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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Power of Clothing Pt. 08

fetish mandywilluk2000 2018-07-12

That they did, firstly in front of the mirror in the consulting room's private bathroom when Stephen undid the coat and eased her breasts from the delicate bra and later in a hotel bedroom. On her last day working for him, in that hotel room they had undressed, they had looked at each other's splendid nudity; at her full, slightly sagging breasts, his hairy chest, her somewhat bulging tummy, his flat, athlete's six pack, her curves and rounded hips, his lithe thighs and at each other's genitalia. Turning round and then back as she looked in the mirror, she felt a little shudder go through her entire body as she gazed at herself in the gym trousers.

The Mauve Ribbon

fetish Girl Friend 2018-07-12

I wanted to add some heat to our already potentially explosive sex life so I started to bind ribbons around Calista's neck as she orgasmed. I've always had a high heel fetish so I would place high heels on Calista's feet as I was pounding my rod into her as she lay spread eagled and tied to the bed with the scarves restraining her ankles and wrists on the bed with the mauve ribbon tied rather tightly around her neck. Now we both enjoy her dressing up in high heels, being tied up and spread eagled with scarves and of course, having the mauve ribbon tied around her neck.


fetish klammer 2018-07-12

"In a moment I am going to lock this belt on you, then leave, taking with me the only key. In - let's see - a little over three hours, it will unlock automatically, allowing you to reach the keys to your other handcuffs, which I've left on the bedside table there, so you can set yourself free. But then ending will always be the same - I'll lock the belt back on and leave you lying there, counting the hours until the timer sets you free." (I suspect the key wasn't really that far away, but she enjoyed the thought of leaving me lying there, helplessly awaiting her return.) She removed the infernal belt, and my poor deprived cock sprang instantly to attention.

Pregnant Wife Gets What She Needs

fetish The Mad Splatter 2018-07-12

Instead, Steven saw his wife perched doggie-style near the edge of their bed, while a strange man stood on the floor and pumped his rock hard cock in and out of his wife's pregnant, shaved pussy. She reached both hands down to her pussy and spread her lips wide open to reveal her wet, shiny pinkness and budding clit...a site that caused the man to cut loose with one final massive load of cum. Finally, she inserted fingers from both hands into her hole and rubbed the strangers cum all over her massive preggo tits, making the dark nipples shine in the twilight that peaked through the nearby window.


fetish goodtmedicine 2018-07-12

“Didn’t you have two hanks of blue on the shelf?” She looked down at the counter, picked up the hanks of red rope, and looked back up at me. She casually threw the hanks of red back on the shelf and picked up the blue, and grinned as she held the coil to her exposed neck. “You’re a winter girl for sure.” Very nice.” "It will suit your wife I think", she said, still grinning. As she rounded the corner and started back to the rope selection I motioned her to stop and held my finger to my lips. “Next time I’d like to take a little longer.” “Oh yea?”, she smiled, then grinned, “What makes you think there’s gonna be a next time.”

Milk Sow Ch. 05

fetish InYourDreams 2018-07-12

Go on, try it." She pulled at Ginny's arm dragging her reluctant fingers towards the sow's slit. Yet as she heard the sow's breath come in little gasps and her hips humped over her fingers, Ginny seemed to lose control of herself. Ginny was being consumed by the sensations forced into her and piece by piece her mind was taken over by this primal act, this initiation into the herd, this debasement of her body that was to be used by common sows for their pleasure. One morning as Ginny played with her tits kneeling before Matt, and he explained to her about the life of a sow, she suddenly felt a warm wetness creep across her fingers.

Reversals Ch. 13

fetish RachelClark 2018-07-12

"Looks like you've earned another punishment," Julia whispered, the word exciting her every bit as much as it did the first time she had said it to him. Julia swayed under the water, eyes closed, with her back to the shower head, soaking her long hair, with wet, glistening breasts bobbing and swaying so seductively before Eric he ached to touch them. "I said, we need to do something about your nasty cock!" Julia spun around suddenly and grabbed Eric by the balls and began squeezing, moving forward, pinning him into the back wall of the shower. Julia glanced at his cock contemptuously, then, surprisingly, began to run her nail along the its underside, teasing it, watching Eric's face as the pleasure built, his legs trembling as she approached the head.


Doctor Laura

fetish NotSoBigBird 2018-07-12

Doctor Laura is ready for you, sir," she said, smiling. Alright, let's get started then!" she said, turning to me and smiling amicably. She turned back from her desk to see my erect penis pointing straight at her, and a grin flashed across her face. Doctor Laura chuckled to herself for a moment before turning to her desk and sorting through some papers. Doctor Laura was pleasured by this seven-inch cock... I glanced back and forth, from the seven-inch replica to my own little shrivel, slowly realizing just how tiny my penis really was. My thoughts were interrupted as Laura let out a loud, gasping moan, and abruptly relaxed against the desk, pulling the replica penis out of her vagina.

