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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Dominant Wife and submissive husband

fetish 2018-07-14

A primary reinf***er is any reward your husband will work to get, and which will increase or maintain a behavior. In respondent conditioning, a neutral stimulus, such as words of praise, is paired with a primary reinf***er, such as sex. Use the secondary reinf***er to mark the exact instant of behavior for which your husband is going to be rewarded. While husbands enjoy intercourse immensely, it is not the most practical way to deliver stimulation and reinf***ement. Once you have trained your husband to perform a desired behavior on a regular basis, though, you should switch to a random reinf***ement. For example, as you train your husband to wash the dishes, and reinf***e that behavior, your husband may come to indirectly associate the experience of washing the dishes with sex.

Many Men for Her Birthday

fetish glahmwife 2018-07-14

Nicole put her arm around Ashley's waist, still holding her hand firmly, and guided her to the door. Nicole still had a hand on Ashley's left arm and spun her off the wall so she could get a better view. Ashley hadn't noticed, but she was soaking wet - so wet it dripped down the inside of her leg when Nicole inserted her finger. Nicole stopped kissing and said, "You're not going to cum are you?" Ashley couldn't get any words out but managed to mumble, "nnnnoo." Then Nicole shoved a second finger up Ashley's throbbing pussy. Nicole then stood up and put Ashley's large heaving breasts back into her dress and walked to the door.

The Footman

fetish Sheba 2018-07-14

Zuri was filled with nervous anticipation...excitement...longing...Here was a chance to meet that voice that made her hot and itchy all over...that voice that made her nipples hard and her pussy wet. She even placed her bare feet in his lap and outlined his muscular thighs with her big toes. Montgomery licked between her toes, the sides of her feet and of course, her soft sweet soles, for what seemed like an eternity. Montgomery placed each luscious thigh on his shoulders and held her big sweet ass in his hands, bringing her closer to his eager mouth. Zuri took Montgomery's big dick into her soft hands and slid her hand up and down on his hard member. Placing her body at the foot of the bed, Zuri put Montgomery's dick between her soft soles.

Foot Cuckold for Isha Ch. 02

fetish cuck_for_isha 2018-07-14

Master pushed me away and then continued to pump goddess as Isha asked me to lick her feet while she was getting fucked. Like half an hour later, with her constant humiliating words for me, she could sense master's balls swelling up as he was getting ready to splash his gallons of cum out, that's when she started blowing master's shaft with long licks while sucking the head of master's cock and flicking her tongue on his cock making his cock twitch even faster. As Atul's moans started getting deeper and deeper, goddess held master's cock in between her toes. I continued looking into her eyes while Isha saw me lapping away huge chunks of Atul's cum off her feet as if looking at me as if I am winning the dream of my life.

A New Meaning for Compliance

fetish little_donna 2018-07-14

At one point I thought it had all been a dream, but that idea quickly vanished when I stepped from the shower stall and saw Alec leaning against a wall staring. Perhaps he had experienced a change of heart or maybe he thought his extortion was a little too dangerous, but all that vanished when, on the third morning, as I was about to enter the shower, not only was he standing there, but his penis was exposed and he was stroking himself, as he watched me stand naked in front of him. I jerked him quickly hoping he would cum soon and felt filthy when his hand reached up and began to fondle my breasts. The following Monday Alec again met me, but this time, as I had planned, I stayed dressed.

Sun Hee's Cruel Tease Ch. 01

fetish metalimbic 2018-07-14

Even her body language seemed a bit foreign, just a little stiff and self-conscious, slightly hesitant, and the way she held her elbows shyly against her narrow waist even as she teased at her blouse hinted at something vulnerable and mysterious, something different and deeper about Sun Hee, and deeply beguiling. Actually, I often saw the way men looked at Sun Hee. They stole glances at her firm breasts, and their eyes followed her perky little ass and enjoyed the way her skirts stretched tightly across her narrow little hips. "I love seeing how much you want my pussy," Sun Hee whispered, "And knowing you don't get to have it." She stroked my shoulder as leaned up onto her toes to whisper into my ear, enjoying the way she made my whole body tremble.

A Wet & Nasty Kitten

fetish NiteWriter 2018-07-14

Go ahead, pee all over daddy." I began reaching up with my hands caressing her body, running my fingers up her abdomen to her breasts. "C'mon Kitten, pee on daddy." I kept licking her clit and caressing and squeezing her ass. Kitten kept calling out to me." She sounded in such an aroused state from my licking and yet so reluctant to let go and start peeing. As I knelt there, I leaned back a little letting her warm urine hit down low on me splashing on my cock and balls. My little girl tasting my warm pee as it flowed from my cock. You're so fuckin' nasty, daddy." And then I returned kissing her, letting her taste the combined juices on my lips.

