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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Summer Rain

fetish TwistedPlayr 2018-07-12

Callie turned around and Matt immediately noticed two things; the wicked smile on her face and her hard nipples poking through the material of her bikini. This was a nice room before we changed it, so you couldn't have hoped for a better place." Matt said, keeping his cool. "This bed is so comfortable, I could fall asleep right now, but I don't think Dawn would want to find me in her bed when she came home." Callie said. Matt grabbed Callie's free hand in his and guided her toward the bed as she continued to stroke his cock. Matt watched as Callie slowly flicked her tongue against the slit of his cock and come away with a clear drop of Precum.

Red Hair

fetish KarennaC 2018-07-12

It was a glorious auburn color, just like the hair of Ellis's first love. Ellis pulled Sheryl into a kiss that started with them both on their feet and ended with them lying together on the bed. Here he was, on a bed with the sexiest woman he'd known in a long time, a sexy red head who wanted him as much as he wanted her. But it had been too long, and Sheryl was just too fucking hot lying there with that red hair. Ellis couldn't remember the last time he'd fucked a pussy this wet. The next day when Ellis saw her, Sheryl was at her desk, her blonde hair in a pony tail.

Crushing Cousins

fetish 2018-07-12

Kathleen looked at me and the expression on her face scared me, especially when she said, "I think we should soften him up a bit more Janet, bounce very hard on him, 20 times should do for a start. "That's right pervy boy cry as loud as you like nobody is around to hear you, Janet sit on his chest I am going to stand on him and do some more of those knee drops. Janet added, "next time David we might even try and really hurt you, lets go for 200 bounces and knee drops each Kathleen and then both sit on him for a couple of hours".

A Traffic Stop

fetish Authorman1969 2018-07-12

A lady gets pulled over for speeding very fast but does not want a ticket, and she will do anything to avoid a trip to the Magistrate. "Well mam, no warrants or the like but I did see you got a ticket for doing 20 over just a couple of months ago that is not resolved yet waiting on a court date. "Now get out of the car," which she did making sure her skirt rode way up to reveal beyond her thigh highs to a pair of black satin panties. Stand up and bend over the hood of your car because now I am going to fuck you real good like you have never been fucked before."

Squealing Pig

fetish Mmmbabysex 2018-07-12

Next to me, a female and male pig were fucking, and I couldn't help but watch as the male pig humped her behind, and I wished it was me that was getting plowed in the pussy by a big pig cock. "Uh, you want someone to fuck you hard, don't you, girl?" He smirked and rubbed my snout softly. The male, Tony, got onto his knees and rubbed his thick, long cock against me. I squealed in excitement as I realised that not only had I gotten Tony hard, but I had also gotten my owner hard too. My eyes rolled back into my head as my owner got onto his hands and knees and began rubbing my very swollen clit.

Lange Pornokinio-Geschichte

fetish Christian_onTour 2018-07-12

schrie sie leicht auf.: "Nicht zu fest, bitte!" Aber ich leckte und aber auch die Tiefe der Stöße, mit der sie sich den Dildo in ihrer Mein kleiner Mann war heute morgen noch etwas träge, aber ich weiß, wie war, ich hatte Sehnsucht nach den geilen Fingern von Hans, die meine ganz besonders freute ich mich über seine herrlich geile Zunge und auf dem ich meine Lust und Bereitschaft für die beiden hinterlassen einen Tropfen auf meine Lippen, die sich wie ein Ertrinkender ihr Sie rückte noch etwas näher an mich heran und so ich trank wie ein mit ihrer geilen Fotze, die sich so nah vor meinen Augen in Lust und Sie stand auf und ich sah ihren Mann Hans, auch er war ganz

83% ihre

The Harem Slave Ch. 07

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-07-12

Sophie left the woman soaked in pussy juice and breast milk. Doctor Stevens found Sophie lying on a bench in the atrium. He recognized the signs that the pill was working immediately—her enlarged breasts, nipples, clit, and pussy lips, the stream of juice leaking from her twat and the twin rivers of milk leaking from her nipples. Pointing it painfully down at her prostate body, he released a stream of piss which coated her tits, face, and pussy. Sophie couldn't make a noise, but her eyes widened in fear as the doctor raped her juicy cunt over and over again. "You're gonna take every inch of my fucking cock until you beg me for my cum." He took his hand off her mouth and slapped her hard across the face.

50 and Fine!

fetish goinstrong 2018-07-12

After losing some money at poker and at the bar, I noticed it was a little after 12:00 a.m. I asked Susie if she'd like to stay, or head home. She was pretty tipsy, and semi-slurred a "Nah, let's stay here!" I asked the bartender for a couple of splits of wine and we headed for my room. I put the wine on ice, then said to Susie "How about a dip in the hot tub?" Now, the pool area closes at 11:00 p.m., but the hotel staff DOES take care of me. Susie laughed out loud and said, "If I'm going to be naked in a hot tub wity you, there's no point being modest now!" With that, she dropped the towel and began to strip.

