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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Brod: Elasticity Ch. 02

fetish Sarkopheros 2018-07-08

I grinned at her and said, "I don't know what you girls have heard about me, but I promise. Over today, I'm going to fuck each and every one of you." I looked around the audience, making eye contact with one girl, then another, then another. I still didn't completely buy Nahid's explanation about choosing only white girls, but honestly, what woman-loving man is going to be upset by literally a hundred horny women mobbing them? Fresh, boiling-hot cunt-nectar sprayed out around my cock, coating it in a slick, slippery layer, fluid splattering on my stomach as Tamara came hard, her organs quivering around mine. Tamara went limp, her eyes fluttering, biting her lower lip as her orgasm went volcanic, spraying juices all over my legs and belly.

Wanna Eat It ?

fetish loyalsock 2018-07-08

She knows I love to eat her pussy after she works all day and that I will eat her creampie after we have sex, any time she asks me to. Finally, she wrapped her legs around my head pulling me into her as hard as she could and said, "Oh my God!" and I felt her squirt warm fluid into my mouth. I crawled up to mount her but she said, "Go wash your face, you smell like stinky pussy." I kissed her, but she turned her head and said, "You still smell like day old sex. She bounced and ground her pussy into me until she said, "Oh yeah, I'm cumming!" She kept humping as I was stroking up into her and felt my dick start to shoot into her .

Covert Pervert

fetish sheepyboy 2018-07-08

Lexi had just landed a part-time job at her local sixth-form college, working evenings in the library. The college's science department was opposite the library, and Lexi frequently crossed paths with Martin Hargrove, one of the members of staff. That evening, Lexi was busy stacking books as usual and checking that students had logged off the computer terminals properly. The door opened and she noticed Martin Hargrove enter the library, carrying a pile of science textbooks. Outside, if one turned right, the path led round the library block to the college's main entrance. Lexi went outside, but instead of turning right, heading straight ahead about ten yards to where there was a line of bushes and some oak trees behind.

Straight Laced

fetish MrKitty 2018-07-08

While Tom was comforting Rachel, the tech was quickly pushing a small gold ring through the newly created opening. During their lovemaking, Tom left her breasts alone, with great difficulty keeping her ring tipped nipples out of his mouth and hands, letting them fully heal. Rachel loved the new sensations she had from having Tom tug at her nipples, pulling her rings to stretch or lift her breasts. Tom reached over, possessively cupping Rachel's left breast, fondling her nipple ring. This one right here." Brandon turned to her and asked her "Can you spread your legs, honey?" The man spread her lips fully apart, then letting them relax back to a closed position, smoothing her outer lips over until they were perfectly symmetrical, hiding her inner lips and her clit.

Kate monday continues

fetish sissychris 2018-07-08

I turned and walked with them , every step was hard trying to hold my pee, a car was parked on the pavement, I walked through the narrowgap first, as I walked ahead of the girls Kate patted my bum gently , the carrot moved in a little, the pressure on my bladder was huge, Oh , oh oooh god, her body started to quiver her bum moving back and forth on her hand her face fell on to my stomach,her breath landing on my erect cock she moved closer her tongue licking the head, Oh Kate as she lowered back down , I exploded inside , she lifted and pushed back down with f***e, my load pumping into her warm body , she watched my face as I cum

My First Bisexual Kinky Foursome

fetish asiandream 2018-07-08

The Woman said to me to let her feel some boy pee inside – I can usually piss when hard - but this time as I pushed to try to urinate my orgasm hit me – really powerful - and my body was pumping out my semen inside her instead. I got my dick into her vagina with no help – the Woman got me to hold still while she pushed (gently this time) a butt plug into my ass – then switched it to vibrate and said to tell her when I wanted it faster. I sat lower and we kissed for quite a time – till the Woman said it looked like there were no dry bits of the bed left and to lets go to the other room.

Three cocks part2

fetish 2018-07-08

He pulled out and i atemted to get a condom over his stiffy, after a short while he pushed me away and got a larger size one out of his trousers and with easy slipped it over his rigit member and than lifted my upper body up and still without a word, bent me over ripping my skirt up and pulling the string to one side, i could feel his big head rubbing at my anus thinking 'i wont be able to take you just like this' as he already started to push his thick helmet towards my still thight closed fuck hole.

a massage from my husband

fetish lauren003 2018-07-08

Reaching my ass and thighs he drizzled more oil and while massaging my ass every now and again he would slip his finger between my crack and run it over my bum hole. He drizzled oil onto my bum and thighs and started to massage them again. He ran his fingers down my crack and started to massage and oil up my bum hole. He started loosening and oiling up my ass with one hand while massaging my bum cheeks with the other. He fingered me stimulating my clit while rubbing my wet pussy and soon my body started tensing up as he brought to orgasm.


