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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Tutor and Jenny (Part 2) by Claude van Feinbod

fetish ClaudeVanFeinbode 2018-07-07

"Help me," Jenny said. Let me help you…." I said. "Yes. Let me help you stand." I said. As I was forming these horny thoughts in my mind, Jenny finally noticed that her clothing was revealing more than most young women her age. "I guess….the class is over?" Jenny said. "I don't' know what you mean, exactly," I said. Jenny smiled and took her hands from mine. My imagination continued its wild ride and I imagined that Gina and I would suck and lick her cock to a spurting climax that would cover our lips. "Yes, Jenny" I said softly. Like you said, I'm a fortunate man." Jenny smiled broadly at that and said, "What's your first name, Mr. Feinbode?"


fetish BackDoorRed 2018-07-07

Amanda stood with a wry smile on her face, her body fully exposed, and holding a bar of soap in her right-hand. Do anything you want, baby doll, anything you want and I mean anything?" Mandy said with such lust filled tones that Craig almost blew his load right then and there. Ramming his finger into her ass sent her into spasming pleasures as waves of weird but wanton lust flooded her body. Midst his grunting, groaning, and lust filled words, he blasted five more loads of steaming cum deep inside his babe's hot ass. With his cock now free, he reached down to stick two fingers inside her gaping asshole while the thumb on his right-hand slid inside her still lathered pussy.

A Day at the Spa

fetish heavenkitty 2018-07-07

As George rubbed the special cream over her tummy, Meli giggled louder, the tingling feeling growing stronger. George resumed covering Meli with the special cream, making sure that he got the fronts of her legs thoroughly, going down to the tops of her feet. Her laughter reached near hysterical levels as John tickled both feet at once & George straddled her again, wiggling his fingers on her pits & sides. With them both working on her, John tickling the hell out of her feet, George driving her crazy with his talented upper body tickling (not to mention his 'tail' tickling/teasing her swollen sex), Meli was skillfully kept on the edge of orgasm for a while.

Uncut is Better

fetish Bakeboss 2018-07-07

For you see Judy has a thing for uncircumcised men almost to the point of refusing to fuck a man with a cut cock. When they went out Judy hadn't planned to have sex with him but in the end she decided she liked the way he looked and invited him up to her place. Although the sex was great, the man was nothing like Rolf had been and was a total bore so she didn't go out with him again. It was then she had her epiphany, it wasn't that Rolf or even the other guy were great sex partners it was their uncircumcised dicks that turned her on.

Sissy Boy Secretary Ch. 04

fetish Hotenuf4u 2018-07-07

Sissy Boy certainly looks like he knows what it takes to satisfy a horny women, and by the feel of this," her hand was grabbing my hard-on,"he certainly enjoys it too." Pushing my finger in and out of her wet pussy, I continued to lick and nibble her clit until her hands were driving my face hard into her as she approached an explosive orgasm. I went to the door, nervous about standing there in only Sue's pink panties while the ladies kissed and said good-bye and made lunch plans. Once out the door both ladies stopped, turned and said, "Oh how rude of us, come here Sissy Boy." I am sure my face turned as red as my ass was right now.

Surprise Hanging

fetish Pantyqueen23 2018-07-07

Kat gets up on a chair, and I begin to loop her panties around the door hanger, and attach the suspenders to the panties for extra support so they don't rip right away, and before she's ready I quickly move the chair so she can't stand anymore, and she falls a short distance feeling the panties ride up her ass, and she moans loudly, we know you hear that from the other room because we hear the game pause, so we keep going. You take off all of your clothes, take the plug and slowly start moving it up your ass, I want you to feel it vibrate during the wedgie, and you get excited when it finally pushes all the way in.

The slut

fetish pinki-husky 2018-07-07

Using both paws, Lawton pulled his mouth off the head of the massive cock and started to lick and kiss his way up and down the thick erection. Then, flashing the coach a grin over his shoulder, Lawton carefully held his towel away from his cum-streaked fur and headed back to the showers. "Howie, this is Lawton - Todd's roommate," Marie said, grinning. The fox let out a ragged moan as he f***ed his shaft deeper into the rabbit's muzzle, pulling the other male's head down hard into his lap. think," Lawton gasped, his words cut short every time the tiger pounded forward, working more and more of his huge feline member into the rabbit's aching ass.

The Meeting

fetish darkfey 2018-07-07

They knew the princess, they did not know the princess who longed to be fucked like a whore. Did they see the one who from the time she responded to his first message was talking about being bound and tied? You left the lobby and went to the room, sliding the key card into the door and opening it, half expecting to find me. You see the ropes and slowly begin to strip, fully naked as you lay on the bed and insert your ankles and pull, securing your ankles. No one would have ever guessed the whore that you are and the slut you are - bound and spread wide - waiting for a man.

