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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 15

fetish Anal Slave 2018-07-05

I told my wife I was looking forward to sucking Dee Dee's pussy tonight. She reached over and sucked the pre-cum out of my cock and said; you better train Sam right tonight or I am going to cut your balls off. I said my wife has had a crush on your wife for a long time and that she wants to suck and fuck her and teach her how to eat pussy. Dee Dee looked over at my wife and said can I suck your husband's cock? Dee Dee said I need to be fucked, I pulled my cock out of Sam's ass and stuck it in Dee Dee's cunt and it felt like velvet.

Panty Consequences No. 05

fetish PantiesAndPies 2018-07-05

I had expected a weird look or something, but maybe a lot of men liked wearing panties because she barely reacted. I was about to become the panty wearing sex slave of a short fat girl that I would never even have given a second look a few weeks ago. Joanne told Karen, "Since he doesn't have tits and I know you don't like the idea of men with falsies then wide shoulder straps are best. I moved over her so my panty covered cock was pressing against her wet pussy as I continued licking and cleaning her armpit. Just as I had hoped it pushed her over the edge for the final time just as my cum spurted into my new pink polka dot panties.

Cigar-slut Entertains

fetish FionaLove 2018-07-05

My Master came over with an ashtray overflowing with cigar butts and ash. The men watched intently as my Master emptied the ashtray into my knickers and I pulled them up again. He pushed my legs in after me so I was right in the ashtray, floundering in at least a foot of ash and dead cigars. As I gasped in horror I took a huge mouthful of ash and cigar-ends, I tried to spit them out and as I did I felt several pairs of hands push me further into the contents of the ashtray. He told me to get on all-fours and he opened my anus with a speculum and inserted an enormous lit cigar, which stuck out nearly eight inches even though he pushed in right up my anal passage.

Cuckhold i Milwaukee Part 4

fetish toothmedic 2018-07-05

Debbie goes, "wow for such a little cock he sure can cum." Judy said yeah but he made a mess so I think he needs to clean himself. All of a sudden Judy says, "don't cum yet let him think tomorrow about each patient and who's cock it was." I hear them murmur goodnights and I sat that. Judy came back and said "I bet tomorrow as you are working on your patients you are going to wonder which of them almost came in your mouth tonight." I didn't know what to say as I was thinking about who was coming in tomorrow.


fetish latexcd69 2018-07-05

Sitting on the steel table in tight black leather pants, I attached a collar that read "Slut." Tiffany had given it to me and instructed I put it on. From across the room she yelled, "Just lay back slut, I am going to have some fun with you." A smirk appeared on her face. Tiff puffed away at her cigarette, inhaling more as I started pushing the smooth material inside of her with my tongue. She moaned before saying, "Hope you don't mind if I have a smoke while I let you fuck me." I shook my head as she pulled my mouth open with her latex gloved fingers and fucked my throat with them before smearing it across my face.

Olivia Is Tied Up At The Moment

fetish Only_eyes_4_u 2018-07-05

Olivia slithered his trousers down and as they gradually went past his hips, she was surprised to see that James here, had his weapon within reach and he was in fact, going commando. Then he retrieved the cream from the tray and poured it on top of the strawberry, cream dribbled down her neck and James climbed on top of Olivia and began to kiss it from her neck and run his tongue up to her mouth. James then took the candle from the tray and lit it with a match, then tilting the candle he spilled some of the hot wax across her stomach, whilst pouring the cream across her breasts, this unique combination was equally balanced and the two sensations were more effective.

A Surprising Massage

fetish fantasiesinprint 2018-07-05

"There's no telling, we women can be fickle you know," I worked his leg, trying to ease the muscles in one of his thighs. "Ok hun, just so you'll relax for me, I'm gonna flip up this sheet and give you an honest opinion, ok?" He lifted his head to look at me, probably thinking I was joking. I couldn't help giggling at him, standing there naked, trying to hide something that small behind the table. I stood up and decided to go for the door, telling him to get dressed and come out whenever he was ready. My assistant couldn't stop grinning, so I told her to go check on another client so he wouldn't be embarrassed.

Milk is Life Ch. 02

fetish GusBus77 2018-07-05

Mack wanted to come just as badly as she did and unlatched from her tits as he took both of them into his hands and gave both of her nipples a torturous yank with his thumb and index fingers, sending squirts of milk into his face, all while Sydney gave her final strong thrusts down onto his throbbing cock, sending her into a massive orgasm. Angela continued to talk more about her impression of Alonso's suckling as she let out, "now that I think back to how he nursed from me, I kind of want to treat him to several more visits to my office, maybe even give him hours as my door guard and just have him come in during every few hours to suckle.


