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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Step s****r gags

fetish SafeSexting 2018-07-17

Jon was sitting on the couch, watching TV, he left the remote on the coffee table, and Cassie in her night gown with nothing but her black panties under it, grabbed the TV and changed the channel. "They aren't here right now, are they?" He grabbed her hand that attempted to push him away, and pulled her face up to his now started to erect 7 inch cock. I get it now!" He grabbed her by the hair as he f***ed it in her mouth, and got on his knees, making her sit back on her ass. STOP!" He started to pound her ass, his hips slapping against her butt cheeks, as he tits bounced around on the counter top, and her head bobbed around too.

Timmy Stiles Ch. 04

fetish Franco Pauli 2018-07-17

Only when she leaned over the bed, her hand pushing his aside to take its place…only when her slippery tongue licked away a glistening drop of pre-cum…only when her hot, wet mouth stretched around the menacing head…did he finally respond. Her eyes focused on his pulsing cock as she drew her fingers over the tops of his thighs, letting her nails trail over his hard flesh until they reached their goal. He began to knead the pliant loaves of flesh like precious dough, molding her ass in his powerful hands and quickly picking up on the sensual rhythm of her churning body. Her lusty cunt squeezed his horses cock as she posted up and down, impaling her body again and again on the mammoth fuck stick, rolling and churning her hips in abandon.

Here She Comes

fetish Outlaw6b 2018-07-17

I ask you “What has gotten you so worked up baby?” You reply, “I got really, really turned on in the shower shaving my pussy for you, now I really want to fuck you so good with my brand new pussy.” “I’m so fucking hot for your tongue and cock right now I feel I may burst open right here.” I reply, “Oh really?” and you say “Uh huh, I’m glad you wanted me to shave because I have my own wish tonight and I want to be able to see every second of it.” “Oh, your finger feels wonderful in my ass sweetie may I have more please.” I didn’t push the issue with your wish because I like surprises too.

A Surprise Shower

fetish peelove64 2018-07-17

John, of course, was busy talking to guests and making sure his parent's mansion wasn't trashed, but he still stole a few minutes here and there to talk to Gina; a gesture that gave her immense joy. Gina, apparently less appealing than Allison, was not afforded the same courtesy by the guy at the end of the line, despite the fact that she had to pee just as badly. The yells of the girl below her couldn't be heard by anyone in the house due to the blaring music, so no one had any reason to notice Gina silently making her way to the back of the bathroom line.

Cilla's Cure

fetish banderfrog 2018-07-17

She'd been sent here by her doctor after complaining of strange fainting spells, and had been told that Dr. Grafenbacher was an expert at finding the cause of such ailments in young people. Cilla looked around the spotlessly clean room, sweeping her eyes across the exam chair with its stirrups, the gleaming metal sink, the tall cabinet, surely full of medical devices, and back to the door, which Dr. Grafenbacher had just locked. As it was, the first serum was not perfect, and often produced effects far beyond what were strictly necessary, especially in girls so young and nubile as Cilla.

Life with a Lump Between My Legs Pt. 05

fetish kleincox 2018-07-17

Trish tried to explain the measurement thing but my wife wasn't seeming to get the meaning until Trish said, "He's more like a girl than a boy." My wife look over at me but seemed to be still talking to her sister, "So is that why is penis is small?" Isn't a problem now but you want to make sure to drain it from time to time." I was quickly finishing my second beer when my wife asked me to come stand by her. Returning to the table she said, "Ok sister of mine, I want to hear with happened that got him a spanking." I was trying to get as much alcohol in my system hoping that would take the sting out of the impending punishment.

Popping His Cherry Morning After Pegging

fetish 425olds 2018-07-17

As I assess the situation I'm torn between trying to slowly pull my cock out of Hank's butt without waking him and go start my day...or maybe I should start fucking him a little and see where it leads... I started to think about what a turn on it would be to feed him his cum while I fucked his pretty ass... His cock was huge and hard, sticking straight out from his body and dripping gobs of pre-cum as he watched me play with my nipples. I continued to pound my husband's ass and stroke his cock feverishly as my eyes closed, I convulsed and succumbed to my orgasm letting loose a flood of pussy juice.

The Shaving of Lisa

fetish bkj 2018-07-17

By the end of class, Lisa had invited over to her house for dinner that Saturday night. We made love and I told Lisa how next time would be so much better if she had shaved her box for me. Lisa told me that she had and then leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I shaved it all off last night." Lisa continued to shave the lips of her pussy. Lisa said it took her over a half hour to shave all her hair off and that I should be proud of her since by the time she was done she had no more hot water. I ripped Lisa's pants off and immediately dug into that smooth, freshly shaved pussy of hers.

