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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Twelve Naughty Days of Christmas...

fetish alwaysthegoodgirl 2018-07-06

You try and pull me towards you anyway, but I stop you saying, "No, first things first, open your present." I stay straddled across your lap as you pick up the box beside you. "Well, I thought we could do different photos, each one representing one of the twelve days of Christmas" You chuckle, and lean in kissing me, "That's a very cute idea, I like it" Picking up the camera, I put the film inside, leaning close to you I let my lips slowly brush against yours, getting firmer. "How about seven inches of heaven??" you ask cheekily as you start to slide the tip of your cock between my pussy lips, teasing me.

BBC Cuckold Sniffer's Dream

fetish Missyxrxx 2018-07-06

As my friends got ready and went out, I realized since Bre had left I was screwed and would most likely spend my night watching BBC cuckold videos just waiting for another blonde slut to appear in front of me... Rachel saw me standing there with her huge black dick, her lotion, her panties, her toothbrush and a laundry hamper full of cum coated clothes. I screamed and tried to push her hand away but Rachel scolded me saying "If you want to be a real cuckold you might as well start now." She closed the cold metal on my dick and continued to stretch her tight hole with her glistening black toy.

Tara's Pregnancy - 1st Trimester

fetish PrincessErin 2018-07-06

Erik grinned and pulled off her baby doll. Erik had a huge pregnancy fetish and Tara knew it. Erik had laid down on his bed at seven in the morning begging for a break and Tara was still wet, horny, and ready to go. He pushed her down hard on his cock and rocked her baby and forth. "Fucking hell!" Tara dug her long fingernails into Erik's back and began to cum. "God your breasts are huge baby." Erik was lying on his side massaging Tara's breasts. "Want to tit fuck me?" Erik's eyes went wide when Tara asked that. You can cum all over them too." Erik watched as Tara moved to lean over the edge of the bed.

Erin at the Movies Pt. 02

fetish WoodsLord_3540 2018-07-06

So I stood, walked over to her and once again spread her cheeks and guided my hardness into her slickness, wet and warm and even with all the lubrication of her pussy, and my cum and her pee, I gasped at how tight her little pussy felt. I never come quickly the second time, but I could tell that she was getting tired, her arms stretched, her belly and breasts irritated from my pounding, forcing her to slide on the hood, her legs aching from the angle she needed to help keep her balance as I drove into her, but her pussy never dried out, it remained slick and wet and even more so when I filled her again with my cum.

Dirty Farm Yard Adventure

fetish rbbrbootjake 2018-07-06

In the meantime, she was still the eye of many of the guys in the area, her curvy frame generated a lot of interest, though she was especially interested in Frank, the neighbourhood boy who sometimes helped out during the busy haying season and whenever Teresa's parents went away. Teresa put on a pair of cotton white panties and her dark blue coveralls, then put on her knee high well worn rubber boots and headed down to the barn to take care of the morning chores. After taking care of the milking and making sure the cows were fed, Teresa cleaned her rubber boots, and was about to head in for lunch when she noticed one of the cows had got out and was mingling near the manure pit.

The Bet

fetish peebudy 2018-07-06

Kelly got up to go to the bathroom midway through her second beer, and as she was walking down the hall I said, "man you have a small bladder, I bet I could go drink for drink with you and hold out longer before going to the bathroom." Kelly laughed so hard she snorted, which caused me to let out a belly laugh, and with it, a little piss shot out of my cock making a small puddle on the floor. Kelly looked at me with a face that just said "REALLY?" as she squeezed up behind me and took a hold of my cock.


fetish andrew1902 2018-07-06

jilly lead karen across the lawn, then karen parted her knees so she was half squatting like a bitch does and began to pee. 'dogs like sniffing bitches after they have had a wee' jilly said. Jilly pulled gently on the lead to make me walk, karen got on her hands and knees and watched me. I could feel my hard cock throbbing and got behind karen and gently pushed my cock at her bum and the tip slipped between her bum cheeks. I felt karen wince alittle and pull away, making sure i didn't accidently slip my cock up her bum. I could feel jilly's hand move against karen's pussy then I felt jilly's sticky fingers on my cock.

Party Mom Ch. 01

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-07-06

"Well, the only way I'd be able to get there is with my mom, and she said she'd have to come to the party to in order to take me and I know you wouldn't want that." Sonny leaned over Josh, who stared with an eerie smile, and lifted each of my mom's tits up and down. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I was still pretty stoned, so I swam around a bit, stilling glancing at Josh and Sonny getting steamy at the side. "Hey Chad," Josh called to me, his left arm around my mom's shoulder and groping slightly her open left tit, "Come in the water." I looked up at the window, and sure enough, I could hear the distinct moans of my mom and Josh fucking away like rabbits.

