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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My workout fantasy

fetish BiBBWLover 2018-07-11

She had removed her bra and when I walked in we locked the door and she got on her knees and pulled down my pants and picked up where we left off.After several minutes of feeling her skilled mouth on my cock she had me sit down on a chair and knelt in between my legs.She told me she knew I was turned on by her tits and she took my cock and laid it between her lovely breasts and begin to massage me with them and everytime the head of my cock poked out she would suck it to keep it lubed as I titfucked her.

Jeanette's JAV Shoot

fetish GorvinFlaviovich 2018-07-11

A Blonde Woman walks into a Studio Office and asks the secretary, "Excuse me, I have an appointment with Mr. Kami." The Secretary pointed her to where she had to go and she went on her way. She began brushing the Hair behind her Head as Kami asked her, "So, you familiar with what the shoot is going to cover?" Jeanette bent forward a bit and tossed her Mane in front of her. She was then asked, "Are you ready to start the shoot?" Miss Jannson flipped her Tresses behind her and gave her Mane a fluff. Two more men walked up to her and started wrapping Jeanette's Hair around their members like the others.

A Taste of Cuckcake

fetish ZeroDarkDirty 2018-07-11

Sometime tonight you are going to watch your husband push his cock into this beautiful sexy woman one last time, thrust it deep inside her pussy, and fill her with his cum. She is going to pull him deeper inside her and squeeze every drop of that cum from his cock with her young, tight pussy. You walk around behind, taking a moment to enjoy the sight of his ass flexing and thrusting as he fills this beautiful woman's pussy with his cock, and slide between his legs and under her body. You hold your tongue out to catch any stray drop of cum that might leak from his deflating cock and he lets you take him in your mouth to clean her pussy juices off it.

Lost Cell Phone: Monday

fetish Pearls_Inside 2018-07-11

"Shelly" -Send me a picture of your bare nipple, banded and a picture of your breasts with your shirt on.- For the rest of the (very long) day, I received texts about every hour to rubber band my nipples again. Every time I went in to take the rubber bands off and stifle screams of pain, I had to wipe my pussy dry for fear of leaving a puddle in my chair. And now, a 20-minute walk with my round, barely supported breasts bouncing with rock hard nipples for everyone to see. "New bra?" He groped my breasts and kissed me, and I hoped he wouldn't notice me wincing in pain as his hands rubbed across my tender nipples.

Timestop Day 1

fetish themessenger 2018-07-11

Roughly five foot eight, just a bit on the skinny side, but probably more muscular than most (he never knew where it came from, his mom said it was from his dad's side of the f****y, but there was no way for him to know about that), and an average looking face, definitely not bad. Of course it made it worse that Sarah's mom was the head district nurse, meaning that she traveled between the high school, middle school, and the elementary schools helping out with the major nursing stuff – like lice checks and physicals – so he still had to see her sometimes in the high school building. Every time it got brought up, Warren wanted to tell Sarah how he thought her mom was hotter than her.


fetish MirageLM 2018-07-11

He thought she sounded more than just a little turned on by his story, but with her message being anonymous he had no way to contact her and see if she was interested in a "first hand" experience. The heels and stockings accentuated the shape of her legs, and other than the nubs of her erect nipples protruding under the fabric of her blouse, there was no indication that she was, for all intents and purposes, prepared for a sexual adventure. His smile was warm and his eyes appreciative as he took in the sight of her high heels, silk encased legs, short skirt and of course, her now fully erect nipples. Each step caused her bare pussy lips to rub together, capturing her throbbing clit between their slick edges and making her knees wobble with need.

My Faggot Husband

fetish 425olds 2018-07-11

By that time, of course, I was already regularly taking a strap-on to my husband’s ass, which he was pretty much used to, but I wanted him to experience the real thing; a big, thick hard cock, with a muscled-up thug behind it. My hubby resisted and was screaming like a little bitch the whole time, which only made Johnny more determined to bust open his cherry. There was almost never any advanced warning; every time Johnny came over, I wanted my husband to feel that delicious cuckold angst and anxiety, not knowing if he was gonna get fucked that night.

young girlfriend fucks old geezer part 2

fetish krazyfork 2018-07-11

“Definitely not that, but I’ll tell you what, either of you can eat my ass if you want, just don’t even think about fucking it.” She said before going to back to work on my cock. “What other rules do you want Katie, so far I’ve got no anal and no cumming in your mouth.” She was laying on my chest as I stroked her hair. “Just think baby, maybe this weekend old man Bill will be fucking you hard like this.” She was squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. Will you love it baby?” “Katie, your body was made for fucking, it’s going to be so hot.” “Cum in me, oh god I’m cumming!!!” I let go of her legs and pushed as far into her as I could.

