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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Skank-Hunter Ch. 01

fetish devoutmalesub 2018-07-17

too good to miss out on." Jessica unzipped me and snaked my shaft from my boxers as my face turned more and more red, my big, angry, purple-headed cock kept growing and I saw the clerk's mouth drop agape. That's right, once, twice, push into her a little deeper, now; good, one more time..." She said, whispering. "Now," more gruffly, "impale this stupid twat." I grabbed the clerk's hips and shoved me big, meaty, thick cock deep into the mature cunt. The clerks had creamed all over my cock and then I buried it deep in, again, at Jessica's request. I pulled up and Jessica was already out the door, the beer loaded into the Jeep and she covered it with a blanket.

Tiny Jax Pt. 01

fetish DomBrit 2018-07-17

Jax went to work in the basement lab of the house he shared with his girlfriend, Ren. After much thought, Jax came up with the idea to make a serum that would temporarily shrink him to the size of a salt shaker so he wouldn't be easily noticed venturing around the house watching Ren. The next day Jax started his serum as soon as Ren went to work. While the serum was on the burner he went to work on finding a way for him for make it up stairs quicker. The only think Jax was able to say for the next few hours was "hey honey." That night when he was lying in bed he came to the conclusion he needed to be tiny a lot longer than an hour.


fetish Mushrom 2018-07-17

I checked out the room, placing an extra box of rubbers in the bedside table. After haggling for a few minutes, we settled on $20 for a fast blowjob in his car. I then unzipped him, rolled on a rubber, and started sucking. He ran his fingers through my hair as I sucked, and shot off in less than 5 minutes. He gave me an extra $20, and I entered the lobby to "arrange for a room." I waited 3 minutes, then exited. I rolled the rubber onto him, then sucked him for a couple of minutes, to make sure he was as hard as possible. As he was getting close the fourth time, he started begging me to continue.

The Stiletto Trap

fetish golfinho2 2018-07-17

I was wearing pumps with 4" heels all day, and I don't think I sat down more than 2 times in 12 hours. I began to pull on the shoe very hard to try to remove it, and received an electrical shock from the shoe that scared me half to death! I examined it for a few minutes noticing how smooth and flawless it was, just like the shoes were when I received them-- the day I made the biggest mistake of my life. The toes are so tight, and these heels!" I was just about to stop her when I received a shock in my shoes and in my collar.

Sow Primer Ch. 04

fetish InYourDreams 2018-07-17

Katie drifted off into this other world, populated by images of milk pouring out of her chest, of sow Lauren and her words, and all the while the warm spreading glow from her clit. A warmth glowed from within her, and standing here naked in front of this man, this man who assumed everything and took everything; standing here before him to inspect her abused clit, that she had abused through her own desire to conform her body; for him to see and to smell her arousal glistening upon her thighs close up to his face, to have revealed her innermost self through the display of her wicked masturbation at the prospect of becoming a sow, of thinking of herself as a milk producer and nothing more it all felt so natural, so right, her purpose.

Toms Instructions from our December session

fetish margepaul 2018-07-17

Paul, spread her arse cheeks and Marge reach behind and finger your arsehole, your tight arsehole with my cum too.It should be lubed enough for a slender dildo or a hairbrush handle, Paul will use an item on your arse to show me. Hold your arse cheeks apart because now, Marge will dip in the cum container and lube your anus with her fingers, maybe two at a time. > To complete, when Paul approaches the point of no return I want him to stand 'side on' in front of the camera, with Marge sitting wirh her face level with his cock so that I can see the attention level

panty your man

fetish pcarter 2018-07-17

If his penis fits into a snug little pair of panties, he is tiny. Pantying your man will, in my experience, cause an immediate shift in the balance of power in your home and in your relationship. If your man has a small penis, and you have him strip and step into panties for you as you ohh and ahh, I can almost guarantee he will get hard, and instantly. Another common aspect of a pantied husband / female-led relationship is to switch up the way you make love. Feel free to let your special guy know it's time for "little penis" sex, or "sissy sex." Then after he tries to satisfy you, have him use a dildo on you.

The Story of N Day 01

fetish shortonreality 2018-07-17

Pulling my panties back on and pulling the dress back over my ass, N said: "That felt great – now it's time our walk you little slut, and don't bother looking for some clean panties – you're going out with just what you have on now, though you may want to smooth things out a bit." "Oh, that doesn't look right – we're going to need to do something about this little bump down here," she said as she produced a set of straps that she quickly put around my upper legs and waist, and then attached to the cage and tightened so that my cock and balls were pulled back between my legs, almost reaching my soon-to-be leaking ass.