The Elevator

fetish darkfey 2018-07-12

Those same fingers trailed down to where the vibrator was, gripping it through my panties they slowly began pulling it out and then thrusting it in again. When it hit my lips i got the hint and wrapped my lips around his cock and began a tight lipped pace routine of sucking licking and taking him all the way to the base and swallowing. "Good cock sucking whore" was all I heard as i was pulled up onto my feet and the vibrations became to much for me and I came biting my lip as not to scream out. I was shaking when i felt the binds on my wrists loosen and my arms fall to my sides just as the lights came on and the elevator began to move again.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Ch. 03

fetish yummymess 2018-07-12

I was watching her while stroking my cock, which was getting coated with the peanut butter & jelly on my hands from her tits. She knelt down in front of me and her eyes widened and sparkled as she stared at the head of my cocking poking through her peanut butter & jelly sandwich. She let go of my cock to hold her peanut butter & jelly & cum sandwich with both hands as she shoved as much as she could into her mouth. She spread her big pussy lips on either side of her gaping hole, and her entire cunt covered in peanut butter brown and strawberry jelly red looked like an exotic flower. I stroked my cock as my hot pearly cum shot out onto her peanut butter & jelly covered face.

Vivian and Tanya's Forest Romp

fetish ghostinthecorner 2018-07-12

“See how you like this little secret skank.” Tanya sucked Vivian’s clit into her mouth and began suckling on it. I didn’t start this sexfight, but I’m sure as fuck going to finish it!” Tanya had completely stopped trying to work on Vivian. I also told you I had to fucking go before you brought me down here for your stupid little lezzy contest.” Vivian snatched Tanya by the hair and planted a deep passionate kiss on her. “ Just in case you ever think about telling this story to anyone I’ll make sure to tell them how it ended you filthy fucking whore.” With that Vivian let out a golden stream of urine that covered Tanya’s face and hair.

Poker Night at College

fetish pinkbunny1110 2018-07-12

I shouldn't have to carry your drunk, sexy little behind home but I will if I need to." She looked down and smiled, replying a quiet "thank you" as she imagined him carrying her in his strong arms. Ryan covered her ears and said to Jake, "She wasn't supposed to know that, you asshole!" Ryan picked up a pillow off the floor and threw it at his friend's head with his left hand. "And, to liven it up a little, this is strip and spank poker." As Brie looked around the room, she saw most people grin and smirk. And it looks like Ryan already practiced on Brie earlier!" As Kyle said that, Brielle blushed, Ryan smiled wide and gave her another smack which made her jump, and everyone laughed.

Size doesn’t Really Matter? Blacken

fetish 425olds 2018-07-12

I want you to know and feel what its like to have your pussy stretched to the limit with a really big cock, so lets get you really full of hard juicy cum spewing cock.” I did not want to inform her that I indeed had had all 11 inches in me if she was going to let me experience another 11” fuck from her boyfriend. I want to feel your cock deep inside my ass pumping me full of your hot cum, I want my asshole stretched around your cock acting like a hungry mouth sucking you dry of your sperm, baby I need to be ass fucked real hard.” He lowered himself slipping his big cock back inside me.

pleasure for ass mm &mf (second part)

fetish ericjames 2018-07-12

She reached for the KY again and put it on the first few inches of the rod, grabbed my cock and began to insert the rounded end into my hole. Her left hand went down and grabbed my ball sac as she slowly slid the rod down further. While she started doing this, her husband came up to where my head was, pressed his cock against me and leaned over to get a close up video of what she was doing. I had to reach down to hold the condom on my limp cock and felt one of them smack me on the ass a couple of times. I got into my truck, smelling like hot sweaty sex, cock feeling my own cum and wet underwear.

Meeting a Literotica Fan

fetish StrongMaster7 2018-07-12

Tanya told me that she was a single mother by choice and that she had pressed her sisters and a couple of other young mothers into helping her express her surplus milk. I was stunned because she was the very image of the character Bonnie from the story that Tanya had initially commented on! Tanya told me how she had tried to hold back her open sexual desire from her family, but that she found herself whispering nasty things to her sisters as they suckled. I thought that the flow of milk from the tit I was sucking slowed a bit, so I moved my mouth to the other enormous jug. I finally released Tanya's massive tits and looked down at the milky, cummy, mess on her incredible chest.

Strip Club

fetish milkmanj 2018-07-12

However, a slow table dance (or should I say 'Lap Dance') in a dark corner of the room would reveal nice nipples brushing against my face. It was always nice to smell pussy on my fingers at the end of the night if nothing else happened. Another song started but her only movement was to stand slightly and bring her nipple to my mouth. My cock was very hard under her laps and I know she could feel the bulge because her hips started grinding even harder. The song ended and the dancer on my lap reached over and grabbed a napkin and wiped my cock dry and put it back in my pants like nothing had happened.

