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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Wife on display 2

fetish elhotman 2018-07-02

She also told me that she had heard rumors that Dave and Tim, who apparently had an even BIGGER COCK the Dave, were known for sharing girls and sometimes FUCKED them together. They would have her play silly games during watching football like having her sit on one of their laps till the next commercial then switch. Leaving to fantasize what it would have been like to be made to service TWO HUGE BLACK COCKS at the same time. And I have never fantasizes about watching my wife get GANG FUCKED till I heard that story. This guy clearly wants to and more the likely is going to fuck my wife. I am ashamed to say I WANT TO WATCH HER GET FUCKED LIKE A PURTO RICAN WHORE TAKING TWO HUGE BLACK COCKS.

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 07

fetish Thorilla 2018-07-02

"If you would be so kind Miss," I said to her, deliberately putting on a 'little boy lost' expression in order to appear less threatening, when secretly I already imagined her screaming the house down with my tongue massaging her clitoris. She lifted her grey tweed skirt to her waist and there before me lay an intricately decorated, very full lace trimmed petticoat made from white silk. I watched her slowly lift her arse off me and at her petticoats disappearing inside her long full skirt. "That was excellent my young friend; you appear to have a natural talent and I a very pleased, Do you understand?" she said shaking her skirt and petticoats down once more.

Train into town

fetish 2018-07-02

My wife and I both wanted to sit by the window, so we sat facing opposite each other, and opened our papers. It was a hot day, and whilst he, like me, was wearing trousers and a shirt, the young girl was wearing a short skirt and light blouse top. There was no way you could miss the bulge, and in a bid to stop my wife noticing my arousal, I lowered the paper so that it covered all of my lap. It felt so hard and hot in my tight grasp that it only took a few pumps before semen stared creaming out of my tip, hot gushing splashes that ran down my hand and over my paper and lap.

A very hard work out!

fetish U4ic 2018-07-02

I rubbed the darkening lotion while thinking of Steph & letting my cock stand up throbbing while oozing pre cum! Steph drops to her knees & opens her mouth engulfing my cock & I just sigh with a rush of excitement. I pull out & away saying it's going to be over too quickly you dirty little slut! Yes sir, I slide my cock on the crack of those sweet little cheeks with my swollen head right above her cute puckered tiny hole. A couple minutes later I pull out grabbing my cock, turn around & get on your knees, she opens her mouth & not long I thrust deeply into her throat spurting cum down her throat!

Jess the Giantess

fetish Afetishlova 2018-07-02

A few days later Jess wasn't feeling any better so her parents took her to the doctor. "Jess honey," her mother looked her up and down, "What happened?" It didn't help that most of Jess's favorite foods were gas inducing, but there sweet daughter asked for so little and lived a tough life so when the chance rose to indulge her Jess's parents always did. Once dessert was through Jess's parents tipped the waiter and manager well and told him to give an extra $50 to whoever had to clean the bathroom. Aside from the slight embarrassment and the smell Jess always felt good after a big dump: relieved, relaxed, lighter. "Oh my God, Jess!" she said looking up at her little girl.

Story of what 2 guys from xhamster would do to me!

fetish feetsuker 2018-07-02

I say "fucking hell dude, that little faggot licking your ass looks nice, but look at that ass of his. You stop for a second and takes a big breath, cause you know that we haven't warmed up your ass yet, but you feel me pressing the head of my cock inside of you. Maxie grabs your head and slaps, while saying "Did I tell you to stop licking my ass, huh? As Maxie pulls out, his hard big cock is fully cover of my cum, from your ass. Fuck that ass is good, little faggot boy" Maxie picks up the speed, and is now thrusting hard. Maxie then grabs your head, and makes you clean of his dick form our cum, and your ass juice.

Slave Trains a New Master Ch. 02

fetish pfanv 2018-07-02

Joan had my orgasm coming on quickly I just let go she greedily sucked till I finished. She dove down on my hard cock swallowing it all the way down her throat and humming for what seemed like a long time then started her slow blowjob technique. In a very short time, I started cumming I rammed my cock all the way in and held her head against my pelvis till I finished. Then went to sleep sometime during the night she woke and kept rubbing her nipple against my mouth till I started sucking on it I think. She let my hard again cock pop out of her mouth got on her hands and knees wiggling her ass at me.

Living Next Door To Dee

fetish wellworn 2018-07-02

You're thinking, I wish I could catch a glimpse of her panties and give a suave little wink that would turn her to jelly and have her begging to suck my cock in 5 seconds flat. I was surprised it was Dee. She made sure I didn't mind her calling this early, but thought I'd like to know that they had electric hot water next door and I was welcome to come across anytime for a hot shower. As I turned off the shower and stepped out and started to towel myself dry, the bathroom door opened and in stepped Dee. I couldn't believe it, she was dressed in just a skimpy little lace bra, garters and stockings and matching silk french knickers that I could not help but recognize.

