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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Revealing Roni

fetish Calandria2 2018-07-10

Roni looked good in the short, black velvet cocktail dress she wore, which moulded her slim form, and showed a lot of her great legs, encased in black patterned lace stockings. I just wondered if I had imagined what Hazel said to me about her being a submissive, and if she had, in fact, spoken to Roni about the things we had talked about last night. As soon as we emerged from the lift (Roni said they couldn't manage the escalator in their heels) I saw people – men especially – gazing hungrily at my two companions.

Party Mom Ch. 02

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-07-10

Sonny, sitting on my cock while Josh fucked my mom upstairs... "Now let's have some pancakes too, you little bitch," Sonny said playfully to her, slapping my mom's ass as she turned around to head back to the stove. "And don't wake Josh!" Sonny added, sliding her hand down my mom's back and grabbing her ass. "Wow, your mom has a lot of sexy outfits," Alex said, looking at the various dresses on the hangers. "Damn," Alex said, looking at the different tiny swimsuits, "Your mom must be a fucking slut." "Your mom has been fucking herself with my cock," Alex said, laughing, "Damn, I can't wait to meet this bitch." "Fucking sexy mom," Alex said, laughing and smiling, I'll go find some guys."

Awakened Through The Gun

fetish lefthandfantasy 2018-07-10

All she knew was that Ted Jackson was the kind of man she was sheltered from all her life, and she needed to see why. "I'm looking for a gun I can carry, like a handgun, but so far I don't see anything powerful enough." She was making this up, and she hoped she didn't sound stupid. Ashley closed her eyes as the weapon began moving, sending more tears down her cheeks. His cock had been hardening as soon as she removed her clothes, but after watching her begin to masturbate with a gun in her mouth, he was as hard as he had ever been. He placed his left hand on the back of her head, grabbed her hair, and pushed slowly until his cock was deep in her throat.

A Sissy Cuckold to another Sissy

fetish Gemsissy 2018-07-10

every erotic sensation of your slutty smooth skin, the feel of the tight lingerie, your chastised cock, the locked dress and heels, the rubber cock in your mouth, your arms bound to the chair... You watch your wife in her lingerie and heels slip back on to your bed where the other woman, no sissy waits, stroking her... "I'm going to fuck you, Julie," growls Gem in a heated but effeminate voice, her hand stroking her cock. Gem slowly pushes her cock into your wife's pussy and soon Julie's begging for more, deeper, harder. "OOOOOooooh fuck!" blurts Gem as she holds her cock deep in Julie's pussy and you know ropes and ropes of cum are filling your wife's womb.

Entree Ch. 10

fetish NastyPierre 2018-07-10

I was shaking like a leaf and didn't want to play any more, but didn't know how to make my Mistress understand. I cried, whimpered and begged for my Mistress to stop and when she did, it was to shorten the leash and bring her head closer to mine, so she could yell. She yanked on the leash and brought my head up, forcing me to look out into the yard. My Mistress is strong and after using my balls to lift my knees, she used the other leash to lift my front paws. Besides, I wanted my Mistress to get rid of the itch, so I traveled with a purpose. I was at wits end and looked to my Mistress' friend.


fetish meatloaf90 2018-07-10

Julie had taken off her simple sun dress, Rachel grabbed it and carefully placing her hands on Rachel's right thigh and knee, "By the way," Rachel said as she smoothly ran a hand Rachel unceremoniously lifted her hand and began slapping Julie's "As you wish!" Rachel said, tossing Julie's naked form across "What was that?!" Rachel brought the brush down across Julie's shoulder to see that the brush was back in Rachel's right hand Rachel's hands slid from Julie's shoulders, down her back and Julie immediately let go of Rachel and began looking around for Then Rachel took Julie's hands into hers. Julie was lying on her stomach in the hotel bed, letting her hands

Marla Ch. 02

fetish geronimo_appleby 2018-07-10

Marla tottered on her heeled shoes and almost fell as one man, bolder than the rest, pulled her face to his, his fingers tight in her hair, as he pushed his tongue into Marla's mouth. "Now I want you to suck my cunt and taste Armand from me." Anastasia stared into Marla's eyes. Marla let one final mouthful dribble from between her lips, the liquid running in a river down over her magnificent breasts from where it dripped onto her thighs and stained the mattress further. Anastasia kissed Marla on the mouth, her tongue exploring deep, tasting the residue of Armand's semen and her own pee.

It's Better To Be Pissed On...

fetish hislittlesister 2018-07-10

I could feel the urge to pee coming on quickly while he was lapping away at my cotton covered pussy and decided there was no time like the present to take this wet journey with him. I was loving every minute of it and soon I had his cock out of my mouth, spraying my body with his piss and rubbing it in with the other hand. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and his fingers out of my ass and started kissing my back gently rubbing his hands down my sides. He held onto me and with a final lunge his cock was buried to the hilt in my piss dripping ass and he was cumming hard into me.

