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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

How I Learned to Love All Women of the World

fetish DTMS666 2018-07-01

I always thought I wanted a skinny girl with a nice ass and a pretty face. I thought I'd need a little foreplay first, with a whale like this, but I hadn't even noticed my cock was rock hard. Every girl who ever sucked my cock before this did it like they hated every second of it. She reached inside me, and I felt a pleasure I never knew I could feel and I came inside her pretty mouth and clenched my anus around her fat finger. She opened her mouth to show me my cum, then swallowed it without a second thought.

Drinking Karen

fetish beemoo 2018-07-01

Because of all of this history, I made perfect sense that she told Karen that she wanted me to try and fix the pump. I tried to talk about it a few days later, but I only got a vague "I just don't know how I feel at this point, I need to think more" response. As I was driving over to Karen's, I was thinking more about everything at home than what was going to happen when I got to Karen's in 5 minutes. Hell, maybe she told her nothing and Karen thought I'd be coming over to try and fix the pump. As Karen unlatched her bra, I looked on as she exposed the most beautiful, thick brown nipple and areola that I've ever seen.

At Last Ch. 02

fetish NotTheTongs 2018-07-01

"How about you drop us off at Leon's apartment, and when Dawn goes to visit her family, you can get us?" David's mother was convinced that Dawn had become a better person since back when Li had known her, but Li wasn't interested in finding out. Nick had adopted her as his "sister" over the years of their friendship, but had eventually said and done some stupid things she hadn't been able to forgive. "David is coming over, he's already almost here." Leon immediately looked at Nick, who felt self conscious with them both staring at him. Nick had said he wasn't afraid of David, but he certainly looked like he was. "So, Nick, what were you saying before David got here?" Leon asked in a falsely friendly tone of voice.

Delivery Linda

fetish rapidpulse18 2018-07-01

I stood for what seemed like ages with my cock in my hand trying to concentrate on taking a pee, but for some reason my eyes kept drifting in the direction of the laundry basket. I felt dirty and ashamed, but that didn’t stop me lifting her panties to my eager nose, while my other hand rubbed my stiffening cock. And another thing, if I fucking disgust you so much, why the hell did you push your tongue into my mouth and kiss me like that knowing what I’d done?” I shouted back trying to embarrass her. Knowing I was about to cum I pulled out and stood up, and without saying a word Linda took my throbbing cock into her warm mouth.

Julie the secretary

fetish lordgreen 2018-07-01

Chance would be a fine thing I thought as I watched Julie leave the office where I was working and kept a close watch on her immaculate skirt-clad arse until it glided out of view along the corridor. Julie started laughing again: "Yes, I can see you going into the office and asking Brian where the nearest car park is!" I shot a fair size load and Julie spread the sticky trouser emulsion up and down her thighs for a while before scooping a gobbet in her palm and depositing it in the gusset of her knickers which she then pulled up over her wet gash, covering her twat and rubbing the semen within.

Movie Shoot

fetish buzbybdsm 2018-07-01

She barely noticed the coolness of what felt like a cream being applied to her damp pussy lips, as the tech held them closed around the base of the dildo. "Stand here please, feet shoulder width apart, arms straight out to the side." Jo adopted the pose as Jeff grabbed what looked like plastic wrap and began wrapping her legs and torso with the thin, transparent material. Jeff's already hard dick twitched as she called him Sir. He picked up the airbrush and began to spray the polymer that would bond to Jo's skin, changing it from soft and supple to feeling like it was actually made of plastic. Watching Jeff work, she knew she should feel something on her body, but the first coat of polymer eliminated any feeling from her breasts and pussy.

Scent and Scentsibility Ch. 06

fetish smellathon 2018-07-01

One hand was deep inside her fat white thighs, index and middle fingers either side of her long hood, rubbing it back and forth along her engorged slug-like clitoris. Divora's vaginal opening proved resistant to any quick penetration - Klaus reached across for the tube of gel and applied a good amount to the top of his sheathed penis. Scraping off her massive discharge of thick creamy foam coating his condomed penis, Klaus had opened up her anus with his two index fingers. We enjoyed a post coital hiatus, recovering from enjoyable pleasure highs, watching Eva planting her big matronly bum over the tiny sink and washing out the thick white ropes of semen Klaus had deposited deep in her bowel walls.

Subway Romp

fetish dravendevere 2018-07-01

When she felt the sticky cum she told me she wanted to fuck me good. Tell me you want to fuck me as hard as you fucking can and maybe I will let that happen." She said this in such an evil vicious voice that I couldn't contain myself, so I obeyed. After I told her I wanted her to fuck the hell out of me and that I wanted to shoot my warm cum into her pussy, she got up from sitting on me and began to rub my cock onto her. Are you going to fucking cum all over the place?" She said this, this time with a very moaning pleasured voice, she wanted it badly.