Servant of Servants

fetish klammer 2018-07-07

I was then set to work, performing the ladies' cleaning task on the bondage to Sabrina and Rita: they simply had me to all their work, and I listen carefully during work to notice if my Mistress Sabrina clapped whip: I then had to kneel at the feet of the lady who wanted to see me the end of these punishments, Rita always allowed me to kiss the tips of never let me kiss them; with marked irony, she told Rita: "Since you'll lift on its way down and see us, Rita just carelessly took hold of my placed her shod right foot on my head and pushed it completely to the bedroom floor, naked, and start a minute polishing of my Mistress' boot

Back at my c0usin's

fetish bltsc1 2018-07-07

I felt my cock getting hard as I looked up at my unc1e and he smiled back at me. This time my c0usin got ready first as I lay on his bed looking at a magazine he had pulled out from his closet. I was excited looking at it and when my c0usin came into the room he said to not get too far ahead of him. As he said this, I felt his finger make serious contact with my hole, pushing the fabric up into me. He continued to push his big finger into me and his other hand dropped off me and went to his crotch. I went into my c0usin's room horny as hell with visions of my unc1e and 4unt naked with me between them.

The Beardsley School for Girls Chapter 6 - Kari

fetish catherine-belmont 2018-07-06

"Yes, Sir." She stood in front of them, their eyes focused on her chest and between her legs, Kari not dared to look down, did not want to see how exposed her pussy lips were, felt the material cling to her sex, pushed between her puffy labia. Now the shorts split her ass cheeks, dug into the tender crack, the rough material slid up and down as she bent over, the shorts pulled tightly over her cheeks each time she touched her toes, her body strained to stay in the position for ten seconds, her legs shook in pain. Mr. Jamison pulled out farther on her leg, Kari looked like a chicken spread wide, her sex so openly exposed, his hand slapped again and again on her lips, achieved the desired swollen and inflamed inner skin.

Precious Little Cuckquean Ch. 01

fetish KindAsCake 2018-07-06

He lay on the bed and reached for her, "Come here baby, Master knows just what you need to feel better." She crawled up, careful to avoid touching him yet. "Yes pet, you have been good, you've earned a reward, you may lick but stay on the outside." She whined a little at the restriction but began eagerly running her tongue along his crack, caressing his hole, her big gray eyes flicking to his face frequently checking for approval. "Yes Master?" She propped herself on her elbows, trying to maintain eye contact but unable to resist watching his hand squeezing his cock. "Master could I taste your cum if I gave up my orgasm for another week?" Her voice cracked a little, her aching pussy throbbing and reminding her how badly she wanted to cum.

Lactating Jane

fetish taboodada 2018-07-06

Jane walked in with the baby & sat back down, "You don't mind if I do this in here do you?" she said already pulling down her top & feeding her tit into her child's mouth. Jane's hand went back under her skirt & squeezed Dave's fingers into an arrow & fed them into her open pussy. Jane squeezed her nipples covering herself in her own milk then proceeded to lick & suck her own tits. Jane's breathing was erratic, she lifted up her skirt over her arse & stomach, to hide the caesarian scar & watch Dave's mouth & fingers work her pussy. ""Keep fucking me Dave I'm gonna cum", she yelled as her finger found her clit & worked it to the rhythm of Dave's hard cock.

My Wife's Sissy Panty-Sniffer Ch. 04

fetish cuck3995 2018-07-06

I couldn't wait to email Pete the following morning with the news that my wife had sucked my little cock containing the residue of his real man cum. Pete continued talking about how he needed to sniff more of my wife's freshly worn panties. I moved my body forward a bit, and started to lick the shaft of Pete's thick cock. Finally, I felt the head of Pete's cock start to swell in my mouth. Pete's cum hit directly in the slit of my wife's panties, which was covering my mouth. Pete's cum had already seeped through my wife's soiled panties and had entered my mouth. I could not believe how much cum Pete had shot on my wife's panties.

Oral Arguments

fetish Pinocchio 2018-07-06

Using her right hand, Lucia worked Peter's cock, sliding it across her lips, and deep into her mouth, as it banged gently against the back of her throat. At the last moment, she pulled Peter's cock from her mouth pumping it furiously with her hand, in front of her face. He replied, "Ms. Mayer, I wanted to let you know that all of the Partners in the firm will be gathering for a meeting in the recreation room, adjacent to this office, this afternoon. Mary knelt down, alternately fellating him, and rubbing his dripping cock over Lucia's face, mingling his pre-cum with the white goo that was already there. John moved in, allowing Mary to stroke his cock directly in front of Lucia's cum-drenched face.

Kinky sex with my best friend's husband!!!

fetish imornery81 2018-07-06

“I didn’t just lie to my wife, waste a personal day at work and drive 4 hours to drink coffee.” His eyes looked into mine and I felt this lump about the size of a baseball in my throat that I could not even begin to swallow. “Without a smile he said simply, “take off your shirt and panties, I want to inspect my slave.” I stared at him and the unblinking dark eyes that burned into mine and I felt my hands moving, almost, but not quite, of their own choosing to gather up the hem of the shirt and begin pulling it up over my torso.

