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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Perky's Payback

fetish Ardbeg 2018-07-09

Your ultra naughty Wicked Weasel thong had vanished the last time Jim had looked after your plants, and now the same thing had happened again. "Jim I wanted to look real sexy for you tonight so I made sure I wore my short skirt and sheer white tank top – no bra of course!" Jim gasped like a fish out of water. "You are going to, or I might have to get in touch with some people who might set you straight about what's right, and wrong." Your point being clear, you tossed your panties at Jim. Of course, all Jim could see were your white panties since you didn't want to expose your flesh just yet but you could feel he was wondering what would happen next.

Marion's Turn Ch. 01

fetish jomar 2018-07-09

You're gonna be a hungry little slut for my big cock." She stroked my ass, a finger circled gently at my opening. Marion had gotten me to wear her lingerie a few times while I fucked her, stockings, a teddy or a camisole; bra, stretchy top or stiletto heels while she played with my cock and my ass. You want to get fucked in your pussy, don't you, baby slut. All good little sluts need to suck the cock that's gonna fuck 'em." My nasty little classy slut on her knees in lingerie and makeup, pretty blue hair framing that lovely face, sucking her Mistress's cock. Mmm, your clit is so hard, baby slut." She fed me precum.

Reid and Morgan Pt. 02

fetish MoltenPurple 2018-07-09

Reid felt his heart do a complicated flipping motion in his chest and merely nodded, not quite trusting the words his brain might supply if he opened his mouth, following Morgan over to his car. He could feel his mouth hanging open in surprise and before he really knew what he was doing he had reached forwards and placed his hands on Reid's waist, pressing his body along the length of him and joining the hypnotic dance. Hazel eyes met his and a mischievous grin tugged at the edges of the other man's mouth and he lowered it, agonisingly slowly, until Morgan could feel hit breath on his sensitive skin.

Techno Tits

fetish rhinotoons 2018-07-09

Like Jack had said, with a big set of hooters, Mandy was going to be absolutely ravenous. Later as Bill confirmed the surgery date with her, Mandy continued to apologize for her lack of self-control and how her body had responded during a "routine physical." Her third orgasm had occurred while she was bent over the table, her legs spread wide with Bill's gloved finger up her tight pink anus. Mandy laughed, her face turning a slight pink, "Jack would give a hundred bucks to be here right now!" 'I bet he'd pay more than that,' Bill thought, 'this is going to be fun playing with this undersexed honey!'

Not The First Time He Imagined

fetish super_chicken 2018-07-09

Every time he talked to girls about sex he got hard. The last time he had been trying to start something with this girl she had thought the same thing. Fuck, this girl is mean, he thought. It had never felt like this with the banana, he thought. As she pounded his ass she felt the straps of the harness rubbing her clit and she got wetter and wetter. But he couldn't stop yelling for her to fuck his ass. She pounded him a couple times more while he writhed and then took the dildo out of his ass. "We'll have to work on that," she said as she got up and turned around, sticking her ass into the air above his head.


fetish jcSpade 2018-07-09

He released his hand slowly from her mouth in case she screamed, and started to walk down the path. He then pushed her to the right facing the van, forced her two wrists together with one hand and sliding the door with the other. Still holding the knife at her throat he used his other hand to push up her skirt and her black G-string aside. He slid in two fingers and started to rapidly hit her G-spot making her moan and scratch the arm still holding the knife to her trembling throat. He released one hand from her face and slapped it again, harder than the first few times and pulled out his knife again.

Hair(y) Dresser

fetish belab 2018-07-09

At first she didn't notice me so I spread my legs out and raised my arms and closed my eyes as I stretched out with my arms tucked in behind my head showing the long bushy hair in my luxuriant armpits. Dan bent over and buried his face in Vera's bushy underarms as he licked wildly at her untrimmed armpit jungle. Sonia pushed her mouth into my hairy underarms and tugged at the huge growth of jet-black hair in bushy armpits. I looked up and saw the erect cocks of Shane disappearing into Vera's mouth while Dan pressed his dong into the bushy underarms. I then moved around and licked her salty bushy underarms while Sonia moved alongside and kissed her other underarm pulling at the long and dense hair in her hairy armpits.

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 04

fetish k4d0h1 2018-07-09

"Well it probably seems smaller than you remember because you told me all your previous boyfriends had bigger dicks than mine," I laughed to let her know I was not going to get my feelings hurt. She downed the remainder of her third glass and said, "Okay I will admit a big dick can feel really good, but at the same time you've got to be into it." "Well I was kind of wanting to know how I compared to Jason like size wise," I said. Really going hard at it and he was talking dirty saying things like, 'do you like this big dick' then he said something like 'tell me this is the best dick you ever had' and because I hesitated to say it he got all offended.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

fetish AndrewBonzua 2018-07-08

It was then I see him pulling up, my new neighbour that I’ve said hello to a few times but hadn’t really talked to, and a very good looking guy. As I invite him in and close the door, I send my husband a text saying that I would be busy for a while, hopefully a long while. I said I was waiting for a response from hubby, I had just texted him saying that I would be busy hopefully for a long while and we continue talking. So as I saw you coming to the door, I sent him a text telling him that I would be busy hopefully for a long while. I am moaning looking at hubby and I mouth “thank you!” I feel him behind me, his hands on my hips.

