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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Bottom Gay Slut

fetish 425olds 2018-06-29

I'm buzzed, but by no means wasted, and having slipped the damp tampon out, feeling some lube slip out and coat the cheeks around my clean hole, I boldly walk along the sidewalk towards the store front, making sure my little boner is held down by the elastic waist band so it's not sticking out too much, happy to see so many cars parked along the discrete alley, assuring me there'll be plenty of horny studs with hard cocks wanting nothing more than my hands, mouth and hole. With my back to the door- I like to make sure they know I'm a bottom, despite my boner- I slide my shorts down to my knees and start stroking my cock.

The Man in Blue

fetish jloons42 2018-06-29

This was exactly like her week with the man in blue. He sped up for a short time before stopping and letting what felt like the biggest load of cum she had ever felt go inside of her. The man in blue was a thousand miles away and certainly no mischievous night rapist could have made her feel the way that she did. In fact, it felt so much like the man in blue that she fell back asleep knowing that it must have just been a very elaborate sex dream. She missed the man in blue dearly but was glad he visited her if only in a dream.

Accidental Bridesmaid

fetish robert0000 2018-06-29

The unlocked hotel room you slipped into for your quick change had seemed empty as you placed your suit on the bed and stepped into the knickers. You lift the camisole over your head and see out of the corner of your eye that I am selecting a large pink bridesmaid's dress. You close your eyes and try to imagine you are somewhere else but you are sighing deeply as my hand plays between your legs. With a sudden tug the knickers are around your knees and I am on top of you, a leg either side, and guiding you into me with a little gasp.

A fun trip that turned into much more!

fetish HellcatM 2018-06-29

I grabbed her ass and pushed her into me then whispered in her ear "ask the guys in the chat if they'd like to see you fuck your camera guy?" She got a big smile on her face and jumped on the bed and asked. I grabbed her hair, gave it a nice pull as I thrust into her and she let out a loud squeel and started moaning. I held it in long enough to pull out and cum on her face and lips, she lucked the cum off my cock, and wiped it from her eye, licking her fingers like a good girl! Licking the last of my cum off my cock, she looked at the camera with cum on her face and smiled.

A Long Night of Summer

fetish KFP93 2018-06-29

Summer forced her asshole and pussy more forcefully onto his face as her orgasm built, her thighs were shaking as she fought to keep his dick in her mouth. She raised her head and teased him with the faintest of kisses on his lips, deciding in the spur of the moment that she wanted to look him in the eye as he fucked her. The pace of his thrusting increased until all Summer could do was hold on for dear life as she was fucked with a ferocity that only a man who was not permitted to come, but wanted to, could muster. The middle finger of her left hand began to rub around the rim of his asshole and press lightly against the centre when she felt him shudder as his orgasm took hold.

The School Nurse

fetish Madabouthair 2018-06-29

"Doctor," I replied, not even knowing his name but since he had done this every other year of my high school career I guess he knew me well, and unlike the first exam he had given me he had little reaction when my boxers came down. "Cough please," the doctor said after I lowered my boxers, and as I did I saw the shadowy figure of Nurse May on the other side of the screen, and right on time she appeared as soon as the doctor grabbed my stuff. "No one will believe you," Nurse May said, and I started to feel less angry and more sad, because now she was looking like I did when I got caught doing stuff, as if she was looking for a place to hide.

Deep Throat Games

fetish dancassidy 2018-06-29

"So you want me to suck your cock and take this big thing all the way down my throat do you?" Lori spit on my dickhead and rubbed it in. Lori said, "Lick my big dick all over and get it wet before you suck it." Lori got the ruler and announced, "Well done lover, you just got five inches of man meat in your mouth." She said, "I think your dick licking inspired you to a new record. I licked her big cock until it was sloppy wet and then started sucking on it, all the while pushing the rubber band up it's length. Lori strapped her big cock on and said, "I'm watching you honey and I'm going to see if I can tell what turns you on in this movie."

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 03

fetish black saphire 2018-06-29

"Ooohh." Stephanie moaned as Dave licked her lace panties at her crotch. She spied her used blue panties on the edge of the bed and she reached behind her to pick it up as she continued bouncing on Dave's cock. "Open your mouth!" Steph commanded as she squeezed her pussy on Dave's cock. Dave moaned around the panties in his mouth as his jism shot up his shaft and unloaded itself in Stephs pussy. She stopped her fucking for just a brief second and Dave felt her pussy throbbing and clasping his cock. His moans turned to mewls as Steph continued pounding herself on his cock, tightening her pussy to milk every last drop of cum from his balls.