A Cuckold's Paradise

fetish shem802 2018-07-12

For the next couple of weeks Becky stayed around the house, sitting by the pool a lot, so I was spared the continuance of my wife's romance with Roy. I know she called him though, as I overheard her one day in the back yard on her cell-phone. I sat alone in the dark for hours, thinking about my wife and Roy out dancing and having a great time. Every time Becky was away for the night, at her friends or at her grandparents, Julia would go out with Roy and stay at his place, not returning until morning, while I masturbated alone in our bed. The week before Becky was due to leave, Julia and I talked openly about her affair for the first time since that night it had become sexual.

WKRP: Serving Loni's Ass

fetish Byronnnn 2018-07-12

The next few times we were together, I kissed her ass and after I begged satisfactorily, she let me sniff her butt and I did so like some rabid, infected a****l. She went to her bed, got on all fours, exposed her spread ass with thin panties, and said, "You LOVE sniffing my butt, Alexander. I didn't like eating it but I craved Loni and sniffing her butt and the more I ate, the more she let me sniff. We managed to get together a few times in the following few months and each time, she gave me what I wanted most which was sniffing her butt and I gave her what she had come to love the most, eating her shit.

Interracial Bisexual Cuckold cum lover

fetish nympho9 2018-07-12

Then Cindy got on her hands and knees and said “nasty boy climb under me and lick me while I’m getting fucked! I made myself comfortable between Ty’s legs, and started to kiss and lick the cum from his cock. Ty kept slowly working his fingers into my ass while Cindy was sucking life back into his cock. When Cindy got Ty’s cock hard again she started rubbing it on my well-lubed asshole. She sucked deep and hard on my balls and on the backstroke she put pressure on my cock by pushing it against the top of her mouth with all the strength she had in her tongue muscles. Just as I felt Ty’s hot cum shooting deep into my asshole, I immediately began shooting into Cindy's mouth.

The New Starter

fetish Footstories 2018-07-12

I stood up revealing my cock to Debbie, she was still devouring her foot at this point, her toes slipping in and out of her mouth. She took her toes out of mouth, they glistened with her saliva as she held her foot in her hand, "Come here..." I walked towards her, my cock lazily swinging from side to side as I took each step. She took turns at sucking my cock, then her toes and then all at together, it felt amazing and she was enjoying the salty combination of my pre cum and her feet. I pulled away from her grasp, leant down over her foot and began to slurp and suck her cum from her feet and toes.

Suzi - First Try at Denial

fetish Auryman 2018-07-12

Suzi and I have played so many games in public and private that it was becoming a bit of a challenge for me lately to find new things to excite us both. The caption indicated that this was a tease - when she'd get close to finishing, she'd press against whichever egg was arousing her, but that would cause it to swing away, denying her the release she wanted. "No," I muttered, "...unlike...our...goal." We both recognized the trance-like quality in my voice as I said it and Suzi immediately quieted down. That had always been one of my favorite games with Suzi and I wondered what it might be like in this new context.

Space Camp Ch. 04

fetish kcunningh 2018-07-12

Once they were alone, Tiffany put her arms over Chris's shoulders and started kissing him. Chris let his fingers slide down the front of Tiffany's diaper. He worked his two fingers in up to the first knuckles, then to the second and then he was pushing them all the way into her ass. Chris grabbed her hips tightly and slowly fucked her ass as deeply as he could. Tiffany started to pull forward and Chris went with her. Tiffany's anus eventually pushed Chris' penis out as he lost his erection. Tiffany asked Chris if he would finger fuck her again like he just did before. Chris obliged and then fucked Tiffany in the ass again.

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 07

fetish sethwaite 2018-07-12

I moved my hand away leaving Ann's resting on my hard shaft, she didn't pull her hand away, instead I felt her pressing her palm onto my cock. It was heaven, here I was lying back in a chair with my big titted mother in law kneeling between my legs, her tits exposed to me in a sheer see through bra and her old hand resting on my hard shaft. With our hands joined I took the lead and moved them to my cock letting Ann's hand come to rest on the shaft. I couldn't help myself as I let out a noise of joy as my mother in law held my cock in her hand, her eyes continued to lock on to the shaft and head. "Fuck yes Ann, wank my cock my sexy mother in law."

