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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

It's Just Sex Incorporated

fetish Bakeboss 2018-07-11

Ms. Harris gave me a nom de plume, an e-mail address to use in correspondence, my name was Fateful Servant, and hers was Domestic Goddess. By the time I got home where I could check my e-mail I had already received a message from Domestic Goddess, it read: I left the office, I was wasting my time there anyway, and on the way home, I tried to devise a plan for scrubbing my wife's toilet without raising suspicion, as I never ventured into her bathroom. My wife was not at home, lucky for me, so I told myself I couldn't wait any longer and went into her bath shutting the door behind me.


fetish LesbianMuses 2018-07-11

She captures the steel between her lips and runs her tongue all the way to the tip and back, sassily dominating my fingers as she returns. I laugh as she smiles knowingly, her clear expression of, "This chick is weird, but I love it." Her tongue caresses my pee hole, and I slip the steel beneath her chin and in, chuckling. She latches on, tongue thrashing, pinning me with the cool steel, my urethra squeezes her finger and chopstick. I watch her take the steel chopstick between her lips, her tongue discreetly lick, her eyes widen with surprise, "How could someone who eats so many cranberries, taste so sweet?" She grins wolfishly at its agave-like taste and eagerly rides the chopstick between her lips, licking my nectar.

Never Too Much Pregnancy Ch. 03

fetish ZotDragon 2018-07-11

"I don't care that you aren't awake yet, but I'm full and I need a little relief." Justine then shoved one of her boobs in my face and I responded the only way I knew how: I suckled her nipple until her milk started flowing like a stream down my throat. She was already hot and warmed up from her earlier fucking and my cream pie eating, so it took the slutty housewife almost no time at all to reach a climax which she did with a gush of liquid from her cunt and screams muffled in one of the couch pillows. "I need you to cum in me so I can bring a cream pie back to my husband." She giggled like a schoolgirl.

Tonsorial Art

fetish BlueByrd 2018-07-11

I brush my short hair into place, touch up my lipstick, give a spritz of his favorite perfume and follow the sweet smell his Lane Limited 1Q down the stairs to where I know he is relaxing: smoking his pipe, drinking his Manhattan and watching the golf channel. He reaches down, slides his hand over the satin of my garter belt and follows one of the garters down my leg until he comes to where he can finger the welt of my stocking and knead my inner thigh. Squirting shaving gel onto the fingers of his right hand, he removes the towel and begins to slowly and methodically to spread the foaming cream over my mound, between my legs and down around my anus, where I also have hair.

The Power of Clothing Pt. 03

fetish mandywilluk2000 2018-07-11

He must be holding it and pointing it at the cam, Kate thought, her heart pounding, but still she didn't ask him to stop. The cam panned back, it must be on some form of automatic device, Kate thought watching Dean smile encouragingly at her as, completely unselfconsciously about his aroused nudity, he masturbated himself in front of her. Kate asked herself as her fingers slid inside her bra and she watched her young online beau rubbing his delicious dick as she had just thought of it. "Would you like me to be there with this Kate?" Dean asked pushing his erection towards the cam. "Yes," Kate typed with one hand, the other pulling and pinching her awfully hard nipples.

A Creampie Revisited Ch. 01

fetish cpluver 2018-07-11

Then one day while she did that, she looked up at me and said, "Your cum tastes so good, I can't wait to swallow it all." In mid fuck, she would ask me, "How should I cum, in your mouth or with your cock?" You always want me on your mouth when I cum and I know why!" she said and then smiled. She pulled her mouth away from my cock and said, "Oh, they feel so full, are you almost ready to cum?" I need to cum and you said you wanted to do this, so start sucking harder!" "Okay then, as long as you just want to swallow your own cum," she said and turned away laughing a little to herself.

Secret Waters Ch. 02

fetish tholepin 2018-07-11

On their first morning together, Ellen had captured his finger and forcibly rubbed it against her bottom letting him feel the soft bud of poop just peeking out of her anus. John, of course, knowing that he had dirtied her panties, along with the smell of her shit on his fingers, caused him to spend. She opened her legs revealing John's borrowed underwear as she thrust her hips out, two fingers rubbing the material firmly against her pussy lips. Late Tuesday morning after eating breakfast at the research center, Dr. Sparr grabbed his laptop, a briefcase full of underwear and left the lab until "later, folks." Dr. Hull simply called human resources and proclaimed a personal day.

The Fetish Shoe Shop: Mother & Son

fetish fantasyboy 2018-07-11

A very embarrassed James eventually said, 'I'd like to wear your shoes while you rub your stockings against my cock please Mrs. Wyles. Mrs. Wyles took them 6 inch high heeled cream shoes from Anne's hands and put them on her feet. Robert and Mrs. Wyles soon bought Anne to yet another orgasm only seconds before James emptied the contents of his balls deep inside his mothers arse. Anne decided she wanted a copy of the video but not to punish James but to watch it with him together when they would both be wearing the cream high heel shoes that they now both adored.

