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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Monk Ambrosio Ch. 04

fetish livinglines 2018-06-30

Though he was sure he was already dead, he felt that death was coming again for him and he would sink deeper still into Hell. She stood and took a few steps until her dripping slit was just above his face. "Since you love coming so much, CLEAN IT ALL UP LIKE THE SLAVE YOU ARE!" He tried his best to avoid the drips, but some of them dropped on his tongue and a little got in his nose. "OPEN YOUR MOUTH SLAVE OR YOU SHALL DRINK GALLONS OF IT!" He was weeping again, his face dripping with sweat, tears and his own spunk. He felt as though he were going to pass out from being deprived of breath, when a torrent of piping liquid bathed his already sticky face.

Sherry's Test Ch. 02

fetish PolyVoyeur 2018-06-30

The two days following Monday's session had incredible highs and lows and Sherry was having a hard time coping with the emotional roller coasters they resulted in. Before we start with the spanking, I would like you to go and stand in front of each member of the staff and ask them to take a good look at your breasts" said Roberts. Matt reluctantly took his position behind her chair and to the side, cupped her left breast and gently started spanking her pantied bottom. "Let's see if her ass is getting as red as her face" said the Principal shamelessly using another cliché from countless spanking stories and videos. Matt again kissed Sherry on the neck and said "Be brave sweetheart" and slowly peeled her panties down her ass.

Panty Parade

fetish andyp7414 2018-06-30

I looked through the rest of the washing and found a pair of black silky thong knickers in her jeans; again I took them out and sniffed and licked the gusset. I unclasped her skirt and unzipped it, then very slowly and with my heart pounding, I pulled her skirt down her hips and off her legs until she was lying there in just her blouse and tights and a pair of white thong knickers. I would be happy to lick her gussets until she was turned on enough that she would slip her knickers and tights to her knees before returning her cunt and arse to my eager mouth and tongue, making me lick her holes until she came.

Love Thy Neighbor's Pussy & Ass

fetish Anal Slave 2018-06-30

She fucked herself for a good five minutes I had to stop watching because my wife came in to the bedroom, she looked down at my tent I had in my pants and said; take that big, hard cock out and I will suck it, you look like you need to cum. Later on that day Jo and her daughter came over my cock was rock hard looking at them two I started wondering what young Rita's pussy tasted like it being a virgin and never being fucked. When Jo had my balls tied down Rita quit sucking my cock and got off her knee's and looked over at her mother, Jo handed her a strap-on cock and told her it was time to learn how to fuck a man's ass.

Joy of a BBC PT4

fetish 425olds 2018-06-30

Jessica shoved her ass harder against Marcus. As the pleasure grew from this new source, she tried to shove her ass back to encompass more of Marcus' thumb. "Oh nooooooo, not there!" Jessica was terrified at what that enormous cudgel would feel like if it penetrated her ass. The snug constriction of Jessica's ass was one of the greatest feelings Marcus had ever experienced. She finally got so impaled that Marcus was smacking into her ass at full penetration and his large balls were striking her pussy. They acquired a real rhythm, Marcus pumping the full length of his rigid pole in and out, his flesh slapping against hers, Jessica succumbing to the ultimate pleasure and subjugation, and their pinnacle was fat approaching.

Angels Two Demon One

fetish oggbashan 2018-06-30

I had enjoyed my time with Mary and Anne as they measured me for my demon costume. Mary and Anne were dressed as angels in flowing white dresses with gold trimmings, gold belts, and gold headbands supporting their halos. Julie held the door wide as George and I carried the wings containing Anne into their guest bedroom and put her down on the double bed. "I thought you should see what it was like," Anne said as Mary climbed out. "I was telling Alan that Angela gave us the idea for the wings and the imprisonment," Mary said. "And what we would like, Alan, when you've drunk your coffee, is a demonstration of what you can do under a skirt." Mary said "Earlier this evening we tossed a coin.

Hen Night Captive

fetish robert0000 2018-06-30

You looked ill at ease as you danced with your friends while dressed in what could only have been stag night attire. She sized you up carefully before handing you your dress and a piece of shiny black underwear that looked at first like cycling shorts. You glanced anxiously towards the dance floor, explaining that you didn't want to lose track of your friends because you didn't know the way back to the best man's house. "Truth or dare," I said to Helen when the bottle pointed at her. The chanting of "dare, dare, dare" drowned out any protest from you as Helen eased the tip of her strap-on inside.

What a Woman Feels Ch. 02

fetish silky-bi-girl 2018-06-30

My garter and panties torn off and tossed aside, I stroke this young tigress with my silky legs -- my stockings inching slowly down my thighs with each thrust of my lover’s cock and each sweet kiss from our ravaged waitress. I try to wiggle free but only manage to topple my raging lover, knocking a statue off its plaster pedestal as we tumble onto the stairs, tearing a run in the thigh of my stocking. I survey the scene in the mirror -- my favorite little black dress now a rumpled mess, my best stocking torn and hanging from my plundered ass and my lover, exhausted and spent, his tool still pulsing between my cheeks.