Jean-Luc, The Big Dicked Duke

fetish enfantterrible 2018-07-14

Jean-Luc was a debonair Duke who lived within the sumptuous surroundings of a vast and sprawling estate. Duke Jean-Luc would hold orgies on a regular basis, attracting people from all over the land, notorious as they were for their sensational sex and debauchery. The chateau, as one could easily imagine, was deep in the grip of sexual mayhem, as perversions perpetuated throughout Duke Jean-Luc's vast and sprawling estate. Upon this sanctuary that seemingly floated to the minds of the two naked nymphs who sat upon their bare haunches, was Duke Jean-Luc. One nymph was blonde, and the other nymph was her opposite with brunette locks that tumbled down her back.

A Tight Encounter

fetish TightsManUK 2018-07-14

I dried my hands and stroked them, the feeling of the silky nylon caused me to become tumescent once again and my cock throbbed as I took two pairs of the tights in my hand and walked back to Sam's bedroom. Sam took my naked cock deep into his hot wet mouth as he continued to explore my anus with his nylon-sheathed finger. I pumped into him harder and deeper and looked down to see that Sam was stroking and caressing his nylon covered cock; his pre-seminal fluid was creating a stain that spread across the front of his tights and he was moaning as I slowly fucked him and he continued to masturbate into the gusset of his tights.

Letting Go

fetish thevermilliongate 2018-07-14

There was one time when the long-suffering idea of doing it and the excitement I felt lead me to pee in a bowl. It took a few little pushes, and a little pressure of my hand over my lower abdomen, but finally, a slow, warm trickle of my piss left me and fell, collecting in drops within the bowl underneath me, making glorious little tinkling sounds as my beautiful yellow pee hit against the shiny metal. Again, I would bear down, giving short little pushes, a little pee escaping each time, until, finally, a nice, strong stream was emit from my tight little pussy.

Alice's Sexy Pee, Poo, And Milk

fetish FurryBear9 2018-07-14

"Let's play house." said Alice. Then Alice took off her shirt and folded it neatly and lay it on the grass bed. We returned the shovels to my dad and went back to our grass house to continue our play. "Watch this." I'd been gazing at Alice's naked body for some time now; but I wasn't sure what she was talking about; her breasts looked fine to me. She grabbed what looked like a little red bump below her left breast, squeezed it a few times and a jet of milk shot out splashing on my face. She lay me down on the grass bed and started stroking my dick and gently massaging my balls.

Sold Into Bondage

fetish pinki-husky 2018-07-14

Tears welled in the Stallions eyes as suddenly the Barbarian leader tore his fingers from the Stallions ass with a loud sloppy sound making Valmir shiver and twitch from the unwanted wave of pleasure. an uncaring move the human thrust the flare into the Stallion in one stroke making Valmir arch his back and howl in pain as his insides opened f***efully to the width of the large equine dildo. "Fuck You. I am Valmir Commander of the Stallion Legion, loyal servant to the Emperor and gleded or not you will not get the satisfaction you seek Barbarian." Such a look of anguish came Suddenly a Horse nickered and pointed to their captive Commander and soon two powerful Draft Studs unshackled and hoisted up the spent Stallion, his body limp.

Ashlee's Boots

fetish pete1229 2018-07-14

I grabbed one of her boots and finally was able to press it to my face, taking deep breaths of her foot odor, mixed with the aroma of well worn leather, her sweet perfume. She pulled my head tightly against her, forcing my mouth tightly against her hot wet pussy, my tongue snaked it's way inside her, probing and licking her juices into my mouth, she screamed, rocking and gyrating her hips, let out another growl then exploded a huge gush of sweet creamy female cum into my mouth, it went everywhere, I drank, resumed fucking her, she screamed again and a second wave of her cum gushed out I sucked in every drop I possibly could, but there was still allot to be cleaned up as she pushed me away.

Fit to be Tied: Kelly vs. Nell

fetish gomez8 2018-07-14

Between punches Kelly slipped her hand downward, across Nell's belly, and resting it on her victim's blue-bikinied pussy. Kelly took her ties, slid them under the sides of Nell's bikini, and tied them to the clinging, damp garment, bringing together two smooth, muscled, glowing bellies. Kelly's inner anger, that energy that drove her toward combat on apartment house battlefields, seemed to draw upon Nell's fear and suck the energy from the rich blonde. By now Kelly had her arms wrapped around Nell's tight little body, sliding her hand down to her victim's ass, cupping, squeezing, and pinching it. Kelly sat on Nell's face grinding her hips into the beaten woman.

On my 18th birthday suit with dad

fetish riverdummy 2018-07-14

Since we were kind of d***k, me and my dad been making random comments on each scenes of the videos like we were just buddies and it was awesome. "Oh man, I remember those days," my dad said on my diaper changing scenes of the video. "Yeah, I started my period around that time, I was starting to grow up daddy," I said slurrping on my smoothie. "Okay, well, me and your mom was kind of expecting for you to be like that because you move out so early that we conclude you want to experience partying and all," my dad said placing both his hands on my curvey hips.

Michele all tied up

fetish ransommunselle 2018-07-14

i relised the ball and she started yelling that she needed my cock now please fuck her and screaming. my favorite part she said i looked and it had me cumming inside my wifes ass and it running out all over the place. i then started fucking nice and hard and she said and screamed she was cumming and i was going to as well. i told my wife she should go have a mani and pedi and michele said she had to go to work. wierd though my wife came back about 5 minutes after that and my cock was in micheles hot fucking pussy bent over the couch facing the door.

