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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Frankie prepares to be filmed

fetish 2018-07-13

That evening Frankie got a text from Adam saying he had spoken to James and he would be happy to come round that night to discuss it, no pressure just see how it went, James had said he wouldn’t film that night even if they wanted too, because he liked his subjects to be prepared to his standard. As Frankie walked back to the car she texted Adam telling him her pussy had never felt so pampered in her life, she also told him she had cum on the treatment table and wasn’t allowed to masturbate or have sex until Sunday, so it was all his and a day without masturbation was going to kill her so he would benefit from that.

The Training of Sissy Paula

fetish submissive~pet~ 2018-07-13

First things first all that body hair has to go, I can't stand a slave with a hairy body and wearing my panties. I begin pumping it up, slave this will help to train you to be quite and also how to deep throat, if I choose to allow you to suck cocks. I am slave Paula and I need your help in getting some feminine items to wear for my Mistress Carolyn. This is Paula, Carolyn's new slave. Mistress Racheal to you slave paula. Yes paula suck me make me hard for Carolyn, I want to give her a load of this sweet cum just for you. i sucked on his stiff member until he pulled out and went over to Mistress Carolyn.

All At Sea Ch. 01

fetish bigpreggoman 2018-07-13

The dead-weight pulled her tiny old torso helplessly forward so that she had to waddle to the bed-pan, her aching back at ninety degrees to her stubby, bowing legs, and her great, pendulous udder-like breast unbearably tender and dripping milk onto the boards, as she made slow progress and fumbled helplessly along the cabin walls for support with her belly trailing on the floor. He startled her awake to find his grubby fingers dragging her nightdress up round her throat and rubbing his giant hands down from her exposed, lactating, stinging breasts, over her enormous multiple pregnancy, then roughly up between her tired bedridden little legs, poking his fat fingers into her tight, tender young cunt.

Milking Time is here Again

fetish Pacemen 2018-07-13

alice being the brat she is, just grinned dianna got a serious look and commented "Really, I haven't had milk for 14 years" I told them that from this morning they would be pumping each Udder 3 times a day (along the same lines as my first post) etc then 4 times a day after the first week. This is where it got very interesting, dianna started to moan very quickly everytime she was being milked, so much that she would ooze thick clear cum, me being the good Dom, refused to waste anything my cows produced, so I placed a bowl under her to collect it, it tastes very sweet to me, and was not wasted, then she would beg me to allow her to Orgasm, that in turn set alice off.

Wife Pleases - XI

fetish 2018-07-13

"First", he explained, "This session will cost you nothing if you agree to the nude poses, then, when my clients see your modeling results, they may express an interest in spending some private time with you. She said: "Did I pass your test?" He said: "Yes, better than I ever believed...your performance with me will result in you getting $120 per session if you don't put any restrictions on things." "What kind of restrictions?" she asked. "You will be willing to accept any client I think is okay for you and do whatever they want and you have my assurance they will not require anything that is beyond the pale and they are free of disease."

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 04

fetish Thorilla 2018-07-13

Then you squat 'vous accroupez' on his face 'visage' and rub 'vous frottez' your bottom 'derriere qui?...." The geography teacher said appearing to be confusing the young French girl even further. I felt very self conscious and embarrassed having the young French girls eyes, as well as those of the headmistress' on my wriggling tongue which was exploring up inside Miss Richardson's dripping vagina. Michelle looked down at me as I stared up her flared pleated skirt and at her long legs encased in sheer black stockings. Above me a tall slim forty year old headmistress wearing a grey pleated tweed skirt and white blouse stood over my face allowing me a clear view up her skirt of her underslip, knickers and naked thighs above her stockings.

Fantasy Inc.

fetish Strapping Young Lad 2018-07-13

"Yes, Ms. DePalmer, if you would just have a seat, I'll let them know you are here," she said and looked deeply into my eyes. "That they make your fantasies come true," she said in a dreamy tone, and her eyes had that spaced out, glazed look one gets when one is remembering a particularly great experience (one you need to experience to fully appreciate!) "Their services are exceptional, and they only cater to the upper crust," Jennifer said, coming out of her fugue and addressing my query more thoroughly. Tears formed in the corners of my eyes and began falling down my cheeks in rivulets, wetting the sheet beneath my face, which was still pressed firmly into the bed.

The most effective move

fetish phreek44 2018-07-13

I moved closer and closer to her pussy, then detoured up to passionately kiss her, making sure my hard cock slid up from her bare hole to her clit, giving it a slight stroke, then resting my shaft between her lips, moving back and forth. I moved back down and got just close enough to her pussy for her to feel my warm breath near it and start massaging her inner thighs and up to just outside her lips, moving her pussy lips ever so slightly with each caress. My massaging hands then spread her pussy lips apart. I flattened my tongue and ran it up the length of her pussy, taking in every intoxicating drop of her juices, slurping them in when I got to her clit.

