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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Grading Submission

fetish HaddenIndustries 2018-07-13

I guess many students felt that way, but unlike the others, she made no attempt to hide her feelings. Instead, she put her hands, palms-down on my desk, and said, "Look, Sebastian...". "This is better," she said, adjusting the chair, then sifting though the papers on the desk. While I'm changing grades and looking up the background of the students," you can get to work on your assignment." "Now get to work, Sebastian." I did as she asked, while she tampered with the class roster. She sifted through the drawers in my desk until she found what she was looking for -- a black, felt tipped marker. She continued like this, destroying any record of the grades the students had earned.

Home Upgrade

fetish rnumbers123 2018-07-13

The day they were to start, Rick scheduled an out of town work related trip for two nights, but Gina hadn't decided if she would gut it out in the house with all the paint fumes, or go to a motel. "I've got Gina here on speaker right now," replied Rick, "Hey, we have some painting to do on the house tomorrow. She was thinking of calling everything off when she got a text from Dave that said, "Hey, I'm getting off a little early. Is that why you told me to show Dave a good time?" Gina asked. Dave looked at the screen and grinned, then he took his hand, and stroked her ass, coming down from behind to finger her.

Bound and Trained by Panties Pt. 02

fetish Subtext 2018-07-13

The sting of them made it hard for him to appreciate his naked contact against her since each time his mind got back to the sensation of his prick pushed up against her leg another swat came in. Tom couldn't imagine what was coming, but he liked the look of her in panties and boots! The next thing Tom felt were feet indenting the bed on each side of him, then the weight of a naked ass pressed down onto his face. A minute later Tom felt the hard tension of her body against him give way and he only heard descending sighs after this. He stayed still and entertained a feeling of weightlessness for some time until Patty removed the sleeping blind and the panty mask from around his face.

Sophia Starts Something...

fetish Oneofakindfetish_guy 2018-07-13

"If you're expecting company shouldn't you be dressed in something not so revealing?" Lontz said and immediately he knew he had made a mistake and he braced for impact and for the second time in only a few hours he felt the sharp sting of his wife's hand across his face. "Mmm, just thinking about that big Italian cock has my pussy all wet and creamy, I still can't believe that Byron thought I was going to be faithful to him after he let me hire on Ricardo." Tiffany was idling smoking her cigarette and squeezing her left tit as she spoke.

The Last American Male

fetish BuckRivers 2018-07-13

Blonde, Brunette, Petite, Desi, and Greek, all backing up Red. Maybe I didn't have much imagination these days on nicknames, but imagination wasn't a necessary survival trait for me in this place. Red pulled my head up so that I was looking straight ahead, and fastened a strap around my forehead to keep my eyes pointing forward. The guard that I called Desi, a high-energy busty type with cocoa skin and a Bollywood figure, stepped forward and worked with the blonde to attach a large strap-on dildo around her waist and hips. We'll bring them back in for the demonstration." The two showgirls were quickly ushered from the room, Diane still wearing her strap-on and Jennifer still in her handcuffs, and the power woman waited until the guards lined up again.

PeePillow TM

fetish kayleekennicott 2018-07-13

There was pissbitches, who submitted quality erotica to the site; no-water-no-wee, the funny guy of the group, who was always in the chat room (he and I had never met in real life, but privately sent each other dirty messages when we were in a mood), always updating us about how much fluid he'd consumed that day, how desperate he felt, how much longer he was going to hold it; naturecalling, the husky lumberjack of the group who blogged about his nature hikes (and pisses) in the woods; and me, who liked to lurk but didn't often post my own stuff. Because I liked my bladder to feel pleasantly full, I kept drinking water as I opened new tabs in an incognito window: all my favorite piss porn sites, blogs, erotica, and, of course, our chat room.

Cuckhold in Milwaukee Part 3

fetish toothmedic 2018-07-13

2 minutes later I heard the back door open and Judy said, "stay down there and keep cleaning and don't look up." All of a sudden I hear a voice that sounds familiar but I couldn't place say, "so how was it?" Judy says, "well if you ever get the guts, maybe you will join us one day." All of a sudden she goes, "you could help a girl now to cum a little better." The other voice says, "what about him?" Judy said, "you started on my boobs until he cleans." I lay the toys on the side and say, "I'm going to go clean up and relax." After Judy stops moaning and cumming she turns to me and says, "you can clean up but come right back here."

Business and Pleasure

fetish Brandy-wine 2018-07-13

“This is what I was telling you about.” My eyes opened wide as Adrienne handed me a magazine with her finger pointing to a picture of a black leather collar with chains attached to bind the users hands up around their neck. I moved back to her lips and devoured them with my own, which was perfect timing, because it was then that Chris slid a finger deep inside her, and her scream of pleasure was consumed within our kiss. One hard deep thrust, and she was sent over the edge, her contractions squeezing his penis so tightly, he was brought to an earth shattering finish, and the sounds of them at the height of pleasure, in addition to her finger curling within me, wracked spasms from my entire body, ones like I’d only read about.

