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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Santa's Naughty Elf

fetish Cinner 2018-11-18

The young lady in question, a curvy 19-year old who had been hired as a Christmas Elf at King Solomon's, a major department store in Kingston, said nothing but sulked at being caught with jewellery, perfume and other gift items hidden in her locker. Christmas in Jamaica was an extremely busy time, and so Miranda stood to make a lot of money in the tips and gifts that horny middle-aged men bought for her after she served and smiled for them from behind the counter of any store in which she was placed. "I don't want you to tell my daddy, Mr. Lazarus, so I suppose that you'll have to punish me yourself!" Miranda squeaked, handing the items to him.

Husband gives the neighbor his wifes panties

fetish tcg 2018-11-18

For example, Jim knows I've always had some exhibitionist tendencies, and every now and then, we do something insanely wild like going to the mall with no panties on, and he'll watch while I shop for shoes, teasing some poor salesman with little peeks between my legs, or, sit across from some man in the food court and innocently let my knees fall open. That night, when I played my little game and pretended to go out with my old boyfriend, he wasted no time in pulling my skirt up, my panties down, and putting his face right into my pussy and licking and sucking me.

Cindy's Unexpected Reaction - Chapter 1

fetish submissivemom72 2018-11-18

Without thinking, I responded, “Let me see how well you can relax with my finger up your ass.” I shocked myself with this statement, but it evoked a loud laugh from Jerome and the nurse. I cannot explain how or why, but the combination of being exposed to this handsome young black medical technician, the nozzle in my ass, the fluid flowing so violently into my rectum and bowels, and Jerome’s knuckle coming in contact with my clitoris shot me over the edge with the most unexpected and profound orgasm of my life. I need to make a call," I said as I closed my nursing bra and thought about what I was going to say. Jim returned, handed me the phone and sat in his recliner across from me.

Black Femdom at Walmart Ottawa

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-18

"It's true, Chelsea, it's what I deserve, I am attracted to your strength and your beauty but I wasn't man enough to tell you from the jump that I like, no, love your bossy ways, I understand if you want me gone," Stevenson said, and then the big guy stood up, bowed his head gently and then turned to leave. "Eat this ass, Stevenson, put that mouth to better use," Mistress Chelsea commanded as she squatted over Stevenson's face, after making the big and tall young Black man lie on the carpeted floor, stark naked. "Stevenson, that ass belongs to me," Mistress Chelsea stated, and she stroked the burly Black man's big dick while fingering and licking his asshole.

First Visit To The Nurse Mistress

fetish Playdoc 2018-11-18

I saw Nurse Ashley putting on exam gloves and the next thing I know is that she's rubbing lube (not KY jelly but some sort of liquid that came out of a bottle) between my asscheeks and then I feel her finger sliding into my asshole. (Remember, the whole time I have been looking through my legs into the wall-mounted mirror to see my penis and balls hanging down, to see Nurse Ashley tending to my asshole; the view from the mirror on the ceiling is quite interesting, too). Our simultaneous orgasms having subsided, Nurse Ashley got off the exam table and wiped the cum off my cock and belly with a towlette.

Confessions of A Toilet Slave

fetish TaleTeller4035 2018-11-18

Come in, Ass-licker," she said as she stepped aside, revealing a room with 6 other woman all sitting on stools with their naked bottoms prominently elevated and displayed at the perfect height for me to kneel and have oral access to their moist, shaved pussies that glistened in the light and their slightly gaping, greasy assholes that must have been lubed and recently fingered, for they all were reaching behind them and spreading their ass cheeks, their sphincters pulsing as I stood there in a complete daze, my cock harder than ever before in my life--"Your personal info, please," and I handed her the documents.

Wife fucks one of my friends

fetish woreout 2018-11-17

I told my wife that Tommy had come by and that when she finished in here she should come out and visit. Tommy and I where setting by the pool when I heard the patio door slide open. She said I know so, you guys are so easy then she stood up and headed to the house before he came out. I looked at Tommy and he was grinning, he said buddy boy that wife of your is one hot sexy little lady. I looked back at wife and she said he knows that Tommy. After a sip of her beer she told Tommy that she enjoyed having him fuck her.

Strawberries, Shortbread and Sex

fetish KindOfHeart 2018-11-17

However, as I started to get up from my chair, eager to plunge deep into Angie's cunt, she looked over at me, and said "Not yet, big boy, we promised to show you just how much your naughty wife likes being fucked in both holes at the same time, and turning back to Pam, she went on, "Time to put on our strap-ons, and after we have fucked his wife, we can take turns with Alan's sexy little arse." When she asked what Pam and Angie would like to do next, it was Pam who spoke up first, "You are always telling us how good Alan is at bringing you off with his tongue, how about we all lie on the bed, and get him to lick our pussies in turn, until we cum, and then we are satisfied we will let him fuck us properly.

