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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The library

fetish barefoot123 2018-07-16

Mr. Donaldson was a nudist and a art/erotic photographer on the side and did not like the strict nature of Gertrude's dress code. Gary looked at his staff Diane and Jane so young, nerdy and formally dressed. Gary watched from his office as Diane and Jane giggled and looked wide eyed with shock at the books. Gary looked at Diane and Jane and said: Both of you should know I am a nudist and artist/photographer on the side. Diane approached Gary later with Jane and had questions about one sex book. Diane and Jane were also photographed masturbating, giving oral sex, and being deflowered having intercourse with Gary. Many patrons loved this future book knowing Gary had his way with the two library young ladies.

Club 3 Lambs

fetish Indulgent_Fetishes 2018-07-16

All the girls hired at Club 3 Lambs had large, firm, perky tits and a tight pussy when they started, but getting "put away" at night took its toll on everyone, which was kind of the idea. The guys that wanted both chose ass about two out of every three times, but she still swallowed quite a lot of piss from cocks that had just pumped a load of cum down her throat. Chrissie heard a man standing by her head marvel at the size and length of her own tits and nipples to someone before a large, rock-hard cock was shoved into her mouth and began pumping away. Chrissie began to feel the familiar arcs of electricity through her pussy as the man in her mouth pumped away, but no cock had entered her ass.

Vanishing Laura

fetish sr71plt 2018-07-16

"Funny, the guy who left when you came in said somethin' like that too—that he wanted to take me somewhere north of New York, Boston to be exact—but he didn't put it as eloquently as that." She gave another shudder and a smile as she pulled her hand from his grip. He gently moved Gail's arm from across his chest and padded into the living room, through the dining area, and to the open sliding-glass doors out onto the beach. Witnessing Phyllis rather testily tell Jack, one of the two cooks on this shift who had been pulled away from the kitchen every five minutes to try to deal with the customers sitting at the counter, where the hot sauce was kept, Reba tried a smile and said, "Shorthanded today?

First strap on experience

fetish flynn888 2018-07-16

Lorraine stopped pushing "that's it you've got the whole thing inside you, I'm impressed that's a fair size dildo, especially for a virgin" I heard her take something else from her bag " would it make you feel better if I told you it makes me so hot watching a man take it up the arse. I gripped it tightly and I pushed myself harder and deeper into her juicy cunt, I think the situation was to much for her and as I squeezed her tits harder and buried my cock deeper in her her breathing quickened and little spasms made her body shake till she let out a huge moan and came so hard she squirted her juices all over mine and Johns legs making a little puddle on the floor which we were all stood in.

My s****r's Panties

fetish JaxsonCurry 2018-07-15

She said she knew she was a cock tease and loved it. Lisa said that my additions to her panties had aroused her so much that She said it made her feel like a real slut to actually wear them few times, cumming almost immediately into her already soaked pantied. I had masturbated several times on her panties, leaving them soaking wet placed her hand on my panty covered cock. underneath her skirt, and had her hand inside her panties she was wearing. I licked my way back down her legs, and she removed the panties from her Lisa then placed her long legs around my neck, and was pushing my ass Lisa sais she hadn't counted on me wearing her panties, but did

La Petite Mort

fetish 2018-07-15

‘so would you like to fuck me?” she asked, running her hands over her body, cupping her breasts and giving them a lift. He thought he heard a door open, and still a little nervous, he started to rise up off the bed to see. He smiled, “I have lots of money to do business with you, don’t worry.” he crawled onto the bed and asked her to 69, she obliged and soon he was eating out her pussy. “This guy’s time is up!” The man yanked the cord even harder and Paul exhaled his final breath and ceased to fuck Tamie, his last thought not of his f****y but of pure erotic bliss.

Mr Big

fetish 425olds 2018-07-15

I waited for a couple of minutes to see if it would soften, but the thought of the whole scene out there was too fucking hot, the porno, the thought of seeing Cody's big erect dick. I was getting very hot caressing his thick stick, but for some reason, when he mentioned Beth's pussy, I lost control a little and leaned forward and slurped the head of his thick penis into my mouth. After several more jets of his hot seed filling my mouth and several more guttural groans from Cody, he fell back onto the couch and lay panting as his cock continued to ooze the final remnants of his ejaculate.


fetish myrubicon 2018-07-15

Are you going to cum in your WHORE's mouth, Master?" she asks and she strokes my cock hard and fast, gazing into my eyes. My eyes roll back, I tense up, and she sucks as hard as she can as i start erupting in her mouth, her hands squeezing my thighs and her eyes never leaving my face as i fill her up."Oh shit, oh god that's it WHORE." She reaches up and milks the last drop out of my shaft into her mouth, then she pulls off and shows me her treat. "That's it WHORE, swallow Master's cum." She dutifully swallows as she slowly strokes my shaft, then after showing me her empty mouth she sucks my cock for a moment, sending shudders all through my body.