Conquer the Obsession

fetish Learningfast 2018-07-06

Then he'd let his hands fall to her waist and he marvelled at the tightness of the girdle with its bones, and the zipper over her left hip. Steve slowly lifted the girdle into place on her lower legs, with the front panel facing towards himself and the open zipper on her left side. She walked touching him all the way, with him feeling the hard metal hook-back fastening of the bra against his torso, and his hands on her tight-contained hips. Steve took hold of her hips again and presented his erection under the girdle-edge, and felt around. He took hold of the back suspenders; then of the back straps on her bra; then tucked his fingers under sides of the girdle where it contained her hips like a tight belt.

Preggie in Need

fetish age_matters 2018-07-06

"You need more huh?" I said, while moving into a position ready to plunge my hard cock into her pussy. After letting her control her sucking while I relaxed and enjoyed for about 3 minutes, I rested my left palm on her forehead and right hand on her left cheek and began to take control, pumping my 7 inches in and out of her mouth, rubbing it against her tongue and lips. I carried on sliding my cock in and out of her pussy smoothly and slowly while she recovered from her orgasm, with my stomach touching her bulging tummy with each strokes. I like the way she let me took control of her ass without moving her hip, while gasping for breath each time I fucked her butt.

A Look Into My Mind: Uncle Sissyboy

fetish rickiee_2002 2018-07-06

"Arlene, can you please send Rich over because Lauren's bed leg is broken or something and the washing machine just stopped running?" I heard Debbie say "ok, I'll ask him." What does she want now, I was thinking. She said, "Hi Uncle Rich, come in my room and I'll show you what's wrong." As I walked through the door, I saw she was folding panties and socks on her bed. She pulled the panties in place and said "your clittie cock actually looks nice straining against that soft nylon." With that, Lauren climbed up onto the bed, squatted over me with only her panties on and started to pee thru her panties onto my hard clittiecock covered her mothers nylon panties.

This is why 2 cocks ar better than one

fetish ChestyLaRue69 2018-07-06

I was being penetrated at both ends by him and it was so exciting I wasn't sure when I came for the 4th time but I moved my pussy lips back caresses his face cock and my lips to blow him hard where his balls were in my mouth. Finally I let him fill my pussy full of cum and I then spent the last face fuck using his own cum to make me shake with pleasure as I licked off our combined juice of his real hot cock. After a few minutes he asked if I would untie him & removed his hood.But I wasn't finished with him yet.So I used the freed dildo with my wand on & in my pussy to squirt cum in his mouth letting him have a sweet desert on his lips before we collapsed in a heap of cum and sweat.

Ballin The f****y

fetish Johnnytames69 2018-07-06

Finishing my beer I went into the living room to see what we were going to do for dinner, and there was Jackie spread eagled on the floor taking our son Brian's hard cock in her pussy. Brian was trying to drive his rod in as deep as possible as he had Jackie's ass cupped in his hands pulling her body up just as his cock dove in. "Mandy, it's this whole thing about joining us and the fact that you having sex outside of your marriage is not cheating, and you won't pussy fuck" I rambled out. The action on the table had shifCaleb as Ralph had withdrawn from Jackie's ass and was forcing his cock into her pussy alongside Brian's.

Act Out Ch. 2

fetish Tristmegistis 2018-07-06

I'd had to go to the men's room at the plant and jack of to mental pictures of Helen wearing her virginal white wedding gown and a complete whore's face, dominated by slick, fat red lips begging to be fucked. So, when we finally made it home after the Friday evening rehearsal party, and Helen glued herself to me before we even got the door closed and pushed her tongue down my throat, grinding her fantastic tits against my chest, the plastic bag in my hand felt very obvious. And you'll fuck your own ass and cunt in the mirror and watch your slutty red lips and cum until you scream."

Sun Hee Ch. 08

fetish metalimbic 2018-07-06

I jerked off remembering Sun Hee's beautiful face: her fine elfin features, her large dark eyes that seemed to look into your soul, her wide, soft mouth, and her long, black Korean hair. As Sun Hee leaned inward to listen, bending down over the little table her laptop rested on, this pulled her cleavage closer, causing her breasts to swell against the lace of her top in a most delightful way. Then, as we talked together about a Giacometti sculpture we both liked, Sun Hee's finger teased idly with the strap of her left shoulder. I stammered through an answer to her question about the sculpture, but already Sun Hee's fingers had found their way back to her shoulder and were teasing the strap a little lower.

One Good Deed Deserves Another

fetish Tin Man 2018-07-06

"you're only the other person beside my doctor who knows now." Pointing down to the end of her breasts with her right hand, "This is my big problem and your handkerchief won't be any help to me at all when see what I mean." An ugly old bad with big sagging tits filled with milk, who in their right mind would want me this way, it does not make me look sexy at all." After five minutes, Anne grabs my hands, look me in the eyes and says, "I was thinking, that you might want to taste my milk."

