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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Saturday in Satin

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-07-08

Looking across the bedroom though he noticed a pair of cream satin panties trimmed with black lace which Anne had recently bought at one of the sales in Woodchester. Although he didn't consider himself to be a cross dresser as such, Brian had recently wondered what Anne's panties felt like to wear. Mesmerised by the feel and texture of Anne's panties, Brian didn't hear his wife's car in the drive, her key in the door, or soft footsteps on the stairs. Whilst Anne's back was turned to do the toast he reached up his skirt and squeezed his aching cock through the satin panties. Before she could reply Brian lost control, totally wetting the sumptuous satin panties he was wearing as well as the back of the skirt.

Jennifer's Feet

fetish thefootprint 2018-07-08

Jennifer 's feet were the creamiest shade of white and I noticed how nicely it contrasted with her toes. Jennifer went into her closet and came back out with a pair of running shoes in her hand. She looked at her feet and said "Awww poor baby, am I working your too hard?" As she looked at her right foot and laughed. I had one foot being massaged by both hands really hard and it accidently bumped into my nose when I tried to get it too close! Jennifer looked up at me and told me directly, "You have a thing for feet don't you?" At first I tried to deny it, but the evidence against me was too much.

Breastfeeding Father-in-Law Ch. 02

fetish MilkyIgloo 2018-07-08

My hand guided his wet cock to between my breasts, "Fuck my tits Monty." I thought about Monty's big hard cock between my tits earlier as my hand slid into my shorts. His hands spread my lips and his tongue slowly glided up and down each pussy fold while his finger teased my vagina. Taking his cock in one hand and stroking it, my mouth found its way to his rigid shaft and ran my hot tongue around it from top to bottom until it found its way to the tight pink hole in his ass and covered it with my saliva. One hand cupped his balls and played with them while my mouth took the bulging helmet inside and teased his cum hole with its tongue.

Sammy Ch. 05

fetish mjmurra 2018-07-08

"I want you out of this dress." Steph climbed backwards off of the seat as Sammy grabbed her short white gown, pulling the lace material over her head. Moments after placing a soft kiss just above the waistband of Sammy's panties, Steph climbed up onto the seat, legs wide, straddling her young love. Slowly she sank her fingers into Steph's warm shit, gasping as the soft, hot mud covered her hands. Sammy could imagine how the hot bulge felt beneath her hand as she squeezed lightly, moving it, feeling it stick like soft clay to her flesh. I know it sounds lame, but I really don't feel like making a mess..." Yes I do "...that I have to clean up later." Sammy turned to Steph.

Intimated sexual story

fetish aorion255 2018-07-08

I got lost in cleaning her feet, I was enjoying the feeling of her toes and my cum in my mouth. Her moans turned into her saying “oh baby”, as her hands now were pushing my head hard into her pussy. Her hands grabbed a hold of me, and pulled my body close to her for another kiss. My cock moved around, making her jumping as her pussy was a bit sensitive from cumming. We embraced our bodies, as my hard cock eased into her pussy, letting us become one. I eased my release a little, but too late to stop now; as my cock started to leak in May. As I my cum slowly leaked out, May body grew intense, and her moans grew in volume.

Chapter 6 Mommy Returns

fetish klammer 2018-07-08

Now Helen knew that when I as 13 years old I secretly spied my mother Helen also knows that when I was 18, after my father died, my mother cravings of a woman like my mother. After I had revealed my dark secret to Helen she made me call mother up my breast implant operation whilst Helen and Heidi were off in Ibiza for I have always had tiny feet for a man and my hands look heterosexual men treat sissies, as opposed to real women, was the utter "You look like a beautiful young woman," she exclaimed. time I looked in the mirror and saw my shrunken cock and balls. "Most mothers don't have sons that are sissies," she replied with a laugh

More Panty Stories Pt. 03

fetish chuckp7860 2018-07-08

"I'm close Nicky", I said as I felt my cock start to swell inside her. I kept rubbing her clit and heard her orgasm start as she leaned back a little and fell on my cock, buried it inside her as much as she could. When she came out she walked up to me, grabbed the front of my jeans and as she pulled them away from my body she reached in with her hand and down to feel my now soft, spent cock inside the pair of silky panties and kissed me and talking her hand out she walked into the living room with everyone else and I followed.

Lunch With Max

fetish Riven 2018-07-08

Once we work who is Dom and who is Sub then the couple set the rules and limits and let the games begin. Personally I feel if the sub gets nothing out of it then better to leave the physical alone." "Sexual?" If however you're asking me how do you know if you're a Dom or sub, then I guess you start with a suspicion and dabble a little. I was sure there was more to our conversation than her looking for a friend on staff, but a girl like her didn't fancy a slightly overweight, greying lover. Nothing was ever said about our lunch or the rather personal nature of the conversation and I must admit a certain relief that the whole thing was forgotten.