All Tied Up!

fetish Naughty_Penpal 2018-07-17

I nodded my head, and realised that what was pressed against my lips was a finger, and as it was gently pushed into my mouth I could feel her fingernail sharp against my tongue. I felt her start to rub her pussy and arse against my mouth, her wetness pressing hard on my face making it hard to breathe. Lifting my head I licked and sucked on her pussy, tasting her fresh sweet juices, my tongue pushing into her pussy which felt red hot against my mouth and tongue. I felt a hand on my cock and then my hardness was surrounded by the most beautiful warm and wet sensation, and I realised that she my had pushed me into her wet pussy and was starting to fuck me.


fetish Ironrose 2018-07-17

Slowly, she saw him raise the hand that held the blood-reddened cloth and she shut her eyes tightly, biting down on the ball as the intense burn of rubbing alcohol, stung the open sores on her skin. At first she'd looked across the room at a mirror image of herself, traced with black marker, and screamed against the gag that he'd shoved into her mouth. His fingers smoothed up the inside of her thigh, smearing a crimson streak of blood across the white spaces that hid somewhere between each black line. She felt his wet finger tracing over her then, following the line of one of his designs as it flowed across her backside and down her leg.

payment for services part2

fetish sadie56 2018-07-17

I picked up the plate with her turd on it and brought it to my face.It was dark brown and bumpy about 6 inches long and curled a bit I took a deep whiff of her ass candy and It smelled divine nice and earthy no sulphur or rotten egg stench.My hand was working slowly up and down my cock and the pre cum was starting to appear on the tip.I had to have a taste and took her turd into my mouth like a cock and held it there letting it melt like chocolate.It was fairly bitter with just a touch of sweetness and slightly grainy.Again Joanna softly sighed and her hands were in her lap seemingly to be ever so slightly stroking her mound.I doubt if she was concious of it.The taste of her poop really had me going now and I was afraid I would cumm any second.I removed my hand from my cock so I could hold out longer and began in earnest to chew up her shit and swallow it.It took about 10 mins to fully eat all of her poop my cock almost came without me touching it.I grabbed it and gave it a few strokes and started cumming like a banshee thick ropes of sperm spewed all over the floor and down my legs.Mrs.White was almost panting and appeared quite turned on by my show.

Tempted by b*****r (Part 8 out of 8)

fetish 2018-07-17

So I kept staring through my eyelashes, pretending I was asl**p, while my body was fully awake and aching for pleasure. I was breathing and moaning, I summoned the maximum control I had just in order not to touch him, but I couldn’t stop myself from moaning and my body from slightly shivering. I don’t know what happened, but my eyes kept rolling up, tears flowing down from them, my body violently shaking, as my pussy was contracting and squirting liquid. His pubic hair kept tickling my clit with every penetration making my body twitch in double pleasure, while his balls, were pressing now and then against my bottom.

Halloween Delight Ch. 03

fetish The_Blackguard 2018-07-16

When I gave Fucktoy the choice "Hush, or I will hush you." she glared with the intent to kill, and while her mouth remained silent, her eyes said all her mouth could, and far more besides. I can't say if she liked the feeling of the cord zipping over her second skin as I pulled it out from between her and the belt, but I will say that when I told her to spread her legs, she complied without me having to tie her open again. Spreading my legs, I patted the inside of my thighs, suggesting, "Why don't you put that head right here, I'll make it all better." She never could resist an offer like that, and she began sinking gracefully towards her knee's immediately.

Milking my ex-wife Angelique's huge tit'

fetish UNDERTAKER01 2018-07-16

He said, Cliff watch Angelique’s nipples while I’m turning the suction pressure up, if her milk don’t start flowing into the tubes in a couple of seconds we’ll have to stick a needle into both of her nipples about 15 or 20 times then squeeze her tits for a few seconds kind of hard to f***e all of the little milk holes in her nipples to open up all the way. I walked back over to Angelique and said, damn bitch look over there in that collection jug at how much of your milk we’ve already pumped out of your big fat tits, it’s up to nearly ¾ of a gallon and this is your very first time being milked on the machine. Calvin looked at the jug and said, damn bitch you’re milk is still coming out pretty damn good, hell I figured you’re fat ass tits would be getting empty by now!

1,200 pound orgy

fetish adrenaline61938 2018-07-16

I started to get impatient when I looked at my phone and realized it was after midnight, so I asked to speak to Fat Bitch outside. Fat Bitch pushed me up against the car grabbing my dick with her giant hand. I definitely didn't want the fat bitch to know where I lived. Fat Bitch "No condom baby, I want to feel you explode inside of me." Fat Bitch met me at the door while her friends blind folded the birthday girl. She got off the chair flopping onto the floor with her fat legs spread open like an invitation for my white meat stick. Soon my dick started to go completely limp so I moved on to my true love, Fat Bitch.