Foot job bliss

fetish SeanR83 2018-11-17

So it was by the fourth evening I was sitting on the couch in just my boxers as Melissa sat on the couch her back against the armrest and her legs stretched out, her feet resting on my lap. She knew what was going on and I could feel her foot gently massaging my hard cock as we talked. It wasn’t long before it was made plainly obvious what was going through both of our minds, as Melissa slipped her foot up the leg of my boxers and started to massage my balls with her toes. We kissed deeply as I gently fingered her pussy and her hand glided over my cock.

Slave Daddy

fetish uselessslave1888 2018-11-17

It made my nipples hard and my clit ache, wanting to know my father's thoughts, and I turned off his computer confident that I would have my answers soon enough. "Do you want to fuck me, Slave-Daddy?" I squeezed his balls hard, feeling the firm orbs within his sack being compressed in my fist. "Shut-up, you'll speak when I ask you question and the first word out of your mouth will be Mistress, do you understand me, Slave-Mommy?" I spoke in normal tones, uncaring who might overhear us, I was commanding her and staring until my mother lowered her eyes obediently. "Mistress, thank you!" My mom said softly and she was doing it, working her panties off under her dress and even though her head was down, I knew she was smiling...And I had a plan.

Her Diary

fetish Orallee69 2018-11-17

For instance, in option one I “make” him lick and suck my breasts for a long time, which is something I like. Swabbing it with my tongue brought soft moans from her, and she slipped one leg over my shoulder, resting one hand on the back of my head for support and to keep me in place. I sucked at her labia and pubic hairs like a madman, grunting as I enjoyed my orgasm, and she came again, pulling at my head with her free hand as her thighs crushed my face. My face wet and a new taste in my mouth, I uttered, “I think we need to revise option three.”

Sperm Bank

fetish DLizze 2018-11-17

After all hair is removed from my face to my knees, except for a small triangular patch around my penis and scrotum, I am rinsed off with cool water from head to toe. holds the hose in place while liquid shit comes pouring out and is running down my legs. If my penis drips any semen, I must catch it in my hand and lick it off, because I have to keep all the semen inside my body until it is time to collect it. usually wears, and I feel my penis begin to harden, as I become aroused by the feminine smells. After what seems like hours of this, I begin to feel pulses in my ass and inside my penis and balls.

Milk Duds Ch. 06

fetish Troglodite45 2018-11-17

“Your hands feel so good touching them,” Mom cooed moving closer and pressing her breasts more firmly into my hands. “I love having them touched,” she said as her hand pressed lightly against my chest and began moving lower. Before I knew what was happening Mom had my pants open, her hand slipping inside only to find I don’t wear underwear. Mom had seen me looking more and more at her growing chest and finally decided it was time to really explain things. “Now watch closely,” she said taking her right breast between her hands and gently squeezing. Her hand gripping me had pulled my heated erection from my pants and I looked to see her fingers not able to close around my thickness.

Black On Black BDSM

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-17

Diana's only reply was a deep moan, and Master Ebony Flex smacked her hard across her beautiful face. "I belong to you, and only you in all the world are fit to be my Master." Master Ebony Flex smiled, and tugged at the steel chains which kept the six-foot-tall, well-built and absolutely gorgeous Black Amazon's hands and feet bound. Her gorgeous big Black butt stared invitingly at Master Ebony Flex, who smiled. Diana smiled and soon found herself moaning unexpectedly as her Master licked and fingered her pussy, lathering up her cunt like there was no tomorrow. "Loving my Black Goddess," Master Ebony Flex said while going down on her. Diana cried tears of joy as Master Ebony Flex made love to her body.

Pee, Myself, and I

fetish Pisscest 2018-11-17

The piss trickles down my legs slowly, making my skirt slightly darker where it's tucked in. I turn around and face the mirror, watching the pee's path down my legs to tarnish the previously immaculate white socks. The flow gets heavier, and I watch the yellow liquid stream from my pussy, making a huge wet patch on the front of my skirt and utterly soiling those damned knee-highs. I'm overjoyed to find that I can still force a few drops of piss out of my pussy (cumming always makes me have to pee afterwards, at least a little bit), and I pee on the tie as well, leaving it tucked between my legs.

The Transformation of Mrs. Matthew - Part 2

fetish Chameleongirl 2018-11-17

She had been facing one of the barber station mirrors all along, observing Gregory's magical touching every time she opened her eyes. A gasp escaped her mouth as Gregory placed a firm hand on the crown of Wanda's head and began shearing her completely, mowing one path at a time, carefully, around each ear, temples and nape, adjusting her head from one side to the other, taking his time. Pulling the neck of the cape, Gregory tucked in a small towel and poured a generous amount of lather onto his palm, working vigorously to cover her head in it. Firm and careful, the blade sheared one path after another around Wanda's head, and where the blade exposed her scalp beneath, Gregory placed his hand there to allow her to feel the sensation.