3 Good Friends Ch. 02

fetish CFNMtickledguy 2018-07-06

Trying desperately to plead for relief through the ball-gag, I felt Angie's hand holding firmly around the base of my cock as she covered the tip with teasing kisses, and Debbie's fingertips delicately tickle-torturing my balls, I pulled reflexively at the bonds that secured me and bit into the gag, desperate to climax. All I could do is pull against my bonds and buck as I felt Angie's lips kissing, and her tongue tickling the tip of my cock, her hand firmly holding my pulsating shaft, as Debbie mercilessly tickled my balls as she kept her foot pressed against my face.

Summer Meets Danni

fetish KFP93 2018-07-05

By the time summer had stopped daydreaming about the many different things her fingers and tongue could do to Danni's ass, the leggings had come off far enough to reveal an obviously wet pussy. Danni then picked up the pace and lashed her tongue across Summer's clit, causing her to lift her legs involuntarily and shove her pussy into the face of her playmate. Twining her fingers into Danni's hair, Summer pulled her face tightly to her and raised her hips, coating her playmate in her juices. Planting one foot firmly on Danni's ass, Summer pushed down firmly until their pussies were touching, the heat was intense. Reaching up, Danni placed her hands on Summer's ass cheeks and spread them slowly.

Monster mexican load of cum

fetish thickcocklover74 2018-07-05

I had always loved watching porn where the guy would unleash just a huge load of cum so I was very specific in my ad that I was looking for someone that was a big cummer to hook up with. He didn't waste time though as he immediately pulled his pants down exposing his soft member for me to service and told me "I gotta warn you, I really do cum a lot." Like I said, given his age I wasn't expecting much from him but he had a descent size dick with a nice fat mushroom head on a nice thick shaft so I did my duty to pleasure his needy cock.

Wife has feet fucked for money

fetish 2018-07-05

Tim told me he had a foot fetish but said his wife had ugly feet so he usually paid strippers to let him jerk of to their feet. i was a little pissed about it since i knew what tim really wanted to do was cum on my wife's feet, but at the time jennifer didnt think anything of it. jen replied "well my feet do hurt, lets do this, i'll just lock the door in case and that would give me time to put my shoe on." tim agreed. the only person that rubs my feet is my husband and he gets to do more than just rub them." tim said "my wife hates foot rubs so getting to rub yours just got me going a little, i'm sorry." jen said "dont be sorry.


Shared Husband's cock with friend...

fetish vanita 2018-07-05

I made her to lie down on the sofa and parted her legs..Her clitty had gone stiff like a little soldier....I asked Hubby to enter her...I guided his stiff hard cock at the entrance of her wet pussy...Initially there was bit resistance as she was still a virgin...But soon the stiff cock f***ed it's entry deep inside ..Almost 8 inches of thick stiff meat had f***ed it's entry in her.....I could feel a scream escape her mouth when the cock had ruptured her hymen...But soon the scream got converted to moans of joy....I asked Hubby to hold her firmly under him and give her slow steady and long strokes....

The Perfect Cut

fetish Eros5150 2018-07-05

My pale skin seemed to glow in the harsh lighting, a ghostly white marked only with brown orange streaks of Betadine underneath my breasts and along my inner thighs and bikini line. Again, I bit down hard on the old leather bracelet, stifling my scream, as again I sliced into the skin in the crease of my breast. While still rhythmically fucking my fingers, I ran the blade up my bikini line, starting close to my ass and continuing up and alongside my stretched pussy. Lifting the blade from my skin, I unclenched my jaw, allowing the leather bracelet, now in two pieces, to fall from my mouth onto the shower floor.

The Ryno Memoirs: Dessert

fetish blonde_ryno 2018-07-05

I watched how men would react as she cocked her head sideways; her silky brown hair falling upon her exposed shoulders, her full red lips asking them to follow her, and finally the walk to the table as she led their bodies, eyes glued to her tight ass sway from left to right as she walked. I do not prefer to mess with people's relationships, but when I Maria told me that her boyfriend was leaving in a few days to begin his summer session at Berkley… Well, the rules changed. As I continued, Maria held onto the bar with both hands and pushed her ass towards my confined hard member. Her hips began to buck on my hand, grabbing my wrist and holding it in place, as her soft moans turned louder.

Playing the slutty school girl.

fetish cocksucker1966 2018-07-05

Hadn't done any before but the idea turned me on quite a bit, so i told him i was game but didn't have any clothes for it, to which he said had it covered. He shuffled through some paper before giving me a hard look and told me that i had gotten a 'U' in my final test which meant that i failed the course. When he was rock hard i stopped sucking and looked at it now fully erect, it must have been a good 8-9"s now. For a while there was no sucking or wanking, just him ramming his cock in and out of my throat......and i began to love it.