New Friends Ch. 02

fetish HappyOldGuy 2018-07-02

H: I saw a video on Tumblr last night where a guy put a butt plug in his woman while he fucked her pussy, then pulled the plug out and jammed his huge cock up her ass. Walking down the street in New York City, I want to be able to command you to lift your skirt to your neck and pull your panties to your knees and show a total stranger your hot dripping pussy. H: Have you lay naked on a conference table and spread your thighs as wide as you can and hold your pussy open and show off your clitoris to all of the men who are standing around with their cocks in their hands desperately wanting you but having to wait for me to give permission.

Dinner Out Ch. 01

fetish cutewht26mtoplsyou 2018-07-02

The hands that have proved so experienced at making her moist are soon pressing insistently through her blouse into her ample breasts, bringing another low utterance from deep in her chest. With a final groan of pleasure that reverberates through the kitchen she feels her clit pressed tight against warm skin as his cock reaches deep inside her. Insistent hands pulling apart her firm ass are quickly replaced by the now familiar cock thrusting back deep inside her. As the cock continues to thrust deep inside her pussy, stimulating that spot that will soon have her begging for his load, her head is pulled back and her mouth opens in a low moan.


fetish klammer 2018-07-02

When my lips finally connected with the skin of her ass for the first time, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of absolute gratitude, and I wanted to be used by this sweet piece of feminine candy in the worst possible way. I couldn't shake the thought that I now knew what it felt like to have someone literally fart in my face, even as I kissed her ass! I began massaging the small stiff piece of feminine sex with my lips and finally my tongue, sucking on the tiny shaft and head, drawing it into my mouth, tasting her growing come and sniffing her wonderful asshole! Imagine what it will feel like when I look at you knowing that your mouth, your stomach, your face, YOU are filled with my shit!

Insatiable at Work Ch. 15: Bondage

fetish insatiablerob8 2018-07-02

She smiles, "Honey, our sex is perfect, but I want to keep things interesting and try something more...I just wanna be tied-up!" I pecked kisses over her ass and then kneeled to kiss and brush sweat from her face, "Sweetie, get ready for more...were just getting started." I moved the dildo from her pussy up to her lips, so we could share her taste. Thrusting deep between her legs, I pressed myself tight and waited for her to beg for the hard-fucking, we both needed. My hands gripped and pressed into her ass and I swatted it a couple times; the vibrator, looking like a little tail, was buzzing away and I pumped it deeper.

What Mistress Wants

fetish hardnose 2018-07-02

Kitten's tongue began furtively licking up and down her Mistress's slit, finally probing deep within her. Mistress buried her own head between kitten's very spread legs and buried her tongue deep within the girls pussy. Her tongue then probing the succulent ass of her beautiful female slave. Mistress could sense that kitten was about to cum so her head began moving frantically, licking and sucking as fast as she could. She began spanking him again with the riding crop as he fucked kitten. Kitten turned over and gingerly spread her legs for her Mistress. "Pet, kitten is about to cum, would you like to share?" Kitten's movements matched her Mistress's and she also began probing his ass with her finger.

A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 04

fetish cfblover 2018-07-02

Abigail said, "I know!" So I went to Mallory's room and got her English horn. We both let each other see all the cum that we made when I took my penis out of Mallory's English horn and when Abigail took my Flute out of her pussy. There were even times where after Abigail and I were done practicing, I would use Mallory's English horn as a sex toy. If Mallory was going to be home all day, I would practice her English horn and then put it back in her room so that she would not come in my room and me and Abigail could use our Clarinets and Flutes as sex toys.

Blue Bird Ch. 02

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-07-02

He watched her hips sway under the short skirt as her long legs took each step wondering what she had been suggesting, what she might look like with one leg. My hand moved the finger from the wet pussy and the palm rested over the end of my stump, fondling lightly, filling another need. "Baby, that feels so good." I felt a fingertip slip inside the elastic of my panties, then touch the wetness dripping from my pussy. I feel like I have a thousand cums just waiting." He laughed while fondling my stump and just standing with his spent cock still filling me. "Yeah baby, just think of me with two very short stumps." I squeezed his nipple and twisted it between my thumb and finger.

Passion, Sex, and Pain

fetish TheNaughtyWife 2018-07-01

Johnny stuffed his cock deep into my mouth while Ronan started kissing and biting my neck, working his way down my back, squeezing my breasts, and ending at my ass: biting, kissing, and spanking me. Ronan swelled in my ass, I could feel that he was getting ready to cum, he pulled out of my ass and Johnny left my pussy to take his cock in his mouth. Both men pumped my pussy making sure that they were as deep as they could go; I was full of cock and dripping wet, gushing cum every time they moved. Johnny had his hand around my throat looking me in the eyes, as soon as he began to cum Ronan grabbed my hips and thrust deep.