Indulging His Fantasy

fetish domdame 2018-07-05

It wasn't long before the smell of bacon wafted down to the office where I was playing my game and I couldn't help but think, "Why didn't I try this sooner?" "There's one more thing I need you to clean before you get your reward." I said to him as I pulled up my skirt. So you have two choices, don't do it and we'll pretend none of this ever happened, or jerk your cock off on that donut and eat every last bite and we will start getting you used to it until you can lick me clean every time and save me the hassle of having to wash it off myself." He began to nibble the donut and his cock started to get hard again.

Mutual Orgasm Denial Ch. 01

fetish SexyGeek 2018-07-05

She cried out too, and her pussy contracted hard around my cock as she reached orgasm at the same time. I felt him pressing deeper and deeper into my pussy, his hard cock inside my soft wetness exciting me. She kept on taking my cock deep in her mouth, but then again released it long enough to say, "NO!" Then she grabbed the tip of it again, ran her tongue around it several times, and then sat up, back on her haunches, and looked me in the eyes. But I said, "No orgasms yet, dear." I lay there feeling his hand gently rubbing my boob and pulling lightly on the nipple for a long time.

Squirt on My Face

fetish ournaughtyside 2018-07-05

The foreplay had quickly turned from him gently caressing every mesmerising curve of her body while playfully teasing her nipples with the tip of his tongue before moving down to do the same to her clit and her gently massaging his long hard shaft, to a passionate maddeningly desperate fight for the upper hand and only showed signs of intensifying. Ciena's moans were growing both in volume and intensity along with her pleasure as she reclined back using her arm for support behind her while still rubbing her clit as Skyler went from lapping the lips of her sweet pussy to teasing the outside of her hole with the tip of his tongue before finally plunging it inside her.


fetish Warriorsgirl4657 2018-07-05

My dark eyes meet yours and hold your gaze as my hands gently slid onto your body. I lower my face to your torso, planting gentle kisses over your stomach and ribs, up onto your cleavage, letting my fingers just slip under your bra to tease the undersides of your breasts. I smile at you, letting my hands roam your body. Then, while I continue to flick one nipple with the feather, my lips close on the other, letting my tongue tease and tantalize the delicate knot of flesh. I let my fingers go deeper in, always tickling, driving you mad with laughter, but now every so often putting a finger deeper inside with my thumb rotating across your clit each time.

Exchange Ch. 01

fetish Soft_Mike 2018-07-05

Elaine cleaned the table, and afterwards friendly and intimate laid her hand on Michael's shoulder and suggested to move to the living room. "It's really nice to see you Michael, but you seem a little bit uncertain or perhaps fearful of the situation?" she asked, sitting opposite him in one the two comfortable sofas, with a small black oak table between. while you see, I can't live without my knitted sweaters and stuff, they are a must in my sensual universe" Elaine replied and continued, "And when it comes to whom the power belongs, you correspond to all I had in mind and wished for, Michael. Michael nodded again, "Yes, Elaine...

Milk Sow Ch. 06

fetish InYourDreams 2018-07-05

Ginnysow felt the bursting pressure within her chest, and longed to be mounted and to feel that release as her milk drained from her. Jealousy flared up within Ben, but he too was mesmerised by ginnysow tilting her head up and gurgling her pleasure as her udders continued to pour milk into the collecting jars below. Ginny's body convulsed as she tried to squeeze the milk out of her udders and open herself more completely to Matt's probing hand. "All that is left is to register you permanently and acknowledge the sow you are." Ginny shook her head at these words, but she remained open to Matt as he continued to fuck her with growing intensity.

The Doctor is In Ch. 05

fetish NurseSally 2018-07-05

I'm not sure if it was his total acceptance of the submission, or the way I exploited the situation for my own enjoyment that made it so good for me, but, whatever it was, I'd never been so excited and aroused as I was right now, and given the right chance, I think I could easily take his beautiful cock into my mouth, and maybe, even into my pussy. My Mother always said it was the one thing he understood and the one thing that seemed to work the best, so given Ted's behavior over the last fifteen years, I thought spanking him as punishment for his peeping was very much in order. Sara asked a lot of questions in return, for example, she wanted to know if this person was a man, and when I said it was, she asked me straight out if this person got tuned on by spankings.

Wet Ride Ch. 04

fetish Goldlion1 2018-07-05

At that point the choice is made to either accept or reject it, let it come over you or push it away; the momentary feeling of the harsh cold reality of any given situation lasting only a moment, then subsiding for a light warm She had been so long in having a man, a living protrusion of flesh shoved between her wet pussy lips, a pulsing hot shaft stroking her clit, that she had forgotten what it felt like to have cum inside her. Again possessed by her desire she smiled evilly at a stunned Mark and in one motion closed off her pee hole and slammed her knees on either side of his head and simply stated..."open." Dutifully he did as she commanded opening his mouth just as her hot acrid stream came at full force.

