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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Braces in a hotel part 2

fetish therj 2018-07-10

Just when I thought it couldn't get hotter, she turned her head back and gave me that lovely smile, along with her sexy braces. I pushed the head of my cock against her ass hole and began stroking it. I leaned her against the wall and banged her backdoor hard, slamming my cock right up that butt. I placed her head against the wall, opened her mouth and began fucking her face. To my cock, it was simply a floating fuck-hole and I fucked it like crazy, slamming into her mouth and down her throat. "Just one minute and I'll be with you," she yelled carefully keeping her face turned the other way so the could she her covered in love juice.

Cuckolded by the internet

fetish 2018-07-10

The shop assistant looked at me with a smirk –“ Your wife is very lucky sir, not many husband’s cater to their wife’s sexual pleasure” –“oh, my husband does” my wife had jumped in before I could speak – “in fact between you and me, he wants me to take a black lover, can you believe that”! I just needed some relief; just standing in our bedroom wanking my cock as fast as I could with images of my wife being fucked by the big black stud called the impregnator on our bed –it only took a few minutes before I was shooting my cum over our bedroom floor.

Bukket Ch. 01

fetish PoisonedEve 2018-07-10

But things have changed since then and once again - I do not know after how many years - I was standing in a porn DVD rental and wishing I had the guts to take one home. A mid-thirty woman in a business suit picking up porn DVDs? That I finally managed to gather the courage to rent the DVD was entirely due to the fact that there was a woman sitting at the counter. I sat motionless for nearly five minutes and read the mail nearly ten times before I could accept the fact that a video store was really asking feedback on a porn DVD. Watch this film for half hour and then tell me how you like it.

Replaying the Old Magic Ch. 02

fetish Learningfast 2018-07-10

And a pair of shiny black nylon-Lycra panties that would press firmly between her legs, holding the bottom edge of the girdle and reaching up into her waist, exaggerated as it was by her corsetry. Then straying downwards until she could feel him pressing and squeezing gently over the top edge of the girdle, down the bones, to the suspenders and to the bottom edge; to her stocking tops and as far as her could reach down her thighs over her smooth stockinged legs. His hand held her face momentarily, before gliding downward over her throat, her bra-contained breasts, her torso tight in its high boned girdle, and finishing between her legs.

k**napped by an Alien Chapter 3

fetish catherine-belmont 2018-07-10

“She is quite open for you now Zorg,” Catherine's hands running over Susis spread flesh, feeling her pussy, wet and open before moving to her asshole, spreading her pussy juice over the flesh. It began to rub over the exposed bud as Catherine's finger moved up and down her slit, Susi's pussy juice spreading with her fingers path. She pushed hard on her hand, forcing the hand further inside Susi, watching as her pussy began to spread open wide over the heel of Catherine's hand, f***ed open by brute f***e. “Yes, feel it opening you up,” Catherine's fist moving from side to side inside Susi, hearing her moaning in pain.

Heidi's Feet

fetish thefootprint 2018-07-10

We are all sitting around talking and having a good time when I see Heidi wiggle her feet out of her flip-flops. I just had to take my shoes off as it's such a nice day and those shoes make my feet hot." Heidi said laughing. I looked under the table and saw her bare feet sitting there within an incredible shade of red on her toes. I have been taking up all of your time to keep me company and I'm sure you need to leave and go finish work." Heidi said. That's about all the work I feel like doing today, it's such a nice day let's go sit out by the pool." Heidi said with an extremely cute and charming smile on her face.

A Girly Night

fetish lunaswift 2018-07-10

Although she couldn't talk really, under her dressing gown she was naked, still nervous about revealing this in case Emma didn't feel the same as she did about the two of them, the years in between yearning for her friend, never knowing if she remembered the drunken things they did together as teenagers. "You're making me come, fucking hell, it feels so good..." She drifted off as the orgasm she'd yearned for took over, making her jerk and shake on the floor, her pussy twitching like made round Sophie's fingers. Emma just smiled, then got up and walked away to the bathroom, Sophie staring at her naked bottom as she left the room, wondering if maybe her dream had happened after all.

My Wife My Mommie part2

fetish 2018-07-10

didn't want to come out with her still in the room, but she told fact, "I understand you still wet the bed like a baby." that my wife said I had wet the bed for the past several nights. "Yes Dr. More, because I wet the bed like a baby." "Yes Dr. More, I would like to be a sissy girl baby and my "Tell me Tami, how do you feel when you wake up all wet like to be a little sissy girl baby?" Dr. More asked. "When your wife says "Tami likes being a baby." you will have uncontrollable urge to dress like a baby girl, and want to suck on Ann, my wife, said, "Tami Likes Being A Baby." Without question I

My Secret Life Ch. 01

fetish TonyDowse 2018-07-10

This not only gave the various members a little more time to think about their reply, but, in the event of some diplomatic dispute, also provided the excuse that the translation had in fact been less than perfect in representing what they had actually said. Vida must have been through a similar thought process because when I opened the door for her I saw that she too had set aside her usual business suit outfit and although she had a bottle-green jacket hanging loosely from her shoulders, beneath it she wore a simple but crisply elegant white blouse and below that a finely pleated skirt that matched the jacket.