The first time I ever squirted!

fetish mmmmsexycouple 2018-07-17

My hubby kept fingering me lightly and then I took over pushing my pussy right up to the camera pulling my lips apart showing my swollen clit, it was a huge pussy full of juices and the tremors in my legs and spine just kept on increasing and increasing, I leaned into the camera with my red ruby, licked my lips, stuck my finger in my mouth nice and slow licking it all over and then stood up and placed that finger on my pussy and started rubbing my clit and all over my special spot hehe!!

Tables Turned Ch. 05

fetish mw0212 2018-07-17

Reading the 'bio' for Victoria and her love for boots, Jack instantly thought of Miss Sharp and the various boots she had worn during their time together -- let alone the many other pairs than must adorn her wardrobes at home. You look stunning all of the time, & even more so when I close my eyes & think of you' Jack smartly replied, seeing Miss Sharp blush a deep shade of red. One who understands my needs & is willing to put the extra effort in like you have' Miss sharp replied, and she hesitantly rested one of her hands on Jack's thigh.

Her Name Was Willie - Part 2

fetish goinstrong 2018-07-17

As you'll recall, I had just said "yes" to Willie after she invited me to her place on Saturday. She got very close, stared into my eyes, and said "I'm really glad you came." Baiting her, I asked innocently "Why is that?" She knew I was jerking her, stood up with hands on nicely broad hips and said "Why do you think?" With that comment, she reached out her hands, cupped my face, and placed an incredibly soft but knowing kiss on my lips. Our hands began to wander, and I knew my reservations about being too aggressive were no more. When I asked her if I was being too much for our first personal time together, she simply pressed an index finger to my lips.

Players of the Game

fetish Decadent Switch 2018-07-17

Each time, she would tell me that possibly this would be the night when all my patience would pay off - then she would suck me and masturbate me right to the edge of climax, she would sit over my face and make me taste her while she would have orgasm after orgasm and play with my cock like it was merely her own personal toy and finally, she would pour icy cold water over it to make it shrivel down to the point where she could put that damn belt back on it, sympathise with me insincerely and tell me that perhaps tomorrow night would be more fulfilling for me.

The Bimbo Bunny Costume

fetish LincolnAndSunset 2018-07-17

She wanted to look at the mirrored wall to her left to see what color costume Bunny Maria had picked for her, but she knew she would be punished if she even glanced. Bunny Maria's long legs stood clad in dark tights and, with her narrow feet lifted onto her toes by four inch high heeled black satin shoes, her lithe limbs appeared even more incredibly sylphlike. Help me!" She wanted to rub herself, feel the costume as it took over her body, push her hands against her crotch and press the two globes growing on her chest against something rigid – maybe the mirrored wall or bend over the study's desk and press them firmly down against its table top.

Halloween's Birthday Bootie Bash

fetish naughtychanteusez 2018-07-17

"I want to be treated like your wench, taken over your pirates knee, my dress lifted and given a good birthday spanking that we both will remember!" Una was greeted by a loud outburst of children all dressed in various costumes, screaming "trick-or-treat." She handed each candy and warned them to be on the look out for pirates roaming the streets. Brad pushed her over the couch; parting her bloomers, he began to spank the bare flesh of her behind. "She getting a whipping, before I make her walk the plank," Brad said taking a few quick steps back toward the couch landing a sharp smack across Una's behind. Closing the door behind the parade, Brad turned to see Una grinding her pelvis against the arm of the chair.

Caught by s****r and friends

fetish 2018-07-17

My s****rs friends started to giggle and stare as my s****r got angry and asked what I was doing naked. This was all very unnerving to me, my cock was hard, three topless girls by the pool and now one rolled over so I could not only see her breasts, she wanted me to put suntan lotion on them. Even my s****r was getting into it, at one point, telling me I was a really good sport and she knew I went naked when no one was around, she saw me a couple of times and hid to watch, that made the girls all giggle.

Anna's Adventure Ch. 04

fetish loveking 2018-07-17

Anna started to mentally prepare her self to suck this monster cock again but felt a mixture of relief and then panic as Rufus announced, "I am going to fuck her arse!" Anna's anus was still partly dilated and lubricated from being fucked by the master and as she lay with her eyes closed repeating to herself, "relax, relax," she suddenly gasped as Rufus lunged forward forcing the whole of his cock inside her with one purposeful long thrust. As she felt the wonderful sensations of the big black cock ravaging her arse, Anna could see the woman brazenly astride her head, rubbing her wet pussy over her mouth as she pulled hard on the nipple cords.

