwards in her mouth. It was a sensation like none other I had ever experienced, and as Becke’ gently tickled the underside of my cock with her tongue, causing more bubbles to dance up and around my cock, I knew whether she was indeed ready or not, I was going to explode.

The Freshman Ch. 04

fetish iman2 2018-07-18

Her boyfriend Chad was thrusting his enormous cock in between the large soft breasts of her friend and teammate Shannon, who was on her knees begging Chad to come on her big tits. Still without looking at Shannon, Mollie turned around to face Chad, who was slowly stroking his cock as he watched the two girls. Mollie's other teammates, Abby and Alex were watching the two girls kiss with their mouths open. Unknown to Abby, however, Chad had had his eyes on her for a long time for the same reason he had ultimately chosen Mollie: her huge ass. Shannon was kneeling in front of Mollie and Alex in front of Abby; the girls were licking each others' breasts and kissing passionately as Chad pounded Mollie.

Annette and the Professor Ch. 03

fetish Dexicreon 2018-07-18

Poor Annette—she was trying to swallow, but the piss was running out of her mouth; in desperation she gripped my penis and pulled it from her mouth and sprayed my pee all over her face and chest. She stood up and spread her legs, as this is what we had done during our pee games in the shower last night. As she bent over to pick up some of the stems and leaves that had fallen on the floor, I got behind her and gripped her ass cheeks and brought my face into her pretty little rosebud anus and tongued it forcefully. We bought the sheets and mattress covers as needed, and I let Annette choose the colors she wanted.

Creampie Ranch

fetish rick_oh 2018-07-18

"I'm a natural blonde all over, and I'd like to get sticky with you." Her white sneakers and bobbie socks deliciously framed her smooth legs, and she seated herself on an armless chair, slowly pulled her skirt up, and spread her knees, showing me her blonde pussy. If you put some cream in my cup, I'll give you a taste of my pie." With that, she reclined on the chair, put her hands on her hips, and spread her legs, displaying a delectable vagina with a light golden mat of pubic hair fluffily surrounding it. Following that, I got on the bed and spread my legs, and asked Joan, "Do you want me to suck you clean after I cum inside you?"

Karen Ch. 03

fetish seat542 2018-07-18

"Karen," I started, "there is a deep intensity inside me which craves things society calls taboo. Taking both hands Karen turned my face towards her and kissed me gently. Looking into my eyes, Karen said softly, "I too have a deep intensity for things taboo. Releasing my nipples, Karen started slowly moving back in front of me, saying, "Very good. "I believe we both know where this is going." Karen spoke in her new voice. Raking her nails across my torso as she circled my body, Karen told me how bad we were for having thoughts about each while we were married to others.

Christmas Came Early

fetish Forfeel 2018-07-18

I went and sat in the living room and Alan headed off into the office only to return a few minutes later. Just get into bed with him pretending I had thought I was staying in that room. I started to spoon him and was running my hand down his chest until I got to his pants. His cock was hard so I leaned over him pulled his pants down a little exposing the tip, and started to suck on it. I moved his pants down a little more so i could suck more and grip his monster cock in my hand. With one hand he began feeling my sex the other he was stroking his cock.

Hot Date

fetish Reid B 2018-07-18

I gulp and say, "oh yeah, baby...suck my dick..." I moan as I look down and see you kiss the end of my cock, your tongue darting out and circling the head. I've always had fantasies of fucking your face, holding your head firmly in my hands and with my dick down your throat, but tonight I can't take my eyes off what you're doing to and for me. "Are you ready to fuck me now, big man?" I kiss your mouth, your face and moan, "Oh please...please let me fuck you." You smile and turn, leaning your arms on the bed with your ass and cunt facing me, waiting for me.

A Little Bit of Lace...

fetish kent011 2018-07-17

Her name was Jill, and I followed her around all the time to get a look at her legs and hoped to see some lace from her slip. I felt her hand on my leg as she moved to feel my swollen cock. In the meantime Jill had removed my cock from my pants and was pumping her hand up and down the shaft. She wrapped her hand around the panties and my cock and started moving up and down the shaft. Jill let go of my cock and I moved between her breasts. I moved my cock to her sweet smelling pussy and rubbed the head up and down the gash of her sex.

