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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Daughters Chubby Friend

fetish 2018-06-30

Since my wife left us I have tried dating again but the trust is just not there yet with women yet.One day I was sitting on the couch watching T.V waiting for Sara to get home when the door opened and she walked in and said "I hope its OK, I brought my friend Kayla over to study" I felt her get up from the couch and watched as she slowly got onto her knees and began stroking my cock before slowly sliding it into her mouth. I slowly took her pants and panties off and slowly got onto the floor opening her legs gently and began licking and sucking on her tiny pussy as she moaned and whimpered.

The making of a Whale (cunt)

fetish Crystalwatersuk 2018-06-30

We had been speaking for months about me travelling to the States and visiting my whale in person. I dressed smart casual so as to not look too out of place (no panties of course…I do have standards hehe), however I told the whale to wear something tight, like bulging tight so I would know it’s her. As I sat outside the coffee shop in the sun and enjoyed something with a name far too long to be sensible, I looked around trying to spot my darling whale. The t-shirt was way too small, her braless 42J tits bounced around like loose melons, but the piece d’resistance was the shiny black whale skin trousers and heeled boots.

Porn Shop with Gloryholes Ch. 01

fetish Sinful_whispers 2018-06-30

"Y-yes, I'm you cum slut, fill my mouth with your cum, I w-w-want it all over my face like the dirty slutboy I am." She watched as Dave took the rock hard pole and sucked it deep within his throat as her fingers clenched the base while the red-head moaned out in pleasure. "That's it whimper and cry for me you fucking little pussyboy!" Syn took another deep breath as she pressed her face against the wall, she could hear in Dave's breathing his throat was dry, and watched his body being forced to submit to Brent.


Feminisation of Laura

fetish 5A4nxL32 2018-06-30

Rose then apologised to Laura as she said they needed to do this and held Laura's right arm up while Lizzy moved in and started cutting the long hair "It's a jungle under there " as Lizzy snipped. With the calves now silky smooth Lizzy took hold of the blade and persuaded Laura to sit on the edge of the bath and began to shave her furry inner thighs removing all the hair outside of her undies leaving just the short trimmed pubes under them. Taking back his razor Rex raised Laura's left arm to expose her pit and swiftly shaved off the remaining dark stubble left from Lizzy's serious pruning from the day before. Rose returned with some moisturiser and began rubbing it in Laura's smooth hair free legs.

S I T (Sub In Training)

fetish passionatepoet 2018-06-30

Sub already knew what to expect as Mistress noticed his usual submissive crawl towards her. Mistress swatted Sub's ass and he knew that she wanted him to assist her in getting it in. Mistress grabbed one from the brief case then she turned off the vibrator and just left all twelve inches of that thick plastic stuck inside Sub's ass. Mistress got up and noticed the submissive fear in sub's eyes. Mistress then pushed Sub onto the tattered bed and the dildo went further up his ass and would now require some work to be removed. "I will eat it later, if its okay with you, my Mistress, but what about the vibrator?" Sub asked her.

Feeding the Hungry

fetish royalrogue 2018-06-30

Michael's only thought as he watched her walk away was "I wonder if those are stockings", but try as he might he couldn't quite be sure if there were garters under the skirt that hugged her luscious ass. Finally the panties were slid down her legs and Laura crawled onto the bed to straddle Michael's bound body. Michael inhaled deeply as Laura's shaved pussy slid towards his open mouth and eager tongue. As Laura moved off his chest and stepped down to the floor beside the bed, Michael saw that two new ladies now stood at the foot of the bed. After kissing him one last time, Laura slid down to fondle Michael's throbbing cock.

Exploring a Daddy Fantasy

fetish J_R_Ashunwhy 2018-06-30

At the moment, I would rather the latter, but again, this doubling up for rooms crap is a nightmare." I nodded, laughing, rather pleased at what I felt was a clever solution to my dilemma, but Thomas shook his head at me while giving me one of those disappointed fatherly frowns. I took a moment to contemplate my reactions throughout the evening to Thomas' disappointed expressions, and felt my mind wander into darker thoughts of how I could try to physically make it up to him. We sat in silence: Thomas waiting for me to open up to him, and me staring hopelessly at the dark wooden bar, while internally fighting my drunken urge to slide myself over into Thomas' lap over my sudden need for him to hold me for awhile.

Selfish Lover

fetish realbigsid69 2018-06-30

Now down a bit more fuck face, you know what to do" she said and let her legs part more as his tongue tried to push into her arse, as she smiled at the incredible sex life she was privy to. Then whispering in his ear, she said "If you want your cock in me tonight, you're going to have to earn it fuck face" then Ness got in the car too and he dropped her off before they got in. "Please, lower your magnificent pussy to my mouth, sit there as long as you want, I'll do anything to please you, just let me taste you, please" he said and she relented.

