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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Gym girl's dirty panties (pt.2)

fetish N1234a 2018-07-03

I stared at it for a moment, then walked over and poured the contents into a glass, throwing my bottle in the sink when I finished. Here, want to try a sip?" I turned around, and she was holding out the glass that I had put in her room last night. "Sure, I'll try some." I grabbed the glass and took a nice full sip, while purposefully spilling some down my neck and onto my tits. After I had grabbed a bagel from the fridge, I turned around and saw her nervously taking a sip out of the glass, then taking a big gulp, before she turned to see me watching her.

The Dresser Files Ch. 4

fetish rapidran 2018-07-03

Shelly walked into the room, smiled at Jan and slowly pulled her small tee camisole over her head. Jan walked over, leaned over and sucked one of Shelly's nipples into her mouth. I moved Curt's hand and leaned in and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. As he said that, Amber pulled away from Jan's mouth and looked over at us. She let go of her nipples as Amber relaxed her thighs from around Shelly's head and collapsed her legs to the floor. Jan leaned down and lightly kissed Amber's nipples and then her lips. "I want you’re hot cum." He pushed my cock back into his mouth and began to suck on me while pumping my cock with his hand.

Chance Encounter Ch. 22

fetish Miguel59 2018-07-03

Jean was always eager to have Miguel's mouth on her breasts, but she hadn't removed her bra at her parents' house and she didn't remove it at the school parking lot. That's how I felt before Leo. I had plenty of orgasms from you but the one kind I wanted most I couldn't have." Miguel is a good fit for Jean, but until Leo he's the only man she ever dated." He sounded patient as he explained his logic, "Look, we both know Jean isn't a little bossy, but very bossy. Miguel and Leo aren't complaining and neither is Jean. Miguel listened as Jean's mom gave her husband head. Jean's head was under the blanket and her mouth was wrapped around his penis.


Taste of True Friendship Ch. 06

fetish Benny_Blank 2018-07-03

"I believe I have rarely had better." And then, as he got up off of his knees and looked Dan in the face "I thank you, young man for your cooperation and assistance." He turned around and walked out of the room. She wasn't a fellow high-schooler; she was a college student- -a sophomore when Dan was a high-school senior- -whom Dan had met through her mother, a Russian woman named Ludmilla who gave Dan music lessons. For example, Dan shared with Tatiana the experience he had with Mr. Clarinet and even admitted to her that it was his first sexual experience with another person. Being friends, he had stayed on many times after his music lesson just to share conversation, perhaps a chess game, and once or twice an impromptu' duet- -Dan on the violin and Tatiana on the cello.

1/26/16: Game Night

fetish mikurulove10 2018-07-03

When we got back home, her roommate was using the basement, the room that she uses for just about everything, including me, so we tried to lay low in the living room until she came back up. My hands were sure to become vagabonds, going from places like her hands and hair to her inner thighs, then to her ass, grabbing so much that she couldn't help but whine a bit. I pulled down her panties and kissed so much before getting down to business, sucking and licking and prodding her clit, all while still feeling her up since I learned that day that she got quite a kick out of it.

Fisting Cheryl

fetish Ravisher71 2018-07-03

Stretch out my fucking big cunt hole with your man fist and make me soak the bed.” “Fuck that was good.” said Cheryl as she lay there panting and then followed by saying that her hole needed a short rest and she wanted to suck my cock for a little while. I had kept my fist inside her this time as she came and I felt her cunt quiver uncontrollably and it continued to quiver until I withdrew my wrist slowly. It was clearly a strain but she were willing and what a sight it was as I slowly slid the massive meat into her cunt before bottoming out with still a good portion of the deli item sticking obscenely out of a hole that was now finally stretched to its limits.

More Wet Adventures.

fetish OlGeezer 2018-07-03

Another Wet One If you missed it, I told of the first time Linda peed for me. Leaving the casino, I had to pee bad and wasn't going to make it home before I would have peed my pants. She grasped my cock a bit to tight and I couldn't pee. Hurry up, I can't wait any longer. We both loved it and couldn't wait for the next wet one. I love that sight. If anyone had driven by, they would have got an eye full, Linda bent over peeing and me sitting there cock out stroking my dick. What fun that day was. That afternoon we had finished the chores for the day. She replied with, hold that glass up closer to my pee hole.

My fantasy

fetish 2018-07-03

This is an evening for your pleasure but I must have a little too, I'm throbbing and wet with my eyes fixed on your magnificent pumped cock in the tube, your hips seem to raise out of the water and a little smile of satisfaction creeps across my face, knowing I have pleased you with my efforts in the afternoon. I turn on the pulsing and see you arch your back and your cock stiffens as I take you through the cycle of different pulses and throbbing, little gasps from you and I lean over and stroke your neck and back, running my fingertips over every erogenous zone of your body that I can think will set your senses tingling, biting that sweet spot on the left of your neck that sends shivers down your spine and tingles into your now very hard cock.