Milk & Cookies

fetish Dakota_North 2018-06-30

Howard wasn't far from her thoughts, which was odd considering the fact that Veronica was 'attached.' She shrugged it off to the after affects of her not feeling well, and probably wouldn't have let her longing for him last more than a couple of days if a bouquet of flowers hadn't arrived. Howard gave in to the urge to reach down and fondle Veronica's breasts while she sucked him, but when she shook him off they finally came to rest on the back of her head. He was a little late checking in, so as soon as he had gotten himself settled in his room, Howard made up his mind to go visit Veronica immediately.


fetish lovelicker99 2018-06-30

I kissed the inside of her left thigh and once again traced a path upward with the tip of my tongue, slowing a bit as I got close to the center of her womanhood, then licking with increased pressure along the perineum, causing her hips to to rise off the bed again. My tongue was filling her and my nose was caressing her less than a minute she tripped over the top into another mind-blowing climax and drenched my already soaked face with more of her juices. A man who is in tune with the subtle signals that emanate from a woman's essence, coupled with the talent to apply his tongue just the right way, in the right place, for the right number of licks, will take his companion further down the path to pleasure.

Is This CFNM?

fetish 2018-06-30

A couple of other girls came over and asked if I was having a good time, I said yes, she smiled and said she was too, then she put her arms around my neck and started to grind her pussy, through her shorts onto my cock. Two groups of girls got around us and started kissing us all over, sucking our cocks, licking our balls, all the normal stuff when the girl in the white skirt came back over to me, grinned broadly, said she knew what to do and told me to put on a condom and sit on a chair she was carrying.

Foot Teased and Stroked TOO Much

fetish ShowMeSoles 2018-06-30

Under such an assault--a stinky shoe strapped to his face, fingers deftly tickling his nipples, toes touching like feathers along the shaft of his penis--he was, internally, screaming for serious sexual contact. Then, every inch of nerves in his body jumped and screamed "Orgasm!" as her slick toes began earnestly stroking and squeezing the head of his cock. Finally, he felt that familiar tightening of his balls as his cock expanded and the cum began its trek up the shaft of his penis. A brief touch and its vibrations rocked his penis into another world as her hand resumed the over-stimulation of the extremely sensitive head of his cock.

My Best Friend's Wife

fetish AlwaysHorny78 2018-06-30

Looking directly into my eyes, she reached inside my pants, gripping my hard cock. We hadn’t broken eye contact since my cock had started inside her, and she now had her mouth open in a silent moan, a look of pleasure/agony on her face. Standing with my cock pushed inside her as far as it would go, I watched her as she lifted her hands up to her face and slowly ran her finger up through her hair. Still fucking her hard I looked down at her, she closed her eyes, head back as I started sucking her big toe. When I was satisfied, I stopped thrusting, but kept my cock inside her, loving the hot feel of her spunk filled pussy.

I Resisted, But Not Enough

fetish Stephanie101 2018-06-30

The cold slick thing in his hand lightly trailed up my leg and stopped at the inside of my knee. I tried in vain to close my legs but the scarves held them open. I couldn't move and this tickling continued for what felt like hours. His rough hand cupped one and his hot mouth came down and suckled at my rock hard nipple. His legs were on both sides of me and I could feel his hot cock teasing me by slipping back and forth across my clit. He ran his cock over my pussy till he felt the opening and with a hard push it sunk in till our he could go no further.

Valerie Song: Drama Bomb Part 05

fetish dongstar 2018-06-30

A steady patter of precum continued to leak from Tasha's distended foreskin, the tip of which now dangled a mere foot from the surface of the mingled water and girlcock-juice. Her cock, now thicker than both her thighs put together and long enough to lift her a foot and a half off the ground, was hopelessly wedged in the corner at just the perfect angle to keep the door from opening more than a few inches, the melon-sized head in particular forming a perfect doorstop and pushing her back into the opposite corner. Excited, the shaft began to harden further, and Tasha experienced a brief moment of panic as she felt herself slide up the wall of the shower, lifted by the increasing length of her mammoth member.

Returning to the Cabin

fetish WFEATHER 2018-06-30

Her next tactic was to try to backhand me even as one hand continued its effort to pull the rope away from her neck, but thanks to the moonlight brightening at just the right moment and shining through the doorway, I tipped my head aside to avoid the attempted blow. I wished that I had a second pair of arms and hands so that I could unzip her winter coat and reach inside and grope her sensitive breasts as I continued to strangle her, but that was not necessary to arouse me, for I was thoroughly enjoying her distress, and I wondered if she could feel my hardness against her when she backed into me.