Tee's Trial Ch. 05

fetish lyn74 2018-07-11

"Switch" Matt coolly said and then walked down to her feet and Sam took her place beside her starting to play with Tee's hard and fully erect nipples. Matt stopped tickling her feet and the wand quickly brought Tee to the edge of orgasm. Matt and Sam went back and forth like this edging and tickling her until she had been on the edge of orgasm nine or ten times. Tee was so overloaded with feelings both physical and emotional it was just her bodies reaction, and when Matt stopped tickling for like the tenth time and Tee's body quickly started showing signs of immanent orgasm, the vibrations kept going until a big orgasm ripped out of tee's body.

Her Night

fetish zadrhion 2018-07-11

A cheek in each hand being massaged and rubbed and pulled slightly was all it took to get her hips moving. He took each hand and, placing his thumbs inside her thigh, began massaging her as far up her legs as he could. Her hips were already moving so much he was going to have a hard time keeping his mouth on the right spots. She pulled his head up, looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Eat me.” Guess she was warmed up enough, he thought. She held him firm at the base of his cock with one hand while the other began moving up and down his shaft. Her hands went right back to his cock, rubbing the head in big circles.

Cathy's Hamper Ch. 02

fetish conquen 2018-07-11

Cathy kneeled on the chair adjacent to mine and leaned over the table “This one is nice.” she said pointing to the sample I had in hand. She placed her hand on mine, her eyes took on an almost child like feel. “My pussy is on fire.” Cathy moaned as her hands toyed with her breasts. She took the cum covered panties and began rubbing them against her pussy. I stroked my cock as I watched her bury her panty-covered fingers in her hungry pussy. Cathy began moaning and panting as her fingers packed the panties into her like a soldier loading a musket. “Would you mind getting those for me?” Cathy asked as she pulled her pussy open for me.

The Shower, P1

fetish GreenGiant1331 2018-07-11

I lean against the wall beside your shower and with one hand reach in to turn on the water. You lean your head back and let the water flow through your hair letting me kiss my way from your ear to your shoulder. My hands work their way under your shirt and slide up your wet back. Making sure both of them are drenched not just from the shower but also from my mouth, each nipple so hard it would hurt if it refused to feel so... When I feel that you are just about ready to burst, your legs are squirming you are so turned on, I stand up bringing your shirt up with me and take it off over your head.

Chocolate! Real or Homemade?

fetish bobbylicksinspain 2018-07-11

The way it goes is you will be restrained in a toilet box and I will sit on it and ask you what do you think is in my ass, real chocolate or homemade? Other times I will just spray chocolate flavour on my ass ring, but when you are strapped in this ingenious little box you are going to eat everything that comes out of my ass. The first piece dropped into my mouth and tasted like chocolate. I'll try to be a good boy, as I really don't fancy real shit in session three, even though it does look like my cock likes the idea without me!

No Resistance

fetish gr8_4play 2018-07-11

He wanted to please her and hear her voice crescendo with the pleasure of their being together, but as they talked he found himself approaching that precipice over which he had no control and he could only groan with the release that had so conquered him. As they had done just the day before, he waited for the phone to ring trying to control himself so that he didn't make a fool of himself with his voice quivering if it wasn't her call. He knew that like the spasm of her lower belly, there was no pretense in the sexual expression of her breath and voice and he felt reverenced at though he were standing at the alter of a sacred shrine.

Photo Album

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-07-11

"Took the hook out of his mouth and dropped him overboard like a small fish." She laughs and wipes some hair from her face using the stump. Thoughts of Sara inflame Roger as he reads his e-mail and looks at pictures of amputee women, one hand on the mouse, the other around his erection. "What did her friend look like?" Roger whispers to Frank, beginning to scan items without paying much attention. Maggie is mostly finished with a sandwich brought from home when Roger sits at the table with his face in his hands. She smiles as Dave puts the cups in front of them then sits across the table leaving Sara next to Roger.

The Bet

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-07-11

In the mornings I'd always wake up with Monique by my side, I never knew what time she came home or how she got into bed without waking me. What self respecting man would let his woman be fucked by another guy for a bet? Antonio came up behind me and began to massage my shoulders, "No, I don't want to do it tha.." before I could finish they had both started laughing. "No wait." Antonio said, "I don't like you treating my woman like a hoar, but since you think you can fuck better than I can, be my guest." I looked at Monique, she was biting her lip, trying not to laugh, "Antonio, stop laughing at him!