My 'T' Chapter One

fetish rollhigh 2018-07-01

We continued to do different things to each other for about two hours when I finally pulled out and emptied my load of cum on her beautiful face. Then with my load of cum still on her face she rolled me onto my back and sucked my cock until I unloaded again and this time she swallowed my sperm down. She told me most guys just wanted to fuck her and didn’t take the time to do the other things I was doing with her. After he finished she got up to kiss him and then she asked him if he like tasting the sperm from the five other guys she sucked off today when he kissed her earlier?

Zero Gravity

fetish erossade 2018-07-01

It was a movement so calculated and mastered, so perfectly executed, that I couldn’t respond but holding her head on my hands, leaning her again against the glass, and nailing my member on her mouth until she retired gagging. Her gagging and her eyelash mascara turned on black tears sliding her face, the puddle of saliva on the floor and her hair totally disheveled marked the moment to change the game, and she crawled to the bed fleeing like escaping a psycho on a horror movie. My hands kept her buttocks apart to open it more and penetrate her deeply, and my breath turned on to a guttural sound of a b**st mad by vice and lust.

Neighborhood Watch Ch. 01

fetish jerratica 2018-07-01

"Either you meet your wife at the door wearing your little panties and prance around so she knows she has a little sissy boy to contend with," she licked the side of my face, "or you do whatever the fuck I tell you to do from now on." I was frozen the choices both not being good for me. She licked my entire face like a dog, "What will it be boy?" My mind knew exactly what to do, prance in front of my wife and beg forgiveness, but my dick was as hard as it ever was, my balls practically boiling, my lips opening and closing, "Tell me what to do, mistress."

Elaine's Dirty Knickers Ch. 03

fetish Paradiggler 2018-07-01

All I could smell was the strong body odor sweaty smell as I licked the thin white gusset and both sides of her hairy groin, sliding my tongue down into the deep crack and making some pressure where the knickers covered what I assumed was her anus. I just put the soiled panties to my nose and buried the rest of my face into her bushy pubic hair, sucking, chewing and licking her pink pussy flaps and clitoris, extending my tongue and penetrating her gluey, fishy meatus and lapping some of the pee flavors from around her urethra. A well- spread vagina, moist with Elaine's inner gluey and fishy secretions mixed with the taste and smell of pee and sweat surrounded by a triangular frame of curly brown pubic hair.

Carl the Plumber

fetish ryder77 2018-07-01

Having just given the kids a bath and getting them in bed, she went to drain the tub so she could shower herself. The next day came and once Sue knew David would be up and in meetings, she sent him a text message explaining the situation. The thought of having Carl coming over tonight got her wondering what David had told him. David had clean her used pussy many times in the past after sex but she was never as turned on by it as she was having Carl do it now. Susan loved having her nipples sucked on as she rode a cock and his huge manhood reached placed previously untouched by any man.

mom made me her sissy

fetish momandboys 2018-07-01

I wasn't sure if mom was k**ding or serious about making me dress completely as a girl for dinner on Saturday, but since I now found myself entering the mall while wearing a mini-skirt, I kind of thought she probably wasn't k**ding. When we got back to the car I really began to believe that she planned to do what she said and that I would be wearing one of those dresses and those stupid white pantyhose at dinner on Saturday! When I complained that it was so early, mom just smiled and said "Now honey, you know it takes us girls a lot longer to get dressed and I know you want to look extra pretty for your birthday." Pretty!

Forced Gay by Two Women

fetish fun4all6969 2018-07-01

Jenny put on nurse gloves too and jerked my small but hard cock, laughing and calling me a two pump chump as I came that quickly. A few seconds later, I had a very hairy cock shoved in my mouth and just as he got hard and pulled away, the first guy pulled out and came in my open mouth and all over my face. They gave me my car keys and wallet, but kept my clothes as they told me I should find a new hotel as guys may still show up all night long and the lock on the door is broken. He slapped my face with his hard cock as I heard Nikki and Jenny giggle.

Getting Over My Fetish

fetish SiCiAiT 2018-07-01

"If he did I would have sat right down on his face." Roberta stopped and looked at Dawn for a bit and asked, "What's with the questions." If that ever happened and you start getting worried you can come down only one time to check on me and if I don't say anything then that means I want to go let it happen all the way and you'll have to allow it to finish the rest of the way, Deal." I reached out my hand. It's a good thing she came down I would of sat there longer before I called for her." Dawn comes running back into the room and Roberta Jumps up, "I think he passed out he is not move quick do something."