Memorable for the Wrong Reasons

fetish ChristopherDB 2018-06-30

My tiny room with its bunk beds shared a bathroom with the bedroom where Cheryl and Tim were staying. Tim and I had been good friends for years and there had been times, such as a gym locker room, where I had gotten a quick look at his penis. Tim might come in through the adjoining bathroom, or the main bedroom door that led out to a loft space that overlooked the living room. However, after Tim and Cheryl quietly argued for a while in the adjoining bedroom, I heard them both use the toilet, and then the bathroom light went off. I felt like an intruder, walking through Cheryl and Tim's room to get in the bathroom.

Bubblegum Toes

fetish zephyrumi 2018-06-29

Soon Jess bent over and reached for Lily's feet and started to rub them as well. Jess closed her eyes in pleasure as Lily's tongue caressed the bottom of her big toe. Lily ran her fingers over Jess's big toe laden with saliva and noticed there was a thick lump or patch of skin near her knuckle. yes it is." Mumbled Jess who reached over to her left foot with her right rubbing the new toenail growths, sweat dripping all over Lily's lap. Lily gave Jess one more rub along her soft new toenails and then went into the kitchen. She rubbed her feet together, caressing each foot with the other's toes and something strange started to happen.

Tara's First Squirt

fetish ctarrantella 2018-06-29

Eventually, Tara came to the realization I didn't want to have sex with her. Previously, I figured, if I went down on her it was less time I would have to look at her pregnant belly and think of all the reasons why I didn't want to have sex with her. I licked her pussy like never before, I felt the moisture build up with every passing second. After another cry of pleasure, I heard what sounded like a low volume pop and hiss for a split second, followed by a warm wet splash on my chin. With one hard final thrust the head of my cock erupted like a volcano inside my wife's pussy.

Bareback Girl

fetish LuvsPreggers 2018-06-29

Chris stood there and watched Tina work his cock. Tina let his cock drop from her mouth and she kneeled there, waiting for further directions. Tina began to struggle, put Chris outweighed her by 100 pounds, and he had a strong grip on her wrists, with her arms extended above her head. "Here's how it works: I am going to slide my naked cock into your fertile pussy, and fuck you. The big head of his cock was pressed right up against the opening to her womb, and every time he moved in and out, it dragged across her G-spot and added to her growing passion. As Tina's cry died away, she felt Chris thrust deep into her pussy.

Contained and Controlled Ch. 01

fetish Learningfast 2018-06-29

Inside were two white vintage style open girdles with stockings; very firm and boned, fastening with hooks and eyes on my left hip and a zipper to cover them. "Of course, dear one," I replied and looked carefully at the girdle when I got it home; to make sure I would know how to don it and wear it for a whole day at the wedding and the reception afterwards. First, he took my measurements under my breasts around my ribs, round my waist with a little tightness in the tape, and round the widest part of my hips. For my monthly period times, or if I am unwell, we place me inside one of my firm girdles [and sometimes two at once] for a few days instead of the corsets.


fetish Aladylover 2018-06-29

This nasty girl was training me to be her little pussy slave, her cuckold, her submissive and this was lesson 1 -- eat the piss soaked muffin, in public, now. Because her heel was wider at the top each time she pushed further my hole opened more until it could go no further the sole of the shoe was stopped against my ass. One hand clutched and yanked my cock whilst the other manipulated her shoe and returned to the ass fucking. I am going to bust your sack right here and I promise you are going to have the most intense orgasm of your life right here on this bathroom floor." She twisted harder then started rubbing my cock between the sole of her shoe and the hard floor beneath.

Finding Out: The Hard & Fun Way Ch. 02

fetish devoutmalesub 2018-06-29

It was right after Janey had came, so Janey must have been licking and sucking some chicks cunt and fucking it with her tongue and fingers as I was sucking this amazing cock. Then in my ear Janey says to me, "Oh yeah, take his cock hunny, take his cock in your ass and I'll let you see what I have been moaning about you silly little faggot." This woman was riding my face and she flooded my mouth repeatedly as my tongue worked around her clit and then dove itself in and out of her fuckhole, my tongue would wriggle around pushing itself in and out of her quickly and rapidly and then I would suck on her clit hard and licked and flicked it with my tongue.

Kissing My Friend's Girl Feet Ch. 02

fetish writemarksmith 2018-06-29

Emily was wearing flip flops and her small feet looked as good as I remembered. The silence felt like it went on far too long, but Emily just looked into my eyes with a sleepy half smirk on her face. I hesitated, looking over to the bedroom and Emily taunted "Go on, you know Brad doesn't mind as long as you know your place." Emily's other foot pressed into my cock, and I felt it start to throb with my heartbeat. Finally Brad was clearly close to cumming and Emily started to push against my cock even harder, stroking just a little. I gratefully took her little foot even deeper into my mouth and when Brad started to moan I felt myself spurt uselessly into my jeans.