Brian and Karyn Ch. 01

fetish BrianSmith594 2018-07-10

"I would love to, and you know that, but they have it closed for the next few days to get cleaned." "Tell the cleaning crew that they can bite me" she said to me with a sad look in her eyes. As she says this I turned to face her, saying "Why let them have the fun?" and I pushed her long jet black hair to the side then started kissing her neck before gently biting it just enough to cause a few droplets of blood to come to the surface. "So, does Andy know that it's over?" "Well, I left him messages for the last 3 days to call me, and he can't even spare 30 seconds to make a call.

Mom`s Toilet

fetish klammer 2018-07-10

I could still smell the potent aroma of mom's farts on my body, especially my face; I don't know what happened while I was out and I probably didn't want to know. I shook and trashed my body but my head was stuck forward and straight in my mother's ass; the fart air blowing f***efully against my nose as it fills the nostrils with a putrid dairy smell. Mom's turd barreled near me quickly, quicker than I could respond so it mashed slightly on my nose and lip before I licked the putrid log and moved it to my mouth like shit spaghetti; though thicker by at least twenty times.

Steph's Descent Ch. 06

fetish 62_goo 2018-07-10

Steph fell in love with it and decided to let Fitz ink it onto her body. As she drove home Steph decided that her husband Phil was going to be completely sissified. Amanda said she would bring her needles and her piercing gear for some fun. Amanda took out the first needle and showed it to Steph. The needle, slowly but surely, entered Steph's right areolae just next to the nipple. Amanda kept pushing her needles through Steph's areolae, one by one. By the time Phil got home from work Steph and Amanda had recovered. Steph decided that today was the day she would insist upon Phil wearing girly underwear. Steph said, "Now, Phil, here's what I want you to wear."

Cuckold Club Pt2

fetish g826665 2018-07-10

Bruce moaned and pushed his tongue deep into his wife’s pussy, fully aware that James’ huge cock had been there less than an hour earlier. Bruce opened his eyes and saw Linda holding her panties in her hand out to him. It’s where Bruce has to look James or whoever in the eye and say that his wife needs the men of the club because they can give her what he can’t and would they please consider the two of you for membership. Not long after returning to his sheet-boy stool in the hallway, Bruce heard his wife’s voice and saw the door to the room she had been in open.

Next Door Lust

fetish Croozer 2018-07-10

She told me she had been out for dinner and drinks with her realtor - the man I had seen at her home - to tell him she had reconsidered selling her house because her daughter Connie was moving back in with her. She pulled her legs up and apart further, and said, "Push that thing into me NOW !!" AS I thrust in and out of her, she told me she had seen me staring at her outfit earlier, and knew I couldn't resist. "You hunk of an SOB," she playfully complained, "What about a good-morning cum?" She removed her nylons, wrapped them around my now-hard penis, and said, "I'm going to jack you off into these, then rub myself with them when you leave." Within seconds, I was pumping a load of hot semen into her nylon covered hand.

The Housemaid Ch. 03

fetish purpleangelica1 2018-07-09

(Annabel had never taken a man there, but the young master didn't know that.) What he demanded was that her quim, her womb, belonged to him. Alex had ordered him to mount the private stool, and Sam had turned slowly, settling his knees into place and bending over to rest his stomach on the top step, big hands with hairy knuckles flat on the floor. Alex gloried in the sight of this big man who was subjected to him, arse red and abused from his punishment, face white and sticky from his reward. Alex put his own cock away, while Sam hitched up his trousers, but his face was still sticky with wet blobs of come.

Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 06

fetish FantasizeAndRealize 2018-07-09

Sandy said, "I am proud that you are so open minded!" With that she started passionately making out with me. Sandy was so disappointed that I came so fast and said that I deserved to be punished for it. I agreed with her and said, "Don't be mad at me, the way that I am now going to make you cum, will both satisfy you and be my punishment." If you are not satisfied you can spank me." Sandy couldn't believe it when I went down and started swabbing her gash with my tongue. I was pleased when sandy came two more times again enjoying the sensation of having my head squeezed between her toned thighs but disappointed that there was no more cum left.

