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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Cocktail Party Ch. 01

fetish bluelotus9 2018-07-09

Cock gives a little throb in the close confines of my suit pants. People are milling about, a young woman in a revealing dress stands beside me, an older man (her consort?) comes over bringing an older dark haired woman with him. The young woman looks interested... Nigel looks to hand his glass over. He stands beside the older woman, who continues rubbing herself, but uses her other hand to close round this mammoth cock. The young woman stops pissing & hands a very full glass back to her friend. I look over to you as the first woman kneels and starts fumbling with my belt. You are still dressed, but have the older man's cock out - his balls too.

Gentle Dental

fetish Grey Beard 2018-07-09

It was the last appointment of the day, so I looked past the open door to the darkened hall and said " has everyone else gone home?" Before she could answer, I gently slid my hand up along her pants leg until I came to the delicate curve of her butt. Heidi laughed and said " oh don't worry Bob, Kim and I love each other but we both appreciate having a real man around the house once and awhile." She pulled up her pants and said to Kim " the gas seems to have left Bob a little uncomfortable, maybe you can help him while I am returning that call, but make sure he washes his hands first".


fetish CanadianTease 2018-07-09

"I, uh, no, I just remembered her, I mean being your sister and all, you know?" He reached for his wine glass and took a large gulp, not meeting Anita's eyes. "Uh huh," Anita said, giving him a poke in the ribs, "right." She took a sip from her glass then put on the table. "Well, she did get you nice and hard, I can say that for her," Anita said, although she knew full well that Rob's erection had more to do with what was happening now than what had gone on in the dorm room. "Still," she continued, "I think we're going to have to teach Danielle the proper way to worship Robbie's beautiful cock!" As she said this she ran her fingertips lightly up the underside of his shaft and off.

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 05

fetish black saphire 2018-07-09

Sucking him off with her panties stuffed in her pussy had turned her on beyond belief and she had cum hard. Dave recognised his wifes panties now on another woman and his cocked lurched at the thought. I can tell you I came hard while I was doing it." Steph said, her fingers tracing all around her pussy and her eyes closed with arousal. His cock grew harder at the thought that these beautiful panties had been lodged in her pussy the whole day. He grabbed her legs and pulled them wide open and with one lunge stuffed his cock into her pussy. Dave pulled the panties from his mouth and stuffed them back into her gaping pussy, stopping the drip of cum.

Bernd und Ivonne Teil 2

fetish maverik4fun 2018-07-09

Schmatzende Geräusche zeigten Bernd, das Ivonne seine Behandlung genoss, als er dann den Slip zur Seite schob und mit einen Finger in sie eindrang, sackte sie auf seiner Hand stöhnend zusammen, sie sah ihm tief in die Augen und stöhnte „fick mich, fick mich wie eine Frau gefickt werden will, schieb mir deinen geilen Schwanz tief in meine Pussy“. Sie drehte das Ventil auf und Bernd spürte wie die warme Flüssigkeit in ihn drang, schon nach kurzer Zeit hatte er das Gefühl als sei sein Darm gut gefüllt, aber Ivonne sagte, das das jetzt gerade mal ein Liter sei und er doch sicher noch mehr könne.


Natasha Ch. 01

fetish leaky_one 2018-07-09

Concentrating hard, Natasha waited with baited breath whilst the feeling of relief rushed down her body to her waiting pussy lips which immediately parted to allow a strong, thick golden flow of hot piss come shooting out of her cunt and rain against the bath wall facing her pussy. From her vagina, golden pee continued to squirt out of her pussy lips, crossing the short space between her cunt and the bath wall where her golden stream landed and flowed downwards covering the ceramic with a yellow sheen of urine. This time when Natasha started to pee, her golden flow escaped her pussy and rained down to cover the bathroom sink bowl with a covering of bright yellow, vaginal piss.

The Beach House

fetish 2018-07-09

I break our kiss and begin nipping, down her cheek, her neck, all the way to her breast. I peck my way up until I reach her vagina, I stop again and the same with her other leg. I tongue play each and every part of her beautiful pussy. She takes the kiss and positions me between her legs. I bury my face into her pussy, taking in both her and my juices. I suck on her clit, tongue fuck her and lick at every individual pussy part. I made her cum twice switching between her pussy and ass with my mouth, fingers, and tongue. She takes me out of her mouth just in time for me to spray a mini load onto her face.


fetish MungoParkIII 2018-07-09

Marc saw her look over to him as she said, "My umbrella kind of went crazy, do you mind if I leave it here at the door?" Placing the umbrella against the wall she took a deep breath and said, "Oh I love the smell of books, just something about it makes me want to reach out and touch each and every one. Most of the books she pulled out she put back, but Marc could see her take an occasional book, gently touch her lips to the spine and then slip it into the stack she was apparently planning to buy. "No, I saw you moving away from the counter, just wasn't sure exactly where you were heading," she said, as her hands moved sensuously over a book cover.