Gay Sissy Fucked For The First Time

fetish Gaycrossdresser 2018-07-01

I also have a huge latex fetish and, at the time this story took place, was not new to having rubber sex and being fucked by other Rubbermen, However, I had never had sex while crossdressed. He told me that he had never worn latex but loved how I looked and couldn't wait to feel my rubber covered body next to his! I handed him a condom and while he put it on I took ff my rubber panties, lay on my back, lubed my sissy cunt and told him to fuck me hard! I wrapped my rubber booted legs around the small of his back and told him to not worry about lasting, to just fuck me hard and pound my sissy ass!

SSBBW - part 5, the set up

fetish plumpling 2018-07-01

My mouth gaped open and I sucked on my fingers, tasting the sweetness from my own wet pussy, smelling it. I quickly moved my hand back to the shaft of my clit, finding that sweet spot, rhythmically rubbing back and forth as my fantasies became more diffuse, Just hands touching me; hot hard cock near me, waiting to fuck me, seeing my flesh shake as my fingers rubbed faster and faster. My thoughts became jumbled visions, hands touching, pulling; cocks stretching me, stuffing my mouth; my flesh for a fuck toy, every nerve electrified as I built to a climax, feeling as if my insides were squeezing every cell towards my gaping pussy as I started to cum.

First Time: Slick&tyg:Part 3.

fetish tygress77 2018-07-01

I could feel the coarse burn of his five o'clock shadow, I smelled his cologne, the leather jacket he had worn that day, I felt his fingers peeling my lips open, his lips and oh my god his tongue...his tongue licked and lapped, fast and slow, over my clit, into my tight pussy, brushed against the skin between my pussy and ass, then it was him kissing my asshole, I was squirming and struggling but I never let go of climax and I was starting to get sensitive again. "You got it, my little brute" Slick rubbed my ass and took up the belt again.

Triumph TR-250

fetish MungoParkIII 2018-07-01

The way the leather seats felt against my skin, not to mention how Annette's wet pussy would slide over it, the way the wind felt against my face while I drove and the way the stick shift knob felt in my hand. Images of the stick shift slipping in and out of her pussy as she sucked my cock ran through my mind until I finally lifted my hips up off the seat and spurted my cum onto the floorboard between my legs. I then whispered to the car, "Well, I couldn't fuck you the way she did, but I did leave something for you to remember me by." I held the stick shift knob up to my nose, took a deep breath and then walked back though the junk yard.

83% car

Down the Rabbit Hole Pt. 01

fetish bellaluna515 2018-07-01

My eyes travel to her sexy pouty lips. After months of teasing talk, it was her laugh, a cute sexy giggle that wore me down to finally meeting her. I nervously slide my hands from her waist, to her sexy round ass and then back again. Her lips kissing and biting the side of my neck. Leaning her head back more, She bites my lower lip and then licks the moan from my lips. I moan as I grasp her supple nipple in between my teeth and then suck it in between my lips. I nip it gently with my teeth and then suck her nipple between my lips while my tongue dances.

Private Class Ch. 03

fetish SScorpio 2018-07-01

We're gonna need it hard now." And as she lightly licks all around the bulbous head, marveling at the softness and sweetness, Horse closes his eyes and jerks his cock, slowly and firmly, and she feels it start to harden. Priscilla, mouth and face buried in the exotic flower, head engulfed by the Answer's thighs, could barely hear Snake, but she could feel the impertinent boy attack her nipples and pussy. "OK Teach, now we'll give you the Answer," as he starts pulling off the red head cover, exposing straight shiny black hair, fair skin, and oooooh nooooo, it was, it was Katy Kalani, the bright, beautiful Hawaiian girl that shone every day in Priscilla's class.

Last Valentine's day

fetish cowboy4u 2018-07-01

Slowly, she bobbed up and down on my tip and her hand worked the base of my dick; using her spit to lube my shaft. I inched a finger into her tight pussy as sucked on her clit and flicked it with my tongue. I fetched her plug and let her lube it up with her spit before I slowly worked it in her tight little anus. Several screaming, sheet soaking orgasms later I pulled out of her pussy and started to push into to her ass. I came hard in her ass, after I pulled out I watched as she pushed my cum out and let it run down her labia as she played with her clit to get one last orgasm.

Slip Story

fetish kent011 2018-07-01

I got to wandering, what a wonderful time I could have with her slips. One night I decided to see if she was gone and maybe sneak in and find some slips. Now mind you I was terrified do death that I would get caught and go to jail or my parents would find out but still I just had to jack off in those slips. I loved the white ones so I took the top one and held it up to the light. Big globs of cum spewed out of my cock and into the slip. I carefully slid the drawer closed and made my way out of the house making sure I had locked the door.