A Holiday Spit Roast Recipe

fetish eightballbum 2018-07-09

Next you stand and place your legs into the teddy and I will lift it up over your body and put your arms through the wide lace straps. Once I have strapped the shoes to your feet and placed the balls into your hands we can begin the roasting. I'll start the roasting by running my fingernails around your back while watching closely for small beads of sweat to develop around your neck area. Once the stimulator is completely inserted into the roast, I should be seeing larger beads of sweat developing along the entire backside. Next I will insert the 2" end of the penis gag into the mouth cavity and run the leather strap to the back of the head.

It Started Out Innocent

fetish LP1957 2018-07-09

It didn't seem to bother me, as just her smile, the look of love in her eyes and the contentment on K's face left me feeling happy and fulfilled. I lined the bulbous head my cock to her pussy lips and slowly slid into her as her eyes proclaimed their love for me. One night, after playing our little bar charade, at a dinner-club we were trying we proceeded to order a second bottle of fine wine to enjoy with our dinner. K must have came four times, all the while asking about penis size and how a girl could tell what she was in for before getting a guys pants off?

Burden and the Beast

fetish a real jrkoff 2018-07-09

The cruel woman couldn’t resist a barb: “and such a big, manly penis!” Both women roared with laughter as Milton turned crimson with embarrassment. The three women giggled at him and made humiliating remarks: “What an adorable pair of tights!” and “You look absolutely precious in pink!” Milton thought it might never end. Would you like it if Aunt Gerta checked you between your legs and showed all the nice Ladies here how manly your…ahem…cock is?” There were soft feminine giggles all around the room now. Milton’s little cockhead was pushed snugly up into the toe of the stocking, while his balls fitted nicely into the reinforced heel.

Marriage Transformation Ch. 05

fetish jealouscuck 2018-07-09

Cindy still had the belief that if Elizabeth ever got some big cock, she would never be satisfied with those dildos, much less Chris little dicklet. Cindy shared that sometimes when she was out with a lover, she would text Gary pictures of the guy's cock or her dripping pussy. The fact that Chris was receptive to her used panties soaked in his own cum was a sure sign that she was moving his sexual appetite in a way that was exciting and satisfying. They began cuddling in bed when Chris asked, "The other night you were talking about Cindy having sex with other men." Now he was ready to cum and as she guided his hand to hers, he shot his load into the sexy baby doll panty.


My Favourite Fantasy

fetish chrissiebee 2018-07-09

I pull it all the way down to the neck and work my jaw to make sure the mouth hole is in the right place, peering through the small eye holes into the mirror all I can see of my face are my made up eyes and glossy red lips through the shiny black rubber. It goes on for hours as I am led from one cock to the next, my body aching and sweating as I try hard to please them but there is always another cock waiting to enter me, another hand squeezing my breast or pinching my nipple or slapping my rubber covered bottom. Sometimes they flood my mouth or pussy with hot semen, other times pulling out and spraying my face or down the tight rubber over my breasts.

mark part 1

fetish itsasin 2018-07-09

"Mmm, I don't know." She touched his shoulder, smiled and walked away. He smiled and put his fingers to his chin, "Perhaps, but I don't think my s****r would like that to fall from a box in front of our mother." She patted his hand, "no, I suppose not, but it was pink." "It is definately pink. Do you have anything less, revealing, perhaps?" "I think I have just the thing." She gave her hips an extra wiggle as she walked back to the dressing room to change. Slowly his look turned into a smile. She took a step back and held out her hands, "Tell me, is this more what you had in mind?" "Yes, as a matter of fact it was.

The Amazing Italian

fetish JupGuy09 2018-07-09

She has to cum while she's blindfolded and vulnerable, and she has to describe how she wants to give me the perfect blowjob. By now she knows I want her to be my slut. Of course she immediately wants to touch herself, but I can't allow that. I love watching her because every second she spends making herself cum is another second I get to learn how to touch her. While she's talking I watch her masturbate, and I know she's close to cumming. I want her to cum when she gets through describing her submission to me. When she finally reaches the part of her story that ends with her asking for my cum down her throat I'll allow her to orgasm.

Patricia Rhomberg

fetish hairyseeker69 2018-07-09

In 1975, she acted in the first German hardcore full-length feature film Bienenstich im Liebesnest (soft version named Im Gasthaus zum scharfen Hirschen, also known as Zimmermadchen machen es gern) directed by Billian, where she played Graziella Schill, a woman who pursued her older husband who cheated on her. In 1976, Billian gave her the title role for Josefine Mutzenbacher...wie sie wirklich war? In this film, she has sex with ten men (eight in shorter German DVD version), including Frithjof Klausen who plays her stepfather, except two on whom she performs only fellatio and/or handjobs. She had a brief appearence in a non-sex scene in the film Heibe Locher, geile Stecher, which was apparently shot before Josefine Mutzenbacher...wie sie wirklich war?