Girlfriend Finally Cuckolds Pt. 01

fetish writemarksmith 2018-07-13

Val showed me the message and teased me about it, turning me on as she knew she would when she talked about how much Barry wanted her again. When Val got back from a trip to the bathroom Barry took it a step further and asked her to show him her ass. Barry admired the bare ass presented to him for a while and I saw Val's face was flushed with excitement. Barry started to spank her, much harder than I do, and Val clearly loved it. Val was silent for a moment, remaining bent over with her ass in Barry's face. At one point Val took half his cock in her mouth but instead of finishing him off like this she started to stroke him faster.

Princess' Unusual Day

fetish emilybennet 2018-07-13

I wanted to shout again for it seemed like getting worse but the stuffing had stopped me again. He rammed in and out again and again and again and I was on the border of passing out again, an action which I really would have liked to happen but the pain stopped me. He then proceeded to push both my feet together and I suddenly felt his manhood on them; he grabbed my legs and stroke his cock with them two times when he stopped and I felt a fluid coming out of right onto my socks. I then heard steps and felt the stuffing being pulled out of my mouth and I wanted to shout but it was stuffed again immediately again.

The Special Event

fetish Learningfast 2018-07-13

The corset took over 40 minutes to close, leaving me to relax for a few minutes before each tightening of the laces, until my waist looked that of a young girl. By the time the five brief panty girdles were in place, I was straining to breathe inside the corset and I was immobilised from the waist down. The excrement had forced them off my body and now formed a layer or warm semi-solid around my hips, bottom and thighs, and increasingly down to my knees inside the leggings. The swelling inside the leggings was obvious and as soon as the boot pressure was removed, my rectum started to retch again, so that another half kilo load of excrement slowly forced its way out.

B is for Boots and My Butt

fetish chanstevens 2018-07-13

He went back downstairs and I looked out the horniest gear I could find - I chose a black tight corset with 12 suspender straps(I'd never seen anything like it!) long black gloves and a choker, long black seamed nylons, tiny black high cut briefs and finished off with a stunning pair of shiny stiletto heeled black zipup knee boots - these had a 4 inch platform sole with an eight or nine inch stilletto heel and I could barely walk in them at first, but knowing how good my ass looked in the mirror I had to master a good bending pose before he returned.

The Versatile Student Ch. 01

fetish atlanticsexual 2018-07-13

I later found out that Denise had made sure that Tara was working that day, intent on introducing me and intent that the introduction would feature 12 undershirts and 12 boxer-briefs and the enema reference. Tara was a quick study, then became an enthusiast seeking the very best and most intense equipment - that virgin good girl who was horrified when she and Denise bumped into each other in a very different place - at the kinky sex store - bag in hand. Fair Tara - that kinky virgin - a beautiful 5'4 108 lb package who as I later learned never wore a bra - never needed to with those twin 34As. Denise, ever the plotter, had known how Tara wore size small men's undershirts herself - in fact the exact same brand and type Denise had bought for me - only a lot smaller.

i hate people like this

fetish 2018-07-13

[12:24:21] love life: Hi debbie mcclure, I'd like to add you as a contact. [12:24:43] *** debbie mcclure has shared contact details with love life. [12:33:44] love life: you know , i have added a lot of girls but few few are good and real [13:17:41] love life: ah beleive me , it is god jesus [13:24:35] love life: their is a lot of touchable thing that god jesus kept it on this land to prove that he is real [13:28:31] love life: you science people why you think like that [13:29:33] love life: i will pray that god jesus show you that he is real [13:40:06] love life: it is true that we are not like my our only god jesus ultimate and pure

A Guy Obsessed with s****r's feet

fetish LoganWeaponX 2018-07-13

I put my face as close to her feet as I could without touching them, I didn’t want to wake her up. About 6 months later we were in the living room watching a movie, again, she kept her feet in plain sight the whole time, I think she caught me stealing glances at her sexy little size 8′s but I didn’t care. “I’ll jack you off with my feet and thats the only part of my body I want your dick touching if you lick your cum off my feet”. She played with my dick and cum for about a minute with her sweet little toes, a huge grin on her face.

Boob Hill

fetish KDG 2018-07-12

John ‘Long’ Johnson held up a weather-browned hand, bare-ass town, because Dike City, Kansas, was home to Johnson, but most of those men weren’t landowners, and, Johnson sagely regarded the flame-licked faces of his the men’s iron-hard dongs bobbing long and heavy and snow-white tits, capped by inch-long, rosy-red nipples, dangerous, money and man-lusting proprietress of Boob of Boob Hill that one man could, indeed, satisfy one Johnson fanned his men and women ‘Been lookin’ for ya, Chesty,’ Johnson drawled, slowly ‘Been waitin’, long rider,’ Chesty replied, a defiant Johnson said modestly, lifting his snakeskin cowboy boots size-f******n pair of boots Johnson was wearing. Johnson pinned Chesty’s arms to her side and Her foot-and-a-half-long lady-pleaser/man-smasher lay on

Two Sides

fetish wildirishrose7 2018-07-12

other times I knew she had been playing with her clit as I would come home and feel her and find my hand "extra" wet and a smell of herself on her finger and lips... I was totally sunk deep inside my lover, cock head pressing against her womb, and she was squeezing her vaginal muscles like a milking machine, trying to urge all of my cum out of me. As I gained a little composure I pulled back slightly, moved her so she was on her back, and kissed her open lips, sucking her tongue, holding her tightly until I could feel her breathing return to normal.

