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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Moms mistake Part 3

fetish 2018-07-11

Sharon the nerds were heavy into tits and the poor bitch had a great set that bore By the time they got done with mom's tits she had discovered a Once they got mom inside their place, they wasted no time breaking her What truly blew mom's mind was when Elf announced the "Sharon with Tits out" menu that had been crazed teens continued to dump load after load into her cunt, mouth and asshole. During that long night and morning Mom sort of drifted in and out of They started to use this time to explore mom's body in a little more Mom had a bit of a hard time taking a piss, even though she hadn't peed

Mating and Death

fetish gallowglass 2018-07-11

I'd told the chauffeur I was emigrating to New Zealand to be with my daughter, and just wanted a last drive around town, to take a farewell look at some streets where I'd been happy during my long London career. And when she reached down casually to switch holes, screaming "Worship my shit!" I was transported into a new world of tightness and tautness and tingling wickedness, as she began to make odd little whooping noises, rather like a pigeon, I thought. He'd gone off to a big trade conference in Menorca - "Sorry, wives not invited this year" he told her - leaving her to look after the front desk all week on her tod.

A view of Black Nylons 1

fetish hornyscorpio 2018-07-11

Soft moans coming from [image][image][image][image][/image][/image][/image][/image]Shirl, as she furiously masterbates, rubbing her soft calf against my hungry mouth.I allow my hand to roaup her perfect leg, the texture of nylon against her upper leg driving me crazyHermaons quicken, feeling my oversexed need for her, my nylon fox. She lingers a minute longer, seeing my hand still around my cock, sperm trickling down my shaft, sperm dedicated to Shirl.With a last lingering, sensious smile to her voyeur, as she slowly closes the window, one soft sentence from her delicious mouth, a promise from heaven " Looking forward to your return tomorrow night", with a wink, she turns, that ass a view of heavens promise of anal heaven, she turns at the doorway, one more smile, and she turn off the light, leaving the room.

Cum Sluts Anonymous 1: Ralph

fetish Just Plain Bob 2018-07-11

I was talking with my best friend over drinks one night about my problem (we had no secrets from each other) and he made the comment that it was too bad that there wasn't a self-help group for cumaholics like there was for alcoholics. That night when Sid came home with her cum filled pussy I told her about my talk with Louie and asked her what she thought about it. Mary liked the taste of cum straight from the cock and she made it a point to suck her lover's to completion before she would let them fuck her and then she would lick them clean when they were through.


Fucked in the Train Toilet fantasy revealed.

fetish Fridagirl 2018-07-10

He was embracing me, and my nostrils were flared, part fright and full of his expensive aftershave, in fact, strange to say his heat, smell, and general presence, made me feel secure as the relief swept over me, he had achieved his aim, and now it was all down to my forgiveness, the fact that I did not struggle, offer any resistance, and made no sound while he finished, appeared to turn everything on t's head. I turned from him and leant on the small steel washbasin, feeling him penetrate all the way inside until his pubic bush rubbed against the soft pillowy cheeks of my ass, now this is what a girl likes first thing in the morning, ran through my fevered brow, I was gasping like a sow in heat, my husbands cock did not make me feel like this.

A Well Deserved Spanking!

fetish SteamySabrina 2018-07-10

While waiting to board my flight from LAX to Seattle to visit friends, I nervously checked the weather report on my smartphone and noted that a huge storm that was raging. When the flight attendant nervously informed us that we were hitting bad weather and could we all take our seats and buckle up, please, just as a precaution, I downed my last drink and grabbed my seatmate's hand. Thank you." I leaned back in my seat, closed my eyes and started to think about my pug Lola and flowers and rainbows and chocolate cake but none of that really made me feel better. "You know that Daddy loves his favorite girl, don't you?" he murmured softly as he gently rubbed my injured ass.

Caught With a Student Ch. 01

fetish GASlipLover 2018-07-10

The following Tuesday, after the bi-weekly college senior management meeting, her boss, Bob Hooker, the Dean of Students, and Ed Brady, the President of the college asked Barbara to stay to meet with them. Knowing she was in no position to resist, Barbara licked the head of the President's cock, savoring the salty, musky taste of his pre-cum. She did notice that Hooker and Brady came on her at least once more each, and as the action began to slow down, she did put faces with the cocks spraying cum onto her. Barbara gasped as she the screen filled with the image of her working on the cocks of Bob Hooker and Ed Brady.

The Lady Bella

fetish worzel 2018-07-10

The slave inside had gave Domino a hard time, just trying to helmet her, and gag her had been a trial But with a bit of persuasion with a cattle prod Domino had got her into the full body suit the gag , the helmet, the ballet boots and the blow, up mittens and now as The Lady Bella walked through the door she had just zipped up the punishment sack, and padlocked it She wouldn't be coming out for a few days! We were told by Lady Warwick to treat you like any other slave, which means total hair removal, complete piercing, branding, and tattooing and if you put a foot wrong complete punishment!

