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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Life's Changes Ch. 03

fetish Scribler 2018-07-15

"Good put it between your legs and pull up the girdle before it starts getting hard again." Bill did as he was told I gave him a new bra and his breast forms. "Sure I'll try anything that will keep me from having to wear that thing." I reached down to feel Bill cock it was slightly hard but it was firming up. "Well you my think so but I'm glad I never had to wear one." I laid my head down on his shoulder and said "Bill you may want to take that off." But we could go ask him if you would like." I said as I took her hand in mine and turned to walked back into the restaurant.

English Teacher

fetish drew1207 2018-07-15

that the huge plum-sized head reaches the very end of my left hip side. massive lump in my shorts clearly defined, the huge knob nearly poking at Cum for me, Tim, come on, I want to taste your cream! holding my erupting cock and a massive jet went flying past her head, only foot of my fifteen-inch long hard cock disappeared inside her tunnel of my big-busted teacher's huge rack and hit the wall directly over her head, before Susan sat up and looked down at her cum-drenched body. Grabbing my semi-hard foot-long schlong with one hand, I stood up to help pulled back a little to let my erupting head coat her tonsils with my

Trying Something New

fetish aliiceinwonderland 2018-07-15

Right then, he ran his hands past the waistband of my leggings to return to caressing my bottom half, bare besides the black lacy thong I had put on in hopes that this would happen after hanging out that day, and ran his fingers under the two thin strips resting on my hips, gently pulling up, to bring them above my waist and ease the strip between my aching thighs between my now clenching cheeks. He tugged on the front of my panties while we made out and felt each other up for the rest of the session we experienced that night and realized that it was a great idea that I spend the night in his room, where we could sleep spooned so he could have his hands in my pants gently tugging my thong back and forth between my thighs while I could get off on that and feeling his hard dick pressed against my cheeks and back.

Peachy Keen

fetish Fee_de_lune 2018-07-15

This time I'm ready to let him get his tongue inside me, this time I want to feel it slip wetly into me and he groans against me as he makes it inside. I wiggle my peachy arse against his hard cock and without another word, he lines it up against my slippery little hole, and begins to push. Each time he gently thrusts, I push out like he said, and slowly but surely he makes his way in until finally, his balls are resting against my pussy. He moves a hand down from my hip to slide a finger inside my cunt and the feeling of having two holes full of him is too much.

Prison Redefined Ch. 01

fetish sfsdada 2018-07-15

As they begun to eat, there was an ominous buzzing around the room, only for Juliet to remove her phone from her purse to get the same notification that Katie and Lily got. Her voice was interrupted as the walkie-talkie officer grabbed her by the waisted, turned her around, and pushed her head onto the car on the side of the road. Juliet and Katie watched in horror, each bringing their hands to their mouths as the walkie-talkie officer took out a ziptie and wrapped it across Lily's wrists which were pulled behind her back, tying them in place. The walkie talkie cop now outstretched his hand and voiced into the microphone, "Got the Klinsberg Cafe thieves in custody, heading to new HQ detainment center one now"

Cleaning up Bob's Mess Ch. 02

fetish MarkLazer 2018-07-15

I pulled Bob's stiff cock away from his abs and started licking from his balls, all the way up to his dick head rim. Upon witnessing that Bob's entire dick had disappeared in my throat, Brenda started moaning, lifted and pointed her feet as she orgasmed with her fingers rubbing her clit. When Brenda finished cumming for the second time, she put her ass back down on the couch, lifted her legs up in the air, and pulled her thong off which totally exposed the most beautiful, hairless pussy, I have ever seen. After I had completely consumed his sweet tasting wad, Bob was now relaxed with his flaccid dick still in Brenda's hand with a long stream of cum dripping from his cock head.

My Wife Married a Slave

fetish seatboy 2018-07-15

Now when I asked her to put on her wedge sandals and stomp on my fingers, it took a few days to even convince her to try it. The hard, narrow heel of her wedge sandal stomped down squarely on the nail of my right pinky finger, popping it off like a bottle cap. When she finished, I licked her clean, which got her really hot, so she continued to sit, mashing my face down inside the toilet while I licked her to orgasm. The next morning, when she saw what she had done to my fingers after stomping them, she just laughed and asked "are you sure you still like for me to stomp them?" I told her very quickly that I loved every second of it.

Sensory Deprivation Day Dream

fetish FoxtrotAlpha 2018-07-15

She grinds slowly against the ball gag only occasionally leaning forward to tease my manhood that strains against its metal and PVC restraints, precum already trying to escape but only spurs on my goddess to tease more yet of course without release ... I try to wriggle to get that little extra contact hoping that may tip me closer to that blissful release but my bonds lend no aid, I am stuck immobile being played with as the PVC fuck toy my goddess mistress chooses me to be. Deep inside her tight, moist, throbbing cunt I can only groan into the ball gag with lust, frustration and longing for my goddess to finally allow my release...

