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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Ms. Marca Ch. 62

fetish Ms. Marca 2018-07-03

I had Jason drive to Dalton Ga. to pick up Tim who had got a shuttle bus out of Atlanta Ga. That night I told Tim after we had dinner that Uncle Bob had done the most wonderful thing. “I went to visit Bob just a few weeks ago and when I ask him about his family, he told me how his late sisters son and his wife had come into his life this past year and they had made a big difference in his outlook on things. We dropped Tim off at the checking area and I gave him a big kiss good-by telling him to be horny for me next week when I got home.

Nice or Nasty? Ch. 03

fetish mutterguffin1 2018-07-03

Satisfied that the two parts were in position she slowly lowered her weight onto my cock and I could see the head of my dick disappear into her hungry extra tight ass. With head in, she swiveled her hips like a snake eating a mouse, one side then the other until my cock was completely consumed by her ass. With a series of clench and release rectum contractions, she squeezed my sensitive cock head with her talented ass hole. Then, as if the talents of her ass hole were never ending, a new feeling was coming over my abused cock head. Do you like the way I squeeze your head with my ass hole?

Re: Breeding

fetish billstew 2018-07-03

My girlfriend, 37 year old, and her 21, 20, and 18 yo daughters are very much into having me pump my cum into them as often as possible. I work at home, so am able to perform for them often, and my girlfriend has my pump on my cock and my balls weighted when not in use. I was concerned about fucking the daughters when my GF had asked me about sharing my cock with the older girls about 2 years ago, but soon relaxed when the attention they put towards my cock and balls was for enjoyment and also took care of putting weight on my sack, and that my cock is in a pumping tube when not being used.

The Main Event

fetish KramB 2018-07-03

Get your mouth into it slut!" she ordered and twisted one of my nipples even harder and with the other free hand grabbed the back of my head and pushed me deep into her cunt. "Karl, watch as I insert my used tampon into this slut's fuck hole." She pushed the blunt end of the plug into me and since I had already been opened up and there was Karl's residue of jizz to lube me it slid right in. I felt Karl wrap his finger around the string and then suddenly with a strong jerk he pulled Cindy's bloody tampon from my anus. As Karl continued to fuck me, stroke me and cruelly abuse my nipples, I felt the heat of cum well up my legs and burst out from the tip of my penis.


fetish gag9gag 2018-07-03

Instead of showing embarrassment (as I was hoping), Roger, his head bobbing to the beat and his face frozen in a grin, watched openly, his brown eyes fixed on her pussy. Thinking she was headed to sit down on the couch, I said: “Come around here, Jennifer, so you don’t bother...There’s no room for you to pass.” Chewing on her lower lip, her fingers shaking, her eyes wide, her tongue hanging out of her mouth, she bounced like an infant opening a christmas present as she undid each button. Roger teased her, whacking her pussy lips and flicking her erect clit back and forth with the pink glistening head of his cock.

Naughty mother, even naughtier daughter story 3

fetish merlinnz 2018-07-03

A wee while after the incident where I reckon Pam’s daughter stole her mothers cum soaked panties, I must admit that it turned me on no end, handling nickers that were soaked in ‘woman’. As soon as I heard the creaky stair at the top I bolted for the bathroom, ripped open the envelope, pulled out my Fiesta and found the first youngish looking woman and almost ripped the end of my cock off as I wanked furiously. I’d started to clean up my cum, wiping down bottles, off the cistern when in walked Pam’s daughter. Now I was stood outside the bathroom door, cock subsiding, a pool cum in one hand and a cook may under my arm!

Bablee Ch. 03

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-07-03

The principal assigned a mentor, to look after the new girl, tell her the rules, and settle her into the school routine. Paula thought she was doing her new friend a favour, by having the uniform altered, helping with make-up, and fixing the girls hair. We make love, and find the right rhythm, for both of us,' he said, trying to sound knowing and experienced. We ran out of time, after going to the dentist,' Bablee told her new friend. Of course not, I like girls, didn't you know?' Paula asked, sounding incredulous. 'No, silly, you suck on his cock,' Paula said, while chuckling, at the girl's shocked look. Bablee went looking for Adrian, hoping he'd finished another student meeting, and they could talk.

My VideoChat Error Ch 04

fetish NaughtyOne88 2018-07-03

As I turned my physical attention to Mike's cock, I glanced over and saw that Denise was already going. I was gently taking the head of this manly cock in my mouth in between licking the thick shaft of this black monster. I continued using my tongue on Mike's big black cock. Mike stopped me, pulled his cock from my mouth and turned to show it fully to Denise. "I do want your big black cock," She finally said in a trembling voice and looked down. Mike's large balls were coated with Denise's juices when I began licking them. Denise began to moan deeply, then breathed out "I'm cummmming," as she continued to work his large cock in and out of her.