How Pantyhose Brought Us Together Ch. 02

fetish PantyhoseFan 2018-06-29

But from what I’m to understand, the pay for a first year teacher is pretty good compared to some places in this state.” Cindy was running her hand along my leg, squeezing every so often. “…goes to show how poorly educators…” Cindy continued to talk as Lila and I began to massage each other’s pussies with our feet. I wasn’t paying attention to what was around me because I suddenly heard a glass being placed on the coffee table, and looked up to see Cindy sitting down. “Oh my!” I was about to apologize and yell at Cindy when Lila reached over and began to rub her hand along Cindy’s leg.

Julie Ch. 2

fetish h2owene 2018-06-29

Julie glared at me and said, "listen smart ass, in case you don't recognize me because you're without your glasses I'm Richard Olman and I'm not gonna put up with any of your cheap shit, got it?" Just when I'm thinking it can't possibly get any better, she tells me she's got your worthless ass tied to a bed and would I like the key so I can take a look. My eyes were closed when I heard the distinctive sound of the camera and opened them to see Julie pop off a couple of quick pictures of me, with a very life-like cock in my mouth.

My Best Fuck Ever

fetish gentlegem 2018-06-29

We kissed and caressed each other for some time until she said "I don't usually do this on a first date, but you seem really nice and my friend in the bar says you are a good guy. The three of them were in the National Guard and were in town for that reason, and as such had time commitments for the next day. One weekend when she was down for her guard duty I was to meet her Friday night when she got to town. When we had finally exhausted ourselves we lay and hugged and kissed for some time and then took a long shower together.

My Futa Wife and the Waitress

fetish TheOenemal 2018-06-29

'You look like athletes or something!' Colleen wasn't fishing for compliments, but that comment will make her want the waitress even more. 'Don't just stand there!' Colleen says, looking back at me while the waitress smiles over Colleen's shoulder and eats me with her eyes. Looking up, I see Colleen pull the waitress up off the seat by her long arm. 'You can touch it if you want,' Colleen says sweetly, pulling her dress up over her head and dropping it to the side, revealing a fleshy but tight form to the speechless woman. As she yanks the waitress' denim shorts and panties down to the floor, Colleen says, 'Here, why don't you make yourself comfortable.' She motions to my broad, bare, tattooed chest.

Teaching a Lesson

fetish gentlelady 2018-06-29

I know that you think I will sit on the floor so you can put it on, but I push your legs apart and sit in what is left of your lap, making sure that I wiggle around. Then you try to turn me around so you can kiss my mound through the panties, but I push you so you have to reach back to use your hands to stop from tumbling onto your back. " Yes, that is exactly what I am going to do, but first I want you to tell me how may times you need to be spanked before you think you will remember." I say as I am rubbing you ass, enjoying the friction of it against my hand, all the time making it more sensitive.

Taken Wife Pt. 03

fetish cuckoldwishes 2018-06-29

This was the second time in less than 12 hours that I had had a mans dick in my mouth that belong to someone other than my husband. "She wants a big cock," Alex said without hesitation. "Just a fake cock for today thanks," Alex told the man. I felt like if I pleasured myself I wouldn't be so thirsty and I would be able to handle seeing Dylan again. At the peak of the orgasm I pictured the pain on the face of the man from the night before. Looks like I would be going home with the black guy. The woman on the screen took the huge black cock into her mouth.

Finding Travis Ch. 06

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-06-29

Mistress Monique reminded Travis so much of Mrs. Kennedy. Whereas the Kennedy's home was from the turn-of-the-century and had that nostalgic feel Mistress Monique embraced the contemporary. As soon as he stood Mistress Monique took his boy-penis in her mouth. Mistress sucked him for several minutes, never letting his rod come more than half way out before finally pulling away. Mistress large puffy lips glimmered with wetness and held Travis' eye. Watch how good your boy-penis makes Mistress feel." Mistress Monique's eyes were lost somewhere, her head moved lazily and she pursed her generous lips. Like Mrs. Kennedy, Mistress Monique viewed him as if she had no regard to his wants, interests, or preferences.

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 09

fetish milfleglover 2018-06-29

"Yes, Granny...yessssssss," Amy hissed dominantly, pulling her grandmother's face back to hers and kissing her hard, the old woman's initial reservations fading as those young lips met her. "Suck them clean, bitch," Susan growled, reaching behind Alana with her other hand and running her fingers into her ass crack, digging into the tight rectum and making the old woman jump. Amy moaned, not looking at her grandmother but Susan's sultry eyes as she cupped her granny's head and slammed the protesting face to her slick slit, slapping her thighs shut around them, locking her feet and squeezing. "Mmm, she looks like she's enjoying it too much!" Susan laughed, twisting Amy's nipples as the young girl writhed on the couch, her thighs crushing her moaning grandmother's face to her gushing pussy.