Tinkle with Melanie

fetish Hornyman69WithU 2018-07-08

Despite the 20-degree temperature, I began to grow in her hand, so she pulled it like a leash and led me back to the warm, idling car, where we proceeded to strip naked, then sucked, licked, and fucked for the next hour or so. And cum big time she did, right there in the bleak parking lot of Wendy's, squatting with her back against a giant blue dumpster while "tinkling recycled champagne" all over my right hand as I kept the other busy on her rigid right nipple and continued to French kiss her. We got back in the still-running, warm car, and I threw all caution to the wind by fishing Dad's prized chamois from the glove box to wipe my hand and Melanie's pussy.

Rachel Foots the Bill

fetish Cockhole 2018-07-08

As he was looking through the photo shop images of Seven sucking a big cock and others with her tit-fucking a big dick, he came upon a one-minute video clip of an actress dressed like Seven, only half naked, getting her feet licked by a guy in a Klingon costume. He later found a longer version of the clip and managed to cum two more times as he repeatedly watched the woman get her feet licked and toes sucked by the man wearing the Klingon costume. "Here, watch." Rachel moved her body so that she was sitting upright and her feet were in front of her- still next to Bill on the couch, now almost touching.


CDSISSY first time sucking&fucking

fetish Jimmy4200 2018-07-08

And I did he grab my hands hard and start to fuck my mouth look at me bitch suck it suck my dick faggit that it do you want me to come faggit yes daddy yes come in my mouth( my first time to be fuck by a man and be turn in to a come sucking sissy faggit I love it ) Look at me I did as he fuck my mouth I'm coming I'm coming bitch that's when I felt hot come in my mouth suck faggit he seid Next time I'm going to come in that sissy ass yes Daddygod it felt so good being fuck by a long hard fat Dick thank you baby

A Very Happy Anniversary

fetish sydneycouple 2018-07-08

I wanted to unzip her dress, I wanted to hold her breasts in my hand as I kissed the back of her neck, I wanted those legs around my head as I loving licked her as she writhed underneath me listening to her moan as I brought her closer and closer......... We held each other close and kissed, feeling myself inside of her then slowly started to grind against each other, feeling her grind her pussy and clit against me felt amazing as we looked into each others eyes, we quickened our pace, kissing as I held her breasts in my hands as I got closer and closer then grabber her and pulled her down hard on my cock as I unloaded load after load of my cum into her gorgeous pussy.

The BAKKY situation

fetish SlaveMichaelSanders 2018-07-08

After I was handed over to Scorpion, my Owner left and I was led to a dirty, dusty and cluttered shed and locked up in an old ‘n rusty cage. Scorpion and the other guy aimed the nozzles at me and started hosing me down with ice cold water. The other guy placed his hand on my head and pushed me down too, so I was completely submerged in ice cold water. The three of them found this all really amusing so when Scorpion was done, the Woman started to Urinate on me, followed by the other guy, who took a very long piss all over me, my face and head included.

Lauren's Bath

fetish thestrawberry08 2018-07-08

Lauren timidly stepped out from the tiny room and walked gingerly with her hands at her sides, towards the scale where Nurse Christine was standing. She thought about how she was going to assist Nurse Christine in giving Lauren a nice hot bath and body scrub. Nurse Christine walked in and said to Lauren, "Step over to the end of the exam table, stand with your feet apart and bend over." Lauren knew a rectal thermometer would soon have to be entered into her anus and dreaded it. "Good, now just hold the probe right there while I insert the thermometer into Lauren's anus hole" Nurse Christine said to Sherry.

Transformation of Mr. Price – Chapter 3

fetish danorth 2018-07-08

As I approached Ah Lam stood from behind a large roll top desk, she immediately waved the young woman away and approached me with an apprehensive look, “Yes Mr. Price, I have expected a visit or call from you, your displeasure is written on your face,” the wrinkled old woman said. I couldn’t resist, I had gone this far so I stepped into them and felt that same sensuous feel of fine fabric, I pulled it up between my legs and as I rubbed my hand over the front of the panty I was surprised to not feel my balls at all. I pulled the gown up and exposed my panty covered cock and began to rub the bump that refused to harden into the male member , which had brought me pleasure so many times.

My Wife Got Pregnant for her s****r

fetish Denoue 2018-07-08

Joni’s younger s****r Beth had been trying to have a baby with her husband Jeff for about 3 years with no success.  They went and got checked out, and she was barren, unable to have a baby.  Beth asked Joni if she would have a baby for them.  Me and Joni talked about it; she said that she loved her s****r, and would do this for her. Joni then told me that she was giving it some consideration, because she knew how badly they wanted a k**.  I really didn’t know what to say.  I was her husband, and I was very opposed, but at the same time, I understood this was her s****r, and if the other way would have worked, then we would not be having this conversation. 

