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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Photo Fantasy

fetish SweetLipz 2018-07-01

The other day on a crowed express train, i was approached by a random guy who looked like he was up to no good as i was heading to another day of interviews. Then i was looking at him like this guy is kinda creepy but what the hell... I took his card and placed it into my pocket. So i was given a shit sandwich, and it was really not getting better with my left high heel breaking as i had scrounged together enough pocket change to buy a hot dog at a hot dog stand. As i rode the train back home, i dug into my pocket and pulled out the d***ken photographer. I decided i would call the number once i got home.....

Wedgie on an Island

fetish wedgiefrmluckyfetish 2018-07-01

Well, truth be told, because he liked wedgies he didn't even know if that made him straight or now, but he could talk to her about that later, once he got the courage to tell her he liked giving and getting wedgies...yeah...this wasn't going to be easy. He really wanted to tell her that it was her turn, but he found that he couldn't, he really liked the feeling of her head on his chest, and he really liked where the conversation was going, even though it did make him a bit uncomfortable to be talking so much about something that for years he had kept a secret.

My first time wearing panties in public.

fetish Pansycuck 2018-07-01

Her remark when I found the panties in the bottom of my Santa stocking was, "I was getting tired of you stealing my panties and ruining the elastic." I quickly tried them on and she simply told me that I looked ridiculous. I knew that she was not wearing any pantyhose under her sun dress (she hated pantyhose) and only had on panties. As I sat, she asked if I was wearing her panties and dutifully I replied, "Yes." "I feel very naughty not wearing any panties and so I hope you don't mind me scoping the guys out." she teased with a look in her eye that I had rarely seen. To end, I wore her panties the rest of the night while my wife pointed out every cute guy in the bar.

Golden Shower Pt. 04

fetish wetguy42 2018-07-01

Hell I still didn't even know her name and I had fucked her ass, pussy and mouth, peed all over her body, drank her piss, fingered her ass and pissed inside her body and even ate her asshole. I told her I am rock hard, ready to fuck your brains out and drink your piss all night long. She told me to stop being such a pussy and let her fucking cum. When she finished cumming she took the top off my drink, slid the cup underneath her pussy and pissed inside my drink. I will probably finger fuck myself tonight about 10 times just thinking of pissing on the way here and cumming at Burger King.

Becoming a sissy part 5

fetish snoozer2000 2018-07-01

"I've always wondered what your tits look like, they look magnificent encased in this blouse, but I think they will look better with me sucking on them, don't you?" By now I was starting to moan a little, her hands were gently toying with my nipples and it felt amazing. Julia had a puzzled look on her face and then looked at me and said "how did you survive with pathetic Peter for all these years" it looks to me like your ass was built for fucking, let's see about your cunt" with that she took King come from me and again looking at me for permission gently toyed with the opening of my vagina.

My New Panty Boy Ch. 02

fetish garamel 2018-07-01

I climbed into bed and turned so my ass pointed towards his face and then straddled his chest and lowered my aching twat onto his mouth, I knew my odor might bother him but tonight I wasn't taking no for an answer. I spread my labia and lowered onto his mouth, he hesitated so I told "Him get busy if you want that blow job, and if you do a good job maybe tonight I'll let you cum in my mouth. I raised up and brought my clit to his tongue and he knew what I wanted, right away he started to suck on it and when he drew it into his mouth and flicked side to side because that was what I liked most.

Eating Below the Belt

fetish Rett 2018-07-01

"Come on then Emma, or don't you think you can beat me?" Elsie watched in awe as she picked up one of the salmon rolls with one hand and pulled her short skirt up to her navel in the same motion as pushing her vagina lips apart with the other. "Maybe" said Emma, "but I don't want to keep you two waiting." More prawns found their way into her pussy, but she soon noticed that she wasn't using up the sauce fast enough. Megan watched in astonishment as Elsie lifted up the full bowl of casserole and weighed it a few times in her hands. Elsie's eyes glanced round to Megan, who with the sudden thought of being beaten, tried to lodge the large slice of cake into her front.

Letter to my Girlfriends Step-Dad

fetish knowyourplace 2018-07-01

I appreciate the offer to pay me for fixing your home office computer during our visit but like I said then there is no charge. Don’t worry I’m not going to tell anyone like my future mother in law or my girlfriend/your adult step-daughter. I’m sure your adult step-daughter would never talk to you again and be disgusted by the idea fantasy or not. Since you seem to be so interested in your adult step-daughters sex life I’ll tell you all about if you’ve earned it. Care to guess how embarrassed I’d be if you told anyone that some tall, young, successful guy with a big dick was fucking your adult step-daughter?