Dominated By Feet Ch. 01

fetish willing_slave 2018-07-01

I carefully placed a kiss on the toe of her right pump and softly removed it from her foot making sure I did not touch her. I quickly placed her pump on the floor reached for the slipper and delicately placed a kiss on it before putting it in position so that she could slide her perfect foot into place. But I do deserve my feet worshiped and you are the only one here so you may massage them for a little while, until I tell you to stop." My Mistress said making me very happy. I massaged her right foot for fifteen minutes making sure to gentle and paying extra care on her toes.


fetish St_eve 2018-07-01

I started slowly, looking at Her bare backside, the side of Her breast, Her long dark hair and finally at Her ass. As I started to say that I was going to -- She orders me to push the head of my dick between Her ass cheeks as I cum. I pull back and watch the cum ooze from Her ass crack. He grabs my head and pulls it to his cock, and pushes it in my mouth. Unfortunately he started to cum and a long rope hit my face and hair. The both were intently jacking their cocks, suddenly they both stood up and walked over to me and started cuming on my face and hair.


fetish Jamesf81 2018-07-01

She fought to keep her mind clear, but each passing second was eroding clarity and replacing it with the overwhelming need to be Daddy's good little girl. Instantly she had a similar experience, but this time it felt like the most perfectly sized phallus was sliding deliciously into her tight little arse. As before, she was fucked with smooth easy strokes, and with her eyes rolling back into her head, she rode the sensation on a wave of bliss. She was aware that her thoughts were coming to her more clearly now, and she knew that she had to make Daddy shoot his hot spunk in her mouth. "FUCKED," he said and immediately her pussy felt like there was a thick cock filling her.

Maid to Pee...

fetish menufem 2018-07-01

Lying on my back I took my semi hard cock in my hands and started a slow but gradually strengthening stream of piss. But by the time I reached back she had already started washing my clothes along with the bed sheet. "Babuji, aap shaadi karona, phir iss ki sarurat nahi padegi!" (Sir, get married, then you won't need to do this), she had a knowing mischievous smile on her face. "Agar aap chahe tho hum shaadi kiye bina pathi-pathni ke jaisa rah sakthi he!" (If you so wish, then we can live like husband and wife without marrying) she stood in front of me with a mischievous look.

A Special Occasion

fetish emclost 2018-06-30

Gloria closed her eyes and lay back on the bed, realizing for the first time how tired she was. In this dream state, Gloria had felt completely safe and relaxed, as she if she had no worries in the world. The idea of crawling into bed sounded very appealing right now, but Gloria wanted to be awake to confront Trevor. The idea of wearing the lingerie ran through Gloria's head. Gloria could only imagine just how gorgeous, how downright irresistible, she looked in her lingerie. Gloria still had plenty of time before Trevor came back. He had finally come, though, and the beautiful lingerie was his gift, a token of affection for his loving princess.

Out off control

fetish klammer 2018-06-30

As soon as I heard the word 'change', my arse seemed to lose any sense of control and I could feel myself shitting long turds into my briefs. With a yell, Dale began to flood my arse I was beginning to think he would never stop, when Scott burst forth into my mouth. I put on a fresh pair of royal blue briefs and went back downstairs, where I found Dale in the dining room knelt up on a chair, his arse tightly framed in the grey trousers a wonderful sight. I moved one hand around to play with Dale's cock, but he pulled away from me and, as Callum withdrew, took his place at my arse.

Mistress Chronicles Ch. 05

fetish MistressMtoyou 2018-06-30

Apart from female domination, his fetish is lingerie and forced feminization. Through our interactions he has gradually built up a sizeable collection of lingerie which he routinely wears to work under his outer clothes. As described to some extent in the last story (Mistress Chronicles 4), we have established a ritual he uses when removing and cleaning the device for hygiene purposes. #5 Saturday night, April 3. #9 Thursday May 20th. #9 Thursday May 20th. I love her beautiful blond hair and dominant blue eyes. #10 Sat June 12 #11 Sun June 27, 2010 Friday night you sent me a picture of your beautiful vagina. I can see the blond hairs above your clit and you are moist and ready. #14 Saturday August 14, 2010

Forced To Eat Shit *A Fantasy*

fetish masterofpigcunt 2018-06-30

This got my cock really hard and I started to get really nasty on her grinding and rubbing my arse all over the ugly cunt's face and getting a bit aggressive with the verbal saying things like "yeah get your tounge up their cunt....smell it cunt, smell it, know it, you fucking arsedirty licker" all the while I was staring between her spread legs at her huge hairy cunt. I come so hard every time I think about this, that afterwards it even disturbs me a bit, I mean I don't hate my wife and I treat her well even paying for everything and in every other respect I am a loving husband, but all I want to do is shit in her face, sexually, that has to be wrong on so many levels right?