Sole Crush

fetish BrockRockhold 2018-07-08

Lindsay continued to get comfortable by wedging her warm, bare soles against the inside of David's right thigh. With his nose hovering just millimeters above Lindsay's sleeping feet, David enjoyed a deep, silent breath. Even after Lindsay's reflexes had completely relaxed, David continued caressing her soles. Lindsay raised her left foot with great dexterity and gently placed the sole of her creamy foot over David's open mouth. Like before, Lindsay adjusted her foot and used her toes to pinch David's nostrils closed. Lindsay continued massaging David's cock with her feet. "There you go, babe." Lindsay kept stroking David's cock with her soles, making sure to milk every ounce of semen from his shaft.

Anal Fun with Ann (and me in her Lingerie!)

fetish daviea9 2018-07-08

I removed the cork from the Champagne bottle and poured us each a glass with which to toast each other and that done Ann looked me straight in the eye and said “strip”. I lay on top of the marital bed wearing the hold-up stockings and the tight corset, which wasn’t very comfortable by now, but I removed the bra so that I could caress my nipples and breasts with one hand and stroke my cock with the other. Facing me again Ann said “Do you like what you see” and at the same time she ran her hands down over her breasts, her belly and down between her legs where she started to pleasure herself.

Ann Pt. 01

fetish Lucien_Al 2018-07-08

One evening while lying in bed stroking myself and fantasising about the women in the magazines and their sexy panties, it occurred to me that if I could not get my hands on a pussy, a pair of panties may be the next best thing. I took my cock in my hand and stood in front of the toilet and stroked my foreskin up and down until I could feel the throb of my cum rising and within seconds was shooting the largest load of my life into the toilet. I had the beautiful pair of panties she had given me up to my nose, and was enjoying her scent for the second time.

Eddie's Cock: An Atrocity of Nature

fetish stinkfoot22 2018-07-08

I was so preoccupied watching him handle the mammoth organ that it took until now until I realised that his testicles were also of shocking proportions, looking almost like g****fruits so large that he could barely fit them between his legs and spread his legs wide to allow them room to lay on the hay bales. The pool of sperm on the concrete floor was enormous, and a viscid cord still stretched upward to Eddie's cockhead, swinging obscenely to and fro like a jumprope as Eddie continued to stroke his cock slowly. I kept staring at it in shock, the cum glistening in the sunlight, so white and thick it looked like curdled cream, strands still hanging down from Eddie's monstrous cock head, and obviously still tense from his huge orgasm as he grunted with sounds that filled the stable.

Getting WET In The Bahamas

fetish JCBMAN 2018-07-08

I was like a dog in heat, I needed to feel her, taste her and place my throbbing rod into her, again she had other ideas, because she told me she needed to take a bath and asked me to join her. As I reached her clit, she told me she had to pee, but I was not letting her go this easy, I took a finger and reached behind her seeking out her anal bud, when I got there, I slowly entered to my first knuckle at which she protested and said that was wrong and she had never had that done before.

Naughty Naomi Ch. 04

fetish toocold 2018-07-08

Chloe was still on her hands and knees on the floor, naked, crying softly, whilst Naomi was on her knees in front of Christina, between her legs, dressed like a schoolgirl in white blouse, knee socks and panties and a short, pleated, navy skirt. Runnels of pee trickled from Christina's pussy, the droplets tracing wet streaks down her round, white thighs to soak into the top of her stockings, but the main gush continued to pour into Naomi's mouth, who was luxuriating in her filthy submission, her pussy throbbing as she gulped the warm, acrid piss down her throat. Toilet games had been a growing part of her relationship as Christina seemed content that the naughty 22-year old enjoyed pissing herself and wetting the bed like a child, and indeed, had now taken it a step further by peeing all over Naomi.

The Pissboy Mansion Ch. 01

fetish leaky_one 2018-07-08

Carolyn has left the apartment for her audition whilst her friend Nicola waits nervously at home. Within seconds I was squirting my pee into my panties, feeling them go all hot and damp as my piss streamed into them. I put my hands down to my pussy and managed to get my squirting piss shower to form into one long flowing stream, shooting down to spray over all the carpet. When I had finally finished squirting my pee all over their floor, one bloke even gave me his business card and said if I was interested if giving a private viewing at any time then he would be more than willing to pay some big money for the privilege."

