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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Heather's Adventure Ch. 02

fetish locodriver8776 2018-07-06

Once again, Heather's skills at cock sucking came to the fore as she started humming whilst swallowing all 9 inches deep into her throat, I would have come several times if she hadn't remembered the trick I taught her on how to keep me on edge; for each time she felt my cock throb as if it was ready to explode she would quickly squeeze its base until the sensation to cum passed. At this point I told her to relax, clench her arse as if she was having a good dump then be still while she got used to the 'monster' inside her, reaching again for the K-Y jelly I took another generous glob from the tube and began to liberally re-coat the reminder of my cock that was still more than halfway out of Heather's anus.

Making of My Sissy (Part Two)

fetish sissymishel 2018-07-06

As time went by my sissy was told what I wanted him to do and eventually he came to expect that he was to dress the part and perform like a sissy gurl. I told my sissy that since he was going to be home all day, and maybe looking for a job, that I had a job for him to do which is part of his sissyhood. Once he was up I wanted the house cleaned, including making the bed and passing the vacuum, cleaning the kitchen, dusting the furniture, the laundry needed to be done, all clothes folded and put away, no clothes on the laundry room floor, clean the bathrooms, make sure the trash is out, and cook dinner prior to my arrival home.

We Were Blindfolded, He Wasn't PART FOUR

fetish thuperdupe 2018-07-06

But in an instant I no longer felt like the alphamale; the hockey player appeared again and suddenly his hand grabbed another fistful of my hair and pulled my head up. After I caught my breath, the hockey player grabbed my face and started fucking it deep again. I kept fingering him and went down to suck his cock, but I barely had flicked his piercing when the hockey player grabbed me again and lifted me up. I kept twerking my ass on the twink and judging by how I could feel his hand go down to jerk his cock, he was enjoying it. The hockey player immediately grabbed the back of my head and pumped his cock into my face, cum shooting everywhere and glazing my face.

Bedside Luxury

fetish sammy_808 2018-07-06

"Very good, Dear, now let's get you up and dressed, shall we?" Debbie and Renee then started to untie the ropes that held Sammy to the bed, and then helped her to her feet. Sammy stood for a moment when the suit was finished, and then quietly asked, "Is that it?" Renee and Debbie laughed to themselves as they pulled a set of wide steel cuffs out of another drawer. Renee repeated this with Sammy's ankles, while Debbie fixed a similar collar around Sammy's neck, locking the zippers holding the suit and hood closed in a similar arrangement. Renee and Debbie made sure that Sammy's arms were fully in place in the outer wrap, and checked that the posts on Sammy's wrist and elbow cuffs poked through the grommets in the thick leather.


fetish Mdluv 2018-07-06

You will feel it for days which is just what you need.” His hand reached in the window, and lifted her chin up so she had to look at those damn, dark glasses. He let go of her chin, opened her car door and gently wrapped his strong hand around her arm, above the elbow. Without a word, he pushed her thighs against the side of the car, then her body forward, until she was pressed flat against the hood of the car, her nipples feeling the heat from the engine. She moaned, pushing her ass back, desperate for his fingers, his cock, anything. She imagined what she looked like; tears running down her face, her jeans around her ankles, her ass raw and whipped, and him still in his uniform, fucking her mouth.

Became my neighbours toy PART 4

fetish 2018-07-06

Stepping out of the bathroom J was sitting on the bed, next to her was a butt plug (the same as be for), a blindfold and a pair of black thigh high boots (I guess she knew my size). As I stood up after putting the boots on I glanced at the mirror, the outfit really tied together, the dress just short enough to show enough of my ass in the latex panties to keep in interesting. J then bent me over the bed, lubeing up the butt plug, she pressed it against my ass, gently sliding it inside. I think he enjoyed watching me, my cock getting hard then twitching a few times as I came, and the cum slowly running down and dripping out of the crotch less hole in the latex panties.

Hot Lunch

fetish StanleyPandora 2018-07-06

Black girls started walking by me, giving me the evil eye cause I was holding up the line. I ripped off the blindfold and to my horror I saw Chayya shitting in her hand and rubbing it all over me. After 5 minutes I had come all over Chayya's shitty hand and I was covered head to toe in crap. Chayya silently led me back to the lunch room and I sat down with a big tray of shit. As I was led through the lunch room the black students laughed at me and pointed, but I saw some of the white girls and they had a look in their eyes as if they knew.

Mistress: Love, Pain & Humiliation Ch. 01

fetish joncussac 2018-07-06

She said that its important that he knows that its makes their relationship stronger and she respects him and loves him but wants their sexual plays to be heightened. Jane says slave, you don't walk in front of your mistress. She takes a sip again, gargles, and pours it again and says, "Remember anything you eat or drink will come from my mouth." Ever since, she has made him lick her spit from the floor, from her feet, and has made it a ritual that whenever they go out, after he got dressed, she would ask him to spread his undie and she would spit on his cock, so that he felt that all the time when they were outside.