Fantasy Sex Dungeon: Episode 6: Two subs; Pegged a

fetish Dungeon-Master 2018-07-09

"This position will let you hold it in place better, but getting it back in position is not going to be quite as easy I'm afraid" He remarks with a faux sigh, holding the end of the vibe, using the tip to rub up and down your closed pussy lips, turning the speed down to the lowest setting He grunts loudly and pushes himself into Her mouth, taking hold of a handful of Her hair as He does so, though She can tell that is not meant as punishment, indeed it's not hard enough to hurt, it's a reaction to how much DM wants to be inside Her. She sucks in Her cheeks to try and pull Him in further, using Her tongue to try and trap His cock in place.

A Broken Marriage Redefined

fetish Robert_Anthony 2018-07-09

Paul took on a belligerent look, but he couldn't stop himself from picturing Gina's pussy impaled on Mike's big, thick cock. Paul shifted awkwardly, he would happily crawl over broken glass to taste Gina's gorgeous pussy again, but he had to at least try and maintain a little dignity. "Yes Paul, my 'tight little ass' isn't quite so tight anymore, not since Mike fucked it with his big cock... Paul continued to gently lick around her delicious pussy and along her inner thighs, his cock was like iron, but he felt weird about touching it... Paul peeled his boxers down and presented his 6" cock, it looked so small to Gina now that she was used to Mike's impressive meat.

Doctors Orders 1st Appointment

fetish Misslexia 2018-07-09

The receptionist was a strict-looking woman, a bit older than me, wearing a name badge that said Margaret on the lapel of her smart gray skirt suit. "Chrissie here needs a longer consultation than I can fit in right now, but she's happy to wait til after the last appointment." Doctor Jones explained in a matter of fact tone, "Can you take Chrissie to wait in the records room?" "No problem Doc." Helen said "come on the Chrissie, follow me" she ordered. So, dressed in just my pink panties I meekly followed Helen along the corridor, thankfully away from the waiting room. "This is just some gel to assist my examination, Chrissie." Dr. Jones said as she began to rub the gel around and into my bum hole.

She-Male Chronicles Ch. 1

fetish Anal Slave 2018-07-09

When I saw Penny I knew I wanted to suck and fuck her my cock was standing straight up Penny had a 10 inch cock between her legs and she took my mouth and started fucking it, my wife helped her as she stuck her cock down my throat the she-bitch cum so deep in my throat that I didn't even get to taste the cum. After having sex with Penny I have had my asshole licked clean by my wife, who loves to watch as I get fucked by a she-male with a big cock. She slipped the cock out of her mouth and said; I would love all of them to fuck me and when my pussy is full of cum I want you to suck it out and eat it.

Jillian's new slut.

fetish 2018-07-09

His eyes are closed, no doubt thinking of licking and fucking me, as his tongue is licking my panties right where they cover my pussy. Smell my dripping wet pussy as you shoot your hot load for me!" With that Cid sprays his cum into the panties. "I don't think I can lick my own cum Jillian," Cid say's, "It just doesn't seem right." "Try this," I ask of him, "Close your eyes and think of us. "There such a good little cum eater," I say making him even harder, "just think of what our sex will taste like next time when I let you fuck me hard and lick me clean." I must of said the magic word because Cid grabs my hand and f***es the panties into his mouth.

Strap-On Enterprises Ch. 04

fetish cby2 2018-07-09

I'm going to fuck your little pussy hard with my big, white American cock!" Finally, Ms. Liu dropped to the floor from exhaustion, and I could see Ms. Gere standing over her with her white cock pointed down. Mayee held my outstretched thong with her right hand as she began slapping my hole with her riding crop in the left. I bucked a little bit as my ass tried to resist, but Li forced the white bead inside. Li crawled beneath me and pulled my stiff cock down hard into her mouth, her nose nudging against the anal beads that filled my ass. "And now," Mayee said, "We will complete the body of this American breed." Ms. Liu emerged from the audience and approached the stage.

First Thirst Ch. 04

fetish NastyPierre 2018-07-09

I had given up on the prospect of love and turned my back on life, until Colleen came along. When we reached the front door to her home Colleen let go of my crotch but kept hold of the belt. Standing on my toes wasn't easy and I almost fell a couple times, which Colleen would not tolerate. I stood facing Colleen with my eye's still lowered and slipped my thumbs under the waist band of my briefs. I was again gripped by embarrassment, but Colleen was growing impatient and her voice filled with condescending undertones she kept well under control. Colleen was the woman I loved and my cock wanted to ravish.

Warm Milk

fetish rheineck1 2018-07-09

He would place his mouth around the top of her breast, as wide as he could manage so as not to actually touch her dark erect nipple, and then slowly start sucking, all the while gently closing his lips until finally they would clamp around her hard nipple. Melanie lay down again and the young woman immediately crouched beside her and sucked her nipples. There was no time to be gentle – her tongue probed and caressed, her lips encased Melanies nipples and dragged the milk from her breasts. The young woman worked her hand under Melanie's bikini bottoms and rubbed her clit in big lazy circles, gently grazing her inflamed cunt lips. Melanie could smell the young woman's cunt juice on her fingers, and slowly licked it off, savoring the heady smell and the sharp taste.