My Epic Wife: Candle Wax

fetish BellaNyx 2018-07-11

He leaned over and once both of her ankles were firmly in the leather cuffs, he knelt on the bed next to her, trailing kisses up her legs, slowly running his hands up her body as his lips followed. When the removal process was complete, he took the hand towel and drenched it in nice, warm water, bringing it back to the bed and gently washing Bella's back and shoulders to make sure all the wax was gone from her. He grabbed her hips with both large hands and thrust into her hard and deep, feeling her pussy trying to tighten around him again and again, until he felt his body explode, he slammed his cock into her as deep as he could, cumming inside her.

Sexy club encounter

fetish 2018-07-11

I slide my fingers across your dripping pussy, you push your ass into my cock harder. I slide a third finger inside you and instantly feel your pussy compress around my fingers and your body start to convulse. I spin you around and bend you forward before pushing my thick cock deep inside your dripping little pussy. I start to fuck your tiny asshole harder and faster, your hands grip the edge of the table hard as you feel your ass stretching. I push three fingers deep inside you and you instantly start to cum. I grab your ass cheeks hard and squeeze as my cock starts to throb inside you.

Favour returned with interest .......

fetish LaceTops4U 2018-07-11

I pushed and withdrew several times and then let the warm water wash my ass pussy clean. Sit down, I said to James and slowly began to lick my way around Margarets swollen pussy, she moaned and grabbing my hair rammed my afce into her cunt. I forcibly pulled her hands away and restraint her slowly ate her pussy clean.she continued to moan, these soon turned to whimpers and the slowly I sensed the beginnings of on orgasm. I turned Margaret side on and began to eat her pussy in his full view, as I did so I snaked my hand up her legs, across her stocking tops and began to finger her anus.

Learning To Love Her Feet

fetish Mousie762 2018-07-11

"I love it." He licked hard again, the tip of his tongue probing at the lips of her pussy and the body of it rubbing her clit. As she neared, he spread her pussy lips lightly with his hands, moving them a bit aside with a light pressure, and pressing in with his tongue and shaking his head again until he got dizzy. Squeezing lightly with her toes, she began to rub up and down, with tiny short strokes, the skin of his cock moving along with her feet over his shaft. She stroked and he shuddered, his head rolled back and forward and back again, his hips thrusting his cock between her toes, and he came, so hard, with little groaning shouts of ecstasy.

Budding Foot Fetish - Tina

fetish thefootprint 2018-07-11

As my mother stood there making small talk with Tina, I couldn't help but slowly and discreetly drop my gaze down her legs to her feet. Having a foot fetish ever since I can remember I became very intent on wondering what her feet were going to look like. Tina commented that this foot massage thing was going to have to be a daily ritual. I limited the amount of time I massaged her feet and right before I was done, I'd tickle the hell out of her soles, but only for a second. "I would massage your feet all day if I could Tina." I whispered just barely loud enough to be heard.

Rough anal Fantasy

fetish 2018-07-11

I barely gave her anytime to recover from having her pussy and body used in such a wanton way when I lay her on her back again and started to kiss her on her lips f***efully she new what I wanted to do next and she implied she did not want me to, I did not care I was having my way with her, i was going to get her back for all the teasing she has been doing to me over the past few weeks, giving me flashes of that sexy arse, she knew the time had come for me to fuck it and for her to take it straight up her arsehole.

Road Trip Ch. 02

fetish jlltec 2018-07-11

She said to Rick, "Honey, I'm going to let you come pretty soon, I promise. "After you let me cum, I want to lick it all up for you." He turned a bright shade of red as he said this. To make it easier on you, I'll let you cum on my boobs, that way you will enjoy licking them clean, how does that sound?" Rick was very embarrassed being the only one naked and totally submissive for his wife and in front of her guests, but his cock was coming back to life. Gail said, "I think we need some time alone together to talk about this, you guys don't mind do you?"

Cleaning the Boss Ch. 03

fetish PantiesAndPies 2018-07-11

We then spent an hour going over the work I was doing, although we didn't dress and half the time I had a hand stroking her pussy or a finger inside of her; the other half she was stroking my cock through my panties. Karen was sitting and I know lay down over her on the couch allowing my panty covered cock to press against her pussy. The looks I was getting from the girl assisting Karen and another salesgirl just got me harder as I knew they realised these were for me – I was too young to have a daughter old enough to wear the size I needed.