fetish Mizilla 2018-07-07

"Ask me to suck your pussy harder," He said and went back to sucking and chewing on my clit. "Fucking harder," I said, more because I needed this to be fierce. "Harder?" He asked as he pulled out his fingers and slipped his thick, hard cock into me again. Remembering the sheer length and girth of him, still feeling him all over me, and all through me; seeing the vision of my wet, red and swollen pussy in combination with all of the little trophies earned through his bites and swats, I felt the fluid inside of me mount up, my toes curled. I held my breath and clenched my pussy tighter as I rubbed harder on my aching clit.

Surprise Guest, Surprise Breasts

fetish Hornyman69WithU 2018-07-07

Now the only Ellen I knew was the long-term girlfriend of a guy I'd gone to high school with, and I was sure they'd gone to college together in a completely different part of the country, so it could not possibly be her. Then there was a knock at my dorm door one quiet early evening while my roomie was at the library, and when I opened the door, there was this fine-looking gal in tight jeans and tee-shirt with a huge white smile who threw her arms around me with a big squeeze and identified herself as Ellen.

First Time CockSucker Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-07-07

I hear people out in the parking lot talking and going into their cars (can they even imagine what the fuck is going on in this room right now?) and I find myself sticking my tongue out and licking around his balls (fuck, you're licking a dudes balls and an older dude at that) while he keeps his dick and balls where they are (I'm licking a man's balls) and I open my mouth and suck in one of his balls (I've got a man's ball in my mouth; what the hell am I doing?) he breathes out heavily which heightens my excitement (oh man, he likes what I'm doing) and he let go of his dick and grabs the back of my head with both hands.

Karen's Story, 1970s-2016s

fetish CesareRF 2018-07-07

She was pulled over to the couch and one of Leslie’s friends started fingering her, another kissed her, while another sucked on her nipples, as Leslie and a guy held her legs open, the last guy got between her legs and slowly stuck his cock into Karen’s wet cunt and started fucking her until he came in her pussy. Leslie was last and he started fucking her as each guy stuck their cocks into Karen’s mouth, having her suck them off and swallow their sperm. One day after being disappointed by Jim, when he couldn’t get his large cock up again, Karen just fucked one of his friends at his apartment, when she went to pick up some free concert tickets.

Stocking Feet

fetish archieII 2018-07-07

"I apologize, I have sort of a fetish for stocking feet, and I was sitting over there and couldn't help notice and admire yours, and it's so rare to see a lady wearing pantyhose these days I just wanted to express my appreciation." I said. I started to leave, and she said, "Wait, would you like to sit down? "Oh, I play with my shoes all the time, and rub my feet together..." She said. I returned to the supermarket, went to the food court, and Kathy was sitting at a table with her legs crossed, and her shoe dangling from her toes.

Wet Pussy Desires

fetish Randadw 2018-07-07

I have days when I feel my pussy throbbing for the friction of a big slick dick to leave me with wetness running down my leg. I do have alone time just to ease my misery until I can get ahold of a hard dick, but I am not satisfied for long because I need to be wet. When I get home Sean is waiting for me...I don't even get out of the car before he pulls up my skirt and lays me in the front seat so he can lick my wet pussy, sucking all of the cum out that he can.

Shrunken Situation Pt. 02

fetish 003_hunter 2018-07-07

He stared in amazement at his sister's perfect body as the towel fell away, and for a couple of seconds he got an amazing view of everything as she pulled him upwards; her large, round, perky tits like globes far above him; her toned, sexy belly; her smooth, tight, completely shaven pussy. Rachael wasn't looking down, so she didn't see the tiny struggling figure of her brother trapped in the crotch of her panties as she wiggled her arse and hips from side to side, sliding the tight underwear up the last few centimetres to the top of her legs. Mike was mashed hard against his sister's vagina, the tight panties squashing his body closely up against her soft, pink, slightly-agape pussy lips.

How I Met The Guy I Wanted To Marry

fetish skyeslut 2018-07-07

He unbuckled and I dropped to my knees , sucking his heavy balls, he slapped my face hard with his cock, shoving into my mouth, all the way down into my throat, he used my hair to keep me jammed up against him releasing me a little as I gagged, then forcing back down to make me gag some more... I felt whoever it was at my mouth and the familiar feel of him in my ass as I sucked greedily on the unknown cock - the two of them worked me so hard that I passed out - when I came round it was us again and I knew I'd probably found the guy I wanted to marry.