That Whole WAM Thing Ch. 02

fetish kleve 2018-07-11

In the meantime, you're welcome to sit there and think about the wages of sin, but if you still want to make dinner on time, you'd better start cleaning yourself up." As I left the bathroom, I looked back and saw Linda on her knees, naked, groping blindly for the shower controls. Erin was staring at the photo of Linda, nude on the floor of her shower, her head obscured by four oozing pie plates, her large pale body streaked with various unpleasant-looking substances. "Yeah, so Erin said," remarked Ursula, and sipped some wine with a flirtatious expression.

Chaffernaught 02

fetish MistressColleen 2018-07-11

I knew my adventure stories excited him almost as much as my controlling his sex, or that of my turning him into a jism slurping, pussieboy, whose only sex is masturbating and 'fucking' my left hand, when she's in the mood to allow him. I removed my finger from under his chin, scraping his skin lightly, and as expected, his eyes immediately went back to staring at my breasts as his hands struggled on either side of his active hard-on. So I took a breath and held my breasts up even higher, and brought them to just under his eyes, right up to his chest. Without taking his eyes from my breasts he grabs my bags and we walk to his vehicle, him mewing the entire way.

Smoking and Fucking

fetish toyboy2 2018-07-11

I had often wondered what was so fascinating about a woman smoking whilst you fucked her.Well recently i found out.I had shagged my partners boss(See 'Shagging My Partners Boss)a few times and as i was to discover she had obviously talked about me.The boss of the shop next door,a mature gilf,saw me one day and asked me if i would help her with something in her stockroom as she was on her own.When i went into the stockroom i helped her with the job then she said would i like a coffee.She made the coffee and we sat amongst the stock in the backroom.We chatted for a while before she said she had to close up.I went to leave but she said,

Bighairyharleybike Daytona Rich Bitch used as a Sl

fetish bighairyharleybiker 2018-07-11

From the days of 50 guys wearing colors walking down Main Street to moms and k**s every where, One way or another it’s a homecoming to find old friends and shake the cobwebs out of your head and your pipes after a cold winter. Apparently not gay because he would ignore this beauty while every time a tight body beach babe (the bars hire these girls to wait tables for bike week) walked by his mouth would drop open and he would start slobbering. If you have ever tried to walk down Main Street Daytona Beach at night during bike week, it’s a nearly impossible task.

Her Petite Possession Ch. 07

fetish AndreaJordan 2018-07-11

Brad was committed to stay as Kate's underwear, but now he knew that there was a way back, he couldn't help the other thoughts that were starting to run through his mind. Brad started tighten and twitch to massage Kate's clit in a desperate attempt to please the pissed brunette with the matches, as thoughts of returning to his old life now played vividly in his mind. A few times when the girls had been playing around, tickling each other, Emma's hand had brushed briefly against Brad and therefore by definition had also touched Kate's pussy. With Kate lying on her back with her legs open, Brad had the perfect view of Emma, who was now completely naked.

Watch Me Put a Baby in You

fetish SweetPregnantTits 2018-07-11

You love to watch as a woman gets her tits milked and pussy eaten as though she were a cow, spraying forth her life-giving nectar from dark brown nipples. "That will be you, someday," you've told me as you watch a pregnant woman sucking tits while she is fucked by a man. I watch as your hands caress my breasts, your fingertips lightly running over the small pink nubs of my puckered nipples, teasing, exciting. "Give me your baby." I look down and watch as inch by inch your cock disappears inside of me, until it is gone, and I feel you against my cervix.


A Nice Surprise

fetish kpondelicek 2018-07-11

We enter the bathroom, I start to kiss you passionately and run my tongue down your neck and blow softly on the moist trail I made there. I grab the handful of grapes and split them open each individually and let the cold juices drip onto your rock hard stomach. I then lick my hot tongue against the cold moist trail from the flavored Kool-Aid ice-cubes. I then start to incorporate the remaining ice cubes into my torture by alternating each time between the hot tea and the cold ice cubes. Slowly the speed and aggression gets more intense, out body temperatures are increasing, I stroke you hardcore and decide to get a bit more seductive.

At Kathy's Feet

fetish sexualrelief7191 2018-07-11

Kathy slowly brought her feet up to Todd's face, and then he went straight for the kill: her soles. Now, Todd seemed to care less, now that he was licking Kathy's feet like a rabid animal. Todd then took Kathy's pretty red toes and started sucking on them. Ginger took Kathy's untouched left foot and started with the big toe first. You're just so big, aren't you?" Kathy started slowly stroking Mike's cock, while Ginger hardly cared, as she was worshipping the balls of both of Kathy's feet. Sensing his approach, Mike took one of Ginger's and one of Kathy's feet and guided to them to go faster. Ginger and Kathy, each took a lick of each other's soles, sharing in Mike's cum.