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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Swinger's Club: Beyond Debauchery Part I

fetish otter3440 2018-07-14

What was shocking was the first thing that met our eyes was an old woman, I'd say in her late 60's, had her head dangling off the couch upside down with a young man with an enormous cock aggressively fucking her mouth. However, two short months later I entered that room to power fuck a willing mouth only to find a group of men conducting a train on my wife's pie-hole. Later that night, I spent a good hour with a complete stranger sandwiching that little anorexic waif...ending in a joint cum shot to her arched miniature ass cheeks and gaped asshole.

Maddy in Silicone

fetish DieterSchaumer 2018-07-14

She really didn't get out much, and she was the only woman in her department, and yes, such a career in information management and data security was hardly the kind of exciting new field filled with attractive 20 somethings with vibrant social lives. A rather well endowed East asian woman, dressed in a stereotypical secretarial outfit, with a pencil skirt cut far shorter than Cetadyne dress code would allow and the top sweater buttons suggestively undone, lay staring, mouth agape, at Maddy's shocked and astonished expression. After removing her new silicone skin out of its shipping crate she set about the somewhat bizare task of removing the clothes off the suit; a somewhat bizarre courtesy of the Shenzen manufactory it came from- Then on again, she mused, no woman should arrive in America without any clothes onn.

Continuing Story for a Special Friend Pt4

fetish ohmother 2018-07-14

“Relax and remember to breath slowly Jane..” my voice has moved from the side of you and now sounds below you, then you feel the bed move as I move onto the bed between your legs. My hands grip the inside of your thighs, opening your legs, as your feel my breath on your sex, which despite or because of the pain and bondage has become very wet....laid as you are you crave to be fucked, to feel Master’s hard cock push deep into you, to give yourself for Master’s pleasure while bound to your bed, with your breasts bound and clamps numbing your nipples...but it is lips that touch your pussy.

The Cocktail Party Ch. 02

fetish bluelotus9 2018-07-14

I long for her to touch the tight opening, can feel my anus pulse with desire, dragging on my tautened balls. I bend slightly to unbutton Jutta's trousers and my cock slips out of Natalie's mouth. Another pulse of pre-come frees itself into Natalie's waiting mouth... You allow the first pulse to hit the back of your enclosing mouth, before pulling Nigel's cock free. The knowledge that I am drinking your piss makes my cock throb in Natalie's mouth. I wonder what it looks like and can feel my balls ache and my cock lift involuntarily. I can feel one of Natalie's hands grasping my cock. As suddenly as it started the flow stops and, eyes closed, I feel Jutta lifting off me.

Jenna - Sweet Size Queen Ch. 07

fetish jealouscuck 2018-07-14

Jenna's lactating breasts produced so much milk that she had to begin pumping the excess on day two. The man, Tom, said that he hoped Jenna did not think of him as pervert, but the bags that she was about to throw away might just help the calf take the bottle better. Jenna said that she was so hot on the rest of her drive home that she was soon leaking milk even though she had pumped at the truck stop. Her nipples were getting more prominent probably because of Jessica's nursing but also the amount of pumping Jenna had to do during the day. As I helped Jenna bathe, she asked me again and told me it might be fun looking at Tom's orphan calf.

Laura the Canvas Pt. 04

fetish Tallguy914 2018-07-14

Tom's stream was soon joined by two others belonging to the twin masters, Phil and Rob. Meanwhile, Mistresses Robyn and Samantha were locked in each other's embrace on top of the table that had been the platform for all of the pet's modifications. Dan, being close to his climax, couldn't hold on with the new assault from the forked tongue of his pet and slid his cock deep into her throat once more as he began to pump her stomach full of his cum. It did not take long for him to reach his climax from the combined pleasure of Robyn and the pet's pierced pussies, as his cum joined Master Tom's deep in Laura's fertile womb.

Forbidden Pleasures Ch. 2

fetish Quin 2018-07-14

Closing the door she followed the man into the living room and before she could speak he said, "You look very sexy – nice cleavage – I'm getting quite hard looking at you!" Kate blushed and her mouth fell open in silent shock. I know you enjoyed the video – which film did you like best – I bet it was the second one, wasn't it?" Kate didn't respond, she was too scared to answer. A clumsy unedited rearrangement of positions now showed the girl bouncing on a seated man's knee facing away from him, her legs straddling, letting the viewer see that his cock was in her arse.