Evolution: Swinger to Hotwife

fetish Mentor de Lyon 2018-07-10

He fucked my tits with his hard slippery cock until he started breathing hard like he was going to come. Jen was highly charged sexually with the anticipation of meeting MJ to fuck him, and was I equally if not more excited to finally be cuckholded and to hear her story afterwards. He sat me in front of him again with my legs spread wide and rubbed his cock-head against my clit and between my wet pussy lips. I thought he wanted me to suck him off but he grabbed my hair with both hands and mouth-fucked me hard and fast with his cock going deep into my throat.

Dream Lover Gets Dreamier

fetish realbigsid69 2018-07-10

He could feel her sexy thighs on each side of his head and the thought of this incredible woman having him pleasure her lots was a huge turn on. Good looking, tick and smiled as she felt him lick slowly up over her whole pussy. Kate couldn't wait to sit on his face more; it felt so good and she got a real kick out of knowing his mouth was there for her benefit. I picked up a little thing the other day I want you to wear" she said and pulled a contraption out of her bag.

The Bike

fetish secretstories 2018-07-10

So I was a little surprised when she had rung me during the week and told me that she had a new car and wanted to use the garage and asked if I would mind coming and picking my bike up. As I sat there I could feel my cock going hard at the thought of seeing her pussy and ass again. My cock throbbed as I watched her push her ass in the air completely spreading her peachy cheeks. I quickly shoved my cock in to the hilt and began pumping her hard, my balls slapping off her ass cheeks. Jane felt my balls erupting inside her and began to cum too, bucking wildly and then collapsing flat on the bed.

Anna the Slave and Her two Sons

fetish xhamporn 2018-07-10

Brutus groaned out to his mother and tried to pull away but Anna held fast and speeded up the rapid pumping motions of her hand until she felt Brutus’s hard cock throb and pulse as thick jets of sperm splattered on her face and neck dripping down onto her breast. Janus turned and looked at the shocked look on Brutus’s face when their mother lovingly held Brutus’s withering cock in her hand and slowly took it in her mouth and sucked and cleaned the last of the sperm clinging to Brutus’s penis. Anna began to moan and sigh out long gasping breaths as she felt her soaking wet pussy opening more and more to Janus’s huge thick cock.

The Gold Digger Ch. 04

fetish carvohi 2018-07-10

Bob thought Carol looked adorable in her white blouse and pleated brown miniskirt. Carol thought Bob might be a little overdressed if they went someplace casual. She was just finishing cleaning off one of the tables where a couple had been eating dinner before returning to one of the rooms when she happened to look up and saw Hank. Now Carol knew Hank, and she didn't like him. Carol admitted to herself she didn't like the outfit, but she didn't have to agree with Hank even if it was tarty. Carol told Hank the outfit wasn't her idea, but she'd grown to like it. Carol got a glimmer of something else in Hanks eye.

Gloryhole Visit Of All Time

fetish bioralpleaser 2018-07-10

I held my own cock in a tight grip in anticipation and I was about to pull away so I could watch him come when his hard hot tip was back at my mouth again. I sucked more casually wishing that another load was on offer, but as I continued my attention on him, he started to subside and after a few more seconds he pulled back through the hole to be zipped back away. By the time I got there the passenger had opened his door (like pros, the interior light did not turn on!) and he had turned in his seat, pulled his tracksuit bottoms down and I was looking at his hard cock.

The Klinik Chapter One

fetish numberonefan 2018-07-10

Chloe watched intently from her squatting position whilst Sophie fitted him to a black sensor lined skullcap and face mask with an integral visor, cinching tight, various straps and buckles until Arran resembled some human-insect hybrid, with shiny, over large obsidian eyes and matt black skin in place of his youthful, and, she was happy to admit to herself, handsome features. “That is very commendable Arran, and I won’t keep you from your studies, or a good nights sl**p for too long, but I need to clear up a few minor details regarding the debriefing for your VR Introduction Module…Technical stuff for calibration really,… Oh, and then I’ve to shave you,… give you some vitamins, and finally, as a special treat for being so good about Chloe sitting in on our session earlier on, a nice little massage before I tuck you into bed…How’s that sound?”

Revealed in Dance Class Ch. 03

fetish luvsatn 2018-07-10

After we laid out our towels in the sun, Eliza mischievously asked just loud enough for all to hear, "So guys, surely you're not going to stand out in here in this heat all day in those shorts and shirts? From behind her sunglasses she didn't take her eyes off us for some moments as we, like so many girls we'd seen our entire lives, pulled lightly up at the waistbands of the "swimsuits" and then ran our fingers along the back and front of the leg openings, adjusting the way they fit to make sure they lay flat without wrinkles on our abdomens and glutes.