Half Lit Room

fetish 2018-06-29

At this point my cock is throbbing and I grab your ass so hard with one of my hands pressing my face further still into you. Instantly, feel you drive both fingers hard into your ass and in response you let out a guttural moan. I press against your body and you feel a painful burn deep inside and try to pull away. I can feel my balls begin to swell with cum and pulsate as my veined cock abuses your ass. bury yourself deep into the pillow rubbing your hard clit, grunt and then I feel your whole body shiver as your own orgasm hits and your pussy explodes in wetness and sprays all over me.

Anne's Ball Busting Pleasure

fetish Kessler 2018-06-29

Little did I know at the time, Anne was aware of my stares and was adding to my state of excitement by slipping her foot in and out of her shoe and crossing her legs in such a manner to accentuate her calf muscles. Anne leaned forward and placed her chin back on top of her knees and smiled saying, "You're going to feel some good friction this way. She smiled up at me and said, "How does this feel" She flexed her crossed ankles up and down causing the muscles in her calves to flex in my hands and against the head of my cock.

Joan & John

fetish 69plus1 2018-06-29

Squeezing her hand I smiled back and replied: "Sorry I didn't expect to see anyone here, the door was open and I..." "So, how serious are you about treating each other like we deserve?" She asks reaching to take my cock into her hand. I lean in and taking the back of her head into my hand pull her into a wet kiss. "Ahm, let me see, I knew when I kissed you that you had recently sucked someone off but was surprised to taste another load inside your quim. "Oh, so, if you fucked or ate three different chicks tonight that would be cool, but finding out I sucked a couple of guys off and fucked another it's a surprise.

Roger and I and an unexpected quest

fetish xhamporn 2018-06-29

My tight little pussy began to twitch and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as I closed my eyes and pictured myself squatting down on Rogers throbbing hard cock as Freddie’s hot fat cock probed and pushed past my tight pink anal ring and how I bit down on Roger’s shoulder as his cock slipped inside of me. I flicked my tongue out and licked my lips as I thought of looking up into his eyes while on my knees and slowly taking his hard thick cock deeper and deeper into my hot wet mouth until I felt him slide down my throat.

The Adventures of Penny Ch. 08

fetish mousemoonwalk 2018-06-29

He wanted us to be Santa's helpers, this meant Vicky and I dressing up in mini-skirted Santa costumes with black boots, putting on big smiles and helping Father Christmas give out presents to the staff. Vicky and I had got down to the hotel early, Hubby showed us both to a room where we could get changed, and change back into our party dresses once we had done our Christmas duties. As Vicky was talking the door opened and a familiar voice said, "There's a sight for sore eyes!" I turned my head and looked straight into the eyes of Metcalfe, Mr Oldcastle's servant. "Stand up Penny you are showing all you've got!" Hubby eventually said, I jumped up, he then turned to Metcalfe, "You know what to do?

The Secret of Jeremy and Jill Ch. 01

fetish LuciousBi-Writes4U 2018-06-29

Jeremy and Jill had their own little secrets in life. The secret was that Jill liked to see Jeremy wearing her panties. She loved to go shopping at Victoria Secrets and Frederick's of Hollywood for beautiful things made of the sheerest and most delicate of laces and satins. What a rush it would be for Jill to think of another man seeing Jeremy in his little pink panties at the urinals. Jeremy had only told her to dress as if her life depending on dancing the night away. "Jill darling, give me your foot." Jeremy said. He rubbed Jill's foot with one hand slowly while he unzipped the crotch of his pants with the other.


fetish 2018-06-29

but those that read it, wanting to be taken in the spell, can begin to feel what the depths of the mind can bring. You feel your body relaxing more and more with each word. As you hear the crashing waves against the beach, you feel your mind Relaxing now on the beach as the warm sand takes your body slowly. Relaxing now as the waves take your mind, which only wishes to read You want to hear he waves hypnotizing your mind here. You want to feel the breeze relax your body here. Every single word relaxing you as you lay on the beach. You can feel how your mind and body follow my words.

Hotel play

fetish Sir_Stephen345 2018-06-29

First thing out of her mouth when she gets out of the bathroom is 'nice of the two of you to desert me' in a cocky tone and hands on hips. As he comes out of the door in only his towel and heads to their bed to dress she decides to play the game. The next time she tries to fake hand it to me I go straight for her waist band of her shorts and pull her over the bed. As she is bent over the bed towel in one hand and her other occupied getting her balance I rip her shorts to the floor and crack her ass barehanded this time, 'don't be so rude to my friend'.