Taken Firmly in Hand

fetish JulianWinslow 2018-07-12

For a long moment, she simply stood there, looking into the naked boy's eyes, as she let one hand casually play with his balls. She felt a thrill run through her body as she deftly slipped her right hand between the cheeks of his bottom, impudently forcing apart parting the mounds of flesh until her fingertips were pressed firmly against his sphincter. Edward was a prisoner to the firm grip of those fingers closing on the shaft of his penis, unable to escape the exquisite agony of sexual torment and forced arousal, as she casually stimulated him to a full solid, throbbing erection.

Her First Humiliation Experience

fetish boundarypusher 2018-07-11

Holding your hands tightly behind your head, you open your mouth wide and push yourself deep onto the cock in front of you gagging a little as the shaft reaches the back of your throat. As I bend over to kiss you, I reach down again with my hand, dip three fingers into you, and begin to pulsate them in the way that makes you come hard, squirting all over the bed. But you really want to get fucked, so as my fingers suddenly pulse more quickly and I reach up and pinch your nipples hard again, you scream it out loud.

Encounter at Travelodge, Final part

fetish Telman 2018-07-11

We’d spent a few hours doing what we both intended to do at the onset - spending a few hours with a reasonably random stranger (we still didn’t, and don’t to this day know each others real names), but before we went our separate ways... It’s a good thing I didn’t decide to be a nuclear physicist, I’d have blown the planet up at some point in time, surely? Not the kind of ”I know it’s a game and I’m a but afraid but I like it”, the other one. I kept taking pictures from my vantage point, camera never leaving her face as she was having a series of orgasms (multi-orgasmic girls, YOU RULE!).

Vampires! Final Chapter

fetish pornaholic63 2018-07-11

Danny couldn't help but remember the feel of the beautiful blonde vampire's body pressed against his back the night before while Sylvia was drinking his bl**d. Sylvia, Danny's gorgeous neighbor was bent over the other vampire's lap, Christian's hard cock in her soft hand and her mouth wrapped around the head of his hard shaft. Sylvia stroked Christian's cock in her soft hand and Danny got a decent look at it for the first time. Danny frowned as he spied on the vampires, watching Christian's hands slide up between them to squeeze Sylvia's ample breasts through her bra.

Cuckold couple Discovers

fetish Subscurious 2018-07-11

“ Well, that s not really see I was afraid you wake up so I went to the living room with your laptop and I wanted to watch more porn on your website But when I opened I saw on the top of the screen under video a tap “Recommendations” so I clicked on it.” At this moment Marc didn t really know how to react, he was also a very jealous men in real life, so it was really hard for him to listen to his loving girlfriend talking about cuckolding, but at the same time it was the fantasy he masturbated about for the past 2 years almost everyday several times a day..

Captured by A Cum Addict

fetish licketysplit725 2018-07-11

She was a fine looking woman, wearing a tight-fitting tank top with obviously no bra; she caused me to screw up a few drink calls with her pointy nipples. We sipped our drinks, and she put her hand on my leg, telling me that she needed a ride home. My balls tingled with what I figured was an electrical shock – I looked into her glazed eyes and she turned the knob up a notch. I undid the rest of the restraints and the coil off of my balls, and as I dressed I noticed a glass on her dresser, which looked like two fingers of cum..There was a note next to it: "Thanks, saving it for later".

Brod: The Trainer

fetish Sarkopheros 2018-07-11

They'd take turns, a couple girls helping to guide one onto the head of my fat cock, stretching her out while she came all over me. I'd fucked fit chicks before, but it wasn't until this incident that I developed a "thing" for muscular women that put them right up there with girls that had a plump ghetto booty. You responded better than I thought you would to having your face sat on," she said, looking around the room. I'd had my face sat on, and now I was thrust naked in front of thirteen girls who clearly spent a lot of time sculpting their bodies. The blonde bent and grabbed my cock just behind the head before she began to lower her body.

Piggy To Share

fetish NYCbbwSUB 2018-07-11

When the guy fingering my cunt got bored with that he grabbed me by my hair and threw me down on the bed yelling, "Get on your back and spread those fat pig whore legs bitch!". "You got it whore!" one of them said as he climbed up onto the bed and pulled my blindfold off saying he wants to see the pig as he uses her cunt. After using me like that for about fifteen minutes, Dave came up behind me and roughly pushed me down on Jim's chest, and slid his hard cock deep in my ass making me scream into Jim's chest. Jim came over to me and began fingering my cunt, while Dave took pictures.I just sat there, spreading my legs wide, enjoying what I was feeling.