Fertile Hairy Pussy Fucking

fetish poonanypoker 2018-07-13

Almost every woman I've been with has told me, when asked, that they aren't on birth control, whether that was true or not I don't know but when sliding my cock deep inside just the idea that their pussy was open and vulnerable made for some really hot sessions with them ending up with a pussy full of my cum. She told me she wanted to take the condom off because she liked the feeling of skin to skin even better, so do I, I pulled out just long enough for her to slip it off, it was full of pre-cum and she rubbed that all over her hairy bush and her swollen lips, man that was hot.

She's the Boss: A New Toy

fetish SonofGondor 2018-07-13

It's so sexy, knowing that I can make my horny slave cum without touching himself." I could tell that Aubrey was rapidly losing herself the role of Mistress: locks of my hair were now twisted around her fingers, and I could feel her thighs gently beginning to quiver as she slowly increased the pressure of her touch, smothering my face between her legs. "Mistress' wants to see you cover her huge soft boobs with your sticky mess, but you've got to promise to be a good boy and clean up afterwards." Locking my eyes with hers, my left hand now pumping on autopilot, I rested my other on Aubrey's shoulder for support, my head spinning as she continued to fondle herself before me.

Lia's Response to Wayward Behavior

fetish MNGirl 2018-07-13

After a short period of making your ass tender with various implements, along with a thoroughly berating speech about your uselessness and failure as a sub; you have been ordered to stand in the corner completely still, without moving, like a little three year-old for exactly fifteen minutes. Mistress knows that you are only attracted to women, yet somehow the idea of sucking or getting fucked by her girl cock feels the complete opposite of gay... Hearing Mistress speak this way makes your penis begin to stiffen, but you don't want her to be encouraged by your increasing hardness.

The Weather Girl Ch. 06

fetish seat542 2018-07-13

Betty rose and moved to the low chest of drawers at the end of the bed and took the first pair of panties into her hands. Looking at me with want and desire, Betty continued her explanation. She did as I desired and started to scream, "Now, shoot the cum from your filthy fucking cock deep into in my cunt! Before she left, Betty turned to me and said, "Douglas, tomorrow you are going to begin what I think will be an interesting phase in your life. Betty opened her robe and moved her hand to her pussy. My nipples were tingling; my cock was thicker; the welts sent reminders; the panties snugged, and my thoughts raced through the last couple of hours.

The First Time I Get To Watch

fetish aquilegia 2018-07-13

Having read the story of our rude little adventure in the hotel after our visit to the Sex Museum you may have realized that this was not the first time that I had enjoyed the pleasure of watching Cathy pee for me. Having said that, it still took a long time for me to even start to think of asking Cathy if I could watch her while she was peeing. I direct her to sit on the far side of the bath with her legs resting on the near side so that her thighs are open for me to see and enjoy what is going to happen.

Nigel's Pet Ch. 07

fetish SDcowboy 2018-07-13

Ali moved her hands between her thighs and put one hand on each side of her pussy to pull it wide open so the wide eyed men could get the full view of inside of her young twat as she thrust her hips up and down as if she was riding a hard cock. "Oh my god she is hot." boss man Ben said" Tyron you go first I want to see you try to fit that big black cock into that tiny pussy of hers." Ali would let out a little whimper every time that he pushed deeper, to make it seem to the men that Tyron was hurting her young twat with his huge cock.

Sex encounter with maid

fetish chandan0707 2018-07-13

I didn’t notice when Usha come and start doing her work suddenly I felt that someone is touching my penis I slightly open my eyes ad I saw Usha was dusting the floor I thought it was just a accident and closed my eyes and lied on the sofa after 10 mins I felt the same but this time it was bit hard being careful I opened my my eyes I shocked to see that Usha was sitting below and watching my erect penis and trying touch it. She told me that she want to drink it IS took out the penis removed the condom and gave it in her she start giving heavy jerks finally I shoot a heavy load in her mouth she drank all of it and cleaned my penis.

Black BBW Oral Lovers Group

fetish Medway1 2018-07-13

"No, never, not at his age surely, how old is he?" she asks you , whilst to me, "You heard your Mistress White Boy, come and lick my juicy fat black cunt, I'm gonna get so wet I'll drown you." "Yeah I know and I don't give a fuck, your gonna eat me, so I'll ask you again, do you wanna lie there and eat my black pussy, White Boy?" "Please Madam let me taste you, please give me your beautiful superior black pussy, please give this White Boy your special juice, please, I beg you, give it to me, please."