The Slave Pt:1

fetish CassandraCE 2018-07-06

His tongue finally arrived at her sex where he flicked it against her clit making her moan loudly though the gag. "Oh you like that huh?" He proceeded to lick her clit vigorously sending her body into a fit of pleasure. He pumped his dick inside her a few more times and then she felt her body tightening up to the point she felt like her legs and arms where going to break but she didn't care. She screamed out in a high pitch moan as her pussy quivered over his dick making him cum inside her. "Lick off my cock of your filthy juices slave" She looked at it and slowly said "Yes master..." She licked the tip of his dick and he shoved it into her mouth.

Creampie Penalty

fetish rick_oh 2018-07-06

That ended Cassandra's romance that night, although she was stimulated by the thought of humiliating a guy by having him orally service her after ejaculating inside her. Sherry's eyes visibly widened when Cassandra mentioned her desire to take on a large number of males. Cassandra felt somewhat embarrassed at having bared her pussy to Sherry, at the same time as she felt a rapport because of the intimacy. The nurse placed the full bag on a stainless steel stand and adjusted the table so that Cassandra was partially sitting up. "Okay, dear, come with me," the nurse said, and Cassandra followed her to the X-room. There was the sound of a door opening and closing, and in a moment Cassandra again felt a presence between her legs.

My Best Friend the Tranny Ch. 02

fetish toontessa 2018-07-06

He moaned as my tongue pressed into his mouth, our lipstick smearing as we kissed hard, I felt his hand wrap around my hard cock. He leaned down to suck my nipples while he stroked my cock, I held his head as he began to kiss his way down my hairless chest, then, he used his hand to guide my cock into his hot mouth. He moaned, then yelled, collapsing on top of me, grasping my face between his hands, “You are so hot,” she whispered into my ear, then took my face, looking intently at me, pulled me into a sweet kiss as my cock still oozed cum.

Monet Straps It On For Me

fetish PinkDelphi 2018-07-06

There, I kept a number of "open-pussy" panties, panties with cute little bows tying things together (temporarily), wonderfully sexy garter belts, panties with built on garter straps, tiny things of all kinds of textures, colors, and fabrics, and a small collection of new, unopened items. My next lover picked out a tiny black and purple satiny garter belt, matching purple sheer open crotch panties with satin trim and tiny bows, a black satin push up bra, and grabbed my outrageous, totally unusable-for-walking 6 inch heeled stilettos pumps in black patent leather with, of course, little ankle straps.

Views on breeding chocolate shelas...

fetish billstew 2018-07-06

We then went back to the bench seats at our table, and while I was standing with my cock out, she was standing in front, slightly bent over the table so I could fuck her for a long time, nice and slow. It was totally hot having her suck my cock, while I'm sucking the hot wet pussy that began dripping the load I put in her 30 minutes prior... Sure enough an hour or so later she was in my room, and within 10 to 15 minutes of meeting her for the first time in real life, I was fondling her incredibly big tits through her clothes and she had me unzipped ready to give me a blow job.

Billy Joe's Dad story

fetish hzw50 2018-07-06

I could feel my panties getting wetter as his long middle finger slid in and out of my throbbing, hot cunt.  Finally, he reached up under my skirt and pulled my white cotton panties clear off.  Then he stood up and dropped his pants to the floor.  He spread my legs apart with his hands and crawled up on top of me.  I slid my head up to the top of the bed.  My father's breath scorched my neck as he began to mount me.   He was panting hard and deeply and was wet with sweat.  But the smell of his cologne was familiar and comforting.  I gasped the second I felt his huge cock trying to enter me.

Panty Sniffer's Delight

fetish stunic 2018-07-06

As my cock was pounding her i felt her finger rubbing against her clit, she was screaming at me telling me to Fuck Her, telling me how much she wanted my cum, her pussy clenched around my cock as Naomi began to shake, her 2nd orgasm had began, i told her that i'm gonna cum but she said 'NO, you cant i need it over my tits and face, I pulled out after her orgasm had subsided and turned her over, she sat on the floor and took my cock in her mouth to lick her juices off me then began to stroke my cock really hard and fast telling me that your gonna cum all over my big tits, with that i grunted and my cum covered her lower part of her face and tits, once she milked every last drop out of me, i sat on the couch and watched as she rubbed all my load into her, after a while she got up pulled her dress on, picked up her panties and walked over to me, stuffed her panties into my mouth and whispered in my ear 'Thank You Jason, i'll be popping round more often now' She left her Phone number and told me to message her whenever i needed her panties....