Marion's reTurn Ch. 01

fetish jomar 2018-07-03

Are you feeling receptive, baby?" Marion said as she scooped some of my leaking precum with her finger and fed it to me. "Mmm, you know baby, whenever I put on stockings I feel so sexy and feminine. I sipped some wine and looked at myself in the mirror: slim figure, gorgeous sandy blonde hair with highlights, dangly ebony earrings that caught the light and sheer black very high thigh highs. Marin had been keeping an eye on her watch and finally said, "You look so sexy in your little black dress. Dressed as a beautiful woman in a sexy little black dress, I walked nervously to the door in my five inch strappy pumps wondering exactly what Marion had in mind for tonight.

The Pool Party

fetish chris_2010 2018-07-03

She was now completely naked in the bathroom, her nipples hard as diamonds and her cunt dripping onto the bench and floor beneath her as she leaned back down to lick the sole of Chelsea's foot more. Katie leaned her head back and moaned at the ceiling as Chelsea's other hand began pinching her right tit, sending tiny jolts of electricity throughout her body making her squirt pussy juice onto the bench every time. Katie just smiled as she lifted up her foot and onto the bench, where Chelsea grabbed it and immediately pulled it into her mouth and began licking all of her toes. Grabbing and rubbing onto the other's foot for leverage, Chelsea slowly started rocking her hips, causing her pussy to rub against Katie's and elicited moans from both of the girls.

I Watch As Master Has Melissa Cum Experience L.A.

fetish 2018-07-03

Melissa gags and starts to pull away, master says ‘ did i tell you you could take my cock out your mouth’ fucking slut, Melissa immediately moves her mouth back over his cock, she does not need to be told twice. Both cocks leave and Melissa is sitting there looking sated, ‘your not done yet’ says master and the door goes, in walks a 4th cock, not as big, but it is thick, Oh fuck more she looks excited and shouts "gimme, i need that cock i want his spunk." He grabs the chain and pulls it and tells Melissa to get on his cock.


fetish brucealan 2018-07-03

Gemma was smiling at me as she said, "It's time for your birthday present, bitch." She ran a hand down Dianne's body and pushed it up under her dress. Dianne was back sucking on Gemma's nipples but I heard her moan as the hand stroked her pussy. Gemma didn't explain why and Dianne certainly didn't ask but when she hoist her dress high around her waist, I had a perfect view of her grinding ass and that black hand between her pale, white legs. I had already sucked on Gemma's cock and I had her ball-bag in my mouth so I could hardly object when Dianne said, "When I asked to be your towel bitch you asked me to prove my devotion to you."

Chastity Hospital (chastity story)

fetish DanLockered 2018-07-03

"Mr Dan to the plaster room please you have broken your arm." I undressed above the waist and the first nurse set to plastering my arm. Nurse 2, unbuckled my belt and very quickly my trousers and pants were around my ankles and my swelling cock was in her hand. Nurse 2 pulled up my pants and tucked my plaster-caste limp cock into them. On that note I went to the plaster room and waited for a gap. My doctor at the end of the session asks "Did you make any progress with the chastity plaster-caste?" And a very severe looking nurse was there to remove the plasters. No doubt there are many of us customers of the plaster-room in permanent home-made chastity devices.

Show and Tell Ch. 03

fetish Sharina_Stone 2018-07-03

The substitute teacher looked at me in shock as the pretty schoolgirl continued to explain, "Well, just like yesterday's show and tell, Maryanne and I thought it would be better to do it with the real thing instead of a fruit. "Mr. Gibson, would it be alright if I showed the class the right way of putting on rubber?" Sharlyn asked as she continued her stroking...up and down...up and down, her smooth hands getting wet with my pre-cum fluids. She pressed her tongue under my shaft again and moaned "mmmmmmm....mmmmm." I could feel every spurt of cum that went out of my the third one was probably the main glob that hit the insides of Maryanne's mouth...four...then after a couple of seconds, five...then I lost count as I pushed down her head to the hilt.

Masturbation Control

fetish Chastebob 2018-07-03

But I really didn't want him masturbating whenever he felt like it, and Jenny had assured me that things with her hubby were a whole lot better once she took control of his sex. I could hear Jenny's words in my head, "After he's made the first move to comply, that's when you distract him from doubts and rethinking by praising his decision, and assuring him that you love him and allowing him to think things won't be that much different." While he was putting the pieces together I told him we'd still be having lots of hot sex, I was still the sexy, horny girl he fell in love with.