Strange Curse, Pt. 2

fetish 2018-07-16

After about 20 minutes, though, Cathy complained that he jaw was getting tired from sucking on my cock, and suggested that perhaps I should find a condom and slip it to her doggy style. I stretched a condom over the head of my cock, as Cathy positioned herself on her elbows on the bed with her ass pointed directly at me. I finally came out of my mini-c***, and in a groggy state smiled up at her gorgeous face and wonderful tits. Given her demeanor and the state of the spent condom and what I knew from the Japanese bathhouse a few days earlier, I also assumed that she had no idea how much of my seed was up inside her.

Carol's Armpits

fetish Madabouthair 2018-07-16

Being grossly overweight was my reason, and it wasn't until I lost almost 150 pounds during my senior year in high school that I started thinking seriously about girls, or more accurately thought about actually having sex with them. She wasn't nearly as hairy as Becky Sue, but the sight of the spray of hair that sprouted from Carol's armpit sent shivers down my spine. "Bet you make the girls scream with that thing, huh Tony?" Carol asked, slipping off her jeans while staring at my cock much like I had stared under her arm earlier.

The night my ex surprised me

fetish rikkoeric 2018-07-16

Well im gonna invite you out to the bar. You are gonna turn me down again so i get all bumbed out. So i end up at tbe bar getting d***k. Next thing you know. i know. And as soon as i turned around. And i asked you to come home with me and you said yes. and said follow me home. Then after a while i ask you if you wanna go down stairs. Actually a change of plans im gonna pick you up one are around your back and one under your legs and carry you down stairs to my room.

A Wicked Girlfriend

fetish kinkysensualcouple 2018-07-16

"I hope you like the taste, because there is going to me lots more of that this afternoon." All the while gently squeezing his balls and massaging his cock for the full effect of a bigger load of cum. After 2 minutes of this he was letting out moans which delighted her, knowing and feeling his balls getting bigger and more precum appearing at the end of his strained cock. "Get down there and clean it up." She demanded gently pushing his head down after his cock popped out from here glistening pussy." As he lowered his head down he started to see cum dribble out and put his tongue out and began to lick up the salty cum that she had made him deposit there.

Driving while masturbating...gotta love the outcom

fetish swtfreakxxx 2018-07-16

He said yes and then I'd be kissing on your neck and whispering how much I've missed you and how much I can't wait to slowly slide my cock deep inside of your wet pussy. He said I wish right now my cock was deep inside of you along with your bullets, feeling the vibrations on the tip of my cock mmm yes. I pop the trunk and bend over to grab my bags out of the trunk as he walks up behind me and slides his hand along my ass gripping it firmly and down between my legs feeling the toys still going as he kinda lets out a chuckle.

Marital Distrust, Jealousy & Confrontations

fetish Deecee29 2018-07-16

I didn't feel slighted when Diana asked me "Are you still in me darling?" For after seeing her in action, I felt even less of a man in her eyes and in a strange way, beholding to her for her loving me and wanting me as her husband. Yet I remember my vows as a new husband and the advice my best Friend Jacob gave me, on my wedding night after fucking my bride in front of me. "Go ahead and jack off Daniel, it's not good to leave with your little thing aching so." She said the first time she noticed I was sporting a hard-on after my first lesson in pussy eating.

The Love of Panties Ch. 05

fetish chuckp7860 2018-07-16

I can't believe it how good a pair of my panties fit a guy." She reaches under her skirt and I feel her soft fingers rub over the material and my cock, almost limp now with all that scare of being caught has taken on me. "Well, when you add up the lovely shaped of your butt, your ample breast, you have some great hips, and you smell so good and it started when I first came over to take care of your house and I went through your panty drawer and found panties like these." Pulling her skirt back up, showing those sheer black panties which now had a hard cock in them and a nice dark wet spot at the tip of it.

Hooker fetish

fetish 2018-07-16

First assignment was Anchorage, Alaska where street hookers were all over like ants. I thought the Alaska ones were great looking until I saw these hookers working the streets. The first time I saw here she was dressed in a long mink coat and as I was trolling for my next fuck I drove past her. We talked on the way and when I got to her club I asked if she fucked for money. After retiring I took up my other fetish of crossdressing and now I have fun taking it up the ass just like all my hookers friends over the years!! either fucking hookers and getting fucked like a whore......Mmmmmmmm!!

Stretching Pt. 04

fetish ggerard87 2018-07-16

This was also the first time I had ever walked in on her and actually "caught her." You have no idea how hot it is to come back into the room after going down to the lobby to get something, and finding your little bride in bed working her pussy with a big toy saying "Sorry, I couldn't wait any longer." I was soon plunging the dildo in and out of her, leaving my fingers in place inside her pussy the whole time, amazed at the gape I saw in her open hole as I withdrew the toy each time. She was begging for me to continue, so I went for it and was now aggressively pounding her pussy as hard as I could with the toy while I pulled her pussy open even wider with two fingers.