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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

What Happens on the Road...

fetish zimabean 2018-07-04

As I grew older and my dick got bigger and I grew hair on my nuts I started to jack off all the time my mom was one of my stars. Well, once in the shower she started to soap me up paying a lot of attention to my cock which got hard as steel. I started to soap mom up real good paying a lot of attention to her pussy and tits. After a couple of weeks I started to get the idea that I would never get to fuck mom and her wonderful pussy again. But then out of the blue minutes after dad went to work mom came running into my room and threw the covers off and pulled my boxers off and started sucking my dick.

Cuckold Nite Out

fetish newstylewife 2018-07-04

I told Alan he was right and went into a long explanation of why Len is a real man while he is a tiny cock wimp and sissy boy. He looked a bit scared but I knew he would do as I told him so walked out of the house waiting for Alan to lock the house door and open the back door of the car for me. I said I want you Len to fuck me with your massive cock and make me your cock whore. He asked about Alan but I said I would tell him to sleep in the spare room and would shower in the morning.

Caught by Wife

fetish Up4itinFL 2018-07-04

I went to my secret drawer, got out my 7 -inch vibrating rubber cock (with a suction cup), made sure the batteries worked and placed the cock and lube in the bathroom for easy access when needed. I suddenly had 7-inches of cock up my ass and in about a second my wife was going to look around the corner into the bathroom. You are so fucked!" With that she grabbed the I-pad and put it on what I assumed to be selfie picture mode and aimed it so I was looking at an image of me sitting naked, and sweating in obvious pain, with a hard cock oozing pre-cum between my legs onto the seat and a 7-inch fake cock rammed up my ass.

Party Favor

fetish drkprince572 2018-07-04

I stroked her back and caressed the sides of her breasts as we kissed passionately for what seemed like hours, my arousal increased (which I'm surprised there was any more available, having already cum once) She noticed this as well, and pulling away, stood up to remove her slacks and panties (which were quite wet), before coming back to the bed, and straddling my legs, taking my hardening cock (still in its rubber sheath) she began to lick and suck it, teasing me with her mouth, as her other hand crept between my legs and began to explore the other sheath lining my ass, sliding one, then two fingers easily in and out of the lube still filling the rubber canal.


fetish English Lady 2018-07-04

Fully exposed I stood holding my head high and noticing my breath coming fast and erratically as the leather lady eyes me up and down her hand between her legs. Hearing a low guttural moan, I looked up and saw the leather lady with her fingers buried inside her sloppy pussy, the leather outfit pulled to the side as she finger- fucked herself watching my poor ass being mutilated. I screamed as I erupted, my whole body shook with the impact of it, I felt strong hands pinching at my hips and heard a low guttural sound merging with the high pitched yelp spewing from my mouth. I felt him pumping his hot cum inside me, and opened my eyes just in time to see leather lady creaming all over her fingers.

She Got What She Asked For Ch. 02

fetish Dreadlocks 2018-07-04

One day, as Anna was escorting her to the kitchen for her "scrub and scrape" as the staff had begun to call it, I held up my hand to stop them. Gretchen and Anna looked at me with frowns on their faces, as they witnessed Mandy's public fucking. "You have no idea how much I looked forward to those fuckings Sir. When I heard my door open and you would walk in with your cock already in your hand, my pussy would gush instantly." Her eyes drifted past me as she continued. "She certainly looks like a pig Baron." Gretchen giggled, pointing at Mandy's filthy body. "And, smells like one." Anna had a cross look on her face as Mandy once again began to play between her legs.

The Ranch

fetish lonerancher 2018-07-04

Brenda got up and hugged me crying like little child sobbing uncontrollably Robert stood up and I said where are you going? Robert must have thought he would push things because he took Brenda's pants down turned her around so she was facing me and said tell him how much you love him now as he shoved his dick in her pussy Brenda was looking in my eyes while Robert fucked her. One of Roberts cousins started dancing with me and remarked how good I danced felt me up and then turned me around and put his cock in my ass on the dance floor in front of all of the people there he fucked me till I screamed and came so hard.


Mary Gets to Meet Sandy Pt. 03

fetish sevpeq 2018-07-04

She was on her knees, reaching for Sandy's feet in order to show Sandy that Sandy was a Princess and make sure Sandy had fun, so that she could get another job and pay Sandy's rent, so that Sandy could use more of her money for Sandy's fun, and she was doing all of this for Sandy because Sandy had been rude and demanding and pretty much promised to use Mary all up, just as she had done with Jane. No more fun for the moment; Sandy needed a drink, two plates, more ice in her drink, a small table by the bed, and for Mary to serve all of this without getting in the way of her watching the screen.