Getting Nailed

fetish jbirdman 2018-07-03

Sarah could take the edge of those nails around my nipples bringing the little nubs to rock hard points and then when she reached orgasm she would pinch my little nubs as we pounded our bodies together and I was cumming like a mad man. Sarah is very close to going over the edge, but I want to drag her orgasm out as long as possible. Her pussy juice is flowing so hard that I can't even lap it all up, her body rocks and convulses so hard that she gets cramps in her legs and toes and Sarah moans for so long that she completely runs out of breath. Sarah got this evil look on her face and started to tease me about my fascination with her long nails.

Fay's Dirty Discoveries Ch. 11

fetish toocold 2018-07-03

"Using your knickers as a toilet, like a dirty baby!" Nadia aimed the next stroke on the crease below her buttocks, eliciting a short scream from Fay, who did a little dance of agony, but still remained in place, fingers squeezing the pissy sheets, tears dripping down her lovely face. Nadia was kissing her aggressively, biting at Fay's tongue, licking her tears from her cheeks, hands stroking and squeezing the younger girl's heavy breasts. Fay responded hungrily to Nadia's kisses, and the girls seemed to want to devour each other, revelling in the passion of their embrace, soft bodies twined, neither caring that Fay was covered in pee and that her knickers contained a pile of soft shit -- in fact both were delighted by this.

Friar Ambrose.

fetish abbot 2018-07-03

Friar Ambrose liked nothing more than using his cane or strap,however there were the times when he would place an errant boy over his knee and use his hand,on these occassions he could not resist a little rub of the boys buttocks before commencing the punishment. The day arrived when Friar Ambrose caught Ayodele,the younger of the two b*****rs,smoking.The Frair caught the boy by his ear and was in the process of leading the boy to his study,smiling and weighing up the best way to punish the boy,caning or spanking not alone to teach the boy a lesson,but the Friar did want to experience arousal also.

Legends of the Fel Ch. 03

fetish leaky_one 2018-07-03

Coughing Sharn raised her body from her make shift blanket and tried to stare over the high wall at the front of the cart. Once again the surface of the cart's floor started to hiss and bubble as Sharn's pee shower ate through it. Instead she pissed for several more seconds over the floor before stopping and waited with baited breath to see how big the new hole would be. Moving to a new spot on the cart's floor Sharn took careful aim with her pussy and then started to squirt out a new piss shower. Desperately she stared between her legs trying to ascertain if her pee shower was eating into the rock just like it had burnt through the wood of the prison cart.

When Dave Met Jan Ch. 01

fetish inkman 2018-07-03

The next three weeks were amazing, the tattoo darkened, scabbed slightly, the scabs fell off and the tattoo started to lighten, it looked good, better than his natural lash line, Dave loved it. As usual the weeks went by, Dave started to apply lipstick more often, he would go for lighter shades, the pinks and light reds, he started to ask Jan if she liked his lip-liner and eyelash enhancement, Jan replied that he looks better now than before, and always encouraged him to wear as much makeup as possible. Again Dave couldn't see what it looked like, he just felt the needle keep stabbing the pigment into his skin, he had a long time to think and from what he had read on the internet he knew that the pigments would fade after four or five years and would need touching up.

Kerry and Sara Go to the Movies

fetish powerpanties 2018-07-03

"As long as I dreamed of doing this?" Kerry said, and put her left hand on Sara's breast. "You are so gorgeous," Sara said, putting her hand on Kerry's moist panties between her legs. I want to feel your pretty white panties as you poop." Kerry's tongue parted Sara's lips as she finished speaking. Sara put both of her hands inside Kerry's panties and caressed her luscious ass. Sara could feel Kerry pressing the panties against her ass. Kerry held her hands over Sara's ass and the pressure felt wonderful. Just as Sara's orgasm peeked, Kerry took her hands off Sara's ass and thrust them into her own panties. Sara ran her hands over Kerry's panties and felt them began to bulge with poo.

How To Be A Boi Bitch Lesson 07

fetish gothicboibitch 2018-07-03

Fat, lazy slobs who ogle the secretary, their cocks shrivelled up too much to be of any use to anybody. This is what is still pushing the bitch inside you into that little box, hidden and closed up. I will burn that straight face away from you, my darlings. Feel how my hands open you up. As fingers slide into your boxers, which have been far too loosely wrapped around your ass, Your wife, your girlfriend, they love your ass. stroke yourself harder, my darling bitch. As you spray your clothes, your past with your bitch cum. Yes. I want you to piss. But I want you to show me, to show yourself how little that slob in your closet is worth.

Father & Son Cuckolds

fetish Deecee29 2018-07-03

However, as dad and I slowly discovered over time, he and I became more like mother and had lost any shame we had, as we eagerly and freely discussed how well men fucked and filled us with their sperm, and treated us as low life sluts. "Dear, it really pleases me, and lets me know you truly love me to become a white fag whore for the black man fucking me and who has you jacking off because he has me denying you any." Mother said in a sweet tone to dad as she beamed a broad smile, that seemed to include a bit of a smirk, and kissed him on the forehead.