Slut for a Stranger

fetish 2018-07-10

”I'm gonna cum on this guy's cock,” I start moving up and down on it, both hands against his chest, tits shaking, fuck I'm such a slut. I've completely stopped holding back, my moaning bouncing off the walls, pussy making a very wet slapping noise as I move up and down and now my left hand groping my tits. I'm getting close, leaning back so he can see it better, tits bouncing and my mouth open: ”I'm cumming I'm cumming fuck I'm cumming-” and I'm screaming, hips and thighs shaking, pussy convulsing over and over, fuck it feels way too good, he's cussing and grabbing on my hip hard enough to leave marks, his cock's throbbing hard inside meI sluggishly lift my hips up, still shaking.

Smelliest Ladies' Night Ever

fetish byronbgeo 2018-07-10

He hadn't seen Beth for days, which was a disappointment; though it was hard to think of her without also thinking of Carrie Ann and all the other women. It can be so hard to find the right guys - cute and easy to manage - but Carrie said you'd be perfect and I see what she means. "It takes a lot of arm twisting to get a guy willing to offer himself up for Ladies Night but I heard there was no hesitation." "It takes a special guy to understand that it's about us and what we want, to offer himself up just so we ladies can have a great time.

Look At My Tits Ch. 04

fetish yankeedog 2018-07-10

"Sure Laura, ditch your sister...I guess we will have time this week with John gone...will you take time off of work?" "Hey Jane, why don't you run me down to the store real quick, I'll tell Peter that I won't be in tomorrow, and then we can grab some's 12:35 you know..." I began exploring the house looking at pictures and videos to learn as much about Laura and John as I could. "Well John you are going to be gone for a week and I just thought we needed to take advantage of what little time we had..." John opened the door and this good looking late 40's, in shape man stood there with a case of wine in his arms and a suitcase by his side.

Handjobs Under The Table (By Jenna2222)

fetish assaulthill 2018-07-10

Most of these seminars consisted of 200-500 people sitting in a room listening to a bunch of college professors up on stage, sitting at a banquet table talking about the various themes of each seminar. Once I heard him talking, I turned around on my hands and knees, and slowly crawled to the end of the table, where the first guy was. I did it slowly at first to get a nice good feel of him, then I started to stroke him faster and faster, as he got really hard and big in my hands. It was a very exciting moment for both of us knowing that while the crowd is out their watching him try to speak, he was busy sitting there pasting my face.

In For a Penny... Ch. 02

fetish TheHellWasIThinking 2018-07-10

I was wearing black thigh-high lace-top stockings, black leather thigh-high Pleaser boots with 5-inch spiked heels, impossibly large silver hoop earrings, Revlon Love That Red lipstick (#725, if you'd like to know), nail polish meticulously matched to my lips, a sexy black lace D-cup bra, and a black leather miniskirt that hugged my ass like a second skin (thank you, Forever 21). Sam applied the lipstick, heavily, while Cindy took a long, slow drag. Then Sam reached over and pulled down Cindy's top to reveal a really shapely breast that momentarily took my breath away. Sam leaned over and took Cindy's right breast into her mouth and sucked.

Behind the Nightclub

fetish naughtybessparker 2018-07-10

A shudder of the deepest, most heart-felt contentment ran the full length of my body as I experienced the physical reality of Daniel's passion for the first time; the warmth of him, the scent, the touch of his lips...all of it was real at last. Looking Daniel straight in the eye I ran my fingers across his swollen cock-head, withdrew my hand from his trousers, and licked the sticky residue from my fingers. With the pain of desire making my cunt throb I pushed Daniel's hands away, turned around and braced myself against that filthy pebble dashed wall with my legs open. I stood there eyes wide open as Daniel unzipped his fly, fished out his cock and turned to face the pebble dashed wall.

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 25

fetish Freddyj881 2018-07-10

Mrs. Jackson couldn't contain her lustful urges for the old man's large cock as her eyes immediately focused on his sweatpants covered crotch. "The doc said I'm good and apparently my heart's better than ever" the old man laughed, leaning back as Katie started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street, being detoured away from the interstate and towards highway 9. "You know what I meant!" Katie pouted, spreading her legs in the seat as she accelerated past a traffic light, "Did you?" she asked, her heart sinking at the thought of Phil bragging about his exploits. The hot wife's cunt got a little wetter as she obediently reached down and grabbed Phil's crotch which felt even bigger covered by his grey sweatpants.

Be-cumming a School Girl Part 2

fetish Sally5050 2018-07-10

When they all started fucking at the same time – the feeling of 2 cocks sliding in and out with only a sliver of skin separating them completely redefined sex for me – the sensations on my prostate and my clit were almost unbearable – I started screaming – but still said “Fuck me more more”. I couldn’t see due to the cum puddles in my eyes - she said she loved me and wanted to stay with me – she stroked the cum over my nipples and lay on top – she pulled out my pussy plug and slowly fucked me again – It was so slippy and sensual – no rush just sliding in and out until we both came.