My Fiancé and Her Ex -- a Threesome "F

fetish PureCoffee 2018-07-04

I didn't care if it was in my mouth, on my tits, on my face, or even in my pussy I just wanted to make him cum. I don't know how long we were like that for but Malcolm said he was going to cum and I told him I wanted it on my face. Bill said he wanted to fuck my tits and cum on my face. I'm not even sure what I said because thinking about you seeing the pictures and video with me covered in cum and it dripping from my pussy gave me an orgasm." She looked at the camera as a voice, Malcolm's I guess, asked her if she wanted them to send her fiancé the video.

Rapunzel - the Prince climbs her tower despite bei

fetish oggbashan 2018-07-04

Johann watched in amazement as a long tight plait of blonde hair was thrown from the high window. "I know no Prince Johann," Rapunzel answered. Johann thought Rapunzel said "I was right. Rapunzel's plait of hair tumbled from the window and reached to the ground. As his fingers touched Rapunzel's hair Johann was fascinated by its texture. Johann could barely restrain his erection as the masses of hair stroked his naked body. Johann didn't notice as Rapunzel guided her hair to entangle him. They lay on the bed with Johann still wrapped in Rapunzel's arms and plaited hair. Time and time again Johann lost consciousness wrapped in Rapunzel's hair, his prick buried in her body and his mouth lapping at Euryale's pussy.

Playing with Kay

fetish ruthless bastard 2018-07-04

And My dick loved her tight little pussy." He was looking into her eyes through the mirror with a smile on his face as she looked at him hurt with tears in her eyes. And now to find out that he had fucked her ass this morning and came right to her was making it worse, both the crying, and the juices form her pussy. "All I'm doing right now is cleaning her ass of my dick with your pathetic, sloppy twat." Her husband laughed when he said that. "You'll do whatever I want with my cum you fucking cunt." Telling his wife that he yanked out of her and pulled her by her hair twisting her around and forcing her to her knees and shoving his dick into her mouth.

Impregnating Alice Ch. 03

fetish eatoure 2018-07-04

In just under a year, Curt had set Gabe up in a new office, bought a clinical laboratory next door for the most confidential and complete testing in the city, hired a kinky nurse/dominatrix to help Gabe in running classes and clinics on safe sex for those whose taste went beyond vanilla, and got all his clients and their friends to switch over to him. Alice kept an eye out for bad situations, like husbands who looked like they might be jealous or reacting badly to seeing their wives royally fucked and having the time of their sexual lives by Gabe.

Adrian meets Martin for the first time

fetish igglepiggle 2018-07-04

One day in class as I was sitting behing him and the Sun was shining through the window, all I could see were hundreds of soft golden hairs running down the nape of his neck. I sat there at that Maths lesson, ignoring the numbers and imagined myself nussling up and down his neck kissing those soft golden hairs. I asked 'do you like sweaty socks' Martin replied by taking my shoe and undoing the laces. I sucked away at the damp socks, sucking and sniffing as Martin took my socks off and got his toungue flicking between my toes. Martin was the first to undo my trousers, he pulled down my boxers and took my hard cock in his mouth and started to kiss and lick it.

Mona The Slut Gets A Lesson

fetish derfaust 2018-07-04

As two men entered the restroom, I told locked eyes with her and said, "Piss Slut, Now." Mona wanted to hold off but knew she didn't stand a chance and slowly let her golden flow mingle with mine. Both men agreed and with her husband watching, they began to piss on Mona's breasts and back but making certain that nothing washed the crusting cum from her pretty face. As Mona watched, both men became harder and the older one looked at the younger and said, "Damn Son, I told you today was gonna be a good day, and I guess I don't have to tell you not to say anything to your mother about this either, huh?" The younger man laughed and before he could answer, his breath caught in his chest and he began to spurt his think cream onto Mona's forehead.

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 09

fetish Benny_Blank 2018-07-04

Dan did remember his little session with Tatiana but rightly guessed there was a big difference between having Tatiana's finger tip in his ass versus Dana's entire cock. Dana applied an extra amount off lotion onto Dan's buttocks and rubbed it in with both hands in large circles which gradually became smaller and smaller until she was concentrating on his butt cheeks near the crack in his ass. A couple of times Dan tried to be accommodating and work while Peter was getting his cock sucked but regular sex created much more of a disturbance so Dan had to leave the room. Dana agreed and a couple of days later she told Dan that she and Peter were going to "get together" at 3:00 PM in the dorm.

Water Play

fetish exoticwolf 2018-07-04

This puzzled me a little as her hands slowly mixed with her tongue and mouth, her lips moving to engulf the tip of my throbbing cock.. I felt the plastic shift a little as her hands moved back to my cock slowly moving it back and forth. "Don't worry baby there is another place for this cock to be." and with that I felt my head swallowed by her hot tight ass. Soon the hole length of my cock was buried inside her tight heaven and I felt the first pressure inside my bladder. I let out a loud groan as I felt the pressure overtake the ring holding it and a long shot of cum mixed with the piss that filled her ass.