By My Wife

fetish thirsty14u 2018-07-03

They would talk about their sex lives, and my mother-in-law (Dorothy) would listen to Linda's stories, then tell her daughter about what was missing in her sex life with my father-in-law Art. I thought I was in heaven, kissing Dorothy's stocking feet, licking her pussy, and her sucking my cock. He told me in no uncertain terms, that if I didn't want my wife to find out, I would stop seeing Dorothy, and start sucking his cock, to make up for years of doing without. For the next 20 years, Linda continued to wear Leggs Sheer Energy pantyhose, have me kiss her feet in her well worn nylons, but she would also fuck the men I would bring home, then have me lick her freshly fucked pussy clean.

Just One Little Game

fetish Cold_Eyes 2018-07-03

Right, it might help to know that the reason that I wasn't looking forward to this game was (besides the fact that I was playing with my sister) because I still had my V card. After she had alternated between the two techniques a little, Meg reminded her: "One minute left." Mona started to rub me right near my waistband and then her hand plunged in. I tried instead to concentrate on Mona and Elise's cleavage, but I couldn't help looking over at Meg every so often. I stopped caring about the ridiculous levels Meg had escalated this game to when Elise and Mona started kissing each other right in front of my cock.

Careful What You Wish For

fetish xxmister 2018-07-03

"Oh look, theres something growing in those panties" she walked over and grabbed my cock and balls in her hand and started to squeeze, tightly! They all started stripping off, totally naked, Claire and the other girl started sucking the 4 guys off, fuck their cocks were huge, everyone was over 9 inches! "Now you are going to watch how real people fuck" Claire said, and began passionately kissing one of the guys, the other girl doing the same. "Now you are going to lick the cum out of our pussies and asses" Claire came over with her friend and crouched over my face. Me in panties and stockings, with cock in my mouth, cum all over my face, my ass getting fucked....!

Jumping Melons Bus Co. Ch. 04

fetish qexiqex 2018-07-03

The beautiful native looked straight into her eyes, then at Lily's bloated boobs, and said "Small holes for big girl... Both girls dashed off to the small, neon-lit building, Lily naked, except her flimsy panties, her large breasts swaying to and fro, May clothed in her pink shirt, her engorged boobs peeking through the sleeved openings, clamps tugging at her dark nipples. He then took some brass rings, pushed them over the small metal cylinders attached to the handles, and jammed the end of one cylinder onto the hard nub, quickly turning a hidden screw. Grinning with joy, the man let the handle go and watched it dangle from Lily's glistening breast, rings clinking against each other.

The Date

fetish jane marwood 2018-07-03

It is so nice to be taken out by such a smart young man." Her words always had the desired effect and she would watch him blush profusely, at the same time looking at her with such love and supplication, that she felt a thrill run through her body. Peter had looked crestfallen as they hurried back to the car and began their journey back to Andrea's house. Peter flushed to a deep shade of crimson as soon as he saw that both Andrea's mother and her young Aunt were standing waiting in the centre of the large open hallway. Cynthia Mountford looked younger than her thirty-four years and had often been mistaken for Andrea's sister rather than her mother.

German mothers part 2.

fetish TRUE111 2018-07-03

I wander what will happen next I thought to myself and with that Sabina led the same guy into an adjoining room. "Your like a stupid sex toy that can't do anything but sexually nourish people." With this Sabina said calmly, "I do anything for the likes of you." There was a brief pause, she then got up and attempted to remember the four digit combination for the pad lock on the rooms door, she failed several times and finally vented her frustration. He said out loud in front of everyone else, "shall I call you Sabina or sexy stupid from now on." She slapped him across the face hard and left a distinct red mark in the shape of her womanly hand.

Kinky Couple Ch. 02: The Contract

fetish c1999 2018-07-03

At any such time that my Master penetrates my ass with an implement, then upon its removal from my anus/rectum, said object will immediately be placed into my mouth for cleaning. My Master will fill my ass with anything he desires and I shall do my best to keep said material inside of me until such time as I am given permission to expel. When I am ready to expel my fecal matter (while maintaining full compliance with the Articles above regarding my Masters notification and permission, proper location and position, and video coverage of the entire event), I will open and spread out the plastic wrap in the drop area.

Crossdresser gets more than she bargained for

fetish CD_Danni 2018-07-03

My story starts when my wife went away one weekend on a girls hen night, just before she left she whispered in my ear, whilst stroking my cock through my jeans, that if I dressed up tonight at ten o’clock sharp, she would go into the ladies wherever she was and stroke her clit thinking of me doing the same, I nearly came there and then.


fetish lovebigblacktits 2018-07-03

I felt her grab my cock and start to jack me off, her hands were so soft, not what I expected for an old woman with years of hard work behind her. She then had me to lie on top of her, and she started rubbing my cock on her pussy's wet slit in between the thick lips of it, holding it on her clit as she said it was called, and humping against it. "You had better cum in me, I want you to fill your old Grandma's hot pussy with your big load of sweet cum honey." I did, and she felt a large spasm deep in her belly, grabbed my head jamming it in her crotch holding it tightly there and her pussy shot some kind of liquid including my cum, right down my mouth.