My Cousin

fetish Rodlives 2018-07-15

Anytime she came around she would ask me how she looked and pose a bit, turning so I could see her ass or pushing her tits out a little. She new I was hard it was pushing against her, but instead of getting up she wiggled around my lap a bit grinning down at me. Just then she go off me grinning and walked away swaying her ass. I had the best cum of my life to that point absolutely soaking her panties so they became transparent around my cock. I though of getting her panties and showing her what she did to me but never did. Just imaging my cousins face if I had handed her those soaked panties still gets me hard.

Reformatory Girls Ch. 07

fetish escalus 2018-07-15

Nevertheless Miss Lucy seems to be taking her time, spreading the shaving foam between Karen's legs and drawing the razor over her pudenda with no obvious sense of urgency. "For God's sake bring me off," she gasps: "I'm right on the edge here." And when Miss Lucy doesn't immediately comply, Karen says: "Oh God, I'll do it myself," and reaches her hand down between her legs. And when the next girl, Ruby Grey, takes off her skirt and knickers and presents herself for shaving, Miss Lucy finds it difficult to wrest her thoughts away from the stuck up bitch who has just threatened her, and the punishment she is going to get next time Miss Lucy lays her hands on her.

Chris / Lori / Bernadette

fetish cbf316 2018-07-15

"I meant when they would be clean I bet they would look nice." Chris said as he went back to reading his program as Miranda got up and moved to the bench directly behind Chris and silently propped up her dirty feet so they were a mere inches from Chris's face. I'm so hot right now I need my pussy licked." Miranda said as she incerted a finger inside her pussy and jammed the wet finger in Chris's mouth and he quickly cleaned off her finger in record time. Chris stuck his mouth open wide and continued to lick at her clit as he drank wave after wave of the pussy juice and quickly let it slid down the length of his tongue and down his throat.

On a Beautiful Summer Day Ch. 02

fetish CuckyJimmy 2018-07-15

Since I had asked my wife to discretely tease me if the situation was right, she unwittingly added, "A tiny wee bit is more like it!" With my wife standing right there, Tom said he would come over later to square up. My wife asked what I had bet Tom and he blurted out, "a strip tease." She looked me straight in the eyes as she joked, "I bet you would like that, wouldn't you, Tom? My wife said she would get it and I mentioned maybe I should and perhaps she wanted to change first it that was indeed Tom. Of all times for her to get so playful!

WARNING Females can be cruel

fetish 2018-07-15

After a few more drinks John stood up and demanded she administer his punishment, as he was ready and man enough to take his medicine, she on the other hand wanted to milk it, and demand John retrieve a selection of canes and straps, firm enough to mark and inflict pain. 'You Fucking wimp', she cried, 'Cant take it little boy', my hubby watched this unfold, fascinated and sexually aroused, 'I had a hard-on', he told me and when John asked for him to remove the hooded cushion, my husband retorted, 'You need to beg her John'.

Life In A Vacuum

fetish Holdmonkey 2018-07-15

In the car on the way to the restaurant, she said "O.K., I know you remember Deborah, well she called about an hour after you left for Chicago, said she was in town for two days and asked if we could get together for lunch and a couple of drinks." I surely did remember Deborah. After an hour long description of the equipment used, the technique, the visible result, and most importantly, the sensations and orgasms it caused, I was sure of two things - I was soaking wet right there in the restaurant, second, I was dying to try it! She put on the pump, got it situated the way she wanted it, and about thirty minutes later I was going down on it like it was free sirloin.

Lipstick Lady

fetish velvetglover 2018-07-15

She opened her mouth wide and took the bulging, bulbous end deep inside, her lips stretching half-way down the shaft, all the slippery-juiced, silky-pink, inner flesh and tender, pressing tongue pleasuring my taut-stretched, straining, paper-thin skin. I imagine the shiny feel of her stockings as I move my lips over her legs, my tongue traces its way across the sleek dark band of her stocking top and then as my lips move higher her warm bare thigh presses against my cheeks and my open mouth comes to rest on the sopping wet material of her knickers ... She turns her body slightly towards the window and crosses her legs again, but this time her calf rests on her knee leaving the hem of her skirt high and giving me an open view of her inner thigh.

Cripple Fantasy

fetish kittycalamity 2018-07-15

How hot it would be to help him lay down, and slowly undress him, kissing and caressing as I go, his arms small and weak, his breath getting faster. What would his breath sound like, as I kissed his cock, from the base where it meets his beautiful disabled body, all the way up the shaft, until I kissed the tip? It'd be so hot to help a weak, disabled man touch my body. I'd throw in a few humps of just the head of the dick every now and then, kissing his neck and lips and fucking him until I felt his hot cum squirt against the inside of my pussy. How tired would my weak man be after getting fucked like that?