Her Hair

fetish MasterTouch 2018-07-09

She rose to her feet, her head still bowed, until he put a hand on her chin and raised her face to look at Him. He was smiling, a small, warm smile that melted her heart. She closed her eyes and in a small voice, she said "Master, it is may cut it as you wish." Just to follow the rhythm of the scissors as they cut, cut, cut...She felt her legs tense and relax as each lock fell, her arousal mounting along with the pile of red, shiny hair on the floor. She pushed the pile of hair towards him and then raised her head, tears in her eyes, to look at him.

Punky's Diary, 2/16/07

fetish Selbryth 2018-07-09

So I'm in my shorts and tee-shirt, sitting in my favorite armchair, staring at the blank television screen and just imagining Ava there, undressing, and I put my one leg up on the arm of the chair and then I'm visualizing Morgan standing there in her pretty bathrobe (with nothing on underneath obviously), and she's watching Ava undressing and she has this big smile on her face and then she slips her robe off and her nipples are just sticking out like light-brown fingertips, and then my hand sorta reaches under my leg and around and a little bit in and I push against my pussy bulge.

Scat Schoolgirl Ch. 03

fetish Zolrender 2018-07-09

He was watching his daughter get a slow ass fucking from her English teacher on his desk in his office. Paul lost track of how long he sat there pulling his cock and watching his daughter get a very very slow ass fuck. Paul watched dumbfounded as about one inch away from his face, this large cock pressed at Kyms little brown ring and then entered it. As Richard slowly withdrew his cock, Paul saw it was covered in his daughters shit. "This is Mr Paul Delahay and his daughter Kym." said Richard not even pausing in his stokes in the little girls ass. With that Richard let his cock slip from Kyms ass and shoved it straight into Paul's mouth.

How I Became a Full Time Cleaner Ch. 02

fetish DavyLicks 2018-07-09

Jerking my head down to face the floor, I reached up and tried desperately to push more of the panties in to my mouth but the dirty girls took my hands firmly, pulled me forwards. A dirty hand entered my mouth, squeezing my tongue, fingers probing everywhere, pulling out globs of sperm and spit to rub into my face, fingers pushing it up my nose. "No way," I choked and shook my head "No fucking way!" I tried to move out of the way but with my hands tied it was useless and the first drops of the awful stuff dribbled on to my tightly closed lips before I was once again, buried face deep in ass without my consent.

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 17

fetish cuckcpl4play 2018-07-09

I watched and listened to my wife moan as her holes were pounded by young cock and the man in her mouth now had hold of the pussy clamp and was using the chain attachment as a leash as he tugged at her tender clamped nipples. I stared and did not blink an eye in fear of missing the young men plunge away at my gorgeous wife and then it happened; without warning I felt my lil clit twitching and as the ring leader in my wife's ass came down from his incredible orgasm, I felt my own cum spurting from my miniature caged cock.

Drive in the country

fetish Sirnookieofspunkalot 2018-07-09

Play with your pussy Debbie - go on feel another thrill on top of the one you are experiencing................she looks at you....her face changing as she contemplates it.....she pulls up her skirt and starts rubbing her pussy through her sheer tights.............her legs spread and her skirt up she is rubbing and grinding on her hand..........her eyes excited..........she takes her hand and rubs her wet fingers underneath your can smell her cunt....she is so wet her fingers leave the scent under your nose........this gets your cock stirring as you look sideways and see her legs in her sexy tights wide and her fingering her cunt as you throw the car around corners at high speed....

Sins and Saviors

fetish PurrVersatility 2018-07-09

She fell further and further into her secret lusts, and began touching herself, rubbing her clit as she dreamt of cruel hands, forcing her to deny God, punishing her with her refusal. "So, my child, you wish to tempt the devil?" he breathed against her cheek, "The devil knows what to do with girls like you." Deftly he buckled the belt, leaving the end free. Fiona McLear, he reckoned, pushing his finger in a bit deeper and hearing her gasp, had been needing this reminder for quite some time. Father Lucian rotated his fingers, stroking the inner walls of her pussy firmly, watching her intently as she struggled against her bonds and tried to pull him deeper.

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 34

fetish basicbitch 2018-07-09

The finger protruded from between her lips like a second cock, and suddenly both girls were fucking her. Suddenly the blonde began to moan, and Daisy watched as her pussy gaped open and expelled an impossibly large beach ball. Horrified, Daisy watched as a man gripped the swollen flesh of a woman's enormous pussy and slid his hard cock into the tube formed by her distended lips. Dylan responded by burying another finger in her ass and fucking her hard and fast, which couldn't have been easy with the way Daisy was thrashing around on the bed. Before Daisy knew it, Dylan had slid his fingers out of both her pussy and her ass, and was sliding his cock into her brimming pussy.