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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Niall's Obsession with Nylons

fetish CarrieQ 2018-07-07

He got her to lie on her back on the bed with her toes touching, while he pleasured his cock on her nylon-clad feet and her legs till, ever so slowly, he brought his manhood up to her pussy where he rubbed it every which way, causing her clit the slightest excitement before a warm patch suddenly emerged without warning, turning her gusset into a sticky mess. By now, Polly was much wiser; she knew where Niall kept his valuables and, by the time he came round, she was long gone, with enough cash not only to spend the rest of the night in a nice hotel, but to easily tide her over till she could find another job.

Street Hooker

fetish trinityvixxxen 2018-07-07

I was starving for his spooge in my fuckhole or asshole and I was going to milk that cock till I got my prize for my greedy holes. After I came all over his face and shirt he couldn’t hold it and rammed his cock deep in my quivering wet hole. He pound fucked me till the shocks on his car matched our vulgar fucking rhythm He came like a wild man in my cunt then pulled out and stuck it in my ass for the last pulsating strokes. He gave me a kiss got off me and in the car and left my half-dressed cum stained ass in the parking lot like the dirty pig I was.

Diane Milking Sean Ch. 03

fetish stacey_lynne 2018-07-07

But I knew like only a mother-in-law can know that Lisa's sex life was a bit different than I would have guessed when they first met. When I came out of the kitchen and asked Sean and Lisa to the living room, I had the baby oil bottle with me, wrapped in a towel to keep it warm. I had to ask her, "Lisa, Johnny fucks you up your ass while you're dressed like a schoolgirl in a plaid skirt and embroidered blouse?" While Lisa stared in amazement, I told Sean to pull back his foreskin all the way. When neither Lisa nor I were expecting it, Sean slapped her derrière and his finger went all the way in!

1001 Nights

fetish torquedtales 2018-07-07

They glide on hot breath up to my neck and my mouth where they touch down briefly before brushing over my cheek and the blindfold banding my eyes. "But you are gagged beneath your veil." His lips press soft kisses over the fabric covering my mouth. I writhe in the restraints as he pulls the veils from my body with his teeth then sets his mouth to my breasts, sucking them, licking them, prompting them to rise and swell with torturous pleasure. He plies my veiled and gagged mouth with kisses as he muses, "Perhaps if you were to look at me the way you did when serving up delectibles at the sultan's behest...

Restaurant Rewards

fetish tarred 2018-07-07

There was a crash as the kitchen doors opened and Sharon stood wearing a waitress' uniform of white blouse, black short skirt and black tights. We were both unrecognizable beneath layers of dessert, I stood and laughed at Sharon, her blouse was torn and coated in chocolate sauce and cream. As Sharon turned away I stood up and grabbed a bucket of chocolate sauce I slowly poured it over her head. Before we closed the kitchen I jokingly suggested a small wager, a sort of forfeit based on the toss of a coin, Sharon smiled and said she would be game and so we took out pounds of chocolate and started to melt it until we had five buckets of warm smooth chocolate.

Defender of the Realm

fetish Jaxon16 2018-07-07

"He is going to die any minute," Matilda said rushing over to Richard's side trying to clear his mouth of bile and vomit. In order to divert any guilt falling on Matilda, Richard had one of Elaine's bribed guards testify that Matilda told him to leave the door on Edmund's behest. Richard looked a Matilda, "Although Edmund and Elaine were incorrect about any affair between us, you still killed the queen. Over the next few weeks Richard had the barber shave Matilda in open court in front of all the petitioners of the day. After Henry left Matilda for his now weekly visit, Richard came to her cell for the first time since before her trial.

Girl's Night Pt. 07

fetish DifferentBreed 2018-07-07

Nice picture, slut" Sophie said approvingly, "you're a natural bimbo, letting your bra peek out like that, love it." "I bet you never thought you would be in a ladies dressing room, trying on bikinis for me, did you sissy slut?" He hand squeezed and released Fisher as she spoke, each word making his body and face contort perfectly until he was leaning against the wall, his fingers flat against the pale yellow paint to keep him from collapsing. Fisher looked down at Sophie fearfully, knowing what her hand was bringing him closer to, the reality of it terrifying him to his core, but he couldn't bring himself to ask her to stop.

A Shower, Some Sweat, A Scratch

fetish baccgirl 2018-07-07

As the water cascades down over her shoulders, she takes the bottle of body soap and squeezes an ample amount into her hand, replacing the bottle on the rack in the shower, she then takes the large sponge and slowly starts to rub them both over her body. As she slides down the wall, the bottle of body soap falls out of the rack and slams down onto the floor of the shower, startling her enough to make her fingers stop their work. Reaching out, she takes hold of the bottle, at the same time, she spreads her legs, letting her pussy become open to the idea of a really amazing orgasm. She moves her free hand, the one that was pumping your cock, to your chest, and starts to rub your recently deposited cum into the scratches there.