Laundry Day

fetish blackstallion21 2018-07-06

About two and a half minutes later, the blonde immerged from the bathroom with a pink ball in her hand, and as she walked past her baskets, she slyly slid the pink ball of fabric into one of them and continued for the door. Once in her car, I realized that under the black shorts that she wore, she was now naked, because the ball of pink fabric that she placed so coyly in her basket was a pair of pink panties! The thought of watching that blonde's clothes had long since left me, and especially now as I tore my jeans open with absolute fervor, and grabbed my throbbing cock by the base.

Favourite Fantasies #19

fetish hard_for_yu 2018-07-06

I now lower both of her legs, so that I can sit on the foot rest between her legs, and go deep inside of her with a lively tongue, till she nearly falls out of the chair, as she has a massive orgasm. The brunette is right behind me and with a tongue in my ear says, “Now it’s your turn, darling,” and she begins to cut my hair, really doing a great job too. Next the brunette tilts the chair all the way back so that my head is just level with her cunny, all smooth and fresh. I feel the redhead go to work on my upper legs with the warm vibrating clipper, while the clipped little blonde goes down on me, moving up and down ever so slowly with her flicking tongue and warm mouth.

Life's Changes Ch. 06

fetish Scribler 2018-07-06

"Mrs. Macon If you're going to start coming in at the normal time now that your VP I will need to know." Well someone had a bee in her bonnet Jeff Franks, you hate him." Ginger gave me that I know more then you look and said If nothing else it's good to know some one cares." Mike said as he stood to leave. I want you to let Mike Davenport handle Maintenance he's a good manager and he knows what he 's doing. "I knew you'd be wondering about why I gave you maintenance so I left a slot open for you first thing to get you settled and we both can get on with our day." We said are good byes as I left.

My Secret Desire Ch. 02

fetish archieII 2018-07-06

"Sylvia, meet Archie." Linda said as she led her over to the couch. "I'm going to have to show you how to do that sometime." Linda said as she and Sylvia pulled the comforter off the bed exposing the satin sheets. "Hang on sister, here it comes." Linda said to Sylvia as I started to wag my tongue rapidly against her hooded clit, and I slipped two fingers into her vagina, and slowly pumped in and out. Linda scooted down to the foot of the bed, feeling and kissing Sylvia's stocking feet and legs, and then pulling and sliding her down the satin sheets toward the foot of the bed.

Brod: Jessica's Dorm

fetish Sarkopheros 2018-07-06

Me: I have trouble with pants "Oh, right, I'll be down in a minute," she replied. "No, I wanna write, maybe teach." "You write anything now?" It had one and two-bedroom suites featuring little bedrooms like glorified closets. But the rooms did feature small kitchens and living areas and private bedrooms and bathrooms. but Ingrid told me how much you cum, what stops you from making babies?" You're a breeding machine," she panted. Maybe that was what she wanted. How do you wanna do this, then?" I kicked the pile over into the kitchen area. "Mmm," I moaned. We moaned together as my cock pushed deeper and deeper into her body, centimeter by silky centimeter, steaming, combined juices trickling down my pulsing column.

Remote Possibilities Ch 1

fetish drew1207 2018-07-06

"Well, thanks for that Natalie, although I'm afraid you may have bruised Andrew's ego a bit" Jim spoke kindly to her as she cocked her hips to the side and smiled apologetically, "Would you want to spend a little time with Andrew today if you're free." As Natalie scurried out the door, Andrew realized what a cutie she really was, and looked forward to spending a little time with her like Jim had suggested, but he still had so many questions. This time, when he pressed the button, he could see that Natalie's slightly slouched posture began to lift, but she still didn't have the smile on her face that had so charmed him when she walked in the store so Andrew moved the slider just a bit more and when he entered it, this time he knew he had done so correctly.

Steph's Descent Ch. 09

fetish 62_goo 2018-07-06

It ended up with Steph getting her first tattoo on her pubic mound and fucking the tattooist who had a huge cock. Steph had introduced Phil to Lucifer, a huge guy with a huge cock. Steph had fucked and sucked Lucifer often but he revealed that he was actually bisexual and was attracted to sissy Phil. So the upshot was that Phil would move in with Lucifer and Amanda would live with Steph. Her career as a porn actress had taken off, she was in love with Amanda, and her husband was a sissy porn actor who lived with his boyfriend Lucifer. Steph lived with Amanda and Phil lived with Lucifer.

Su (Myanmar/Burma) - 19 Years Old

fetish upright619 2018-07-06

I felt the tip of my cock tingling wanting to pull her legs apart and fuck her unprotected right there because the door was literally locked and no one would disturb us. So I suggested to her we should study in my house because we can talk loudly there (I just wanted a secluded place to fuck her ass). I was sitting on the chair behind my desk watching her sl**p thinking 'How can I fuck this girl?" After some time I decided I should start giving her a light massage. I wanted her to feel what it was like to have a cock inside of her fragile little cunt.