Christine's Special Room Ch. 01

fetish NiteWriter 2018-07-12

Of course I always did things that were humiliating during her enemas, like the one time I reached between her legs as she sat on the toilet and fingered her asshole feeling it come out. I figured the squeeze pump held maybe a pint of warm water that literally gushed into Christine's rectum creating a feeling of fluid splashing into her bowels. I'll shave you now." "I want your cunt and ass clean and ready at the same time." Despite her squirming in discomfort and the constant clenching of her ass to keep from losing any of the enema, I proceeded to spread the white cream between her legs.

punished by parent in laws chapter 12 part 1

fetish lippy100 2018-07-12

I sat staring at my baby doll clothing lying on the bed beside me, but I knew I could not summons up the courage to dress myself and go downstairs to face Michael and my Mother in Law. As I sat there in a confused state, wallowing in self-pity, the hotel room door swung open, and the outline of my Mother in Law filled the doorway. Fortunately at that moment the rear door to the office swung open and the considerable bulk of Sheriff Stone entered, holding a seriously intoxicated teenage male by the collar. And four: you are dressed up provocatively like a young girl to attract the punters." Sheriff Stone cupped the palms of his hand together.

The Love of Panties Ch. 04

fetish chuckp7860 2018-07-12

At around 6' she is the closes I have come to of my own 6'3" height and the thought of getting to her things and actually having something that fit a taller woman as a very exciting thing for me because at this time I had started enjoying wearing their panties and clothes too. As I rubbed my cock through her skirt and panties I could play with my nipples through her bra and blouse I had on and I am not sure about anyone else but as I stood there feeling her clothes and touching sensitive parts of my body and smelling her perfume it was getting real easy to think of what it would feel like having her in my arms wearing these clothes and I was getting so hard.

Wedgie in the Apartment

fetish wrbsuperman 2018-07-12

Over time she'd learned that clamping the waistband for a hanging wedgie was no good, the body's weight was too much for the fabric and it would tear around the rim leaving the victim (or pleasure-seeker) on the ground far quicker than the setup took to arrange. She rocked back and forth hard, legs spread out in a giant split causing all her weight to be on the thin threads of underwear that remained visible in the very bottom of her crotch, the rest so deep in her cheeks and pussy lips it was almost as if she was getting fucked by her panties.

Vietnamese Salon

fetish Sexual_Thoughts 2018-07-12

I knew that she didn't wax her pubic area, which meant she had pubic hair just under those blue shorts of hers. The haircut ended and she went off down a short hallway to another area where I knew the Brazilian wax would take place. I helped her remove the briefs the rest of the way and I was finally lying totally naked with a hard big boner right in-front of this completely clothed stranger woman. It had been a while since I had had this wax done by this woman and I knew I had made the right decision to come in the salon this day.

Lait Maternal Pt. 01

fetish BaileySparrowtree 2018-07-12

Penny had risen to the top of the plus size lingerie modeling world, showing off the latest innovative and eye-catching designs of the Bedroom Eyes Company. She loves the fact that there are very subtle veins if you looked closely, and admires her over-sized areolas; their gorgeous chocolate-brown color was a perfect contrast to her olive skin. If you had not already guessed, Penny is a bit of an exhibitionist; the thought of being watched had sent her over the edge many times, though she had yet to experience that feeling outside of her depraved mind. Feeling flushed as if the few other applicants were watching her over her shoulder, Penny fills in her bust size, but the rest she leaves blank, wanting to ask more questions before answering.

Bottled Water

fetish TheEnglishWriter 2018-07-12

Despite the glass in her hand, a bottle of water on her table was not unusual, but the two others in her bag were. I really had no idea why she wanted me to drink so much, but not get drunk. She took my hands in hers and asked, "What do you think about when you pee?" Her on her knees before me, my cock in her mouth, her hand around it, me holding her head to it as my piss flowed out, into her mouth, she drinking it as quickly as she could, some of it running out of the corners of her mouth. I leaned forward, and told her, "Come closer, I want to say something." Our heads came closer.

Cuckold Curiosity Ch. 01

fetish Mrs_Cumming 2018-07-12

I want Christian to get a good long look at my husband's size and to see how masculine he is. My husband puts his head back, sighs and enjoys my mouth, reaching up here and there to rub my shoulders or grab a handful of hair to push me down deeper. this time right between them so I can look up at my husband, sticking my ass out so Christian can get a good view of me in my thong. I rub my clit for just a moment and then pull my hood back to let Christian see how my petals look when they are wide open. I rub away furiously at my clit, feeling my lips gripping around my husbands thrusting cock and my g-spot swelling by the second.

Jesica's Valentines Party

fetish sithlord6969 2018-07-12

Her flirting and teasing was not confined to her lover and strangers, Jessica would routine apply the same techniques to some of the more attractive residents of their building. Leaving the door cracked a smidge she crossed the room to the far wall and stood up straight with her hands reaching up against the white surface in a pose of surrender. The right hand returned and gently but forcibly pulled Jessica's hips back from the wall and flipped her all too short skirt over her hips and on to her lower back. She tried to push away from the wall but her strength had left her, her sweaty face pressed against the sheetrock surface as she came yet again as the board president filled her with his sperm.