Andreas Gets Smothered

fetish bondage_philosopher 2018-07-07

Andreas pulled the dirty pair of panties down over his head so the elastic waste band came around his neck and the scented crotch pressed against his nose. His girlfriend hadn't changed from the game and he could feel her panty hosed legs rub against his arms. Tani pulled the panties from Andreas' head revealing a crimson read face. Andreas stared into Tani's beautiful, Asian face and pleaded with his eyes to let him go. Andreas bended his elbows and began stroking his girlfriend's panty hosed legs. After a few minutes, Andreas' face began to burn from the intense friction, but Tani moaned with pleasure. With a few final passes over Andreas' abused face, Tani's pussy exploded with pleasure as her body shook from the orgasm.

DreamWorks Ch. 2

fetish PrincessKatie 2018-07-07

God I look fat she thought to herself as she tenderly felt her breasts and slowly moved both her hands downwards feeling her soft warm tummy and her hairy looking vaginal area. The feelings were fantastic and she quickly built up pressure until her juices burst forth and drenched the tiny panty inside out, drops falling to the floor like rain. I was here last night Susan said Chris, somehow the dream told me how I could get back inside, it told me to bring you with me. Chris whispered in her ear, in a dream the one who created the world controls what happens inside it. He rams his monster cock in as fast as he can and gasps as the cum blows into her huge soft womb again and again.

American Whore Story - Asylum Ch. 04

fetish TheTitLover 2018-07-07

His other hand held her arse feeling the bikini before snaking a finger up to her arsehole and using the sweat to slide inside. Ms Sarah was far from an exhibitionist, but she knew that her naked body had a lot of power, especially where Deb was concerned as she had a little bit of a girl-crush, despite being such a cock-hungry slut. It appeared that the slut simply had her hands behind her back, but Ms Sarah knew that she was in fact, cuffed that way. The slut looked up in fear, just as Ms Sarah grabbed onto her nipples and twisted them around as hard and painfully as she could. "Isn't she pathetic?" Ms Sarah asked Andrew while she looked down on Deb, the disobedient, nymphomaniac slut.

In Service to the Divine

fetish MasterOfSin 2018-07-07

Another change was how we got to the top floor for the quarterly meeting we are here for, normally we would be taking the elevator and begin the meeting on time, but Miss Divine has taken a liking to the stairs since Raul came along, though I don't see why, it's not like she's getting the exorcise...ha ha. "Other then the up coming stud inspection and new recruits, nothing Head mistress." a mustached man with pure white hair responded as the girl between his legs slipped the last inch of his cock into her throat, where it rippled like a motor powered sex toy.

Gloryhole with Jo part 2

fetish funbeth 2018-07-07

I turned back to suck on the cock in front of me but while I had been watching Jo the cock in front of me had changed to a new one soft and in need of attention, I leant forward taking it all in my mouth and waiting for it to grow in the warmth of my mouth, one of the hands had hooked his thumb inside my bra and was touching my hard very sensitive nipple it felt fantastic as the cock started to grow in my mouth, it was soon hard and big I grabbed the base and started to wank while I sucked and with my other hand I felt his soft clean shaven balls I wanked him harder and harder and sucked and licked and teased the end of his cock he started moaning very quickly and I felt his balls tighten in my hand I thought god that was quick and following Jo’s lead I opened my mouth wide facing her with his cock on my tongue I wanked him till he shot his load into my mouth, he came loads and it was running out of my mouth by the time he had finished cumming, he removed his cock from the hole and I decided a good time for a breather and moved the hands from my boobs and got up and went to the table and poured myself another glass of wine.

A Man Loses Control

fetish Bakeboss 2018-07-07

Susan sat close to me as we studied and would casually stroke my arm or rub my ear with her fingers. Later I offered to fix dinner and she sat in the kitchen watching, every time I turned to her, I was looking right up her skirt. Sitting back on my chest with my arms still under her knees, she looked me in the eyes and as she casually rubbed her juices that had coated my face into my skin, she started talking. She instructed me to put them on further humiliating me, after a wolf whistle and a slap on the butt Susan told me that she wanted me to wear panties all the time.

Wife Makes My Fantasies Come True

fetish ThinkingOutLoud 2018-07-07

Up on her elbow, her hand holding up her head, her beautiful eyes looking into mine. As I looked at her beautiful face, watching her catch her breath she said "How do you want yours"? As I began stroking my cock I looked into her eyes and said, "I've been daydreaming about watching you with another man because I can't fuck you". My cock was hot against my thigh as I replayed her licking that glass..winking at this unknown guy across the room. I watched as they made eye contact and I saw the corners of his mouth rise, letting a little smile slip past his lips.

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 10

fetish NastyPierre 2018-07-07

"It's been a terribly frustrating day for me, Joey," Ms. Handlesmen said with an exasperated huff, once again reaching for her cigar. In this case Joey, I need an outlet for my frustrations..." Ms. Handlesmen's voice suddenly became somewhat girlish, and its tone tickled me in a warm way, as did so many things about her. Something available, capable of inducing calm and accepting the release of pressures that would otherwise destroy." She took another drag on her cigar and looked at me with eyes so achromatic and clear, I could have dove into them, and in away I actually had. My eyes fluttered, closed and I struggled to hold the plate in its position, while cuming in great gushes that Ms. Handlesmen controlled with two digits of her left hand.