Explosive Examinations Ch. 01

fetish Ubiquitous101 2018-07-10

Felicity went to work right away, opening Maria's vagina up with her speculum to examine her cervix uteri. "I always was an anal lesbian slut." Felicity said in a lewd voice as she licked Maria's ass juices off her lips. Say you need it Maria!" Then Tyra's booty blasted a huge amount of gas that found its way into the Hispanic woman's lungs, causing her to scream in ecstasy: Maria drove her tongue down Tyra's open mouth while her hands began to wantonly pleasure the ebony woman's full breasts. Maria spun her body around, farted on her lover, and began to eat Tyra out like an animal. Tyra could only writhe in delicious, intense sexual ecstasy as the Latina woman fed on her juices, occasionally letting loose a fart.

My Au Pair: Fantasy Becomes Reality

fetish cwm6 2018-07-10

She spit down into the crack of her cleavage to provide lubrication and then started dirty talking me while she stared into my eyes saying things like "How is it possible that your young cock is pleasing me so much?" and "Ohhhhhh yes baby it's so cute how you are so hard for me.". I began to moan at the sudden amazing feeling and she grabbed the armchair of the couch in front of her, putting herself at an angle to start going up and down onto my cock, her ass is plain view of me as I saw my dick go in and out of her from behind.

The first time I caught my wife cheating

fetish Matticus_89 2018-07-10

I quickly ran around the back and watched him leave, about 25 mins later I came back around the front unlocked the door and came in like nothing ever happened, she was no longer in the lounge room but in bed, I came in and asked how her night was, she pretended to have just awoken and said it was okay baby just watched some tv and went to bed, to which my cock was still hard as a rock as I hadn't had the chance to cum, I started touching her pussy which was still extremely wet, she seemed fairly into it still.

Puppy Play Time

fetish Huntorra 2018-07-10

A few agonizing minutes later, after I had almost moaned myself hoarse, the man suddenly pulled back and thrust full his entire length back into me, and began rut into me like the bitch I am, thrusting deep and hard inside of me, filling me up with his cock, ready to cum deep inside of me. After she had finished, she released my head from between her legs, leaving me to collapse forwards onto my face as the man's still hard cock began to move inside of me again. Leaning back with a smile on her face, Mistress began to play with herself as the man began to thrust hard into me again, my eyes rolling back in my head and by breathing coming in pants and moans.

The Nutrition Study: Jason's Story

fetish idyllic_thoughts 2018-07-10

He wasn't quite sure why, since he imagined they would just take an average of the nutritional value across several guys, but it explicitly said that one of the conditions was that he could not have an orgasm outside the clinic while the study was going on, they needed every drop of his semen, and would invite him back any time of day to collect it (and he was given a cup to take home and seal in case an orgasm somehow forced itself on him at another time).

Seduction of an Indian model

fetish kaama69 2018-07-10

I toyed with back of her neck, rubbing it lazily while my other hand traced her eyes and lips with a finger. Tina covered her face with her hands but did not ask me to stop, neither did she move away. I cup her face with my right hand pressing the cheeks with my fingers to open her mouth wider. I slap her boobs making sure I hit the nipples sharply as I continue to fuck her face with my swollen penis. I bend down to kiss her lips, sucking softly, allowing the pain in her spanked nipples to subside. I let go of her butt cheeks and slide my hand to feel her pussy slit ....


fetish xxxoutdoorlover 2018-07-10

30 seconds later you lower your menu again, look deep into my eyes once more, bite your lip before your expression grows more intense as your arm moves down noticeably indicating you've pushed two fingers inside your hot wet pussy, which sends a noticeable shudder of ecstasy through your body. After knocking so you know it's me in, I enter to the delight of receiving your tongue, which tastes sweet like your hot pussy, roughly exploring my mouth as you guide my right hand between you legs to discover how wet you now are as my left hand caress your soft firm tits in turn, pinching your hard little nipples making you moan as and your hands struggle to undo my trousers.

Restrained and Cutting

fetish Savage Ron 2018-07-10

The skin parted easily to that sharp thin blade, and the vein just beneath the collarbone and above the firm breast and hard nipple opened forth from the same incision. I sucked at the wound already spurting in my mouth as I felt my cock growing hard. She moaned more loudly then when she was cut when I licked the thin sheen of sweat from her tight stomach, and sighed in disappointment when I evaded the smooth shaved spot beneath it to kiss lick and bite my way down her legs. I could feel the corners of her mouth turn upwards as she tasted her blood from my lips. I kissed her cuffed hand as i felt her lips close around my strongly spurting wound.