My Dirty Little Secret

fetish Rescue325 2018-07-01

A friend of mine was a piercer and he always joked that he'd love to pierce me because no one would think that I'd do something as wild as that. I figured I'd pierce my nipples and it would be my dirty little secret. I thought of him sucking on my nipples as he played with my clit. I discovered I liked the clamps on my nipples a lot more than I thought I would. Something I totally forgot about until half way through the first nipple with the large needle and blood started dripping everywhere. I have to wear either a padded bra or a sports bra to hide the constant high beams but it's my dirty little secret and I love it.

Perfect Roommate Pt. 04

fetish fbblvr37 2018-07-01

Rachel didn't want to discuss Luke with Jenny at the gym, so she thought going back to her apartment would probably be best. Rachel didn't want to ruin the mood and had to wait for the right time to talk to Jenny about Luke in case it didn't go over well. Jenny still had a good pump going from their earlier workout and she did a double bicep pose that looked incredible with her oiled body. Eventually Rachel said her goodbyes and she left Jenny's apartment excited for the next time she sees her. Jenny saw Rachel eyeing Dorothy's muscular body and placed an arm over each girl's shoulder to draw them together.

Muddy English Delights Ch. 02

fetish DrWhoInLove 2018-07-01

Her mouth was gaping in an orgasmic rictus like a cunt in heat, emitting gasps at each turn of the muddy rope in her stuffed pussy. I lay forward on my elbows and enjoyed the sensation of Kathy's body pulling and slurping on my hardened rod, while her pussy was ravished by the muddy rope. Moving down her shaking hips, bouncing and splattering mud into the air, I pulled out just in time as her body came again and again in hoarse rasps of rapture that only became more intense as I tugged slowly with one hand on the sensual rope while my other hand kept up the sliding over her muddy clit. My body kept my fingers busy servicing Kathy's cunt lips and smearing her clit with cold mud.

Nina Gets Sick

fetish CJPorter 2018-07-01

He forced his fingers down again, and Nina involuntarily extended her tongue and released another large burp, "URRRRRRRRRRRRP." Then she heaved and retched, and Dave could her the contents of her stomach being pushed up into her throat. She sniffled as she let out the most vulgar gagging noises, "ERRRRUP ERRRRRUP ERRRRRUP." It was so painful, that in her humiliation she was actually trying to make herself vomit as well- pushing with her stomach muscles, trying to force out the contents that so desperately wanted to escape. Dave rested his hand on her belly again, and said, "Okay, I'm going to make you vomit up a lot this time by pressing on your stomach.

Trust? Ch. 02

fetish Lost_Freak 2018-07-01

Her pinkie found its way into Latisha's ass causing her to throw her head back and proclaim with all her might the pleasure Shelly was visiting on her. Latisha knelt down behind Shelly and slowly started inserting that massive dong into the white girls pussy. "That looks really sore," Latisha said, "I should put some lotion on it." Joey felt cool lotion, applied by strong hand being rubbed into his ass cheeks. Locking the chain in place Shelly got down on all fours and backed her ass into Joey's face. Latisha pressed the head of the dildo against the tight ring of Joey's ass. Latisha kept stroking away in his ass while Shelly began pulling on his cock.

Living Out Linda's Fantasy

fetish joeuser691 2018-07-01

"When Laura told me that the guy came, without anybody touching his dick, I thought I was going to cum, myself," she went on. Linda was back on the couch by now, and she said, "Pull out his dick and suck it like a bitch." They all laughed, and at that moment it hit me. "Linda, stop sucking cock, and watch me fuck this little slut," Jimmy said. I started to gag, but Linda, said, "Swallow his cock, slut." He was pushing to get more of his dick in, when the guy fucking my ass suddenly pushed hard. The guy fucking my mouth started to moan, and Linda told him to cum on my face.

becoming her bitch

fetish 2018-07-01

"Open the fuck up or I will shove it into your ass dry like it is right now! "Now I am going to fuck you, right up your tight little ass," she said enthusiastically. Here let me help you." With that she began to pull the head out of my ass, it got maybe a quarter of an inch, before she suddenly stopped, and I felt my asshole being ripped opened as she hammered the cock all the way into my ass. After I swallowed it I felt so dirty, but I did not expect her next move either as she put down the glass, grabbed my hair hard, and brought the dick she had just fucked my ass with close to my mouth.

Beyond the Limit

fetish drew1207 2018-07-01

After seeing inches and inches of the thick appendage going inside the woman’s body, Gabrielle was uncertain of what was happening but she was very aware of the increasing moisture in her pussy. Gabrielle rocked back and forth in blissful ecstasy while the troll beneath her body grabbed her legs keeping her in place, trying to push his cock further into her pussy. I can feel my legs still shaking a little,” Gabrielle said, but she couldn’t say what she was really thinking “I wish I could take you home so we could fuck like this all the time!” While the master program kept talking, Gabrielle felt one of the scorpion-like creatures grabbing her leg.