Becoming Her Sissy

fetish Slutboy88 2018-07-13

"Don't you dare touch me you little sissy faggot!" she said, "Only real men are allowed to touch me, your not a real man, your a pathetic sissy wimp who wants my cock in your ass, you don't deserve to touch me." I began to move my head back and forth, trying to suck her strap on like it was a real cock and trying my hardest not to gag and throw up. "I know your going to enjoy this as much as me slut." she said, and with that she grabbed onto both of my hips and forced the full length of the strap on into my ass with one big push.

Mom of 4 is f*rced to become entertainment after n

fetish bondagecouple1 2018-07-13

She left for class wearing her new black liquid nylon thigh highs, short black spandex skirt and a light pink button-down shirt that allowed the light shadow of her black bra to show through. There she hung, gagged, tits and pussy fully exposed, only wearing an unbuttoned, open shirt and shiny thigh highs. The used and abused Milf thought it was over, until one of the girls rolled her on her back, pulled down her own shorts and panties, then proceeded to sit on the helpless moms face, forcing her to lick her till she came. Renee finally got up and put her clothes back on, grabbing her things, then made her way to the car as fast as her sore body could carry her.

Morning Surprise

fetish dreamerboi 2018-07-13

"Wait" I said and pushed her thighs apart, leaning in and getting the full nasty smell. I knelt a little straining to pee through my erection and not wanting to hit her face - although I would love that opportunity one day, just not now, not with the early morning flow - she'd kill me, all right! "That's it." "I said encouragingly, "You look so sexy." Piss covered slut more like I thought. I held my arm out and helped my wife up from her knees, the bottom of the bath wet with our piss and our bodies covered by the smell. She pulled her cum covered hand off and wiped it on her tits looking up at me like a cheap prostitute.

Hidden Porn, Converts My Life Ch. 01

fetish rocket32 2018-07-13

My arousal was fueled by the fact that I had been traveling on business for almost two weeks prior to this trip and Becky decided I needed to be locked in a cock cage, so that our time away would be as sex charged as possible. About midnight, I heard a car door shut and by the time I got to the window, I saw the car pulling away and Becky heading to our front door. The first few hours on the road were pretty normal – small talk about our needed time away; how nice the resort looked from our research; where we might eat dinner that night – just normal road trip stuff.

Lunch Visit

fetish skiptongue 2018-07-13

As Paul had told her, he doesn't often go soft and today was one of the days he stayed hard, he told Annie to stand up and then to sit on my throbbing cock now, which she did facing away from him, to stop him teasing her nipples, well Paul just spanked her while deep inside her pussy and this made her explode again. He then reached around and pulled her pert nipples and slapped her tits while she continued to ride him hard, Annie started to tense again as though she was going to cum yet again and Paul pushed her up off him and told her to bend over the sofa.

Newly-wed's chauffeur.

fetish Seneschal66 2018-07-13

"Well Sir, I went into the bedroom, she laughed at me and asked if I wanted to wee, then she asked if I wanted to kiss her feet, I did want to and I said 'yes', she said 'don't touch your cock, I want all your come inside me, put my foot in your mouth, suck on it', I have always loved kissing her feet and sucking her toes, when she let me, she then asked if I wanted to look at her pussy, and before I even got close I felt my whole body start to shake and I came immediately gushing my sperm onto the carpet, she made me suck and lick it up.

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 09

fetish Anal Slave 2018-07-13

She said insert the butt-plug first then jack-off I know how these butt-plugs make you produce more cum and how you like something up your ass so much. Also I am going to be out late at night collecting sperm from many different men and when I get home you will suck and lick my ass and pussy until I am clean. I will tell you how many cocks fucked me, how many cocks I sucked, but don't worry I am going to take every load of cum in my ass or cunt. I started brushing my teeth and I loved the taste it is like sweet peach nectar, (I have been eating my cum for a long time) I took the glass and poured the rest of cum into my mouth.

Night Nurse

fetish hooters 2018-07-13

After the initial shock of the first blast of pee, I watched with fascination and lust as a beautiful golden stream of pee sprayed out of her hot hairy pussy soaking my face and hair. Reaching back with both hands she pulled her big ass cheeks wide apart to expose her hot hairy pussy and the dark brown asshole I had been sucking so feverishly. I must have been quite a sight too because she looked down at me, made a face and said "yuk, what a mess!." Grabbing some tissues from the head of the bed she scooped up most of the shit laying on my neck and chest and then rushed out of the room.