Lady in blue.

fetish foolishboy 2018-07-17

As she stares at me she uncrosses her legs and leaves them apart, almost daring me to look away from her eyes, as if to say I know what you want. However, every time it’s my turn to get drinks I wander passed the sofa, and almost every time I find the girl looking back at me smiling in that knowing way. I can’t resist sliding my hand up towards her pussy, even through the pantyhose I can tell that she’s not wearing any knickers. I pull her to the edge of the bed and thrust inside, enjoying the liquid sensation of her warm pussy leaking juice down my legs.

The Device

fetish profx 2018-07-17

"Toilet boy?" I thought myself as her pussy juices began running down my cheeks. "I want you to come, Toilet Boy! Then, as if remembering something important, she brought her right hand up to my mouth and firmly held it open. While I was going down on you, I called you Toilet Boy, and that's what I want you to be. I don't know why, but there was nothing I wanted more than to serve as Taylor's toilet! Her feet were quite malodorous this morning, so I'd imagine it's going to be quite severe after they get all sweaty from running. Before you eat all the gross contents of my sweaty socks, I want you to clean my feet with your tongue.

Weekend with Elizabeth & Charlie Ch. 02

fetish LisaRains 2018-07-17

"Charlie," she commanded, "keep an eye on our bad boy here while I take Betsy into the powder room for some girl talk." Then to me, she said: "Follow me, we have so much to discuss without these boys listening in and why not enjoy a lovely bubble bath at the same time." "I had a feeling you'd want to freshen up so I had Charlie get the bath ready for us before you got here," Elizabeth said, slipping the shirt from my shoulders. And Greg is going to love it too because he's going to know it makes you feel like a queen." Elizabeth rinsed off all the soap and wrapped a big bath towel around me as we stepped out of the tub.

Evan & Emily Ch. 01

fetish cashcrunch 2018-07-17

"Awww," Kara slowly shimmed up so that she straddled Evan on the bed, setting her pussy, wet with their shared cum, on his limp cock. He had thought nothing of fucking Kara's pussy for hours and then shoving his cock in her mouth to blow his load - forcing her to share the taste of their sex, but she'd never resisted. Kara had never made him come while riding him, but with Emily's tight little pussy stroking his dick and her great tits in his face, he never lasted more than 20 minutes. With that, Evan began licking away at Emily's pussy again, not that he really had a choice as she was now literally riding his mouth and nose smearing their mixed juices all over his face.

The XXXorcist Just TRY Not To Cum Ch. 02

fetish tevyus 2018-07-17

I couldn't believe my eyes, but those thick red nipples streamed constant pin-hole sprays of white milk a few inches into the air -- and they shot a little further with her every heartbeat. Those guys hurled semen through the air for so long, it gave Cara time to bring herself off for a good first orgasm. When he stopped sucking for a few seconds, she took her enormous breasts in hand and pressed them to his face until his cock spasmed. But I saw how happy she was with her own cornucopia of breast milk as she let it run over her palm, dripping all over Frank for a minute. I watched them pant, while little streams of milk kept on running down Cara's breasts.

Deliveries Ch. 02

fetish TonightICanWriteTheFilthiestLines 2018-07-17

He had a glass bottle in each hand, one milk and one cream, and a little paper bag pinched against the milk bottle with one finger. I looked up at him and batted my eyelashes and pursed my lips for him like a pinup girl, and I felt his cock give a twitch of acknowledgement under the fabric of his trousers. I held his cock head in my mouth, gently circling it with my tongue, and I looked him in the eyes to signal that he should proceed as he pleased. Then with the squashed hand-warmed butter he took hold of my breasts and slicked them, from the underside upward, lifting them in his hands, letting them fall.

Threshold of Desire

fetish Cuthbert 2018-07-17

I took my time, smoothing the panties over my bottom, feeling their lush silkiness and letting the moment develop. I stood right before you wearing my delicate blouse, panties and stockings with my hands on my hips, "Well, it looked like you were staring at me." I had never confronted you quite like this before and you were caught off balance, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare." You were clearly embarrassed and avoided looking at me. I want you to look at my panties right now and tell me how they make you feel. It makes me want to kneel in front of you and feel the softness of your panties on my face.

Why I Can't Wear Shorts

fetish strangecareer 2018-07-17

"Poor guy," Kim said, "I like Josh. Carine and Rick crept into the house, and pulled out a pair of George's running shorts. Just as he got the red shorts to his ankles, Carine rushed up and pushed Josh into the pool. "George, please don't be mad because Josh is -- well, special and much larger than you." Kim said. "Yeah, donkey schlong Josh and donkey brain Rick." Jenny piped in, as she and Carine started laughing. Jenny yelled over, she had a ruler next to Rick, who was smiling, with a look that said, this is actually kind of fun. Without letting George have time to object, Kim walked over to Josh and put her hand on his shaft.