Video Story: Enema from Nurse Arabella?

fetish ArabellaMILF 2018-07-05

Literotica is happy to introduce LitTV - a place where community members can share sexy stories in video format. Please share your opinions and suggestions for the future of LitTV. If you'd like to share a video story of your own, check this FAQ. You can also check this handy list of LitTV video Ideas. Arabella describes how she will give you an Enema.

Bad Cupcake

fetish CeliaisAliena 2018-07-05

April raised the pants out of the box and held them up above her head as she sat crouched beneath the love-seat, letting the folded pair of patent vinyl trousers fall full-length before her eyes with a crinkle. It never really said anything 'sexy' to her before; but now, paired with the vinyl pants, it suddenly felt like something a bit-- tarty. And then she said, "I bet a sweet girl like that would get down on her slutty knees and put that hard aching cock of yours between her lips." April dropped softly down onto her knees as she said this.

Ode to The Aquarius King: Revenge

fetish Kandy5647 2018-07-05

She told him his punishment/her revenge was far from over, as she put on her massive 12" strap-on, took her bra out of his mouth and let him out of his binds. She decided to reward him a little so she kissed him passionately, grabbed his dick with her right hand and began pumping it. She took her bra out of mouth again because she wanted to hear him screaming just like he heard her. She took of his blindfold then grabbed the 8" dildo beside him and told him to suck it while she finished off his ass. Once he did, she took her hand off his waist, grabbed his shaft, pumped his dick and listened to him scream as he blew his hot sticky load everywhere.

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 19: Katie's Naughty Wee

fetish Erocus 2018-07-05

Katie shut her eyes as she felt the old man plant sloppy kisses on her, "Phil..please.." Her words didn't coincide with her actions as her hand continued to grope the large hard cock over his clothing, "I should get home," but her words faded as Phil’s tongue entered her sexy mouth again. Her tongue danced on the bottom side of his shaft as she felt his mushroom head at the back of her throat, "Oh Fuck!" gasped Norman suddenly, "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck." Phil could see his friend grimace and guessed he was filling Katie's mouth with his cum. Norman pulled his cock out of her mouth as he shuddered, "Ohh wow!" escaped his lips as both he and Phil stared at the cum covered wife.

Black Guy And Sexy Married Woman

fetish coolguy2020 2018-07-05

I laughed and I said try that next time and she removed and I was fully erect and she started stroking, my dick is 9.5 inch when fully erect ( as a black guy, we are blessed down there even though its not all of us) she put it in her mouth and man she was really good on blowjob even though I have seen some better woman she was great she was trying to deep throat but I guess she had a Gag-Reflex and my cock was long and big she was making sounds.

The Exhibition: Glass

fetish sammy_808 2018-07-05

A huge glass cube was on the cart, and as Sammy ran her hands over it, Annie grabbed a tool from a bench and used it to slide tiny metal pins around inside. Annie took a small bow, and below her face Sammy now saw the view from her left side, with her body contorted inside the box. She watched her face blush as she slowly began humping the dildo again, feeling the vibration turn on and her anus start to stretch again. You can go whichever way you feel most comfortable." Sammy looked over to see her holding the long coat open while standing next to the pet cage.

A Tentative Venture Ch. 01

fetish xcunning_linguistx 2018-07-05

Naomi's nipples stood out like bing cherries on her small, round breasts, and for the first time I could see the gap between her long, thin legs. I felt my nipples tingle and harden as Naomi's rail-thin arms wrapped around my neck, and my hands slid around her tiny waist. She was breathing hard as I pulled my tongue out of her mouth, and little gasps of pleasure escaped her slim lips as I sucked on her neck, kissed her collar bone, and lavished her erect nipples with attention. My free hand found its way into my Felix undies and started rubbing my own hard clit. I came in my panties a second or two later, then climbed up on the couch and wrapped my arms around Naomi's frail frame.

CFNM College Ch. 04

fetish Jreforma 2018-07-05

Besides, I think all the girls have already seen what you have after last Friday." She said it in such a deadpan manner that despite Diane's giggling, James did not want to argue anymore. James tried to distract himself from her teasing, and diverted Diane's attention by pointing out the girl who had watched him change in the locker area. "So..." Patricia broke the laughter with a lustful grin at James, "I think it's time to let the first years experience the most fun part of swimming here at Bellvere." She slipped into the water and ripped off the rest of James' trunks, then grasped his cock in her hand.