Missy's punishment

fetish 2018-07-15

When we get home i grab my kit-bag as you open the door, i then pick you up round your waist and kiss you as we enter. Then as you feel my fingers slide out, you feel somthing ease into you, unsure at first as you are still in the fog of your orgasm, you then remember the egg, but never having seen or used one before the feelings are new to you. I look into your eyes as i switch on the egg, a gentle bzzzzz fills your pussy, your eyes go wide as this new sensation hits your Gspot. As you pussy contracts with each successive orgasm it pushes the egg against your Gspot.

Handjob Helen

fetish wehstar 2018-07-15

Despite this she had a feeling that there was little competing with the busty Jennifer, ten years younger and with Barbie style blonde hair and blue eyes. Oh sure, yeah. "Sure..." replied the stranger in a soft, inquisitive tone. "Oh yeah. "That is, if you're not too boring..." he teased, reminding her of the point she was trying to prove in this little power game. "Somebody will see. God yes. Yes. She hoped so. Her husband had instructed her that it was his wish, a twisted fantasy to see her act like such a slut; to use her hand to pleasure strangers to climax, people that they would never see or hear from again. If they could not find a 'victim', then maybe somebody would find them.

friends fiance'

fetish Sir_Stephen345 2018-07-15

Sitting in the living room with my long time friend and his fiance' talking about the wedding that I am scheduled to be in that is only a few weeks away we just finished dinner and our third 1.5 of wine. In a smart ass tone (some girls don't learn easily) she asks 'what the fuck do you want now', 'you will figure it out, but lets call it an apology for your mouth'. As my fingers came across her pussy with the first crack against her delicate skin she raised up off the floor 'holy shit what the fuck stop that' I noted the drip running down the cheek of her ass and cracked it again.

Emma's Witch Trial

fetish CareBearPunk 2018-07-15

Emma covered her lace clad figure with her favourite red silk dressing gown and marched angrily to the door ready to give Mrs Boyce a piece of her mind. As she opened the door Emma was shocked to see not only Mrs Boyce but Mr Boyce too and the Hollands and Braithwaites and that strange old bloke with the pipe who was supposed to be a Professor of some kind. Emma struggled but Mr Holland had her wrists held tight in his shovel like hands and thus Mrs Braithwaite was able to undo her bra with ease causing her plump milky white breasts to tumble free. As Mrs Boyce and Mrs Braithwaite dragged the table centre stage, their husbands assisted Mr Holland by grabbing Emma's legs and lifting her onto it.


fetish Lloyd2004 2018-07-15

Seeing that I was not going to win the battle with my bursting bladder, I opened my fly and pulled my penis out; momentarily the girl stopped laughing and looked me straight in the eyes. Her public hair had been shaved carefully way, and her pussy looked like that of a pubescent young girl, it was so beautiful, her clit stood erect poking up from its cute little hood. Her pissing subsided and I felt comfortable grabbing her firm ass and pulling her pussy hard against my mouth where I licked and sucked the last of her wetness from her body.

What I Do for a Release

fetish badreamer 2018-07-15

He kept taking it out and pushing it in, my orgasm started and I moaned as he would bottom out in my pussy and held my breath for those two seconds of emptiness, as he would pull out. I felt him switch his angle, pushing more upwards then horizontally, grunting as his full-body spasm pushed me upwards and forwards, my face clearing the edge and ending fully in the urinal bowl, my chin stuck on the lip of it as he jerked back a little, only to push forward once more and press my cheek to the back wall. I could feel it on my tongue although I kept my mouth tightly shut, my face fully pressed to the back of the urinal wall as my hands feebly tried to push me back against his thrusts.

Keeping the Romance

fetish BhamDomme 2018-07-15

She grabbed him by the hair and pushed his head down, so he cupped them in his hands and began to kiss and nibble at them. He took off her sandals, kissed her feet and then reached over for the Cocoa Butter which she'd placed right on the close by end table ahead of time. Her feet smelled and tasted so good as he kissed and licked them. After awhile, she moved her feet down the front of his body and then, with her toes, she began pulling down at the waist of his pants. As he removed his pants, her feet found their way to his cock and she rubbed his hardness between her soft, warm soles.


The Lesson

fetish devilfister 2018-07-15

I never meant for you to worry so much about me .That's one of the things I love about you .Always wanting to protect me." Alexis thinking the worst was over and she could now let her guard down .Snuggled her face into Justice's shoulder. Being taken completely by surprise, Alexis started to speak then quickly nodded her head to let Justice know she understood her role. "I want you to pull your cunt open by the clothes pins, you god damn slut" As she did this her love oils spilled out and down her ass crack, leaving no doubt that she was enjoying the punishment Justice was giving her.