Jumping Melons Bus Co. Ch. 05

fetish qexiqex 2018-07-17

In fact, only three of the girls were spared of the exercises: May, as Richie was busy with Lily's pair, Noe, the personal entertainer of Betty, and Helen, the owner of the fun pillows at Linda's seat. Gus stopped the bus for a moment and announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to enter the road to Tat Mak. This part of the trip will be very shaky and I advice everybody to get seated and hold onto those fleshy handles above." He giggled like a teen as he explained the dedication of his girl, how she managed to turn up with 'canned breasts', and how she managed to get herself into those rings all the while offering free whisky and milk to everyone who asked.

Looking after the step cousin!

fetish ninaslut4321 2018-07-17

Before he could even think about fucking me (although he probably wouldn't know where to start) his cock became really hard and he started shaking, this was his first encounter of somebody else making him cum! After I swallowed every bit of his cum he quickly told me to get dressed and stay in a deep sl**p. He zipped his zip back and stayed on the sofa while I slowly got dressed with my eyes still closed. (this boy had a blowjob and cum in girls mouth before he`d even kissed more than 1 girl) I asked him if he wanted me to show him how its done so he`s good at it next time.

Bound to Enjoy It

fetish shambles 2018-07-17

Megan spread her legs a little, and I was able to see that already there was a wet patch just above where her thighs joined "This is what it feels like to be stripped," I told her. But her legs were still resting on the bed, and I needed them much higher, So I secured a rope to each end of the cane and ran it back to the bedhead to pull her knees and thighs up from the bed so that every intimate part of her, her clitoris, her labia, her vulva, her by now wide open vagina and her anus were all open, naked, spread and accessible.

In Pam's Control Pt. 02

fetish Scottt 2018-07-17

I found them at the side of the bed, inhaled their magnificent scent (they were a tangy combination of ass, pussy, and a bit of her golden nectar) I put them on one leg at a time, and slid them over my stiff cock. Steph is small, about 5 ft 4 with a super tight body, long blonde hair, and perfect breasts (I think some work was done in that department!) She is always in heels, and works in the same building as Pam. She looks a lot like actress Hayden Panettiere, from TV show Nashville. "I think you will be pleased Mistress, and I will heat the oil for your massage." I thought I heard Steph giggling close by.

Prom Date Ch. 01

fetish lilactwist 2018-07-17

"I saw you from across the room, I was thinking of a way to apologize for the lousy time I offered during our senior prom," I responded, taking her hand, "Man, those were rough years." She looked the same, only more beautiful with age, finely featured, still blond, wonderful figure. And she picked up a piece of ruby red tuna sushi and gently devoured it, very sensuously it eased into her mouth, the wasabi coating her finger as she tongued it off. "I know Red, I know, I figured." She chewed another piece and said, "I feel like being naughty tonight, my real life is a world away tonight." She thrust the mess into my mouth again, this time laughing at the act.

part 2 of chapter 12

fetish lippy100 2018-07-17

"In fact, thinking about, leaving you here for the night seems like the right thing to do, given your lip and the way you keep disrespecting me." With that Sheriff Stone strode around his desk and roughly grabbed hold of my arm, pulling me towards the holding cell. I obeyed by splaying my legs wide open, in a manner very reminiscent of what I was required to do for my Parents in Law. I gulped in surprise as I felt the huge hand of Sheriff Stone cradle my vagina. To my dismay Sheriff Stone withdrew his fingers, however I froze when his hands roughly gripped my buttocks, pulling them apart so my anus was stretched and fully exposed.

Goddess Cana in Training

fetish suckurtoesies 2018-07-17

I remarked to Faye sort of matter of factly that, "The garden and pool are really wonderful." She then said, "I want to interview a new gardener." With those sexy brown eyes, blue eyeliner and red lipstick she peered at me and said, "Are you interested?" Cana must not have told her that I was running my own business and was doing very well at it but I was determined not to tell Ms. McAdams no about anything because it might ruin whatever this was leading to. "I need Lucas very much but still he leaves me frustrated sometimes and I know he enjoys being with Cana and Dee. So I want you to worship my feet and give me the best oral sex that you are capable of.