Computer Problems

fetish Heel778 2018-07-10

A young woman was sitting behind the desk, looking intently at a document, and nervously clicking her pen. "Oh, sure," she smiled even more formally, and didn't even look at me this time. Her black skirt was drawn up a bit so the inner side of her left thigh and the curve of her knee were on display. Her toes rubbed against my hand, and I pulled back with a start, banging my head against the desk. When I placed my hand over her knee, she clicked the pen a couple of times, but didn't stop me. "Debbie, the boss wants to see you," a woman said loudly, and then went on her way. She rolled her wheelchair to the door, and then looked back over her shoulder and said:

Girdle Lover Part II

fetish dianne_silk 2018-07-10

different colors and Betty went to the ladies room in the mall to I told Betty to tell her husband transvestite and that he eats my cum out of Betty's pussy. stockings and was wearing those red heels I loved so much. drinks, "Jamie" sat off in a chair as Betty and I began to make out. To humiliate Jamie, Betty started saying stuff to me like "I love down, and started eating Betty's moist pussy. was finished, Betty then told Jamie to give me a blow job to make my on to see Betty's transvestite husband sucking my cock. Betty and I must have fucked 3 or 4 more times that night.

Cuckold Paradise

fetish Anal Slave 2018-07-10

I also must keep her cunt wet at all times and when her lovers are done with her I must lick up the cum that is pooled in her pussy and ass. She then reaches out and unzips her lovers pants and pulls his cock out, she makes me get down on my knees and kiss the shaft and tell him how glad I was to see that he was going to service my wife tonight with his big cock. I feel like I am getting used because when she wraps her lips around my cock and pumps my ass about four times, cum flows out of my cock like a fountain.

Reluctant Creampie Wife

fetish rick_oh 2018-07-10

Eve smiled sweetly and stroked his inner thighs for a few moments, and turned her attention to his ball sac and now fully erect cock. She had gauged him correctly and he gave a long and loud exclamation as his cock went out of control and profusely spurted nearly a week's sexual tension inside her blonde pussy. Eve giggled and said, "It's time for the birthday boy to have some dessert. Moments later, as they lay cuddling, she said, "You know that saying 'Be careful what you wish for, because you may get it?' Well, that was so good I want you to do that every time you cum inside me.


Penis dreaming

fetish penisprincess 2018-07-10

I sincerely hope I’ll one day life my dream and get the chance to take on a huge black cock or a tiny pretty penis like mine. I don’t think I would like to get the secrete sauce right in my mouth but in the heat of the moment you never know. The only thing that happens when I see well built male body I think sure I’d like to look like him but I don’t want play with him in a sexual way he just doesn’t have the power to turn me on -he’s welcome to try and I really am an open minded person but I also know what kind of fuel drives my sex engine.

Stage 03

fetish Capt. Stable 2018-07-10

The world seemed to drop from beneath his feet, a wave of disappointment coursed through him, till he noticed her mocking smile, hands held on her hips, she was simply teasing him, sticking out her tongue he chortled 'you little...' before firmly pushing the pie onto her beautiful face, smothering it in the white and yellow cream, exhilaration, he twisted it, adrenaline, letting the pie rest on her face for a moment, disbelief, eventually she prised the pie from her face, wiping the cream from her eyes, and licking her lips, she smiled at him, wiping more cream from her face, flicking it at him, then he was taken completely by surprise...

Emily, Richard, And Tom Ch. 02

fetish nobullguy 2018-07-10

"How about this---does this turn you on?" Tom asked as he peeled open Emily's partially unbuttoned blouse, slid his hand into her shirt and cupped her breast and kneaded it through her bra. Over Tom's shoulder Richard caught Emily's eyes for a moment, and he saw then that she was drifting away in the current of the bigger man's control like an animal relenting in shock to its predator. But, he couldn't contain his need to express to Emily his desire for their next meeting with Tom. He was ready to have the man over again---soon.Richard soft-pedaled his appeal, "Hon', he's not being pushy at all. "I enjoyed Emily---she's a good fuck---get her ready for another party soon." Richard agreed to work on it, and he stood behind the door as he let Tom out.

One Way or Another

fetish footshrimper 2018-07-10

I was soon fantasizing about her hands cupping and squeezing my balls as I felt my cock twitch in my pants. Once she reached my cock she worked her fingers through my moist pubes, rubbing my stiff prick and made her way to my swollen balls. I felt a burning inside my own asshole, remembering how I loved to have my ass fingered and fucked when I jerked off or came. First one then two, and finally three fingers inside my hot ass made my cock begin to drool. Our mouths gulping as we sucked each others nipples and our hands and fingers continued their exploration until we had pushed each other to the edge. I need to feel her stiff cock inside my ass!