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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Nawch Vyead - the Night Fairy

fetish Desiremakesmeweak 2018-07-05

But what people like Lady Daphne were referring to, were a semi-apocryphal handful of modern sex spies trained by the modern-era FSB and originally set up in high places among the oligarchs, but who had quickly become extremely wealthy and independent in their own right and now existed in some sense autonomously from, though parallel to the official State apparatus. "You, of all people, Janosz, you - must know the needs of people like us -" she made hand expressions that implied I was being included in the 'us.' "The masses live inside their comfortable illusions, of course. Tekla, the Nawch Vyead came close right up to my face again, wiggling and swaying like a big blue-black snake.

Tara Squirts Her Husband

fetish ctarrantella 2018-07-05

There have been more than a handful of times in my marriage when my wife Tara has squirted. I asked Tara to straddle my face so I could feel her wet pussy all over my mouth, lips, and nose. I moved away from her clit for a little bit licking her lips and rubbing my face all over her extremely wet pussy. I felt like I gargled my wife's ejaculation, savoring the tangy taste of her juice before finally holding her liquid in my mouth for several seconds and swallowing every ounce. I felt like this was the greatest night of sex and pleasure I gave my wife in the ten plus years we've been married.

Triangular Ch. 05

fetish Agent86 2018-07-05

She then paused us both as she moved out from under Sven and got on her knees in front of him before working her way backwards underneath his body, until he was able to slip his cock up her arse. I went last, laying back on the bed with the two of them licking and sucking on my cock, and sharing sloppy wet kisses with each other at the same time After sucking me for a bit, Kathy lifted my legs up and placed a pillow under my arse, then got Sven to hold my ankles so I was bent almost double, with my arse fully exposed.

The Biggest Cat

fetish Nate_Walis 2018-07-05

Thomas Rubin nodded his thanks to the little people who had shown him to his limousine and opened the door while he slipped inside. A shame for me as I would have loved a cat, such graceful and lovely creatures and with such spirit as well." Rubin paused for a moment and Melissa wondered if he was simply lost on an insane train of thought, dreaming of cats he might have owned over the years. To say that Melissa regained consciousness would not have been strictly true, from the point where she blacked out in the back of the limousine from the impact of Rubin's walking stick; she was kept in a controlled state of sedation by various means.

My GF Broken Me In

fetish 425olds 2018-07-05

"Look at his cock though, wouldn't it turn you on to be sucking that before he fucked me?" Katie was rubbing between my legs as she said this and I couldn't hide my growing erection. Looking over at me, Katie said, "Hope you're ready for a good hard fuck babe, Jamie's came twice in the last hour so he might last quite a long time."  Despite my misgivings about the situation I was currently in, my cock was still hard and I tried to enjoy the feeling of Katie's fingers in me, realising that the looser she got me, the less painful it would be when Jamie tried to get his monster inside me.

Generation Gap Closed

fetish kandor 2018-07-05

“Fuck, Amanda, that was so sexy, it was like I was coming out of a dream, a wonderful dream of your cunt and your thighs and your scissors,” Les sighed, struggling to recover and sit up against the couch where Clarissa now embraced her in a headscissors, squeezing Les’s head in her big, rugged thighs. For five tortured minutes, my head was squeezed blue in Amanda’s thighs, my guts burned in Clarissa’s scissors and my face was literally buried deep up Les’s ass, my tongue scouring her shitter walls and tasting her bitter ass fluids. And when I came to, I saw Les sitting on the couch, both Amanda’s and Clarissa’s heads scissored in her tight, middle-aged thighs as the girls took turns lapping at the older woman’s hairy snatch.

Like Minded Neighbors Ch. 02

fetish BethB 2018-07-05

We started at each other, Steve and I, while Jim brought my loose panties between my legs and wiped the crotch panel up and down my wet pussy several times, and finally pushing the material between my lips and then up into my pussy hole. "Steve," he said clearly, "come take a good look at my wife's beautiful pussy." I could feel the burn of my embarrassment spread all over my face and chest as Steve stepped forward and knelt down right next to Jim, and looked right into the center of my womanhood. "She's got a beautiful pussy, Jim." Steve said, looking up between my legs. But, before the thought had cleared my head, Jim said, "Steve, you're not going to say anything to your wife about seeing Beth in her panties......

My Flatmate is a Panty Pervert

fetish kinkyjill 2018-07-05

I put on my panties and my dressing gown and picked up the black pair and went out to the kitchen I took the black pair that he had pinched from me, lowered the panties he was wearing and wrapped the black pair around his cock head sliding them up and down his shaft masturbating him with them. On Wednesday after work I put on a very short denim skirt and a pair of purple g strings underneath and ordered John to put on his favorite panties, stockings and suspenders and to lie spread-eagled face down on the bed so that I could tie his wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed.