A Dog's Life Ch. 07

fetish Compliant1 2018-07-11

There's just one thing I'd like to know, when you were in the vault with Danny, you kept talking about his big cock. Why, the first time I saw Danny pants you in the yard, I wanted to put you in my pocket and take you home with me. "Nothing valuable, just the privilege of giving Danny his birthday spanking." I began reaching for my wallet when Gloria said, "Save your money, the raffle's rigged." She giggled and went on her way. Now, it's my turn to ask, did you enjoy being treated like a dog?" I have no desire to treat you like a dog, but I think that knowing that I can make you do this will keep you in line.

Covering his Slut with Cum

fetish Ineeddickinmenow 2018-07-11

This pleasured the female, caused her body to shake, and her ass to bounce down - shoving the rest of his throbbing cock into her pussy. Sighing in pure bliss, the female's lust filled eyes gazed up, only to be broken from her fantasy as he took a breast in hand and gave it a hard tug. The pleasure was too good, his cock felt just right, and soon her pussy clamped down frantically as she came over his dick; coating it with a new slickness.. Shoving it deeper, a low growl was emitted from the male as short squirts filled her pussy, only to pull out and cover her breasts with cum.

Young Mother at garage sale

fetish harleyrider6969 2018-07-11

I said sure, the daughter I learned was Katrina and she said, "I need to put the baby down for a nap" and I watched her walk inside, followed by Anita. I kept smiling and pulling out bills, I said, "Katrina, just $50 to show your tits, another $50 to suck and squirt some of your milk out and $200 for a blow job, a VERY fast blow job before your mom gets home!" "Oh shit Katrina said, whipping her mouth, fixing her bra with milky tits dripping and getting her shirt on as her mom cahtted with ladies at the garage sale while walking the few feet to the house.

Husband Charged with Thief of Vibrator

fetish 2018-07-11

My lips were has swollen and they felt as if they wanted to suck David's cock.I tossed the banana back on the counter and grabbed the scissors. I reached over and started rubbing my hands all over his chest, slowly getting closer to his ever growing cock. I went on to circling the head of his cock with my warm wet tongue, within a second I plunged my mouth on his cock, I started sucking his throbbing cock, while fingering my wet pussy. His cock was throbbing, I gently inserted another finger, he gasped for a brief moment,but than began moaning again, pushing back against me as he wanted my fingers to go further into his dirty hole.

The Smoking Temptress

fetish SmokingGoddess 2018-07-11

Several minutes later of quietly enjoying the Georgetown skyline at sunset, Izzy ever so confidently reached her hand over and began to gently stroke my knee. Izzy got up first, set down her cigar and knelt between my legs, swiftly, yet gently, removing my panties and tossing them over the balcony. Instead of lowering her mouth to my pussy, she took her cigar and rolled the tip in my juices, then brought it back to her lips and closed her eyes as she puffed. Izzy's body gently shuddered, then once again began to moan as I kissed my way down her soft stomach and found the buttons of her jeans with my hands.

Mister Fluffykins

fetish Sabledrake 2018-07-11

Mom left, and Lisa stood in the middle of the room that had once been hers but no longer felt familiar at all. Mister Fluffykins rolled to the floor and lay there, legs and ears splayed to compass points, paws holding that carrot. His fur was cool and soft in her hand, and she thought of how she used to cuddle her face against him and inhale the smell of the fabric softener Mom added to the wash. "I don't think so," Lisa said, raising the rabbit to eye level so he had to look her in the face. The indecision lasted so long that the next thing she knew, Sarah was hammering on the door and shouting irritably that if Lisa was going to hog all the hot water, she should have stayed at a hotel.

Reclaiming My Sex Life

fetish LaPatitMort 2018-07-11

We talked about her, for fifteen minutes before I asked, "I'll have to get going in a few minutes, but first, will you let me buy you a coffee at the swanky place next to the parking lot?" She had been missing playfulness and silliness for a long time. "Andrea, if you are here Friday, I would enjoy having coffee with you again and learning what all you like to do for fun." Andrea's half closed eyes looked at me, "I really felt that kiss." When we arrived back at Andrea's apartment, she asked, "Would you like to come up for a coffee or a night cap?" She started to say something or object, but stayed quiet when I looked into her eyes and touched her lips with my finger.

Never Bet With a Witch

fetish toes2nose69 2018-07-11

Later on in the day, she pulled her foot out of the shoe and gave me a look and said, for the rest of the day I will not wear my sock. I jumped in and felt all the way to the toe, she looked in at me and said, now I’m going to wear another sock over this one, this was it will trap all my sweaty, smelly goodness, Good Night. The next morning, when I woke up, drenched in her foot sweat, she took off her socks and pulled me up and said I have a special treat for you today, today you will not have to smell my feet.