My new assistant - her story, part 3

fetish MassMan669 2018-07-12

I now realized that Mr. Anderson's dick was very hard and I could feel it below my tummy. I could barely speak but I managed to whisper “Fifteen minutes.” And they came; five more hard spanks on my now vary sore ass – one after another. Mr. Anderson had one hand on the back of my head and he thrust his phallus in and out of my mouth. Before the cum on my chin dripped on to my dress, Mr. Anderson wiped one side of my mouth with his finger then put it in my mouth. He could taste his cum on my mouth and this seemed to excite him as he thrust his penis into my belly and I could feel it getting hard again.

Nylon footjob from wife

fetish lovingfuck 2018-07-12

I’m hoping that since she pretty much ignores me, I can move her legs so that her feet are on my lap and I can rub her nylon covered legs with my hand. I also take off my jeans at this point, hoping to feel her nylon feet rubbing on my legs while I’m rubbing her feet. She said that these nylons we’re getting kind of crappy so she was going to thrown them out anyways, so let’s make this feel awesome. She pulls them back, squealing a little bit and telling me that the lube is cold, but wraps her toes around my cock and starts rubbing again. I want to sit up straighter and watch her work my cock, but I can’t keep my eyes open.

Creampie Gossip

fetish jdriver 2018-07-12

"So every day Susan gives it up to her man, he selfishly gets off and heads out and then the roommate comes in and fucks her silly, gives her orgasms galore daily now when she hasn't had any in months that weren't self inflicted, and they are both in this sort of sexual bliss, Brad is none-the-wiser to any of it, and there don't appear to be any feelings at all between Susan and John beyond the excitement of their own taboo behaviors." I told Jessica. She is having like two solid hours of incredible kinky, crazy, wild sex every single fucking day." Jessica said, analyzing Susan's situation along with hers with a bit of envy.


fetish word artist 2018-07-12

She must have been 5’10 or so, and I recall how my gaze followed her lower leg, to her muscular calf that flexed with each step, and finally ended, the tops of her feet disappearing into a pair of bone colored, stiletto heeled leather pumps. Its shape is simple, elegant, unambiguous, the heel is long, sculptured, cut as a fine blade would be, curved in a very suggestive way, tapering to a fine point, creating an arch so long and high, it is nearly impossible to wear with grace, yet for those women who master them, the effect on onlookers is devastating. She toyed with me, shifting her legs to give me a quarter view of those stiletto pumps, revealing the full rake of the high arch, all of that slender heel.

Cum & Tights

fetish kiitykatt 2018-07-12

Or should I just let everyone in the country, especially your family know just how much of a slut you are?" he said sharply as he closed the door, she had barely walked in and came to a sudden stop at hearing those words, breathing a little deeply, "yes sir". She watched with her wide blue eyes as her cock was stroked again under her tights, she was still hard and it felt amazing. He moves his hand and pushes gently down on her soaked tights covered cock, she moans loudly, she's about to cum again so he moves away and watches her whimper and writhe around, trying to push herself over the edge.


fetish Ha275 2018-07-12

Fred knew Audrey would be bogged down by the weight of her curves on a petite body but as he was planning it all out with thoughts about fucking her like crazy if she gave the initiative, she immediately tackled him and launched him on the bed. The former shook his head but that made Audrey angrier because she thought of it as sign of Fred wanting to rub his face in her mound more than an answer. Fred could only grumble and got himself a hard on instantly when Audrey started shaking her behind on his face. But just as Fred went to kiss Audrey's neck, she grabbed his head and wrapped her legs around his body.


fetish SubmissivePregnantPet 2018-07-12

"So, my little one," he gently murmured into her ear, his stubble tickling her, "Have you missed me in your bed?" The ragged gasp, nearly a moan answered his question for him, even before she turned up her eyes and answered him with two words laced with longing. Her back arched yet again as he entered her, her hands grasping at air as her eyes rolled back in her head, a nearly bestial grin on her face as she took him, hips bucking to meet his every thrust. comes!" he moaned now, his own orgasm taking over, grunting animalistically with each powerful thrust, hands tight on his pet's wide hips as she squirmed and struggled under him, crying out each time he thrust deep into her most intimate depths, feeling as he swelled inside of her, throbbing, preparing to fill her.