88% love

Ms. Choi Trains Pt. 01

fetish chenwanli 2018-07-07

Ms. Choi traced around the stretch marks and buckle marks from the penis gag harness with her forefinger and slowly dragged her glossy silver nail down his chest, flicking one nipple then the other, smiling sinfully at his involuntary arching and groaning, then continuing her journey down to the panties that began this whole adventure. Michael didn't dare believe her and watched in vain as her silver fingernails closed around his right nipple and pinched hard, his whimper muted by her left hand covering his mouth tightly. "You a panty boy?" Ms. Choi asked, her voice up an octave with the rhetorical question, eye brow arched. Little boy make mess in panties," her other hand dropped to his balls, pulling them down hard in his pants.

The Surrender

fetish Kirsenne99 2018-07-07

For a moment my mind ground with all the common stresses of the office, the way the lights pierced my head like little bolts of unnatural lightning tearing away my patience. He knew I was a desperate professional, a desperate woman who had surrendered her information and a large sum of money to a strange website. He knew that I was a woman wearing a red blouse drinking alone at the bar like the site had specified. He was a strong man with large hands and a completely unreadable face. He stood before me and slid his fingers inside my shirt just barely hinting at touching my skin. His practiced hands found their way around my body to the zipper of my tight, high-waisted skirt.

Buying more lingerie

fetish freakydude2297 2018-07-07

I kept looking (it was late, like I said, so not a lot of shoppers or clerks to bug me or scare me off), and I fought a selection of panties that caught my eye - they were a three-pack of nylon front, lace back bikini panties and they were pretty damn cute. I walked up to her (she clearly saw the theft guy send me her way), took the bra out of the bag and removed the tag. Then I got even bolder and changed panties to a really, REALLY sexy pair I had bought a little while back - a black satin bikini g-string that had two super cute and quite large satin bows on the front hips.

Tickling Mom Pt. 02

fetish Johnthomas1969 2018-07-07

Diane and I practiced this in college to several boys there," Kim informed Jake and Peter. Jake's cock was rubbing against Diane's yoga pants and Peter's was rubbing against Kim's bare legs. "Kim, your son has an erection!" Diane said, grabbing Jake's cock a waving it in her hand. "Now let's see how you boy's like being tickled," Kim said with an intensity that scared both Peter and Jake. "So you like seeing your mother naked huh," Kim asked, stroking Jake's cock. "One more thing," Kim said, addressing Peter and Jake, "If you boy's can get a job a real job, not a fast food thing or part time hobby, but a real job, we'll let you fuck us in the ass."

The French Connection Ch. 04

fetish leekeyone 2018-07-07

Needing a piss myself after watching the mother relieve her golden spray of her pussy urine all over Mylene, I decided the bathroom would be a good a place as any to redress after answering the call of nature. Aghast I stared in disbelief at the sight of the young blond lesbian relief her pussy spray into the bath belonging to Monique and her family. To be able to see her shaved pussy lips allowing a squirting stream of hot piss to escape downwards in a raining shower was something else! The hot blond teen said nothing but the new silence in the room was broken by a soft pattering sound coming from inside the bath.

The Calls

fetish mikeSTL 2018-07-07

Shannon said he was a real nice guy but I did glance down at my cell phone, making sure it was close, just in case. I gripped my phone tightly in one hand and my cock in the other, listening to Steven exploding in my wife's mouth. Talk to you later man," said Steven, remembering that he was on the phone with the husband of the girl that just sucked his cock right out in front of their house. "Mike, you know what you're wife just gave me?" said Steven, his voice sounding like he was a little kid at Christmas. He sounded like a guy about to fuck my wife on a speaker phone but I could still hear him clear as bell.

She's finally a hotwife.

fetish Cuckcouple507 2018-07-07

I answer it and Ann says "ok wants it's called when another man fucks your wife?" I respond "cuckolding". I get another text right away that says Jeff bought me tacos you have fifteen minutes to get here I want to blow him in your truck. Jeff then moved both hands to her head and started fucking her mouth like he owned it. I sat still in the front seat using my phone flashlight to light the scene in front of me as Ann and Jeff rocked back and forth together as he started spanking her ass and fucking her hard. Ann looked me in my eyes and giggled then said to Jeff of course you can fill me up.

The best deal we ever made [Part 3]

fetish travelerjd 2018-07-07

I want you to do them completely naked!" She giggled as she continued to stroke my cage. All the while Ana would walk around topless and black bikini panties. She began stroking him hard and licked his cock from his balls to the tip. As she took him in, Derek grabbed her hair and held her tight to her body until her pussy could stretch out and fit around his cock. It was so hard, Ana could barely pull it away from my body to kiss the cage marks. Bent over the rocks, I gently placed the tip of my cock into her pussy. Grinding her pussy against me, Ana was coaxing the cum from my balls down the shaft.