Jizz Pig

fetish Tuppie 2018-11-17

Flapping his cock about I am going to throw caution to the wind, and kneel at the hole offering my mouth. ‘Big guy’ has a really big cock with a huge mushroom-head. He is pulling ‘youngster’s’ head off his dick and suggesting we move through to the last toilet stall. ‘Big guy’ is fucking like crazy and ‘youngster’ is yelping into my mouth. It’s fucking hard trying to anchor ‘youngsters’ head because ‘big guy’ is feverishly spiking him. Fuck Yeah, my arse is making sloshing sounds churning ‘big guys’ sloppy seconds. “Oooh, take it all the way, ooh… oh pen you’re fucking throat, oooh… yes… That’s the way cock sucker.” My head is being pulverized.

A Little Bit of Force

fetish Treacherous 2018-11-17

With my foot, I drag her legs apart, pull her hips back from the wall slightly and place myself at the entrance to her waiting cunt, pausing for a while. Lightly gripping my hardness with my hand, I again position it at the entrance to her sex and guide it inside her, aided by the fact she is completely soaked. Using the moisture of her wet slit, I hold the base of my member once more, pull out and position it against her tight anus. She whelps as she feels the impact of my ejaculation and the tight, vice-like hold I have on her hips as my orgasm reaches its climax. By the time I've finished rolling it, I hear her come to a violent and sticky orgasm.

Night School

fetish Master_Jonathan 2018-11-17

I would sit there wanting so badly to talk to her and get to know her, but I figured that a girl like that was way out of my league and probably had her pick of guys to date. I was dressed a little nicer than usual, not having to work that day prior to class, and was already sitting in my regular seat when Lisa arrived. As she stood on the running board, she took my hand and slid it over her hip to her ass, turning to give me a sexy little "what do you think of that?" smile. I turned to look at her and she smiled devilishly, pulling up her skirt a bit to reveal a smoothly shaved pussy.

Bad Romance: Strap-On Night

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-17

The whole time we were going out together, June told me that she was working as part-time staff at a certain retirement home/hospital near downtown Ottawa. I was told by my good friend Wahid, a Lebanese guy from the Arab church near my apartment in the east end, that the best way to get over a woman was another woman. Then I walked to the normal-looking house where Miss Keisha and ladies like her did their thing. I winked at two Arab guys who were going to the house, doubtless to use the services of other ladies of the evening like Miss Keisha. I walked from my apartment in the east end of Ottawa to the French Avenue where Miss Keisha's house of delights was located.

Co-Ed Tandem Beer Pissing Contest

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-17

As Jack walked through the short corridor to the main room, he passed a political poster that said: Jack was afraid to ask the man standing there what was buried under that dirt, so he started to walk away when the guy climbed up onto the dirt. Kathy faced Jack and asked him, "Do you agree to Tameka as your partner?" Kathy turned away and, without hesitation, Tameka jumped up and landed with a thump sitting sideways on Jack's chest like the others, forcing a gush of breath out of his mouth. Jack lost track of the number of minutes that seemed to pass when Tameka leaned forward and pressed her pussy to his mouth.

Christine Takes Charge Ch. 01

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-17

When Christine let Susan know that she was coming home once she had handled the formalities of selling the house Harold and she had enjoyed during their marriage, Susan wrote her that she really should live with them. "Sweetie, you know I adore you and that goes for that wonderful cunt between your legs," Jim responded with affection as Susan lay back, spread her legs and welcomed her husband's amply-sized cock into her snug love tunnel. Christine inspected them and commented on the various stains in Susan's little panties and Jim's skidmarked boxer shorts. As both of them moved into position to comply with Chris's directions, she stood next to them, helping Jim guide his piston into her sister's cute little cunt.

Panty Fetish Diaries - Part 1

fetish drenchme 2018-11-17

But at the time without a computer in my room I was a bit stuck for hot girls to look at, it had to do. The morning after one of these sessions I was getting dressed in my room when I noticed my neighbour, Grace, in the garden next door. I watched her in my half dream state, running her hands over her curves, teasing me, denying me even an imaginary look at her pussy. Grace was far sexier than any of my Babestation girls and her panties seemed so accessible. Naughty thoughts of getting Grace’s underwear filled my head and I couldn’t wait to borrow a worn pair from her.

House Husband 2

fetish Sheerdelights101 2018-11-17

“I’m going upstairs to change for bed,” she said, "Fifteen minutes for a clean up and a change into my nightie, then I’ll come down again.” “I’m going to pull your panties down, but only so far, then I’m going to take my peignoir off, you can put it on if you like and then you are going to give me the best fucking that you can, but I don’t expect it to be as good as I want, so you might have to keep trying until you get it right. Sal’ went wild, berserk, she screamed, pushed backwards hard against me, then pulled away a bit before pressing back against me again, her butt hole was gripping my finger as in a vice.