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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Pit

fetish MELD9003 2018-07-16

"Right, now then Greg," said Lenny, picking up his glass and taking a sip, "we've got a bit of a problem haven't we, regarding your account at the casino." Moments later, a large curvy woman with long red hair dressed in black silk pyjamas strolled into the room; noticing Joanne sat on the sofa, her bright blue eyes lit up as a warm smile spread across her face. There was something about her rubenesque host that seemed to put her at ease as she sat there smiling at her; a couple of more drinks later, she had almost forgotten about Greg and why they were there, that was until there was a gentle knock on the door and Terry stepped in.

Suck Me Once, Shame On You

fetish Cute_Katy_Kinky 2018-07-16

From that point onwards, he'd just stare at her from afar, dreaming of what it would be like to touch her soft, warm skin; to see her full lips parting in expectation of his own; to see her gorgeous green eyes closing in surrender; to feel the silkiness of her thick, long, black hair in his fist as he pulled her head backwards; to cup her generous breasts in his hand... Melissa couldn't remember for the life of her whether she had gone as far as telling James that she had ordered this special lactation machine from abroad and that she was desperately awaiting its arrival. Melissa didn't want to say anything but as her pussy started to gush, she felt her milk being let down in her boobs.


Sally's Ch. 01

fetish seat542 2018-07-16

As most of you are also aware, the day our divorce was final Rory Wilson moved in with Deb. I don't know how the rumor of 'panty boy' started, but I do know Deb has gone out of her way to paint me as a pervert of some sort." "Your name wouldn't happen to be Brad would it?" When I nodded in confirmation, she continued, "Olivia just called and asked me to tell you she was sorry for running late." Pointing to a booth in the first row towards the end, she added, "She said she'd meet you in that booth in about 5 minutes." The 'cow-girl' server went up to her and Olivia leaned over the bar and gave her a more than friendly kiss on the lips saying, "Thanks, Kim. I owe you."

Mata Hairy Ch. 5

fetish belab 2018-07-16

It didn't take him long to cum, as Leila moaned and took his balls in her hand and began to massage them and he began to swell and then the first shot of sperm covered her tongue and she began to swallow while her head still moved back and forth on his cock, when she finished feeling his sperm flow into her mouth. She looked him in the eyes, and began moving her head quicker as she cradled his balls he moaned and his cock erupted in her mouth covering the insides of it with his cum. Even Salim was looking anxiously at his raging wife as she stuffed Peter deep into the back of her mouth swallowing his cock and then even taking his balls into her mouth.

The Librarian

fetish shoeslayer 2018-07-16

Joan had her dressier pair of glasses tonight, being gold half-round in style and an eyeglass chain of small purple beads. Part of this etude calls for playing louder and slower at the same time and I would go in with a raging fury but at a somewhat slower tempo and at the Crescendo I went in with all my might then returned to the regular tempo and from there a bit softer and slower all the while the melody of this classical piece was playing in my ears and I was seeing Joan and her sweet smile as she looked at me either through or over the tops of her gold half-round glasses with the purple beads hanging from them.

Time For Change

fetish Boomerang7 2018-07-16

"So my love," she started, "since you are having trouble fully coming to terms with the one fantasy that we both share, that is me having sex with other men, whilst you remain faithful, and you are also reluctant to accept Carol's idea of you being in permanent chastity to help you, I've decided to tackle the whole subject from a different angle. "Yes my love, very ok, thank you." This was starting to sound like fun. "Yes my love, I would gladly do that, for the rest of our lives together, as often and for as long as you would like, including after I've fucked you, and including when you've just been to the toilet, if you want that."

Honey Ch. 3

fetish Heironymous 2018-07-16

But as the transformation to Honey came about, I felt my feelings change toward him. To put you in the mood or anything? "That might put me in the mood..." I accentuated the 'might'. My thoughts are drifting as I close my eyes and relax in the warm water. "OK, Sidney! "I love you, Sidney. Honey began to rub my cock and kiss the side of it. "Suck me and wait for that big load in your mouth." She went to a feverish pitch, rubbing up and down my rubber cock and popping the head in and out of her mouth while she ran her tongue around it. "Rub your cock on the couch, Honey, while I fuck your ass."


fetish thelovedone 2018-07-16

Tricia thought for a moment, then said, “If you don’t mind a bit of a drive, then I think I know just the place. As she peeled my underwear down, my cock sprang out level with her mouth, and she gently began rubbing back and forth with one hand while her other was cupping my balls… pre cum had started to drip from the end and Tricia ever so slowly wrapped her mouth around me letting my cock slide in and out…with my cock now deep inside her mouth, her eyes glanced upward looking straight into mine, almost questioning… There are times when you come, and semen spurts in short bursts, and others when at the beginning of the orgasm there is one long continuous stream of come before the pumping starts.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 08

fetish Many Feathers 2018-07-16

"Oh fuck that's hot!" Doreen exclaimed, as she immediately ran her hands all over herself, relishing in the feel of our warm piss soaking her body in obvious sweet contrast to the much colder water we were all standing in. "See you tomorrow then?" She said speaking to Doreen, simultaneously reaching out with her free hand, caressing the woman's still hard-tipped breast, maintained that way perhaps by the cold water, though I'm fairly sure arousal still had something to do with that as Doreen then cupped Bella's tit, giving it an affectionate little send off. "Yeah, I guess so," I finally laughed, the situation now becoming more funny than uncomfortable, mom still looking almost obscenely vulgar, leaning over, pressed against dad, still trying to somewhat cover herself, though the position itself like I said...didn't help much.