Toast and Ball Butter

fetish notapoet 2018-07-14

I began moving my head back and forth, letting his dick slide back and forth across my tongue and down my throat. With the aftertaste of cum still in my mouth, I came up for air and went to give Tom a big kiss. Without wanting to miss a load, I moved between his legs and took his dick head into my mouth. Tom grabbed my head and was began fucking my mouth with a hard, fast pace. Tom gave me a look and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me close to him. With my ass clenched around Tom's dick, I could feel it start to swell. I climbed on top of Tom, grabbed his hard dick and slid it inside my wet pussy.


fetish lickr 2018-07-14

We spent the next couple of hours dancing, talking and me horny from the smell of Marley's ass in my nose and the thought of all of the smelly pussies, asses, feet and armpits around me. "Hey man, sleep well?" she asked, "It got pretty wild last night, so Eve crashed in our tent." "Let me make it up to you" Eve said, "You know I worked up a pretty good stink up last night!" After a while I must have licked most of the stink off her, as her pussy started to taste more and more like the regular Eve. With a few more licks she launched into a thundering orgasm, squeezing my head with her thighs.


fetish delicatedarkness 2018-07-14

He chuckled as I tried to escape and I felt his fingers tighten in my hair and the knife press a little harder into my throat. "Firstly, I'll give you a head start, secondly if you will insist on running, I want you naked when I catch you." With one last smirk, he let me go and I ran away on shaking legs. Slowly he inched his body forward, resting between my spread legs, the knife tip still dancing across my skin. Slowly he pulled his hips back, sliding out of me and I opened my mouth to moan but I saw him smile and the knife bit at my neck once more.

sl**p play and online e slave

fetish crbigboy 2018-07-14

I pull her back by her hair f***e her to lay down before lifting her feet above her head and sliding my now rock hard cock deep in her bald tight pussy. I slid in and out each time a different scream my cock was covered in bl**d but still I rammed her I could feel myself about to cum I pulled out she dropped to the floor. The look of pain on her face and the moans she made are what I live for 3 quaters of the bottle where now inside her she said master I can take no more to which I replied all of it .

My deepest desire

fetish SDee54-Ca 2018-07-14

"I can see someone is more than a little excited for this" Jenny said as she stared at the wetness dripping from between my legs. The Jenny came up and handed me a bottle of lube "Here , even as wet and excited as you are this will probably be a good idea" she said "That's good because from the looks of Toby so is he" Jenny said Jenny moved him forward even farther and with a suddenness that startles me every time, he raised up and landed his front hooves on either side of me on the bench. Missing the first time his hard cock hit my slit to high and it slid easily with all the lube and my juices up and onto my belly leaving a slimy trail clear past my belly button.

Match #02: David vs Madison

fetish bluedave1234 2018-07-13

The referee than took off Madison's robe and I finally got to get a good look at what I had agreed to face. Madison wasted no time and began to make her way further up my chest as she was going for a school girl pin. The weight of her body forced both my shoulders down and the referee gave the first point to Madison. The referee shouted "Score 8-0, Madison by orgasm." I was in the midst of my recovery period, when she jumped off me, swung around and crashed down quickly securing her school girl pin. The referee shouted, "Score 11-5 by submission for the winner of this match, Madison!" My opponent loosed her grip and let me roll away.

Existential Loving

fetish Mycke 2018-07-13

I’ve been in therapy, and know that most women readers are saying, ‘typical man…wants his cunt, and wants to eat it too.’ Well you’re right. Her very essence curled around my body and when I fantasized about her – I could actually taste her nipples on my lips, and feel her wetness on my beard…I could smell her and wanted to make love to her for the rest of my life. One of my greatest challenges throughout this time was remembering the various ways and means that each one of them liked being licked, sucked and make love to. Years later, after fucking in pools, saunas, whirlpools, showers, falls, rivers and seas Cindy died.

Aimee's Cute Pink Socks Lead to a Footjob!

fetish Dan-boss 2018-07-13

I couldn't stand it anymore, I ripped my 8 inch cock out my pants and started to inhale her cute sweaty socks and jerk at the same time, my mind and heart was racing until I needed to cum, I couldn't stop wanking and I had nowhere to squirt the cum! No lube was even needed because all the cum from the sock went onto her pretty toes and foot, she started playing with my cock "Wow your big slave!" she put her bendy arches around my cock and started stroking, it was like nothing I had ever felt, the lube from my own cum felt amazing on Aimme's feet.

Dr. Chloe Burrell, Sex Researcher

fetish escriterra 2018-07-13

Driving to her townhome through the cold sprinkle which had just started and which presaged the coming winter, Chloe thought yet again about Georgia, the subject who had come in for her screening interview on Monday a week ago as the first step in the two days' worth of time she would be paid by the lab for the research study. ("For the guys who will go down on you," Georgia had told Chloe, "I've found that a smooth, hair-free pussy does seem to encourage them to spend a bit more 'quality time' there." The co-ed had, in answering the questions Chloe asked as part of the screening determinations, shared in explicit detail her blow-job techniques and why she liked giving head as part of her own arousal.