Michelle the maid

fetish Latexslav3 2018-07-04

Poor michelle is f***ed to watch as her mistress and master have sex and she started to squirm a little due to getting hard but the chastity prevent this. Michelle places her hands behind her back before her gag is removed and starts cleaning her master cum from mistress pussy. "You like the taste you cum slut?" Master ali said. While michelle pleasured her master mistress carmen went and got a collar and whip. Mistress carmen then dresses her slave into her new maiden uniform, a latex hobble dress with wrist cuff, posture collar, vibing plug, chastity, platform heels, latex opera gloves and a mouth gag and off goes michelle to complete her house chores...

Slave Match

fetish Desiree Kane 2018-07-04

Torrie scooted down my body and before I knew it her face was buried in my pussy and her tongue slid along my lips, forcing a loud groan of pleasure out of me. Mistress Torrie took the eight inch dildo and slid it into the ring that was meant for the ass and put the Bitch Tamer in the ring for the pussy. She buried the dildos inside my holes and thrust back and forth rapidly, fucking both my pussy and ass as hard and fast as she could. Mistress Torrie continued to spank my ass and forced me to keep cumming until I was drained utterly and was nothing more than a quivering mass of flesh that trembled in pain, fear and pleasure on her dildos.

Uncontrollable Need

fetish Stillherer 2018-07-04

A dared touch, a possible removal or the incomparable possibility of slipping into a pair of some woman's panties in her own bedroom with her drawer of delicates tempting me with more options. I gasped, dismayed at the sight of a wet spot of precum spreading from the tip of my straining cock across the sheer green material. Stepping into the bathroom I opened my pants and stared in the mirror at the sheer green briefs with the moist wet crotch. In fascination I watched my cock strain against the delicate panty a fresh wet spot of precum spreading from the tip. Leaning forward letting the shaft brush up against the sink I witnessed my cock erupt jets of hot gooey cum into the delightful green panties as the orgasm shuddered through me.

Billy gets prepped for Collage

fetish jimsapplesrblue 2018-07-04

“OK Billy, you stand there on the table and let your balls swing back and forth for a couple of minutes Pam and I will be right back.” “OK Billy, Pam and I are going to lift the barbell up to you and I want you to put it on your shoulders and do as many squats as you can, Pam will hold your ball weights to make a little easier” “OK Billy this is the big day, I’ve got this super gel the will feel all nice and warm, here Pam you rub it on to make up for that terrible mistake you made by dropping those weights.”

Domination Island Ch. 04

fetish slave1981 2018-07-04

They knew he was hurting bad and he'd tried to tell them ages ago by making gurgling sounds, hampered by the fact her cock filled his mouth and throat. Now he had moved back about a foot and her penis was no longer down his throat, but her cock-head filled his mouth. She held out for as long as she could, enjoying the sexual tickling from her cock-nerve which increased the longer the captivated mouth sucked and the more he suffocated. The coldness of the cube being massaged along her girlfriend's shaft gradually worked and Serena's cock began to deflate from its over-swollen state enough to pull it with a 'plop' out from his impinged mouth.

Tara Likes Panties

fetish 2018-07-04

My new roommate, who the RA said was named "Vicki" hadn't arrived yet, so I got to pick which bed I wanted. Everyone was kinda tired so Vicki and I went back to our room and got ready for bed. We both kinda embarrassingly started getting undressed and as soon as the coveralls came off I noticed that Vicki really had much larger breasts and beautiful full hips than I'd noticed. Then, one day, I came home early from class and found Vicki had left her dirty laundry in a pile on her bed. I locked the dorm room door and the bathroom door and slowly walked over to her bed.

Sarah has a wild experience (new)

fetish 2018-07-04

Sitting up slowly she looked down,pulling her skirt up she jumped in shock, her knickers were soaked and covering them were woodlice, crawling on the dampness, she knocked them off falling between her legs, sitting there in disbalief she watched as they crawled towards her, she felt her juices flow, one was on her leg at the edge of her knickers, she pulled them over, exposing her sweet opening, her heart racing, wondering what would happen next. I had about 10-15 inside the tube and put the lid back on, looking around to see if anyone was about i then lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers open, shaking i picked up another 5 woodlice one at a time and dropped them in my knickers.

Myself Golden Shower

fetish SweetWetness69 2018-07-04

Now when I lived at home, I could be found a lot of times at the local Adult porn store. I remember the smell of dried cum in there and all the moaning and fucking going on in the other rooms. Back home even the video stores that rented Hollywood moves at least had back rooms with great porn. If they returned home, I wanted time to make it look like it was before I started my hunt. "I will dad thank have fun!" I heard the door shut behind me and I stayed in the bathroom until I heard the car start and leave. "Whew, now it's time to finish what I started" This is going to be fun!