In the Tube

fetish GeorgieH 2018-06-29

I took up my position as a strap-hanger by the doors on the side of the carriage that would be remaining closed while the train stopped at the seventeen stations on my journey, and started to occupy my time with thoughts of the menu I would be preparing at the weekend when two of my old school-friends were due to visit. When the train began to sway its way through the next tunnel I felt the guy try to ease himself through the metal of the door behind him and it took me a moment or two to realise why he was trying to be just so very polite.

The Concerto Ch. 02

fetish CodaCiel 2018-06-29

After another moment, the door opens again, and the tall figure of the graduate student Farel Magnusson enters, to the enthusiastic welcome of many audience members who are aware of his status at the professional level, and also those who have come to know him as a friend since his arrival at the school. Their performance is amusing as they lighten their touch or lift it altogether, and the girl's laughter subsides, only to be followed by a vigorous orchestral recapitulation as Randall shoots his hands all the way down her ribs again, catapulting her back into a heightened state of irrepressible joy. Randall continues to play her feet without their assistance, and the energy of her performance is maintained by James' continued work all over her stomach, rib cage, and sides, and Mark imposes further stimulation with both hands to her underarms.


Turning the Tables (The Next Step)

fetish gecklus 2018-06-29

At this point I started to get an idea of what she had in mind, and as I felt her hand reach back under and stroke my cock with every flick of her tongue, I knew that she was going to probe my ass hole with her finger again as she had done those weeks ago. I want to see how much my little bitch loves the feel of my cock in its ass." To which she pulled the dildo out to allow her to take off my restraints and flipped me on to my back.

Sexy Sophie is a Piss Mop

fetish MrNiceguy777 2018-06-29

"Let me take my shoes off just in case." Sophie might have been excited about the prospect of drinking my piss, but that didn't mean she wanted any of it splashing her Manolo Blahniks. So contents aside, Sophie could sit with the glass on the table and drink my piss at her leisure. My beer was long finished, so I drank water while Sophie kept sipping on my piss. Standing naked in front of her, Sophie welcomed my cock back into her soft mouth and I started pissing again. Normally it takes a fair bit of time for me to cum when I get my cock sucked, but as soon as I stopped pissing I felt on the verge of losing control.

Revealed in Dance Class Ch. 04

fetish luvsatn 2018-06-29

Francesca then turned to us and asked, "Now, James and Dave, I'd like to take some photos of you in poses – some with Eliza, some by yourselves, maybe with Nick if he cares to join – that recall what you were doing this spring in dance. Next I watched Eliza silently creep up to Nick, kneel and whisper, "you know you want to" as she placed her hand on her brother's neck and lightly pushed his head toward James' waiting cock. Meanwhile James took a good four inches of his partner into his mouth and kept up a similar rhythm, using his own free hand to explore the lacy waistband and smooth white panels of Nick's underwear.

Aaron Convinces Felicia to Try This

fetish escriterra 2018-06-29

Anxiety or not, one thing Aaron knew for sure: he was going to have to bring Felicia around to an enthusiasm for strapon man-fucking if he were ever to be treated to the sight of his gorgeous fiancée, all 5'8" of her lithe body and beautiful face framed by the silky, chestnut hair he loved to run his fingers through, strapped into a dildo, the stiff shaft jutting from her crotch as she smiled at him, crooking her finger in a motion that meant, "Here.

Master's Golden Shower

fetish PurrfectDeepThroat 2018-06-29

I begin to shampoo Master's hair as reaches up to grab my nipples to pinch them, twist them. Then I kneel in front of Master and reach out to grab his monstrous wet cock with both hands. "kajia are you going to suck cock for me today?" in a low deep voice that makes my skin tingle and the hair stand up on my neck. I look into Master's eyes as he grabs his hard cock from my mouth and says "Who do you belong to?" "Then I'm going to mark you" Master says as a he grabs the back of my hair and pulls my head slightly backward. Master screams in ecstasy as he grabs my head and presses it into his hard body.

Swashbuckling Slaves - 01

fetish velvetpie 2018-06-29

In a moment, Juan ushered the slave in, pausing to kneel and give her aching pussy a worshipful wet kiss and deep lick before exiting. "Oh, yes, fuck me, slave!" She felt her asshole tightening up, sweet sensations rippling through those muscles and those of her aching pussy. While the master prepared the slave, she took Juan back into the private room and pinned him to the wall, her dagger piercing one shoulder of his shirt. "Put your mouth on it." She pulled his head down, adjusting herself until his lips were where she wanted and leaned back, her finger lightly rubbing her clit. "Yes, mistress." The slave bent to his work, cleaning her glistening pink pussy until she was squirming.