Punishment in the Shoes

fetish footboy23 2018-07-07

After reading many of the stories in this site, I also thinking of sharing my very special and highly confidential sexual life experience with my co-readers. She extended her left foot in my lap and started rubbing the sole and toes with my fingers. I inserted the head of my hard prick into the shoe and started to rub up and down fastly. But suddenly her face turned red and she started to scold in an angry voice. When I started to rub it on the insole suddenly she inserted her foot inside the shoe. "little....devil want my shoes...?" again she pressed her foot hard into the prick inside the shoes. My prick is more hard now but I started to groan with pain.

Naughty Naomi Ch. 05

fetish toocold 2018-07-07

Given where she was, Naomi grabbed a packet of adult diapers and waddled towards the cashiers, piss-filled shoes squelching around her soggy socks, sloppy load of shit in her knickers squeezing disgustingly around her bottom, thighs and, now, pussy, as the soft load oozed around her body. She realised she was sitting on the floor in a warm puddle of pee, with the door open, sobbing but aroused, a pissy, pukey mess of spit, snot and cum all over her face and exposed breasts, a bag of soiled knickers and leggings and adult diapers by her side, having just sucked off five guys, three of whom she didn't even know the names of, then been pissed over by three of them.

Karen's Office Legshow

fetish legmaniac 2018-07-07

They were my favourite style; black Italian stiletto pumps with a 5 inch heel, hardly the conservative shoe for the office but thankfully most women are now wearing them at work. I look at the mess I have made of Karen's legs and imagine her walking through the office wearing her heels with my spunk left on her legs to drip and ooze all over her shapely pins before draining down into her sexy pumps. I jerked away to the mental image of Karen getting her legs pampered and serviced in preparation for an event when she'd want to make the guys happy and the knowledge she was wearing her stilettos caked in my sperm with complete ignorance of the fact had me once again spewing my ball batter into the pan of the toilet.

Dog Kennel Ch. 03

fetish Dylan987 2018-07-07

When I got home and started to get changed to go out with friends for drinks, I looked at myself in the mirror, still dressed in the pink bikini bottoms, no pubic hair at all, and my small cock barely making a bump behind the soft fabric and it really turned me on so that, as soon as I took them off, my cock swelled to its full 4 ½ inches. As I let them drop heavily to the floor the whole family burst out laughing because I was still wearing the pink ladies bikini bottoms Kevin had given me yesterday, only now my cock was trying to burst through the material.

Indira Chitta With Black Cocks

fetish coolguy2020 2018-07-07

She said: “sorry da I don’t know why, I kiss you when I fully satisfied,to day I am not satisfied,I think that’s because of that black guys big cock in mind. Two negros come out from the room and introduce them selves to her one guy is Michael Neel and other is James jader.she said hello to them and look at me with wide open eyes and mouth. for us it’s a nice view that one fairy lady handle two big black cock one in mouth and other in hand, after some time she took neels cock out and put james cock inside mouth and continued blowjob and handjob.

First Thirst Ch. 10

fetish NastyPierre 2018-07-07

I steadied myself as best I could and looked around hoping to put Nutte's endeavors out of my mind. With words I couldn't understand, pointed looks and a finger, Nutte arranged me the way she wished to see me. Nutte's hands and fingers worked diligently and I needed to spread my legs further. Nutte wiped her hands off on my legs and finished in a towel while sliding back in the chair. My crotch soon felt like a burning ball of tumble weed on a dry summer day and I released a small, "oh." I felt awkward looking at Nutte almost as lovers might, at least in my mind. I looked down at myself and sure enough, Nutte had yanked out every hair.

my new neighbour (Part one)

fetish gest90 2018-07-07

apart from David and Doctor?" He turned his head and looked up at me, i smiled down at him, "I, I, I dpn't know what you mean, what other name could i possibly go by?" I placed a hand on his shoulder and nodded towards the clothes in the trunk, "Like when you wear all this stuff, do you call yourself something else?

Long Hard Bike Ride

fetish brick61 2018-07-07

One night I was out on this old country road riding my bike nude and noticed the seat was loose, so I worked it off to see if I could fix it. The towel was to thick to enter my ass but it felt good up against my ass hole so I began to ride, as I rode it worked its way inside just a little with the thicker part of towel pushing against my balls. This time with the towel still shoved up my ass I very carefully placed the post up inside me resting on the towel, and began riding again. Suppisingly it felt very good so started riding fast and as I did the post went deeper and deeper until my balls were hitting the frame.