Not What Rob Had In Mind

fetish super_chicken 2018-06-30

Jen and Trish undressed each other but Rob barely noticed because he was having a hard time getting his socks off. Rob put one hand on the shaft and eased his mouth over it, as he groaned in pleasure and pain from Jen's methodical ass fucking. Rob sucked away as Jen fucked his ass. After a few minutes, between getting fucked in the ass and Trish's moaning, it was all Rob could take. Rob fingered Jen and Trish fucked the dildo into his ass. Jen joined Trish on her knees in front of Rob. The two girls kissed and Rob grabbed his cock. Keeping her fingers in Rob's ass, Jen joined Trish on Rob's cock.

My Meg Ch. 01

fetish Alfamann 2018-06-30

"Listen to me little Meg. Faye and I, as your loving parents, think you are a gorgeous young lady. "Why don't you open your legs so Mummy and Daddy can get a good look at your little honey pot?" "But Mummy, it's still swollen and wet, and I don't want another spank", Meg responded provocatively, with her little finger demurely in the corner of her mouth. This was not surprising as it was a real micro bikini that Faye had made herself especially for Meg. Not only did it barely cover her nipples and pubic area, but the fabric was virtually transparent. When the bath was run Faye and I took Meg's hand and went into the bathroom, singing playfully like one happy family.

A Barely Acceptable Portrait

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-06-30

But you - you run a book shop, you manage the women’s guild, you’re always hauling your grandchildren somewhere, you volunteer for more projects than I can keep track of - I don’t think you’ll ever retire! She at times visited there, where she knew the manager, to look at what was new and selling well, before ordering items for her shop. I look for a model who is generally perceived in a particular way, and I attempt to capture that person on film as he or she is ordinarily seen or perceived, or perhaps wants to be perceived.

The Sex Show Ch. 04

fetish CafeExtreme 2018-06-30

Simon Cumwell: Okay Melinda, the cocks are ready, the fluffers are ready, give me a big thumbs up if you are ready to receive sperm. Simon Cumwell: It's past the six minute mark Melinda and you're wearing sixteen loads, that's two and a half thousand dollars. Simon Cumwell: Okay men, try and completely cover Melinda's face. The camera catches men towards the end of the lines, knowing their chance of unloading on Melinda is diminishing, jacking off vigorously and cumming on the floor. Simon Cumwell: Take a good look Gary, I bet you never thought you'd see your wife looking like this, lying naked on a bed and caked in sperm – 42 loads to be exact.

Ann's Revenge Ch. 03

fetish sleepless 3 2018-06-30

As Rob went up to change out of his business clothes Ann quickly joined him and smiled as he took off the white teddy – she noticed he had not been in great form for drying himself off and contemplated taking another 24 hours for the game but elected to play a different card. He looked over at Ann and said "can I just check that we are clear tomorrow – with this stupid sun-burn I really need to take the next two days to be without the chastity thing and all"


Perfect Roommate Pt. 01

fetish fbblvr37 2018-06-30

Luke finds a roommate who shares his muscle fetish and transforms her body into the girl of his dreams. He was an okay roommate and an overall good guy, he just wasn't that clean and thoughtful around the apartment. He would spend hours on the internet looking up men and women with huge muscles and fantasize about having them and feeling them. She took in the apartment looking mildly impressed and turned back to Luke. She instantly felt mortified and upset as she left the hotel worried that even if she called Luke to let him know she was interested, she was convinced he wouldn't want her as a roommate. She was remembering how nice his butt looked in his jeans as he was showing her around the apartment.

A Dirty Story

fetish leon8816 2018-06-30

But I begin wanking, feeling the mud oozing through my hands, over my cock and through my pubic hair -- I'm a mess. You look at me and say, "oh I see some on the tip of your cock whore, wipe it off and eat it, like the good little slut that you are". You horny little fuck!" As I lie there licking your heels and the tops of your boots, you begin to finger yourself, playing with your clit. "Oh my pussy feels so good, so warm; I'm going to cum again whilst you warm up a little, but no touching yourself slut". "Oh god I'm so turned, yes I want to feel your tongue inside my pussy, but you'll have to wait".


fetish blushingxxx 2018-06-30

Soon, as her bladder fills even more from the cups of tea she'd always torture herself with, she would be having to recross her legs more and more often, her urgent need reaching new levels, new heights of desperation, until it got to the point where her composure slowly started to slip, and her abdomen is so bloated it actually hurts, throbbing and aching, objecting painfully to the cruel and unusual (well, not unusual to her) punishment she continues to subject her poor body to. She would try to be quiet, but she has no way of knowing her husband is lurking right outside the door, where it's easy to overhear the rustling sound her pants made as she desperately bounces around, putting up a final fight against her tortured, swollen bladder.