Female Led Household Ch. 01

fetish mywifesslave 2018-07-08

I thought that we are like two opposite magnetic poles that are bound to attract each other." While speaking the last sentence, Jayant blushed a little much to the delight of his wife who saw her plan on the right track. "Do you want me to imply that since you don't even have the guts to do what I say, I should stop looking at you like a husband and a man???" She asked Jayant in a rather playful manner tapping the sole of her foot against the floor. Jayant after crying for a while, wiped his tears, looked at Parvati while she continued, mellowing down this time a little and keeping both her hands on his shoulder picking him up, "See honey, its no shame in accepting what you are in front of your wife.

The Initiation into Elaida's BDSM. Coven

fetish imornery81 2018-07-08

The first lash fell across my back and I bit down on the leather strap I held between my teeth.  Slowly I began the crawl as whips, floggers, sticks and canes began striking me from shoulder to toes.  The tears in my eyes fell to the ground as some blows wrapped around my thighs and landed on the sensitive flesh of my scrotum.  On an on it went.  A woman’s boot stepped on my fingers and then several heavy blows from a flail landed squarely on my ass to the chuckles of several.  A man’s boot kicked my ass and I rolled nearly into the next line, but got back up quickly and proceeded down the line of shame, leaving the world before to submit to the new order of life.

Saturday Night Adventure

fetish kiwi91 2018-07-08

Jen came out and took us to a different room than last time and told us that it was up to us if we wanted her to come to dinner tomorrow night. Then I ate Jens pussy, my wife really got her juices flowing, while Susan sat on her face. Jen smiled and put my dick up to wife's pussy and said she wanted to watch me fuck her. She got out from under my wife, and started trying to lick her ass while I fucked her hard, it wasn't that easy to do! I watched Jen lie back and my wife sucked and kissed her little B cups for a long time, rubbing her clit here and there to tease her.

Cockhold hubby made to watch

fetish charman1 2018-07-08

I then decided to take control of situation and push Eileen down onto the bed face first and i looked at her great arse and made her knell on the bed and went behind her, i looked over at Simon and asked him if he wanted me to fuck her and he said, 'yes please'. After a couple of minutes Eileen went over to Simon and stood naked in front of him, she asked him if he had enjoyed watching so far and he said he'd loved it. She then put her fingers deep into her pussy and then ordered him to lick them clean and this happened a few times and then she asked him if he wanted her to suck his cock, Yes was his cry, well you will after wait until later was her reply.

peanut butter jelly time!!!

fetish 2018-07-08

She pulled out two pieces of bread, holding one in her hand held out flat, she began spreading on the peanut butter, slowly, almost sensually. Laura ran her hands over her breasts and then placed the peanut butter and jelly pieces about as far apart on the counter as her nipples were. She took a deep breath, and then slowly leaned forward on to the counter, letting her breasts rest on top of her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She spread her legs and slid her right hand under the black lace of her thong to begin caressing her pussy lips covered in slippery g**** jelly.

First cock i sucked was my cousins

fetish onestory 2018-07-08

I slowly slide my hand down and start to play with his balls as im blowing on his head twirling my tongue around it so hard. As im sucking his cock hes rubbing on mine nice and slowly getting me so fucking hard. He fucking moans hard as im squeezing his balls and he shoots load after load in my mouth. And put my cock in his mouth and start on my head sucking on it and gently going down further down my shaft . He slides it out and licks down to my balls and starts sucking on them as he rubs my dick so fast.

Giving of Self

fetish Irish1876 2018-07-08

Last night her husband walked in as I was licking Myrna's soft smooth pussy with she spread-eagled on the kitchen table. I saw a look come over Sara's face that I interpreted as the devil at work inside her head. Both Maggie and Myrna were now openly giggling at Sara's plan for a table decoration. I was sweating from the entire event and the crusty mixture of Mike's sperm and Myrna's vaginal juices began to feel slick with the sweat. "I was actually enjoying the flowers and the purple color on his swelling little head." Maggie said with a smile. "Myrna, let me take him and shower him down by the pool?" asked Sara.

Surrogate Seed Ch. 01

fetish PepperxSpice 2018-07-08

He looked forward to being able to ask after the child's health, to constantly remind Trevor how weak he had been, how he had needed a stronger man's seed to bring the gift of life. "Trevor said your fertile period begins today, Lauren?" he asked. Trevor looked like he was going to say something, but he thought better of it, taking another long drink of his beer -- wondering exactly how he'd been coerced into this. Marcus put away the folder and took Lauren's hand, pulling her gently to her feet. When that was done, Marcus placed his hands on the insides of her thighs, holding her steady as he thrust gently forward, holding Lauren's blue gaze.