Long Night with Officer Sadie

fetish MargeauxDeLaCroix 2018-07-08

Except for Harry who almost barfed on the brunette he had been chatting up all night. "This is Officer Sadie Kahn. I have a misdemeanor offender assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. Harry tilted his head to get a glance at the woman who wanted to arrest him. Petite feet in deep, black lace-up boots connected to long shapely legs. "Public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and public urination compounded with assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. Well, maybe a few nights in the slammer would set you straight, boy." The blonde officer hissed. Officer Sadie's face was calm, without expression. Officer Sadie grinned for the first time—her perfect ivory teeth cutting through the dark night.


fetish GirlWithBoots 2018-07-08

As he cupped the other breast, playing gently with both nipples, brushing back and forth, squeezing gently, I started a slow writhe of pain and arousal under his hands. The feel of him using two fingers above my areolas and a thumb below, pulling and stretching to the tip and then finishing with a small squeeze of the nipple. I could feel his low moans of appreciation rumble through my chest as he worked one breast with his mouth, the other with his hand. Reaching out my hand to him I let the covers fall, revealing my large, very filled breasts with the nipples already half hard at the sight of him.

The Big Bear

fetish lindiana 2018-07-08

To celebrate their relationship as Master/slave, he bought her a dog leash and took her to the mall while she wore it. He took me as his online slave and all was comfy cozy until his real life slave got a bit jealous of me. First off, a woman that wears that large of a shoe is usually large and I saw photos of her, she was a big girl. He just liked to wear stockings and shoes. And it got to the point that I also became aroused by the idea of him cumming on my feet. I powered up my digital camera and I took 12 shots for him of my feet in the stockings and wearing the pumps.

Got shy wife to cheat with my buddy

fetish 2018-07-08

I told him I was happily married to Jade, "she is 20, nearly 21, I took out some photos of Jade, Tony said "You have got a lovely Wife Carl" I did notice his eyebrows raise as he looked at her pictures, and he kept asking different questions about her, I got thinking maybe this could be the opportunity for Jade to Next day I was online to Tony, He thanked me for letting him take Jade out, and how much he enjoyed her company Tony said "She's gorgeous, and has a lovely body which I am looking forward to getting into" I told him Jade is very excited too, I'm encouraging her, and we are abstaining from sex so she'll feel even more Randy, and more likely to fuck!!!

Horny Jewl

fetish harleyrider6969 2018-07-08

I had to finger her under a table and play with her until I got her to go and stuff those little sexy panties up into her very wet pussy. Once in the room, I shoved her and pinned her hard against the door as my hands explored her hot horny body, teasing her clit but nothing more. I removed the panties from her mouth and told her to suck and lick my balls and cock as I ate her again. Our play bag had vibrators, dildos, ben wahw balls, remote controlled vibrators that I controlled throughout the day as she kept the small vibrator in her pussy, nipple clamps, riding crop, blindfolds, ropes and hand cuffs.

Cum Slut

fetish Many Feathers 2018-07-08

"Oh like that isn't exactly what you want to do yourself!" The boy told her coming over to stand in front of her now, his long thin cock pointing directly at her as she reached up her hand, wrapping it around his member and began toying with it as she sat there. "Why don't you grab us a beer, and I'll get the glasses," I said giving me a reason to remain hidden as I stood behind the kitchen counter on one side with Stacy now standing on the other. "Hmm, I only stepped outside for a moment, like I said, I'm working on a presentation I have to give tomorrow morning." Glancing over on the counter top, I only then saw the pile of documents I'd hurriedly gathered up placing them there a bit hap-hazardly.

Jenna & Stephen Ch. 01

fetish Naf_Noparts 2018-07-08

"How did you come to experience taking it up the ass?" It was a very forward way of asking, but I have to admit, it turned me on to hear her talk that way. "Stacey told me, 'I'm going to buy a strapon so that I can fuck you with it, just like this.' She kept talking that way and I was enjoying myself so much, that I agreed that I'd love to try it." By the time I got home, I ripped off all my clothes and had a great jerk-off session, imagining what Jenna would look like wearing nothing but a strapon. I begged her for what I needed: "Please Jenna, fuck my ass with your big cock."


fetish 2018-07-08

Chris would soon see me stand up from the couch and as I was walking at the computer he was almost counting my steps, running his eyes from my ass to my feet, and from my feet to my ass. I started to kiss and tease the top of his dick, and then, going even further, I licked it, and sucked it deep, while caressing his balls, until I got to feel the taste of his precum on my tounge, but I soon stopped, as I wanted to play with him a little more. I will now let you feel what you so much wanted to see!” And as he stood on his hands and knees, I sat on his back, making sure he feels how wet my pussy was.