Collar Me

fetish puppyplay 2018-07-17

The moment the door closed behind her, Kim felt Marcus's hands shoot up her breasts from behind her. With every moan she took, Marcus removed another article of her clothing without her noticing or caring and before long she was completely nude and on the floor panting from how hard she had climaxed from her own fingers. Kim cocked her head to the side and suddenly Marcus slipped the collar around her neck and fastened it tight, looking it in place with a tiny padlock. Marcus clicked a button on the remote he held in his hands and a soft charge of electricity ran through the collar that Kim wore.

Kate's Heavenly Hell Ch. 02

fetish Duke567 2018-07-17

"Well, you will, because I need Alexa's tongue on my pussy on Friday, and the only way that works is if you stay locked." While I was still standing there, Jen playing with my balls, and tormenting my locked cock, Alexa slid under her girlfriend's pussy, and started licking her clit. Kate got down on her knees and started sucking Alexa's pussy lips. Kate got onto the bead, and as she lowered her pussy down to Jen's lips, Alexa drove her cock into me. Jen went to get some ice, Alexa started removing my old cage, while Kate figured out how to work the new one. A minute later Kate got another text, this time with Alexa's finger rubbing her pussy.

Nasty Neighbour!

fetish mutterguffin1 2018-07-17

Then I put my thumb in your ass and my middle finger in your cunt and said, "Ok I 'm going to lift you off the ground so I want you to reach back and grab your ankles." After you had a good hold of your ankles I pulled up until your knees were off the ground with my fingers in your two holes just like a bowling ball. I'm gonna tongue that dirty ass and cunt of yours." "Oh god Anthony yes, tongue my holes." I dove in like a cave man. I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you!" When I was good and hard I spit right on your ass hole and shoved my cock into your ass hard and deep.

Black Girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Ch. 03

fetish Phoenix Arrow 2018-07-17

The young girl turned and gave Miss Simons a look like she had just noticed her for the first time. Miss Simons walked back out of the kitchen with a new food tray and began serving food to who ever wanted some. The white creature kneeling before Trish is Miss Simons, her 'former' cheerleading coach." "According to my daughter, Miss Simons was not doing a very good job as her coach and she has agreed sensibly to step down in favor of Trish." "However, since my daughter is such a nice girl, she has allowed Miss Simons to remain on the squad as a cheerleader, and that is why she is dressed like she is today."

Footfucking Fun Ch. 02

fetish FootjobLover 2018-07-17

His cock sprang up inside his pants as he imagined those little feet of hers wrapped around it, those soft wrinkles slowly pumping his erect penis, her sweet toes caressing its glistening tip, ready to explode. Standing there in that hotel bathroom, remembering the succulently soft ripples of that beautiful girl's wrinkled soles and the sweet flavour of her toes, the sensation of them wrapped around his dick, dripping with his cum, filled Nathan with the desire for another intense evening of footfucking. "I bet you've fucked a lot of lucky women with this thing, haven't you," she said, "I bet you've had lots of kinky foot sex too; all those toes like little tongues on your big cock, making you shoot your cum all over them!"

Proud Holders Ch. 05

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-07-17

"Good afternoon Miss Sarah." Whilst working at home, more often than not in the mornings, I can drink enough coffee and coke ro sink a battleship but seemingly last for hours without needing to pee. Sometimes I undo my pants and let it hang out so if I did need to pee I could just go there and then if I was in the mood. It doesn't matter what I have or haven't drunk, when I last peed or not, I can guarantee that once out of my apartment I will need to pee within a couple of hours if not sooner. Luckily I'm the sort of guy who can need to pee pretty badly for quite a long time before I've got to find a bathroom urgently.

Valentine's and a Belt

fetish Sevangel 2018-07-17

I felt his cock move inside of me as he adjusted himself, and then the leather of the belt bit into my neck again as he pulled it tight. He let go of the belt, and just as I opened my mouth to breath, I felt the palm of his hand press my throat firmly down, slamming me into the mattress as his fingers wrapped around my neck. I got bored and fell asleep when you were tickling me with your little elf hands," I said, trying not to gag as the fishy thing on the stove bubbled over onto the stovetop. Beg me to choke you like a dog." She looked me in the eyes, her breathing wild.

Role Reversal

fetish Curious_Scott_67 2018-07-17

I quickly learned that I liked it but I also found it was difficult to get started so the work of it took some of the pleasure out of it. Then I finally got to solo play more often and learned things that I liked and worked to bigger toys. One day my wife was working on the computer and I was wanting to play so I went in the bed room and got the strap on and I started playing with it. She left her work and we started our play time. We are trying to make time to continue our play but with work and other things. My wife finally told me that she thought I was wanting her as well.