County Girl Ch. 02

fetish LaurenWestley 2018-07-05

It wasn't Master Cock but before I could pull back into the kitchen he commanded, "Bitch, I know you're looking, get your ass over here right now." "Ok, now I just did a good morning piss which I'm sure you wanted but right now I want you to lick my cock and balls clean." And then with a little force on my neck I began to go down to the floor passing the hair on his somewhat extended stomach till I was kneeling. "Good little whore," Master said as he unzipped his fly with his other hand pulled out his cock and while pulling my head forward slid his large dangling snake into my mouth.


fetish Sextrucker 2018-07-05

I begin a slow leisurely fucking of Bobbi's hot tight pussy as I feel Randi's face go between my ass cheeks, her hot tongue darting across and then in and out of my pucker. I feel the hot cum jet out of my cock into Bobbi's grasping cunt and yell, "I'm cumming too." That's when I notice something just isn't right as I feel a hot burning in my ass, like someone was shooting..."OH MY GOD" I thought. Our orgasms subside and I feel Randi pull out of my ass and jump up on the bed and offer her sister an EIGHT inch cock to lick clean for her.

Auntie Susan and the young hotel voyeur

fetish suebbwsue 2018-07-05

My 44dd’s bounced wildly out of my big bra and all the time my husband was groping and sucking them I pushed them right out for the young man. I faced the window where the young man was watching and put one leg on a chair and held my cunt lips open for my husbands wagging tongue. All that mattered to me was that my husband licked and sucked my cunt as hard and as fast as he could as I imagined the young man staring at the sight before him. As we were side on to the young man's view, I made sure I had dipped my back and my big arse was sticking right up in the air for the fuck action.

Practicing Cuckold Ch. 04

fetish Anal Slave 2018-07-05

Then Amy told Kim to get down between my legs and to lick the head of my cock that was sticking out of my cock cage. After Amy had cum three or four times she got up out of the bed and ask me if I would like to eat Kim’s pussy. I looked at Amy and she said Kim is a she-male and I want you to suck her cock. I slipped a finger in Kim’s asshole and sucked real hard on her cock and Kim started cumming and cumming. After Kim was done fucking Amy I withdrew her cock from my wife’s wet cunt and sucked the cum juice off of it.

encounter with a castratrix

fetish madismaximus 2018-07-04

“I’m her acolyte.” Her perfume was heady and, as her green eyes looked up into his, she pouted, her full red lips parted to reveal the white of her even teeth. Richard closed his eyes briefly as the fantasy he’d dreamed of started to come alive. I think we’d better milk him first, don’t you Demelza.” Katjia said. I assure you, many of you men I will geld.” Richard tried to move, to twist away but his bonds held him tight. But we know better don’t we; my toy…” She held up her scalpel and Richard noticed a sliver of bl**d. Don’t worry Jonathon, I’ll personally present these to your good wife. Richard looked at Demelza and she winked, grinning.

Momma's Home Cooking.

fetish GageGreen 2018-07-04

She rubbed it into her boobs and gargled it, sicked it up onto the floor and then began to poop herself. The bouts of diarrhoea and poops continued for about half and hour, and during this time we were in too much agony to do much more than kiss, but once the shitting had died down, we began really making love. But it wasn't long before we started farting again, and soon one thing lead to another and I pooped on her face. Rather than tell me off, she picked it off her cheek and started smearing it into her eyes, saying 'fuck mommy's big boobies for her, poopykins....fuck mommy's titties.' I rammed my dick down her throat and she chucked up all over me.

Bday Bj

fetish May27 2018-07-04

She leaned down to kiss me, her long hair falling against my shoulders...I felt her hips started to move, sliding her pussy over my rock hard warm and wet. Using two hands, she keeps my cock pressed against her belly as her other hand reaches down to slide across my balls - she's gentle but firm, and making all kinds of sweet sounds that let me know she is having as good a time as I am, just by pleasing me. Her hands find a rhythm to match her mouth as she really starts working my cock, occasionally slowing to take me into her throat as far as she can.

Little Public Stripper

fetish CD_CutieBoi 2018-07-04

The matte gloss of my long, black 1950’s style hair style (an expensive, convincing wig) picked up the pink and purple lights of the club, and I felt everything below my waist relax as it prepared for the sexual treat. Then my little black G-string, which nestled so nicely in my ass and drew tight against my cock and balls. Then reached in for my little pink miniskirt, the one that shows off my ass just like the dress of my dream. I felt like a stripper on a stage, my little rock and a filthy amphitheatre in front of me. Dildo still hanging out me, I fell back and sat on the rock, my nervous little high heeled feet turned in like a shy, blushing schoolgirl.