The CB2000 Corporation

fetish DanLockered 2018-07-01

can I tell you about our new product range quickly?" asked the charming smart trendy young woman, stopping my girlfriend, Kim and I on the way to the shops. "Our new Morph-10000 is a very comfortable snug fit, contraction type device, that fits over your lovers love tool and keeps it cute and cozy." the sweat girl mentioned. "Oh come on, it's just a fun sex toy" Kim replied. Later that afternoon, Kim rang all her girl friends and told them to go out and look at the pics the Morph10K saleslady was showing in the shopping center. The conversation quickly turned to the Morph10K device, Kim was the 1st to confess to buying one.

Tutorial Ch. 01

fetish idiferin 2018-07-01

It was a spring session tutorial, which allowed her to wear lots of short skirts and summer dresses, and she was almost always in high heels. Bonnie was wearing a short skirt and high heels, and kept crossing and re-crossing her legs in my direction. After this happened for the fifth or sixth time, she calmly reached forward and paused the movie, then turned to me and delivered a sharp open-handed slap to my face. I complied, removing her strappy heels and starting the movie before beginning to massage. The feel of Bonnie's dainty feet in my lap, the sight of her legs luxuriously stretched out as she leaned back and enjoyed the movie and massage... Arousal won out, and I masturbated thinking about Bonnie's legs and feet.

A Day in the Life of a Slave

fetish Dove 2018-07-01

"That's my good little dove," he looked down at me and smiled. "You look so pretty all tied up for me," he sighed, "you love to be humiliated by me, don't you, my little dove?" "Oh don't cry, little dove," he untied my legs from my handcuffs and took off my gag. "That's a good girl," he told me as he looked up at me and smiled, "Now you can stay in here till I think that you are ready to come out." I could not talk so I only nodded my answer. "You are my little dove," my Master told me. "Felicia, dear, it's time that my dove and I leave." Felicia got up and shook hands with my master.

Lost Cell Phone: Tuesday

fetish Pearls_Inside 2018-07-01

Where I stood was directly under an air vent and the breeze blew the light fabric a bit and it felt like my nipples were going to grow two inches. The weight between my legs banged against the bed and pulled at my clit from just enough of a different angle that I couldn't help letting out a moan. The jolts shot through me like I'd never felt, "Oh my God, I'm gonna cum!" I moaned as it built and when the waves hit, they were so intense and so deep that I let out a scream, "Yes, fuck YES!" I felt Matt tense up and jerk before shoving into me and filling me with cum.

Busted in Balloonville Ch. 05: Clean Up Time

fetish blowhyoooge 2018-07-01

The door closed behind Suzette, and Jeff found himself alone for what felt like the first time since he had walked into the Balloonville General Store to find Alicia huffing and puffing into that giant red balloon. Janice smiled and lowered her voice and said, "Suzette told me you might have a balloon that got a little... Now Jeff picked up the orange balloon]and looked through it, thinking of how he had seen her cheeks bulging through the latex she had blown nearly translucent. He thought of Janice, her mighty lungs, her mighty feet, her mighty fingers, blowing, squeezing, stomping, increasing the pressure in the balloons until the latex suffered catastrophic failure...

The Teardrop

fetish clearly 2018-07-01

When he was done with the pretty maids he sought to settle with Madame Christina who after some polite haggling accepted James’s generous offer of five sovereigns which was to fuck the still attractive Madame and beat her large arse with a nice whippy cane. With each vigorous thrust however James entered Christina more deeply and now had five inches of thick cock inside the woman. Each private fucking chamber had a selection of canes for this very purpose and Madame Christina had a fine selection of the finest rattan caning rods in her own chamber which she didn’t hesitate to use feely on her girl’s pretty arses. James selected a fine rattan senior cane from the rack and Madame Christina raised her fat arse once again for the stripes to come.

Sharing Secret Ch. 1

fetish Shanbabe4u 2018-07-01

And with the sound of the running water assuring me that Sally was in the shower, I began to masturbate. Don't you want to kiss me?" She knelt up onto the bed and slowly lowered her face down to my still half-turned head. I slowly lifted my hands; I watched Sally's face. I almost cried when she jumped off the bed but she came slowly back, inspecting me, crawling lower and looking between my legs. Her wet hand came out from between her legs, slowly reached out and laid itself on my enlarged cock. "Oh God Sally, I never dreamed of you ever wanting to touch me. Sally dragged me out from the bed, took hold of my hand and led me to the still running shower.


fetish JackInDiane 2018-07-01

Satisfied with her brief inspection, she began leisurely stroking my cock with her other hand until I was beginning to leak and wonder whether my knees would hold me when I came. "I think we'll move upstairs next." I now saw how the day was going to pass: she intended to keep me busy with housework and always one step away from my reward until the house was completely clean. A delicate, black garter belt with tiny embroidered red roses then was fastened around her trim waist and she bent forward to attach the clips treating me to a fantastic view of her hairless pussy peaking from between the globes of her ass.