Norman Conquest

fetish fencer24a 2018-07-13

When Sandy greeted me, Kathy took her mouth of the little prick's dick just long enough to say "Hi honey, you're home early." and went back to blowing the guy. Kathy looked at me with a small measure of surprise in her eyes, but then she said: "Oh Normie, I know that you wanted to be cuckolded so I decided to help you figure that out." Penny then whispered to me "One time when I stayed over here, I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and as I walked by I saw your door was open and you were making love to Kathy.

A wet hot summer

fetish virgin805 2018-07-13

One day my cousin came to visit my grandma and we played in her big garden. She told me if I wasn't ashamed to show her my cock so hard in a shameful act like that. She told me that how she enjoyed to touch herself in front of me, and then she came closer to watch. She told me that I tasted good, like almond with a salty flavor. She came to visit me many times that summer and she taught me lot of things that we could do with our sexes. Than she told me that if I had the will to remember the good time we had together, she was happy to play with me again in her "garden" when her husband was not home of-course.

What's In A Dress

fetish newstylewife 2018-07-13

When she tried it on at home we realised that it was impossible to wear a bra or nickers, this dress made underwear visible and spoilt the look of the dress on my wife's curves. I had driven my wife to her boss's house and on return had dressed up and was busy doing the cleaning and ironing in my maids outfit, including stocking, suspenders, bra, and heels all in black. My wife climbed on the bed flicking up her blue skirt exposing her bare bum and pussy, she was also wearing stocking and suspenders. Thinkings Lens a lucky guy getting to see and feel and fuck my wife like this every week.

What The Thief Wants

fetish cauchemar80 2018-07-13

Amora panted softly as Trynn's hand moved firmly in and out like a piston, yet she stared, entranced, by Paolo's thoughts. As if it were always capable of doing so her head lifted free and clear of her body and Trynn now looked down at Amora, her own headless body, and Paolo from the thief's hand. "I can hardly say I'm entertained," Trynn said, glancing at her breasts in Amora's other hand. Trynn's head let out a sigh of exasperation as her body resumed plunging its hand in and out of Amora's groin. She caught Trynn's head and breasts and let them roll to the floor, then fell back into the throne as if struck by lightning as the climax began to wash over her.

Feel the Rainbow

fetish TwistedPlayr 2018-07-13

She understand how Reed felt with the stout prick sliding deep inside his ass, but knew it would soon take a turn into something even better. "Come on, let's get that ass open," Carrie groaned as she rolled her hips, stirring the brightly colored cock around inside him, stretching his ring back and forth. "See, I knew you'd like my little surprise," Carrie said as she slowly moved the dildo back and forth inside Reed's ass. Lifting Reed's upper leg, she spread him wide, and gripping his calf tightly thrust forward, driving the dildo deep into his ass. Carrie felt the power of Reed's orgasm, not only in the extreme flexing of his muscles but also in how his anal canal clamped down on her cock.

The Sugar Daddy

fetish mdp_2004 2018-07-13

Her business angle was to keep me on the phone and so she told me the one thing I wanted to know anyway was the more money I gave her the wetter she got. "Rub your cock for me Bob" she said "and click that pay button for me when you're ready." Again she paused as I stroked my dick. "I like you and I want to get to know you better" she said. It was definitely a leg I wanted to feel on the side of my face and so without further delay I turned my focus to the pay pal screen and looked at the input fields. I stroked and asked "do you want to watch my cock erupt on cam for you?"

Elaine's Dirty Knickers Ch. 02

fetish Paradiggler 2018-07-13

About 6 weeks after my wonderful dirty panty experience at Elaine's whilst babysitting for her, she called me again - this time to housesit for a weekend while she went away. I simply had a wonderful time yet again, sniffing, licking and coming at least a dozen times over the weekend and sleeping both nights with her panties wrapped around my head and the stained gusset in direct contact with my nose and mouth. At this, I desperately wondered what condition her panties might be in as she lowered them to use the toilet, but had to invariably dismiss my wicked thoughts, believing there to be no possible way of ever finding out!

All in a days work

fetish 2018-07-13

Jane took my hand and led me down the ladders as she pushed me to one side and stepped onto them herself,lifting one leg onto the steps as she leaned forward to reveal a neatly trimmed soaking pussy,i knelt down and slid my tounge in her slit,she was soaking,i thumbed her clit as i sucked her flaps all the while her groans of pleasure filled the room,i slipped in two fingers as i sucked her clit and slapped her ass hard leaving a perfect red handprint behind.Jane tunrned and pushed me to the floor and lay next to me,her back against my chest and lifted one leg up as i guided my cock to her soft pussy,slowly popping in half of me as i pulled her bra down and squeezing her hard nipple,i soon worked up a sweat as i banged her hungry pussy and with every thrust she dug her heel into my thigh.I toyed her ass with my finger not knowing how she would react but Jane didnt even notice as i pushed a finger in her tight ass,she did let out a short breath but she didnt try to stop me so i pushed in another,Jane`s body tensed as she turned to me,`your a naughty boy` she whispered,`are you going to fuck my ass`?