Cheerleader gets punished

fetish Swaggmasterr69_ 2018-07-16

Her feet smelled exactly likie a girls would who just cheered at a soccer game for 2 hours. The captain took her beautiful feet to his face and smelled them, holding them with one hand and jacking off with the other. The vice captain of the team went up to Rachel next and pulled down her cheer skirt. She had on a white thing which was stuck up inside her cleanly shaven pussy, the vice captain of the team started massaging the freshman a clit, "already a freshman and I can tell your a Virgin, THATS going to change tonight. As he stuck the dildo up her pleasure hole the star defender on the team came up and started massaging her feet.

Big Squirt

fetish Bondgirldoubleho7 2018-07-16

"How many years had I thought the 'wet spot' had been caused by my lovers," was the first thing to cross my mind. Moments before I had been bent over my boyfriend with his cock brushing my face and my ass pointing in the air as he used two fingers to fuck my pussy. In our bed, he pulled me on top of him, with my face down near his cock; he pushed my hips in the air and began to caress my pussy lips before slipping his fingers inside. He rolled me on my back and pushed his cock in my very wet hole and told me how much he loved what had happened while we fucked.

Anne of Browndale Ch. 02

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-07-16

As she struggled with the zip, Anne felt a large spurt of pee escape from her pussy, splashing into her panties. Eventually freeing her zip, Anne froze as she felt a turd easing its way out of her bottom into the seat of her panties. Cutting one of those wonderful eggy farts (she'd not been nicknamed 'eggy' in a previous life for nothing) Anne head a familiar crackling noise as a large turd snaked its way out of her bottom and landed on the woodland floor. Anne looked up and smiling down at her was Sarah Worthington, an old friend from her nursing days on the Urology unit in Newcastle.

Some of My Fetishes

fetish KINKYCanada 2018-07-16

I have had many talks with people online, friends, family, and acquaintances about some of my many fetishes, and let me tell you there are a lot of them. I can't really look at a woman's ass without thinking if she's into having it played with, maybe rimmed, or even fingered. My wife and I tried the open marriage thing and I had sex with a younger woman who was beautiful, adventurous and best of all liked ass play. Online I started to take it a little further by watching strap-on porn and seeking out like-minded people to share in this fetish.

The Entertainment Ch. 02

fetish econut 2018-07-16

At the same time Tracy was asking, "What's a cock cage?" She looked over at Steve. "Only Gary gets to cum in Sissy's ass." Steve was dissapointed by hearing this but kept on going, determined not to let anything get in the way of his good fortune. As he pumped his balls into my mouth, he pictured Lana's amazing ass getting fucked by Gary's huge cock. Steve felt a little emasculated from the subtle dig at his size but couldn't help but be turned on by the possibility of putting his cock in Lana's amazing ass. "Oh she can take bigger things than that," said Lana who was now sitting next to Gary on the couch, slowly stroking his cock.

Carole's hairy cunt fucked in the jacuzzi

fetish CaroleX 2018-07-16

David first fucked me in the pool of a naturist spa we attend and the next time that we were all back there (many months later) sparks flew. Keith and I had gone to the Spa on a Saturday afternoon and I was already in the jacuzzi, flashing my tits as usual, when David arrived. He joined me in the tub and straight away asked if I was “up for a fuck in the pool that evening!” Well I was outraged: “What kind of girl do you take me for?” I said and slapped him around the face. With these other spa guests just twenty feet away David continued to fuck me for sometime before he shot his load inside my pussy.

Granny's Glory Hole Party shoot - part 1

fetish grannysfannyfister 2018-07-16

Doing videos was a nice little hobby and gave her a chance of being fucked the way she liked - with lots of cock. We we're chatting one day after doing a videoshoot, a 6 man no holes barred gangblowbang, and she happened to mention, between wiping cum from her face, that she once had a few hot sessions at at real glory hole her husband Colin had discovered but that it had been closed down for quite a while and they were never able to find another one. A few decided to have a second turn so I reckoned that Jenny had gone through at least 10 cocks and enough cum to float a battleship.