The Safeway Orgasm

fetish rrspence2002 2018-07-03

Stimulation of her contrived stump over the years, and now stimulation of her real stump for the past 12 months, had become associated with such feelings of physical and sensual pleasure for Fern that she was able to get "half way" to another of her and Don's favorite fantasies -- the "Safeway Orgasm," simply by stimulating and massaging her stump whenever she was in a lineup or on a rest during a walk or standing perched on her crutches somewhere for a few idle minutes. You know how she loves to have you whisper and nuzzle her neck and fondle her tiny little left leg stump," she coyly suggested to Don. Don, not needing a second invitation took her lovely face into his hands, looked her in the eyes and pledged his love to her and kissed her passionately under the tree and just out of site of the main path beside the park.

Alice & Her Husband

fetish May27 2018-07-03

He heard the water start to drain and heard her stand up, so he got up and rubbed against his cock through his jeans a few times, just to get the blood flowing. He wants to feel her weight on him, to have her heavy tits in his face and her soft belly resting on him. He reaches for her hips and pulls her back towards him, sliding his cock easily into her wet pussy as she gets close. He starts pounding her pussy, gripping her hips and ass, loving the feel of her in his hands. After a long breath hold, she cries out, "harder, please...oh, I'm cumming, pleeeease." Instead of going harder he stops, wanting to feel her pussy pulse and contract around his cock.

Club Spectator

fetish I_Shadow 2018-07-03

Leah again approached the barred door, but this time she stood in front of Kelsey who smiled down at her gently before reaching through the bars threading her hand in Leah's hair and pulling her flush with the bars before her mouth descended forcing a passionate kiss on the trembling lips of the innocent, while boldly running her hand over Leah's tight ass pushing her fingers down between her thighs slipping into her pussy before pulling them back smiling licking the slick juices into her mouth. Hearing the roaring screams of the caged women rattling the doors to be released she closed her eyes dropping one hand down sliding the fingers between the tender folds before opening them, her swollen extended clit obvious before pushing two fingers deep inside the wet hole at her center.

Aunty Sandra Gets It Done

fetish Hornyboy6160 2018-07-03

One day I got real hot and followed Aunty Sandra to the toilet and stood near the door after she closed it. Here I was, inside a toilet sniffing and smelling an older woman's panties while masturbating for her while she watched sitting on a toilet seat with her skirt hiked up and her pussy on display. When I did, she touched my cock for the first time and told me "hold the wall behind the toilet seat with one hand to gain your balance and hold my panty crotch against your face with the other." Her hands masturbated me.


fetish vinney 2018-07-03

As she felt her virginal barrier give way and her tight snatch was filled with Clay's hot manhood, her pussy clamped down onto his invading member and a fiery pleasure swept through her midsection. Sandy was fucking with abandon, ignoring how quickly Clay was breathing, or how his cock twitched inside her tight snatch, or how he looked at her and kept saying something. And her parents would be none the wiser that as they hugged their daughter and said what a good girl she was that her panties would be dripping with the knowledge of how Clay fucked her long and hard, taking their daughter's virginity on the very bed where she was conceived.

My Story

fetish klammer 2018-07-03

Then she asked me if I wouldn't like to work in the lab. and my boss called me to her office, as I closed the door she said, "Are In my next visit to the lab, Vera asked me to sign more forms and to get Still, I was feeling too ill to even think of calling someone for help. This whole time felt like an eternity, later I discovered it was only two "You see, we developed this form of genetic therapy to help women which, "We already know the therapy works fine in females, all women in the lab invite him to visit my lab, not before, of course, asking him to sign

Sometimes Dreams Do Come True

fetish Mike_in_Mass 2018-07-03

My cock is half hard and I don't really know what to think. That night while making love she surprises my again by asking "tell me your shit fantasy". "Watching a woman take a shit is a huge turn on" I admit. "You want me to bend over you, place my ass in your face and shit?". I pull my finger out and it is covered in her shit. When my finger comes out clean we both know we're ready to execute on our fantasy. She bends a little more and pushes her ass into my face, my mouth centered over the warm shit. I feel her warm gift hit my tongue and continues deeper into my mouth.

BBW send off

fetish 2018-07-03

I continued kiss her down the neck while un buttoning her shirt to reveal the best tits i have ever seen and the softest round big belly. I moved her now soaked thong over and sticker my tongue in her pussy. I slide a finger inside her hot pussy which was so tight while i flicked her clit with my tongue. I moved a lil bit now my ass is above her head and she sticks her tongue in my booty hole. I opened her big fat legs, licked her puss on more time and slide my dick in her. Then I moved upright shoved her thunder thighs toward her head and slowly teased her pulling my dick out and ramming it back in.