A Bondage Story

fetish wastedaway 2018-07-15

My seven inch muscle was so hard it throbbed, and as Suzy ran her hand lightly over my crotch, she said, "Remember your promise? Sally twisted my balls a little more as she let my arms down, only so that Suzy could attach the handcuff chain to a short chain dangling from the back of the collar. You will also learn who are the bosses, and who is the slave!" I struggled in vain as Sally shoved a ball gag in my mouth, tying it around my head, and Suzy unbuckled my belt. Finally, Sally said, "Now we can really 'beat his fucking ass,' can't we?" I felt the riding crops slap down hard on my ass, and I shook my hips back and forth, trying in vain to escape it.

Big White Cock for Black Girlfriend

fetish Tgood10 2018-07-15

Six years after we started dating, my girlfriend’s former roommate during college assumed that the sexual fireworks between my woman and I had simmered to sparks, so she bought a thick ten inch life-like white rubber cock for my girlfriend. Now when she buys DVD’s at the novelty shop they are always about big white cocks fucking hot black women. Instead of going to our black friend’s pool parties, she wants to go where she can catch a glimpse of white cocks in swim trunks. Clubs we attend are only exclusively white, so she can dance, flirt with and grind on white guys she thinks are hot. After a night at a pool party or club, she fucks and sucks me like a slut in heat. I posted a pic of her fucking herself with her big white dildo cock.

Balloonville Ch. 04: Bedding Down

fetish blowhyoooge 2018-07-15

"You need to hurry over to the Balloonville Bed and Breakfast and make sure you can get a room," she said as she pulled a small piece of pink rubber shrapnel from his shoulder. Janice's cheeks puffed out as she blew into her balloon, and the red orb blossomed big enough for Jeff to read the words "Balloonville Bed & Breakfast". "Let me put some air into it and you tell me when it feels good." She reached into a bag she had over her shoulder, but instead of the electric pump he expected her to produce, Suzette pulled out a long rubber tube, which she attached to a nozzle near the head of the bed.

Leg Worship Soul Mates Ch. 02

fetish Eroticsensualist 2018-07-15

I am more than a few stairs behind her, admiring her sexy legs and panties (usually a skimpy thong, or lace) and fantasizing about what it would be like to reach out, caress and kiss the back of her tanned and toned thighs and calves, working my way to her shaved pussy. By the time she approaches her own floor, my cock is hard and throbbing, straining in anticipation of being able to unleash a load of hot cum all over her legs. I slowly hike up her skirt and start licking, kissing and sucking the upper part of the back of her thighs, gently kneading her butt cheeks, moving them away from her pussy lips.

My first virgin

fetish joesal 2018-07-15

I began to thrust a little harde and Nikki wrapped her legs around me tight and pulled me down for a kiss "Break it" she moaned "Please break it" she begged and kissed me pationately. With that I took a big thrust into her and then another and then "aaaaaaaaaaah yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah" she moaned as I finally broke through "fuckkkkkkkk me" she creamed as her who body began to thrust with my dick, faster and faster. I began to thrust harder and faster, my dick throbbing more and more ach time "yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah do it" she ordered and with that I finally lost the last bit of control and with one big thrust "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" I moaned luldy as Nikki also let out a yell.

Wish this happened to me.

fetish belfastphotographer 2018-07-15

Having fun?" My heart felt like it stopped completely, but I was beyond the point of no return and shot spurt after spurt of hot, white, sticky cum into the crotch of her panties while she stood behind me, hands on her hips, watching the whole thing. She pulled the panties back into place, massaging the cum-soaked crotch into her pussy. I think he's back with lunch - I head someone coming down the driveway." She pulled her skirt back down and winked, and I wiped the last drops of cum from my cock, pulled my jeans up, and went out just in time to look busy before he came in the door.

The Joke's on Him

fetish J_R_Ashunwhy 2018-07-15

"I know, stupid, but he was like, really into it, and then he started asking me what I thought about some of the toys, and if I would ever use them, and if I could ever feel comfortable enough to maybe experiment with the idea...of...taking the bed." She winced again, and after placing her coffee cup down on the little table between our chairs, she picked her legs up, and folded them against her body while she curled herself around her bent legs and crossed her arms in front of them. "'So, you wanna be my bitch?' I asked him, and then tried to slap him across the face, but not being able to really hit him, I ended up, like, tapping his cheek...He looked so confused, so I choked while I stuttered though a 'yeah, that's my good little bitch,' and he laughed at me!"

Male Cherry goes...POP! Pt.2

fetish StrapOnDiva143 2018-07-15

Mad that he had stopped but like a good boy he asked for permission to lay me on the bed and finish his job. I remember thinking before I was about to come that, I wanted to nut hard in his mouth, make a mess all over his face. Through moans and light whimpers I said yes, he was being a good little bitch now, I wanted him to be a big boy and get ready to swallow all of mama’s nut. As I began to fuck his face, I took inch by inch of his juicy dick into my mouth until I couldn’t take anymore. He said his dick was sensitive right now and he wanted me to fuck him first before he even thought about being inside of me.