My b*****r (Part 8)

fetish 2018-07-14

So when I was done, playing with myself, I threw on a T-Shirt and decided to go to the bathroom wash up. After all, my cum was leaking down my thighs, it would have been impossible to sl**p while being so wet. As I opened my bedroom door, I bumped into my b*****r. The T-Shirt I wore was of very sheer material, and for a moment I got to feel my nipples press against his bare chest. And the knowledge that I was fully bare under the shirt, really made my previous activity worthless, I was aroused once again. It was fully dark and almost silent, I could feel the heat emanate from his body and hear his breathing.

Rubber Restriction (Part 4 )

fetish revzillo 2018-07-14

She retrieved it from the shop window along with the blouse they had with it "Try them both on dear , I think they go together really well , let us see what you look like, it's a good quality skirt and the blouse is satin and what a change for you to pick something so fitting !" Mrs Sandford always got a bit chatty at times, miranda smiled as she was handed the skirt and blouse and went and tried them both on, the blouse was a nice purple colour and fitted very well , while the skirt was just what miranda liked it was tight fitting over her hips and down to her knees then straigth down, past her ankles to her high heels, there was a split up the front to her knee for ease of walking, she stepped out in to the shop a bit nervously "Oh well will you look at Miranda Audery doesn't she look smashing?" miranda smiled , a man looking at some books near by looked round and noticed her, he smiled and winked at her

Wrecking My Wife

fetish drippingopensluthole 2018-07-14

I wanted her to feel a stretch before I fucked her to climax so I used my usual shallow cunt busting stroke to open her hole up, then began long stroking it all the way out and pushing it as far in as possible. Having already been slam fucked by a hand with four fingers gripping the wall between her ass and cunt, those same fingers being ripped in/out while pulling her open next to a hard cock, and having had the biggest thing of her life fuck her the deepest she had ever been fucked, she was understandably sore and halted me from going as deep as I knew I should have been able.

Friends and Toys

fetish Lustyleo 2018-07-14

This time she walked the shorter way to the other side, but before she turned the corner I reached up and pushed the button. I could see her eyes looking to the side towards me, a slight smile upon her lips as she moved her chair to sit, I pushed it again...Another gasp, this time she looked directly at me. Looking at me with alarm in her eyes...I smiled, but no, I did not push the button. Her eyes got big and she leaned towards the Lady...I could read her lips. The Lady had a real concerned look on her face this time. You could see the embarrassment in Carrie's face as she shuddered and tried to explain herself to her new friend.

Anyone But Mom! Ch. 03

fetish DizzyDean 2018-07-14

He imagined it saying to him, 'Come and get it, cowboy.' As desperate as he was to cum, Alfie was overwhelmed by the desire to bury himself in his mother's vertical smile and blow his sloppy load all over as much mommy ass-flesh as he could. However, Bronwyn's flesh - though tight - was soft and bouncy, and the wimp rebounded a few times before landing harmlessly on one of the cute freckles that adorned his mother's divine ass. Still, he knew it wouldn't be good enough for his elegant mother, so Alfie decided to head out to Home Depot to rent a Shop-Vac. Beaming with delight at his quick thinking, he grabbed his car keys and dashed out of the house.

I am an Exhibitionist

fetish PappyBoyington 2018-07-14

so of course I thought it would be a good idea to get naked and start stroking my dick. I started to stroke my dick thinking about Candy just 3 feet away from me... I told her I wanted her to watch me cum on her..." I kept stroking this whole time and I knew even she (even a stripper) hadn't planned on a pervert like me. She ended up telling my GF, her stripper friend Cheyenne, and who knows who else??? She got over what I did in bed while she was passed out (with her friend) because she knew how fucked up we were. And she knew that ultimately her friend was a stripper, we were all fucked up and waiting for more d**gs.

The Visit

fetish runic42 2018-07-14

You feel my hands slide up your thighs, pulling your skirt up with them, while my breath brushes your right ear. Suddenly you feel and hear a very hard smack on both of your ass cheeks, hard enough to bring a gasp of pain and pleasure from your lips. As it lightly traces your pussy lips, you feel your entire midsection buck with the effort to hold your orgasm back, for which you are rewarded by another loud, painful THWACK from my skillful hand. As you bathe my cock with your cum, you feel it pumping inside you, my hands holding your sides, pulling you against me, forcing me deeper and deeper inside.

Serving My Mistress

fetish OralLee 2018-07-14

She looked down at me and whispered, "I won't tell if you clean it out of me." As if on cue, Mistress Karla said, "Clean up and give thanks." When I stuck my tongue up into Shannon's pussy, my cum dribbled down my tongue into my mouth. Mistress Karla knelt down close to my face and whispered, "You do not have to eat it, but if you will at least accept it, I will not only promote you to my Personal Slave, I will give you a reward afterwards." Mistress Karla knelt down and whispered into my ear, "Hold it in your mouth, slave, until the stench of it fills your lungs.