The Traveling Worker Ch. 04

fetish TimWLy 2018-07-04

With this little piece of information, I take her foot off of my cock, and begin to apply a special oil to my hands, which warms on contact, and just slowly begin to massage her right foot, as she sits in the chair and enjoys the feel of my hands on her, and then her left foot comes up and rest on my knee. We slowly walk to the bed, and I lay her on her stomach, and position myself between her legs, so that she can feel how hard I am, and she moans with pleasure, and I slowly run my hands from the bottom of her feet, to the back of her legs to her ass, and then, I take her panties down, and peel them off of her body.

First Position

fetish pocketrocket 2018-07-04

Finally, she paused dramatically and laid her hand on my elbow, then she opened the other door. The flush stood out against the sober colors of her suit, and I suddenly wanted to see if she blushed all the way down. I worked my way down her back, pausing to loosen a hook only as it impeded my hands. While I had my hands behind her neck, I decided I would like to see her hair. Down came the torso till her breasts hid her knee, her hair hung to the floor and her leg was straight as taught line. "And finally, because I wish to." I took her ass in both hands and carefully bit her left ham.

My Naughty Sweet Wife

fetish mccoy 2018-07-04

I went to the car and waited for her to say goodbye only to have them making out in the parking lot then she dragged him over to the side of the car where I could watch everything..him kissing her and feeling her breast...she was rubbing his cock through his pants. When they came up for air, she was telling me how hard his cock was while they were pressing against each other. Once they finally broke apart, we drove about 3 blocks, pulled into a deserted parking lot. We climbed in the back seat and fucked right there...even though we were only 5 minutes from home. She also told me she wants me to fluff this guy and put his cock in her pussy.

The Fetish Club Ch. 01

fetish PsychobettyQueen 2018-07-04

The bartender walks over and asks, 'excuse me, but why do you girls keep jumping around and yelling two years?' the blondes look at each other and the first one answers him, 'well, we were doing this puzzle and it said four to six years, but we finished it in two years!'" and then I burst into laughter. When I first turned on the light he had been laughing, but when he saw the far wall covered in heels of all styles and colors his smile suddenly melted off into a look that resembled horror, but to my relief it was simply what he looked like on his way to slack-jawed awe.

Finding Travis Ch. 04

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-07-04

He'd been walking five to eight miles a day between work and school but he wanted to see what his pack was going to feel like on his back with his gear inside. You know," he said filling the glass and watching it fizz, "I was thinking the other day that I bet you were a great mom." "I have no idea why I feel the need to ask but would you like me to pay you some special attention?" As soon as the words were out of his mouth he felt his face flush and knew it was approaching cherry red. Like Miss Rachel and Miss Nikki before, Mrs. Kennedy let out one of those erotic moans.


fetish MikeyXB 2018-07-04

A hand resting on his shoulder shook Mark from his delightful daydream, just as he was getting ready to press his face into the soft, warm white cotton, nostrils flared in anticipation of heaven. Mark considered that the easiest way of surviving the afternoon intact would be to start at the opposite wall, facing away from the inevitable distraction he had glimpsed earlier. "Great," came the reply, before she turned around tugging her loose jeans up, pulling the denim tight over her backside highlighting the contour of her knickers, before jauntily heading off In the direction of the kitchen as Mark's gaze watched the VPL.

Pegged In The Bar

fetish fossie123 2018-07-04

Watching her walk away I couldn't stop thinking about what her ass looked like in those panties. Taking my head in her hands she looks down at me thru half closed eyes and see's my mouth on her cock. With one hand on my hip and the other stroking my cock she said ok baby relax, here it comes I'll go slowly at first to let you get used to but then I'm going to give you all of it. As she picked up speed her grunting told me she was getting close and when her orgasm hit she was pounding her cock into my ass so fast and hard she was bouncing me off the table.

How I Became My Neighbor's Diaperboy Ch. 02

fetish dl2424 2018-07-04

Tina Moore was another neighbor and she was standing at Miss Hunt's backdoor. I tried to stay right behind her so Miss Moore couldn't see me but it wasn't gonna do alot of good. "Let's get inside diaperboy," Miss Hunt ordered. I knew that I couldn't take the diaper off and somewhere in my mind I was hoping that if I was good I'd get to see Miss Hunt and Miss Moore gettin it on so I had to rub myself through the diaper. Miss Hunt was sure to find out what I had done if she were to change my diaper. I sat on the bed in a very wet diaper and waited for Miss Hunt's return never realizing how much she had really set me up.