Neighbor's Milk

fetish JaxsonCurry 2018-07-06

As she stood Susan bent over making sure Brad got a real good look inside then the baby wants or needs and I love to have my nipples sucked, my tits it over her left tit letting him feel the heat of her skin and the hard Susan returned a few minutes later to find Brad laying naked, his swollen finally his throbbing cock and cum filled balls with her milk. the job as they didn’t want my sticky cum on their hands.” Brad lay back cock inside my cunt going deep inside while you suck my tits and drink my her still milk filled tits bounce as she lifted her body only plunge back

Wet for Daddy

fetish FelicityJohns 2018-07-06

"Watch me what?" A soft smile curved her lips. "There's to be nothing private between you and me." He motioned the bartender and touched the rim of his glass. He let his thumb pass over her lips before he took his hand away, and his pupils dilated at the sharp intake of her breath. Her fingers on her right hand played and twisted the tendrils behind her ear. "You start by touching my shoulders, playing in the suds." She could smell his hair, his shaving cream, and let her lips barely brush against the rim of his ear as she spoke. His lips brushed her jaw in front of her ear when he whispered, "I'm so hard right now.

Best mother ever

fetish 2018-07-06

How about letting me fuck your ass this time?" Gina classes, she knew something was wrong when her son came She knew her son was just going to ram his cock up hard nipple on her left tit as he started fingering her "Now son, when you push your penis into my anus, I want He pushed his cock into her pussy hard and she bit with his thumbs, he pushed his cock against her ass other minute, she felt her son's cock start to get thought out of her head that her dream was about her son As Gina arrived at her son's bedroom door, she stopped, but it was her son fucking her in the ass!

Moving Forward

fetish Phatmomma 2018-07-06

Taking a lock of her hair, she reaches over to the corner of her dresser, and picks up the pair of scissors she'd bought at the beauty store earlier in the day. She writhes a bit, this time taking smaller amounts, and trimming them slowly, relishing the vibrations of the fine steel blades as they cut away the hair. She can feel an almost sexual excitement, each time the scissors cut a length of her hair. She stumbles to the mirror on her door and goes to her knees on top of the long strands of hair, and looks into the reflection. She looks down at the hair between her knees, reaching for it, pulling it up in her hands, burying her face against the silky tresses, giving a soft cry.

My Wife Makes Me Clean Up

fetish DiggerDave 2018-07-06

'You need to eat me out' Sally said, 'you need to suck all your sperm out from inside of me to clean me properly, if you only wipe it will gradually dribble out this afternoon at work.' I looked at Sally incredulously as I realized what she wanted me to do. Slowly I moved over towards her hairy pussy and with just the tip of my tongue lapped at a small globule of sperm, which was trapped in the dark, matted pubic hair above her clit. I poked out my tongue and was forced to lick the whole length of her slippery pussy, at the same time taking in a mouthful of my salty come diluted with her love juices.

Maid's Revolt

fetish oggbashan 2018-07-06

Even surprised as I was I noticed that her dark blue uniform dress was too tight, strained across her breasts, the dress's skirt too short showing thick thighs in dark stockings, and her small white apron more decorative than practical. "Martine had seen you with the Stag Party, and later going into your room. "I hope not, but some of your managers have been unhappy with what they have had to do, rules like the uniform they disliked but couldn't change, and general incompetence. "Mr Bart," he said, "If I hadn't been so close to retirement I would have applied to another hotel chain a year or so ago. Major work would happen when the hotel was closed in six weeks' time.

Leather Lusts Ch. 01

fetish candy_2691 2018-07-06

She got up and went to the bathroom, taking care of business she turned on the shower to get it hot, brushed her teeth and checked the water, it was more than warm so she pulled off her sleep shirt and panties and got in. He walk out the door and started up a big black bike, with a fat back tire, full of tread, definitely not here burning rubber, just here to watch. She wondered about Jack, no come on lines, no tails to tell, she hoped he was nice, for tonight she just wanted to get to know him better, maybe a lot better.

Femdom Strapon

fetish 2018-07-06

She turned away from me and said to Mistress Alexandra, "Well it seems we have a deal, but wouldn't you like to see how your new strap-on looks with a pair of lips on the other end?" Mistress Alexandra stood at Ms. Gere's face and guided her lips to her newfound cock. She stopped sucking Mistress Alexandra's cock only long enough to command me to lick her ass. Mistress Alexandra grabbed the riding crop from Ms. Gere and pushed her backwards onto the bed. Mistress Alexandra quickly thwacked Ms. Gere's clit with the riding crop. Mistress Alexandra thwacked her on her ass cheeks with the riding crop as she fucked her. Mistress Alexandra f***ed Ms. Gere's face onto my cock.

Exposing Amy Ch. 02

fetish fannyrat 2018-07-06

" Doctor, abused me, his wife, my legs open, shoved it in my pussy and treated me like a whore," etc. My wetness was absolutely nothing to do with sexual excitement, but came exclusively through the fear, terror and the distressing humiliation I was feeling, as two old, dirty, smelly and disgusting homeless guys prepared to rape me. As he fucked me I swear I could even feel my small labia stretching along his huge hard rod as he pulled out of me, only to feel his cock trying to push them up inside me as he thrust into me. Jack was nearer to cumming than I realised, he suddenly pulled out of me and moved alongside me, his slick and glistening cock pushing towards my face.