G/F says, It's A Bum Deal...

fetish hairyladieslover 2018-07-16

Angie also enjoyed showing off her beautiful big butt to everyone by always wearing a mini kilt type of skirt (made of a very summery material, pleated and flared so that the skirt would be lifted up in even the slightest gust of wind) and was always wearing see through tops also made of the same very summery material, to show off her beautiful and really MASSIVE, extremely SAGGY and exceptionally DROOPY tits & very LONG, really HUGE nipples and NEVER EVER wore any kind of underwear and she only ever wore high heeled sandals, whatever the weather and looked really good when we had been out and got caught in the rain and her hair was wet and her clothes were soaked through, making them totally see through and giving a real eyeful to anyone who paid any attention to her as her really black pubic hair bush really showed through her transparent kilt and her hairy pits and nipples showed through her thinly strapped transparent summery type of top too...

A Wife's Night Out

fetish amaleSwitch 2018-07-16

Despite his groans Kirsty knew her husband was loving every second of the way she was treating him not just from the excited, albeit anguished, look on his face, but from the years of discussions they'd had leading up to this very moment. Besides it was more like 15 minutes not half an hour," answered Kirsty, slowly removing Graham's new chastity belt from the parcel next to the sink. A quick peck on the cheek later and Kirsty was on her way out the door in her new dress and new heels as her husband stood in the corner, his cock twitching against his chastity device the moment the front door closed.

Three Beer

fetish DeepValley 2018-07-16

"Actually I meant my last beer was too much, because I need to pee and I can't hold it until we're at home." I said lazily. Some time ago I had to admit myself, that I liked to watch Cassy and I also liked to touch her, as far as it was possible as a good, platonic friend. Cassy felt half asleep and Andrea looked a bit too concentrated on the dirt road she knew since her childhood. The ride home passed by uneventfully up to the point where Cassy stated that we had to stop in that forest in order to wee. Cassy pulled up her skirt, like she had done last Friday. "I never thought you would like watching girls," she replied in slight amusement.

Cheating Wife - Spying Husband

fetish donkey52 2018-07-16

When I got up the next morning, I went to take a leak, and noticed that the bra and panties were no longer hanging on the back of the bathroom door. She has always been a bit shy about that, and when she caught me looking at her undressing, she shut the closet door tight and said, "I need my privacy, you know." I saw only the outline of her regular cotton bra under her top, and there were only her cotton panties in the hamper when I did the wash later that week. When she got home an hour later, she saw the suitcase on the bed, but she said that she was too worn out from yesterday's trip and a long day today to feel like unpacking tonight.

The Corruption Of Selena Ch. 02

fetish geronimo_appleby 2018-07-16

Supposedly for Madison's benefit, but he was more intent on introducing Selena to bi sexual love than sticking his long, thick cock into the mature, immaculately groomed and physically astounding woman he'd hired for the night. If Madison wanted her to be his whore, then she could certainly entertain him, but little did she realise that Madison intended to sell her favours very soon, and that in a few days time she would be sucking a stranger's cock for money. The mature woman and had taken several long, wet sounding slurps at Madison's hard cock and had passed it to Selena for her to taste. Francesca used her hand to stroke Madison's long thick cock and watched her husband's face as he slid his erect penis into Selena's sex.

Pee on My Pussy!

fetish SunnyJohansen 2018-07-16

"My wants to suck your pussy...please feed it to me? I held her hips and moved her around on my wet body, her hot pussy rubbing on my skin. Blue was now gripping my body with her thighs...I could feel her thighs trembling from her trying to hold her pee in... Her body started shaking and she arched her back, leaning her head back...her ass muscles tightened real hard...she started fucking her pussy on my tummy and screaming... When her forever-orgasm ended, I bent my knees and raised them...she laid back against my thighs, breathing heavily, her pretty pussy still sloppy-wet and oozing cum on my tummy. Your lovely pussy lips are quivering from you trying to hold it...THAT is so fucking hot!"

That ass

fetish boundlesbian 2018-07-16

spread you cheeks...ok...hold on i don't want to fall...ok how about that...PERFECT....and i would start to if you've read my previous stories you know how out of this world clean i keep my ass....i go through a process to do this and this is NOT an everyday thing i know when her days off are and i get ready for them ahead of time.....anyways,once i was done i got down on the floor and ate my meal and once we were done...without even questioning i kneel at Her side and i look up at Her and She said i would...That is what i stood up and she slowly licked the rest of the syrup out of ass coating my asshole....but then She grips my hair and turns me towards him after She gets up saying...want some?

Stacey the freak

fetish blsbls123 2018-07-16

Stacey has the girls, Ema and Amy, get into a 69, and lick each others pussys and asses. Stacey walks up to Ema, whose on top, and puts the bigger cock into her pussy. Stacey squirted more anal ease onto Amys ass and started to work her fingers in, until she had 4 in. Then both cocks came out of Amys pussy, and both got shoved up Amys ass. amy was still out of it, so I walked over to Stacey and Ema. Now they were laying on top of each other, face to face, playing with each others tits, dildo in their pussys. He ran over to Amy, still on the floor and started to lick her ass and pussy.