Part of the Team

fetish MissKaneda 2018-07-15

I slowly looked back to Nicole and watched as she smiled contentedly and loosed her long, blonde hair from its ponytail, letting it spill over her shoulders with a little shake of her head. "Mandy, cleats," Nicole flatly commanded with a little jerk of her head towards the ground, and that was all it took to turn the smaller girl around. "Don't be a bitch, Kristen," Nicole quipped while keeping her eyes on the girl dipping her head further to nuzzle beneath her toes and kiss her sole. Instead, I watched Mandy rush towards me and nearly fling herself to the floor, sitting right beside my head and staring at me with wide, eager eyes.

A Visit to Holiday Inn

fetish hardnose 2018-07-14

I extended my tongue and began probing Anne's wet sex as she rocked against my face. My wrists pulled at the bonds that held me, my hands opening and closing, aching to caress Anne's body. She bucked against my face as my tongue continued probing her sex. She pulled the panties off of my turgid cock and reaching forward she draped them over my face again. Anne sat on my cock, watching my blindfolded face as I struggled against my bonds to fuck her. She sat above me, pulling her sex off my cock and then dropping heavily back down, matching my bucking hips. I pulled against the ropes that held me firm, struggling to get free before housekeeping could come find me, tied spread-eagled, with the commingled juices of our coupling glistening in my beard.

Florentine Soujourn

fetish jackthehack 2018-07-14

Pauliine takes the initiative, says "Scott, you seem like a nice guy, but you have to fuck off right now", and grins as she gently pushes him back out into the hallway. The last thing I see as I close the door is a look on his face that tells me he still doesn't know what's going on. A lifetime spent being the only foreskin afflicted boy in both primary school and high school, fumblings at uni that resulted in girls telling me they found it unattractive, that I should have been circumcised as a baby, that they'd never seen one like mine before - these incidents have left deep wounds.

Midnight Special

fetish Fetishnista 2018-07-14

Jade grabbed Donavon by the back of the head and said in a firm, but sexy voice Jade decided to really blow Donavon's mind when she deep throated his cock and licked his balls at the same time. "Mmm. That feels nice, Miss Jade." She just smiled and smacked him on the ass. Donavon's eyes got as big as saucers with a look of fear as she smacked him across the face and yelled "Don't make me tell your bitch ass twice! Right there!" he began to moan as Jade began to fuck his ass. Donavon moaned with every single thrust and it was almost impossible to concentrate on pleasing himself as Jade fucked his ass.

Transformed Into A Shemale

fetish naughty_bi_interest 2018-07-14

"Hi Jessie, my name is Tom. I'm happy to have the company and you look like you were getting hot out there," he says and I notice his eyes roaming down my body and with a shock, I notice that they linger on my cock (or is it my imagination?), outlined against my tight shorts that is still hard from my daydreams about John, and now my proximity to this handsome leather clad hunk. I stand right in front of him and lean forward pressing my glossy lips against his and while taking his sweet tongue into my mouth I reach down and grip what feels like a huge cock through the tight leather of his shorts and as I start fondling it, Dale moans in excitement.

Season of the Bitch

fetish Christian Black 2018-07-14

The famous one, black and white, Crystal in the black leather jacket and tight skirt, hair wild, lipstick sneer that said: ‘I know you wanna fuck me but you can't touch me cuz I'd eat you alive.' Well, I had a picture taken of myself that's nearly identical. Wouldn't you like to be able to tell people someday that you fucked the one and only Crystal Rhinehart?" Trying not to let on how aroused I was, I said: "I'll fuck you, but I'm sure as hell never going to tell anyone about it." I've been fucked by a lot of guys, but none of them ever made me feel like a woman the way Crystal did.

Girlfriend's Special Surprise

fetish Stillherer 2018-07-14

Panting, hands on knees, I shivered with the cool air on my sex hot body and pent up passion as I watched incredulously as my erection slowly deflated. Standing there stark naked my swelling cock ignoring the cool air as goose bumps dimpled my body I watched expectantly trying to see what she was up to behind the cars open trunk. A whimper of need escaped my lips as her wondrously hot mouth left my still straining hard erection and she kissed her way wetly, hotly, up my cool dimpled flesh. Squatting down beside me my girl friend stroked my numb shivering body and purred breathlessly in my ear, "Hurry up and get dressed sweetie, we have a whole weekend to look forward to."

For My Lady......musings

fetish loquat51 2018-07-14

rewards of a most adoring sub ( clever little witch ). My lady considers herself to be a "sensual domme" that the sub is there for her own personal pleasure, meaning and leading to resentment While some subs do like to be abused and feelings of my sub are, and better placed will make this sub increase his staying power as well as The cock stretching in order to increase my lengh(hmmm..the jury's out on this one) and therefore The ass spanking with her hand, while holding my cock with All this my Lady does for me, in order to make me a better and she may get great pleasure from it, but so does her sub.